Catherine Ch. 37

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I live for the moment when I hear that whimper in her throat at our very first deep kiss. Her breathing getting heavier, catching in her throat with each gentle caress, touch, stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will not speak…, yet.

Catherine – Chapter 37

A Lesson In Failure

Thursday and this thing with her at the gym got here way too soon.

But still I can’t wait to see her and hear the details of how her ‘Girls Night Out,’ with Nancy went. The hints she’s been giving me of that night out sounded like a real barn burner! But with me working nights and her, another out of town business trip, plus some other family event with the Parker family. And along with all that was an out of town Reserve weekend for me. Meaning, we haven’t had the chance to get together. So it’s just been frequent but short phone calls to keep up with what each other has been doing. But there’s a very good chance this coming weekend will see a lot of catching up. Fueled by her storytelling of that, “Girls Night Out,’ leading to another trashing and burning up my bed!

Parking a few spaces from her car, then checking my watch and yes, it’s 18:05.

Catherine, already waiting when I come through the entrance greats me at the desk with a huge smile and signs me in. But as she starts to take my hand she stops to look at me as if to say, oops! Because she realized how it might appear for ‘Mrs. Catherine Parker,’ to be holding hands with this unknown man in a combat style military uniform. Then leading me towards the aerobics room as I lag a little behind, admiring the sway of her ponytail, in time with the natural rhythm of her walk And how those yoga pants are perspiration glued to her gorgeous ass, the wetness even into her butt crack highlighting the separation of those gorgeous globes.

Putting my hand out to touch her shoulder, she turns her head looking back at me as I whisper, “You look good enough to eat in that outfit!” Saying it just low enough so only she can hear. Has her stopped and whispering back, “And I”ve missed you and want to fuck you so bad it hurts, and thank you for coming today!” She says.

Entering the aerobics room I see about twenty to twenty-five women casually standing around wearing pretty much the same kind of outfit Catherine is wearing. All very attractive; aerobics apparently working well for them. Plus a man Catherine introduces me to as their instructor, where we exchange some pleasantries before he gathers everyone around. Then asking Catherine to explain to every one what’s going to be demonstrated this evening.

Where Catherine starts out by introducing me; holding her hand out towards me, “I’d like everyone to meet my very good friend, “Marine Corps Master Sergeant Robert Swaggert. And following with, “Sargent Swaggert is a highly decorated combat veteran with a number of combat tours to places he’s not allowed to say. Except for one, as he says, a cushy tour on an aircraft carrier, cruising around off the horn of Africa, chasing pirates.”

Where I hear some laughs about her cushy tour remark; making me a little uncomfortable by her telling everyone what she just said about me. So I just nod my head in Catherine’s direction.

Now she turns to me with, “Sargent Swaggart, why don’t you put your things on that chair over there, then we’ll get started. Oh, and you might want to leave your shirt there too because it gets pretty warm in here.”

So leaving my shirt, hat, keys and sunglasses on the chair, it’s back to stand next to her on the mat.

Where Catherine begins again with, “Sergeant Swaggert has graciously volunteered.” She turns to me and winks. “To be my opponent. So we can demonstrate to our newest members of this class what and why you will be learning here. That way you can protect yourselves from men like Sergeant Swaggert here.”

Suddenly from somewhere it’s, “Why would I want to defend myself from him?” Where it’s someone else, “Yes, very hunky!” Then other voices in the group, “I agree.” Then another, “Me too.” “And another, “Why defend myself from him!?” In all, it’s been a chorus of female giggling among the semi circle of women standing around. Dropping my head to look down at the floor, turning my head from side to side in pained embarrassment.

Catherine, leaning into me saying loud enough for everyone to hear, “Sargent, are you blushing”! Then moving so she can get closer to my ear whispering, “I’ve told you more than that too.” Then she turns back to the group of women with, “Alright ladies…, please, remember we are, ladies.”

