Captivating Cheryl

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Her name is Cheryl. A tall striking woman with shoulder length raven hair and the most captivating eyes I’ve had the pleasure to look into. We were both married, not to each other, and one a little more than the other one. I was infatuated with her from the first time we met at work. I had only been an employee for a short time, but today was her first day. I couldn’t get her tall slender body out of my mind and I fantasized about her more than a few times. Unfortunately, I could never get a feeling about whether she had any interest in me.

Time passed and Cheryl became a full-time employee and the work remained a part-time hobby for me. That meant that I seldom got the chance to see her. One evening however, there was a mandatory staff meeting at a local beer garden where food and beverages, both hard and soft, would be furnished. I had a prior commitment that caused me to arrive late, but happily I noticed Cheryl sitting at a table with a seat available next to her. The “meeting” part was over and everyone had moved on to the beverage part. Cheryl and I started talking about many things…work initially then moving on to more private topics like married life while having young kids. We talked a lot while we drank a few beers…not too many, just enough to lessen our inhibitions. Because we were talking in lower than “beer-garden volume” I slid my chair closer to her to hear better. As time went on I became less aware of what we were talking about and more aware of her body. We were sitting outside canlı bahis and even though I was no closer than half a foot away, I could feel her warmth as it radiated from her sleeveless arms.

Ever so carefully, Cheryl and I began flirting with one another. After a while I was wondering if I should be a little bolder about my lust for her. Finally, when I was about to burst with anticipation, I told her that she has great eyes. What I meant by that, and didn’t say, was that there is sex in her eyes. Cheryl’s eyes look as if she is filled with lust that is waiting for the chance to spill out. I guess my compliment about her eyes broke the ice and our flirting became a little more explicit. I grew a noticeable bulge in my slacks and I wondered if she had a wet spot in her crotch. I tried my best to get her to meet me somewhere after we left, however she refused because she is concerned that people at work will find out. I agree now, although at the time I can’t say that I did. I think the head in my pants was in control of my brain.

Just before she left I laid it on the line I honestly DO NOT want a complicated relationship. Rather, I would like to find someone with whom I can have wild, passionate sex occasionally. After nearly eleven years of marriage, I have nearly forgotten what “fun” sex is like. Ultimately, Cheryl left and, about twenty minutes later I left too. My biggest concern was whether or not it was Cheryl or her beer talking.

One month later
When I would be lucky enough bahis siteleri to see Cheryl at work we’d say hi and talk for a minute or two and move on. Two days ago I ran into Cheryl at work and told her I soon had business in a town 60 miles away and I asked her if she would meet me for lunch or dinner. The offer was made more in jest than in sincerity because I didn’t think she would be interested. Cheryl thought for a brief moment and said “Sure. Send me a page and tell me where and when to meet you.”
I made arrangements to stay overnight at a business class hotel and paged her to meet me at the hotel at 11:45 a.m. for lunch. For the next two days I was constantly horny and wishing I still had briefs to rein in the embarrassing bulge in my pants.

I was waiting in the lobby of the hotel when Cheryl came in. Although she was dressed casually if found her stunning. She was wearing black slacks that accentuated her long legs and she wore a white sleeveless shirt. With only a little bit of effort, I could tell she was braless too. I greeted her with a polite hug and we proceeded to the dining room. Before dining we ordered a bottle of red wine and caught up on things at work and at home. I could tell Cheryl was a little nervous and I was a little jittery too. Fortunately, the wine relaxed us and we began to flirt and tease each other across the table. I must say that besides being one of the sexiest women I have had the pleasure of knowing, Cheryl is fascinating, smart, strong-willed, and bahis şirketleri witty. She is the whole package.

The more wine we consumed, the more we accepted the reason we were meeting and we began to lay the unwritten ground rules of our relationship. The rules that we both felt most strongly about were: 1. Discretion is of utmost importance. 2. No phone calls to the other one. 3. If one wants to meet the other somewhere we will page the other. 4. No strings attached. 5. Life is short…let’s have great sex!

By the time we finished our ground rules, our bottle of wine and our lunch were finished too. During our lunch I couldn’t take my eyes off of Cheryl. Her eyes held me in rapture. I couldn’t wait to kiss her full, pouting lips, kiss and lick her neck, and suck on her nipples. As we left the table and headed to my room, I managed to walk behind her . I could tell that her running had sculpted a wonderfully firm butt and I couldn’t wait to press my naked flesh against hers.

As soon as we got inside my room Cheryl turned around and I kissed her on her mouth. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and the fun began. I wanted to get her into bed as soon as possible, but I made her strip slowly for me. Her body was exquisite with beautifully shaped nipples, a flat stomach, a firm well shaped butt, nicely trimmed muff perfect for eating and long legs that are made for wrapping around me while I’m on top of her. Cheryl came to me and took off my clothes and we lay down on the king-sized bed. The next four hours were spent in various stages of the best sex I have had in my life. By five p.m. Cheryl had to head home and as I kissed her goodbye I reminded her of our ground rules. This is going to be too good to mess up…

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