Carol’s School Tales Ch. 07

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I watched my mother-in-law waiting for the answers. I looked to Jim, but he didn’t seem to have a clue what to say.

“Gran Carol has joined some amateur dramatic group. She is playing the part of a schoolgirl, that’s why she is dressed like that.”

Good girl Becky I said in my head, and with my fingers crossed behind my back!

“And I’ve got the wedding rings, because she said she felt silly wearing them when dad dropped her off.”

I flashed an uneasy smile at Becky; she seemed to love my discomfort. I waited for my mother-in-laws reaction. It felt like someone deciding which wires to cut to defuse a bloody bomb!

“Well why didn’t you say? And I can’t imagine you acting,” she said, starting to laugh.

“Believe me Gran, Carol is quite good.”

I could see the cheeky grin on Becky’s face. All I could do was mumble something about making a cup of tea, as I retreated to the kitchen.

She stayed with us for the whole weekend; at least I managed to get out of the teenage clothes I usually wore. We never told Jim’s mum what happened to Becky. In fact we never told anyone. Jim came up with this story about her having a breakdown. He told his mother we had to get away so we rented the house for awhile. We managed to avoid people we knew when my mother-in-law stayed. Even so it was something we hadn’t thought about in all our planning. We all breathed a sigh of relief when she left. Jim went straight to the pub and I started to catch up on my homework. I soon realised I had slipped back down the pecking order when Becky took my wedding rings off of me. I ended up going to my own room, well what should have been Becky’s room.

The next week we did more mock exams at school, I kept my mind focused on my work and I did quite well. Della noticed a little embarrassed look between Mr Bird and me. She teased me a little but didn’t pursue it much. Anyway now she was dating Sean. I was glad for her, but inside I felt a little jealous.

Sean wasn’t the only one who fancied me. For the last week Tommy had been sending one of his gang over to ask me to go out with him. All the girls swooned when he was around and I must admit I knew why! Dark brown hair deep brown eyes and a figure that had you wondering if all that muscle was real on an 18 year old! He was 5’10 and had a real cute smile. He was usually surrounded by a handful of mates; even they could pick most girls for a date. But he was the school hunk and everybody knew it. He had just split up with Sabrina, she was a right cow and luckily I had managed to steer clear of her.

I stayed after school one day. Miss Newark had some marking to do and said I could finish my work. Our school was playing another at football, and as I passed the classroom window I watched for awhile. There he was running around in his shorts, with nice tanned muscular legs.

“Why don’t you go down and watch?”

She had just appeared by my side. She smiled at me.

“Come on, all you do is study.”

I followed her down to the sports field and we stood on the touchline. I think she had a thing for our sports teacher, and probably needed me as more of an excuse. Now and then our eyes met, and Tommy gave me that cool smile, Hatay Escort which made me blush a little and Miss Newark noticed too.

“Fancy our schoolgirl’s dreamboat then Becky?”

“No Miss,” I replied a little shocked.

“Well I hear he has been asking you out and you keep turning him down. Good for you girl,” she said, and then shouted encouragement to the team.

“He is nice though.”

Shit what was I saying? Beneath the make up was a 23 year old married woman! But take off 5 years, and a wedding ring then he might have stood a chance.

“Well do something about, but remember if you want a university placing you have to juggle schoolwork and school hunks. But be careful you don’t seem to have much luck with the boys.”

I hadn’t seen this side of my teacher before. I had almost forgotten she was a woman as well as a teacher. I watched her for awhile. She did have a different look in her eyes as she watched the sports teacher. I followed her line of sight. Then I realised it wasn’t the sports teacher she was watching, it was one of the boys!

“He’s nice Miss isn’t he?”

“Who Becky?”

“That tall boy at the back with the blonde hair Miss.”

“Pete, I mean Peter? I hadn’t really noticed, not that I would. Um I’m going home now Becky.”

“Bye Miss.”

I think I had just stumbled on my teacher having a fantasy. The ball landed at my feet and there he was picking it up.

“Hi Becky god you’ve got nice legs!”

I chuckled a little at his comment and cheeky grin.

“So why won’t you go out with me?”

“Tommy, you are supposed to be playing football!” I mumbled, getting even more embarrassed.

“I’m not taking this throw in until you tell me I can have a date.”

There it was that cheeky smile. I realised the other boys were looking at us. One called out for him to hurry up.

“Tommy just throw it will you,” I spat under my breath.

“Saturday I’ll pick you up at 12, take you for something to eat, and we’ll have a laugh.”

More boys started to call out, but he just stood there grinning at me.

“Alright!” I hissed, feeling my face going red.

“You have got good legs Becky, very good,” he said with a wink

He took the throw in and I stood with a stupid grin on my face.

By the time I got home I was in so much panic I confessed to Becky. Of course all she did was laugh about me dating the school hunk. Then she convinced me that if I went out with Tommy after a week or two I could break it off. I didn’t see the point, until she told me that if dumped Tommy the other boys would think they didn’t have a chance. I suppose it made sense in a way, even after I did the same thing with Sean.

The day went well with Tommy, and I forgot who I really was (again). His friends were there but I guess that helped me relax, knowing all he would expect was a kiss and to hold hands. I nearly made a mistake when I picked up a wedding anniversary card.

“Hey Becky how long have you been married to your dad?” Tommy asked.

I looked at the card, ‘To my darling husband’.

“I, got it for B, Carol,” I said, hoping I had got away with it.

I got home just before Hatay Escort Bayan 7. There stood Becky in one of my best dresses.