Where she begins again, “I know at five-foot eight in my bare feet, I’m tall for a woman. But I’m going to show you how, this five foot eight, one hundred and twenty five pound woman, can defend herself from someone, who is six foot four, or is it five,” she questioned, looking at me. “And over one-hundred pounds heavier than I am.”

Which has me asking Catherine, “You’re calling me chubby?

“Okay. What I should have said is, the Sergeant is all muscle!”

From somewhere in the group a voice, “Oh yes, I love muscles too.”

Followed istanbul escort by more giggling!

Catherine, whispering close to my ear again, “You know how I love your hard muscles and that hard one between your legs.” She’s telling with the back of her head to the group of women most likely to read her lips.”

Has me whispering back, “You just love embarrassing me don’t you?”

Looking at me with those beautiful eyes, whispering back, “OH LOVER do, I, ever!”

I really hope to hell nobody can, read our lips.

And now, looking at her asking, “Didn’t you say you were, a hundred and thirty-fi…” But her look says, don’t you dare say it.

Then it’s her, “Are you ready Sargent?”

“Yes Mrs’s Parker. But do you first want to mention our bet?” Where she glares at me hissing; very emphatically. “NO I DON’t!”

Where close by it’s a voice, “What bet?”

Where I lean over to get closer to her, “They’ll want to know why I’m putting you over my lap and pulling those pants of yours down,” telling her.

“It’s never going to happen!” She hisses back at me.

Staring back hard at her now, “Okay, it’s your party babe, now bring it on!” Where the softness in her face disappears.

She’s all business it seems..

Now turning away from each other, both stepping back several paces it’s Catherine, “Alright Sergeant, come at me like you’re going to attack me.”

“Ah…, okay…, so, knowing how easy that is, Mrs. Parker, how would you like me to go about it? With a knife, a gun, maybe a bouquet of flowers, and a box of candy?” Egging her on.

“Okay smart ass…,” she arrogantly says out loud, “How do you like this bouquet?” Where she comes at me with a head fake followed by a perfect drop, and leg sweep that knocks me off balance where I stutter step back almost tripping over my own feet; my boot soles don’t slide well on the foam mat. And where Catherine’s already back on her feet like a cat where she acts like she’s going to kick me in the groin, then dancing away like a boxer in a boxing ring.

Catching me totally flat footed thinking, Wow, I sure wasn’t expecting that from her! As she comes back a little closer to me, one hand on a cocked hip, a very smug look on her face.

“That was pretty good Mrs. Parker! A very nice move.,” as I’m standing here, more than embarrassed.

“So them.. let’s say we try another one. But this time let’s drop the pretend crap, and now I’m a crazed rapist who’s planning on doing more horrible things to you then you can imagine,” telling her.

“Bob…,” she says. “I really don’t care what you’re planning!” Her arrogant attitude, boosted by her ability to knock me off balance, has her still bouncing around on her toes..

“Oh really Catherine? Then it’s time I quit fooling around with you. So bitch, let’s see what you’ve really got!”

The look of, what did he just call me in front of all these other women? As we both hear the collective gasp as everyone affirms they heard it too.

That bouncing around stopped. Is it her confusion or surprise at what I called her?

So to goad her on, “What’s the matter cunt, have you lost your nerve?”

With that one it’s the collective “OH MY GOD!” From the voices around us.

Suddenly it’s her fierce scream of, “YOU BASTARD!” As she comes at me hard and fast.

Nimbling stepping back a few paces, allowing her to gain some momentum, before stepping in to meet her attack; aborts her trying to take out my left knee, which I easily block. At the same time, grabbing her right hand, palm up where she was aiming it at my nose. Then it’s swinging her around, while twisting her arm up behind her back, bending her fingers, wrist, elbow, and arm with just enough pressure to make her scream with some pain. But with a little more force I could have easily broken all of them as I sweep her feet out from under her and let my weight advantage take her down hard onto her stomach, where I press her face, maybe a little too rough, into the mat. Then with my left hand, grab her ponytail at the root, and roughly pull her head up and back, releasing her right arm. It’s reaching into my belt like I’m getting a knife out to rake my hand across her throat like I’ve just cut it from ear to ear.

