Carol’s Panties

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Big Tits

After a long day of painting I had just sat down to dinner when the phone rang. It was Carol Lorenzo, an old friend from high school. The last time I saw Carol was at our ten- year class reunion this past summer. At twenty-eight Carol was still a good looking woman. In fact she looks better now than she ever did in high school. Trim body, nice legs, ample breasts, and a cute little ass.

Carol told me she had moved back to town and had bought the old Perkin’s home, and she was calling to see if I would be interested in giving her a bid on a painting project. I assured her I was and after some small talk it was agreed that I would come by her place at four tomorrow afternoon.

Later that night my sister told me Carol had moved back to town because of her recent divorce. Apparently it had been a nasty affair and she had come home for some much needed support from her family. Her mom and dad were both still alive and lived in town and her two younger sisters lived close by. Well there was one thing for sure — her new residence, the old Perkin’s house would keep her busy and her mind off her troubles for some time. It was a nice older house but had been badly neglected over the years.

Four o’clock rolled around pretty quick the next day and as I walked up the sidewalk I could see Carol standing at the large Escort bayan picture window that overlooked the front lawn. The old place still had a lot of charm but it was a bit run down. Carol opened the front door and greeted me as I made my way up the front steps.

“Hi Jim, come in if you can find a path.” There were boxes everywhere.

“Hey Carol. It looks like you’ve been hard at it,” I teased.

She was looking good today. She was wearing short shorts and a skimpy tank top and no bra. Her breasts stood at attention as did her nipples, which were showing nicely through the thin material. Too bad she had just gone through a nasty divorce. It would probably be months before she was ready to have serious contact with a man.

Carol took me through the house showing me the rooms she wanted painted. It would be a considerable amount of work but I was up for the task. After some measuring and calculations I gave her the price. She accepted my bid and asked me when I could start. I told her I preferred to start next Monday and she said that would be fine.

I placed my paint order the following day and decided to drop off some equipment while I was in the neighborhood. When I got there Carol was wearing a short dress and was barefoot. When she bent over to retrieve something out of a box I confirmed Escort what I had assumed — she was as naked as the day she was born under her dress. The quick glimpse I got of her ass was very exhilarating. And not surprisingly, my cock began to stir.

I told Carol I needed to wander around the house and decide where to start if that was okay with her. She said she was going to be busy in the basement and to make myself at home. As I walked through the house I got a sudden urge to take a leak. I walked down the hall and the first room I came to was Carol’s bedroom. I peaked inside and sure enough there was a master bathroom on the far end.

After relieving myself I noticed her clothes hamper standing out in the open. I have to admit curiosity got the best of me. I reached inside the hamper and sure enough there were several pairs of panties on top. A cute little blue thong was the first to come out. As I held them to my nose a rather strong scent filled my nostrils. Jesus, I was in heaven. As I inhaled Carol’s sweet aroma my cock began to get rock-hard. I turned the panties inside out and I could see where her juices had seeped into the crotch. I pulled them closer to my nose and I got a nice surprise – they were still damp. She must have worn these to bed last night. I held the gusset to my mouth and Bayan escort tasted Carol’s musky juices, savoring her scent as I floated my tongue across the crotch. Having teased myself into a near frenzy, I dropped the panties back into the hamper and proceeded to unbuckle my pants.

Once my cock was free I pulled a second pair of panties from the hamper. This panty was a white thong almost the same style as the blue one, and just as potent. I pulled the front of the thong to my face and once again Carol’s sweet musky scent filled the air I was breathing. I turned the panty inside out and pulled the crotch to my waiting mouth. I pressed it firmly against my nose and mouth and inhaled her heavenly aroma for a minute or more. Then I took the panty and wrapped it around my throbbing ock and slowly began to stroke. I reached for another pair of panties, pink ones I think, and held them to my face as I began to stroke my cock faster. God her scent was intoxicating. It was only a matter of a couple of minutes before my cock exploded sending a steady stream of cum out and oozing down the front of the shaft. I slowly milked my cock until cum stopped flowing out and laid both pairs of panties down.

As I proceeded to cleaned myself up I heard Carol calling my name. Holy shit, I got so carried away I forgot about her being in the house. I quickly pulled my pants up and took a tissue and wiped my cum off the panties as best I could and put them back in the hamper. Just about that time Carol came walking through the bathroom door.

To be continued…

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