Cassie , Grandad Ch. 4

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Cassie smirked to herself as she prepared her grandad’s breakfast.”

“Staying with Grandad is going to be so much fun.” she thought to herself.”

“He is such a horny devil and even if he doesn’t realise it I love his big cock more than ever after last night.”

“he has so much self control.”

“I wanted him to fuck me after he took his fingers out of my pussy, but No he didn’t want to wake me, little did he know I was awake the whole time, enjoying his tongue, fingers and cock.”

Cassie was aware of the shower running and smiled as she thought about Grandad in the shower.”

“I wonder if he needs a hand (or two).” Turning off the eggs, she scooted up the stairs and opened the bathroom door.”

“Are you nearly finished showering Grandad?”

“Will be a couple of minutes, sweety” Good thought Cassie, as she quickly undressed.” My turn to surprise Grandad! Without a word Cassie pulled back the shower curtain, and slipped into the shower behind her Grandfather.”

“Need some help to wash your back?”

“Wow Cassie, you must have read my mind, I was hoping you would come and have a shower with your old Grandad.”

“You aren’t old Grandad,” Cassie replied as she slipped her arms around Grandad’s waist to cuddle him, letting the water cascade over her.”

“Mmm, that feels nice Cassie, but feel this” he said as he pushed her hand down to his waiting cock.”

Grandad had a monster cock and since Cassie had come to stay it seemed to be forever hard.” He hadn’t wanted to take advantage of his only granddaughter but she had made it obvious that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.”

He was only 18 when her father was born and in turn Cassies father was only himself 17 when Cassie arrived.” So he was only a very young Grandfather.” When his wife died Cassie had come to help him around the house, but now he never wanted her to leave.” His sex life was wonderful during his 35 year marriage but sex with Cassie was incredible.” It was like he was been given another chance.” Another chance to satisfy himself and a young sexy woman.” He didn’t want to fuck Cassie but now that he had had a taste of her there was no turning back.” torbalı escort

Cassie reached to grab the length of her grandad’s cock and she slowly ran her hand the full length of it.” It was 10 inches long and nearly as thick as her wrist.” The first time she fucked him had been a real surprise.” Never did she imagine that her Grandad had such a massive cock.” It filled her to over flowing and had made her cum almost immediately he started to thrust into her tight wet pussy.” But this morning Cassie had other ideas.” She wanted to taste her Grandad’s cock.” He had licked and sucked on her pussy and given her more satisfaction than Trent (her boyfriend) ever had.” Now it was her turn to do Grandad a favour.”

Turning to face her, Cassie looked up into her Grandad’s eyes and and licked her lips.”

“I see you have something for me Grandad? “Yes Cassie darling, if you want it.”

“Of course I want it, I love it, and won’t ever say no to you.” We’ll see, he said as he grabbed hold of Cassie and pulled her into his arms.” The warm water softly cascading over their shoulders.”

Being nearly six foot tall, he lifted Cassie up to his mouth kissing her deeply and a little bit rougher than normal.” Nibbling on her neck he held her buttocks to him and encouraged her to wrap her legs around his waist.” His cock hanging between her parted legs.” Cassie could feel his hardness and positioned her pussy just above the base of it.” As he slowly kissed and licked her she gripped his thights with her legs and pulled him against her aching pussy.”

“Mmm Cassie, if you aren’t careful I’ll cum against you and it will all be wasted down the plughole” he whispered into her ear.”

“You are such a hot little thing, I can’t get enough of you and your hot pussy.” Holding her up with one hand he leaned back and grabbed his erection with the other hand.” Rubbing it against her wet pussy he pushed forward, and slipped it into her.”

“Oh Grandad” Cassie whispered as her grabbed both of her ass cheeks and started slowly fucking her.” As his momentum gathered, he held her against the wall and really gave it to her.” Her legs tightened around urla escort his waist as he pushed the whole 10 inches into his Grandaughters tight wet pussy.” Wanting to give her as much pleasure as he could, he slowed and said ” If I am to last Cassie, you are going to have to help”

“how grandad?”