“What are doing in that?”

“Jim’s taking me out for our anniversary. So how was lover boy, did you let him have a feel?”

I felt the rage building inside. She snatched the card from my hand and took it out of the bag.

“Thanks I forgot to get my husband a card,” she said with a sneer.

“You can’t go out with him he’s my husband!” I yelled.

“Not for 3 more months!” she spat back.

I sat sobbing as she wrote in the card. I ran up to my room and stayed there until I heard Jim come in. He went straight to the shower and I followed him in there. I had a right go at him for the first time in ages. All he said was it wouldn’t look right if he took me out instead of Becky. Watching them get in the taxi had my eyes running again. This had to stop now! Well when they got back from their dinner.

“Are you still up?” Becky asked, clinging to my husband’s arm.

“Bloody right I am!” I growled.

“Becky this is Faye and Gary, we met at the restaurant,” my drunken husband slurred, before I said anymore.

I just recoiled and nodded at them.

“Be a love and put the kettle on, then I think you ought to go to bed don’t you young lady?”

God that bloody sick grin of hers! She knew she was winding me up. And dad, I mean Jim just stood there letting it happen! From my room I heard laughing and joking downstairs. Gradually I drifted to sleep, only to be woken by the bed in the next room squeaking. Right that was it fuck the pair of them! I raced into the room.

“Get off my……”

All three of us just stared in shock, dad, me, and Faye! As I backed out and pulled the door closed I heard noises from downstairs. Becky was giggling and I could hear that man grunting. I walked slowly to my bedroom door, Jim’s door swung open and there was Faye rushing to the top of the stairs doing up her blouse. We made eye contact for a split second then she rushed downstairs. I heard talking and then a few moments later the living room door opened.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed, his daughter walked in on us. Jesus, come on Gary,” Faye snapped at her husband.

I rushed back into Jim’s room. God he was still hard! I wanted to scream at him but I just couldn’t. I just stared at his cock. While the size of it frightened me I was always mesmerised by it. How something could just change shape going from soft and lifeless to quadruple in size, and become so strong and hard always amazed me. Just the mechanics of it was so incredible! I walked towards the bed.

“Carol, are you OK?”

God he called me Carol. He winced as I pulled the condom off his cock. He looked a little unsure. I crawled on the bed and lowered my head to his dick. I kissed the tip of his cock. Something in my head told me the bastard had just been unfaithful.

“What are you waiting for bite the fucking thing off!” a voice said.

“No you can’t this is your husband,” another voice replied.

“Shit he has just put his dick in another woman. Bite it, hard!”

“You put up with him fucking Becky, she’ll Escort Hatay soon be gone then what will you have if you hurt your husband?”

I slipped my mouth over his cock trying to ignore the two voices in my head.

“You won’t be able to take him in your cunt. He’s too big, you are too small. How many times do I have to remind you? He hurts you!”

“Shut up!” I hissed, at the voice in my head.

“Carol I didn’t.”

“You too Jim,” I spat, interrupting him.

I lowered myself over the tip of his cock. I let his head into my entrance, and then I hesitated.

“Go on girl, you can do it, it’s all in your head. It’ll hurt but you’ll get used to it. No pain no gain.”

“You’re right,” I told the voice.

I lowered down a little feeling my pussy stretch. I winced but made myself go further. I smiled down at Jim pleased with my progress.

“In your own time sweetheart,” he whispered.

I gasped with joy; he hadn’t called me sweetheart for ages. My legs trembled and shook I estimated I had about another 6 inches to go. I stopped for awhile just letting myself stretch. It was hurting but I didn’t care. Well I did but I wanted to please my husband. I started panting more in anticipation of pain than feeling it. I let myself down a little more. Jim’s cock twitched and I rose back up a couple of inches, fearing he was going to start moving.

“Please don’t fuck me!” I panted.

“Wait then just stay there and don’t move.”

I looked questioning his words. Then I felt his hand between my legs. He was holding his cock and masturbating himself into my pussy!

“How much, how far are you in me?”

“About halfway.” he mumbled.

I looked surprised and a little disappointed. Surely he was further than that? I lowered myself a little further. Every now and then his motion hurt me a little. My legs began to ache too. I could feel cramp starting in my thigh. No not now! Please let him finish!

“Carol wait let me,” Jim moaned, as I slowly pulled off of him.

“I’ve got fucking cramp!” I snapped in frustration.

“No you fucking haven’t!” he snapped viciously.

I pulled off of him and sat by his side.

“Don’t worry daddy, she did try.”

I looked round to see Becky straddle her father’s cock. Her eyes never left mine, as she lowered herself down all the way to the base of his cock, with little more than a whimper.

“She did try, she did really she’s just not used to you like I am.”

I didn’t know what to think. Was she defending me or mocking me? I left them to it and went back to my room.

20 minutes later there was a tap on my door. It opened and there stood Jim. He looked down at me for awhile, and then he came towards the bed. I recoiled a little not understanding why he was here.

“Don’t be frightened. I’m sorry, you did try and you got cramp. Becky convinced me.”

I sat up covering my breasts from my husband, why?

He turned away when he saw this. He looked dejected.

“Jim no please wait,” I said, “I’m sorry, and we could try again couldn’t we?”

He took a deep breath.

“Carol I’m very proud of you with what you are doing for Becky, even after what happened. Listen to what she has to say in the morning, I, I think it makes sense.”

He left to go back to his room.

I suppose it’s time to tell you why I deserved everything that had happened and everything that was still to come.

So I will…

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