“I am going to stop moving and let you do the work, I will hold you to me, but I want you to wriggle your sweet arse on my cock and fuck me.”

“Ok, but lets make a deal, I will slide back and forth if you promise to tell me when you feel close to cumming”

“Why Cassie?”

“I want to taste your cum, I want you to let me finish off by sucking the cum from your cock” Smiling he replied, “Yes please, Cassie, “But be warned, there will be plenty.”

Slowly Cassie rode her Grandad’s cock, slowly building up to an orgasm she moaned and quicked her pace.”

“Grandad.” she shouted, “I’m cumming”

“Oh Cassie, I can feel it, you cunt is getting tighter and sucking my cock further in.” How wonderful you feel, darling.”

“Fuck me hard Grandad, but remember your promise.” With that he forced Cassie back against the wall and pounded her orgasaming pussy.” Cassie screamed as she had came and came and came.”

Luckily the closest neighbours are a couple of miles down the raod, he thought as he neared his own release.” Wanting Cassie to throughly enjoy their “shower” together, he held off cumming by slowing the momentum.” Cassies grandmother had taught him plenty of self control over the years.”

“Women need to feel” she used to say.”

Slowly Cassie regained her momentum and kissed him softly, he said, “enjoy that sweety”

“mmm” was all she could say.” Her pussy was tingling from the fucking her grandad’s cock was giving her, but now that she had cum over and over again on his cock she wanted to give him something to smile about.”

“I want to taste you Grandad, are you ready yet”

“Yes Cassie, I can feel it building” Lifting her off his still large erection, she slipped down his torso coming face to face with what looked like a foot of purple glistening cock.” Did it look good! Turning the shower head buca escort away from her,so as she didn’t swallow more than just his cock, he pushed it against her waiting lips.” Gladly Cassie accepted Grandad’s cock into her mouth.” The head of it was huge but soft compared to the rest of it.” Slowly taking it between her teeth Cassie let him slowly fuck her delicate mouth with his engorged cock.” So as not to gag her he let her take what she could.”

“I can feel it starting Cassie, are you sure you want this?”

“Mmmmm”was all she could manage.” Because Grandad’s cock was so big, Cassie couldn’t get much of it into her mouth.”

“I am going to have to practice doing this if I am going to be any good for Grandad” she thought.” Then she felt it, a slight quiver as her Grandad’s semen shot into her throat.” It happened so quickly that Cassie didn’t have time to think.” Her cheeks were bulging as she tried to hold her Grandad’s cum in her mouth.” Their was alot of room left, afterall the head of his cock took up most of it.”

Holding Cassies head Grandad continued pumping his cum deep into her throat, graoning and swaying slightly.” Never before had he pumped so much cum into such a wiling mouth.” As it subsided Cassie slowly swallowed what she was able.” And licking the tip of his cock she looked up at her grandfather.” He was still swaying and his eyes were closed, a smile spread across his face.”

“Cassie, you are unbelievable, I didn’t think that I was going to stop cumming”

“Neither did I Grandad” she said as she reached for his arms.” Arms that entwined her an held her against his hard chest.”

“You can do that any time you like Sweetheart, your Grandad will die happy if you look after him like that occasionally”

“You must be a mind reader Grandad,” she replied “cause when I was sucking your cock I thought to myself, if I want to be good at this I am going to have to get plenty of practice” he answered with a big smile, and Cassie took that to mean exactly what he intended it too!

Suddenly the warm water turned cold and they both laughted.”

“Do you know how much water we have wasted?” Smiling Cassie replied, “but think what we didn’t waste.”

Grandad watched Cassie as she ran from the bathroom grabbing a towel to cover herself.”

“It won’t be long before I see that beautiful body of my granddaghters again.” Already he had plans for what he was going to do to her this evening……”

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