Then nimbly back on my feet, at the same time saying to the shocked group of women, “If that was for real, Mrs. Parker would have been dead in five heartbeats. Which was about the time it took for me to take her down, and simulate cutting her throat.

“And because I cut her carotid artery and her windpipe, you ladies standing there would have been sprayed with her bloood that was being spurted out towards you. And if I had covered her mouth and not waited till I had her down on the mat, she would have died, having never been able to make a sound.”

Dead silence!

Then turning around to help Catherine up, is where she snaps, “DON’T FUCKING, TOUCH ME! Get away from me…, NOW!” Hearing more than anger in her words.

“Catherine, I’m sorry if I hurt you!”

Snapping at me again. And avcılar escort this time, it’s with real venom and anger in it, “GET, THE GET HELL AWAY, FROM, ME… RIGHT, NOW, I FUCKING MEAN IT; GOD DAMN YOU!”

Stunned at how vicious her words sound, I stare back at her in disbelief.

When it’s, “I REALLY FUCKING MEAN IT BOB… GET, AWAY, FROM, ME! Her voice rising in tone as the words spilled out

I’ve never heard her speak like that! And moving away; stunned by the way she threw those words at me.

Where from behind me some little college coed type pipes up, “That was pretty cruel, vicious, and barbaric of you!”

Snapping around to glare at her with my Nonsense Marine Master Sergeant Stare; has her stepping back a few steps to a shocked look on her face. While at the same time I’m pulling my tee shirt up to show her the six inch long scar between my ribs on my right side.

“I got this…” putting my hand to the scar. “after I crashed through a door into a pitch black room ending up with me slamming into a wall hard enough to put me down on the floor where I was looking back to the door I just crashed through to see a man silhouetted by the bright sunlight streaming in from behind him, He had just stepped out of the dark pulling the trigger on his weapon; but it misfired. Where his delayed reaction to the weapon not firing until his trying to stab me with the bayonet attached to his weapon. And in those few seconds of his hesitation is what allowed me to get a shot off from the 12 gauge shotgun I had in my hands which blew out the top back of his head as he was lunging down at me. And even though he was instantly dead, his weight, and momentum carried him into me, where I couldn’t roll away far enough is why that blade sliced up under my vest, and through my shirts. And this is where it sliced open my side.” Still showing her the scar. “Then, maybe a little more than twelve to fifteen minutes later, I killed three of his buddies too. And me…, I walked away from that to an eventual line of stitches in my side; and three more bad guys were dead. And for a long time after that I would wake up in the middle of the night with that silhouetted vision of man who was about to end my life.

“Is that cruel, vicious, and barbaric enough for you, miss?” Still glaring at her.

Absolute dead silence in the room. Where you could hear the proverbial pin drop on the foam mats.

“Never, underestimate your attacker,” still looking at that little coed type. “So regardless of how well you think you know them. Turning to look back at Catherine.

“Mrs. Parker underestimated me because we’re friends. But she really doesn’t know me, the United States Marine, a specially trained observer, stalker and who’s more than capable of taking lives; if I have to.” Looking at Catherine for some response, but all I see is the anger and hurt in her eyes as she’s being helped up by two other women.

“I didn’t survive those combat tours by being a mister nice guy,” looking back at the little co-ed again. “I killed the enemy with malice, and as efficiently as I could; that’s what I was trained to do! But when the fighting was over, we bandaged up any of their wounded who were still alive. And later after our own were cared for, we loaded them on the same med-evac helicopters as our own wounded. Where they got some of the best medical care in the world…, the same as our wounded would get!”

Turning back to Catherine, “I deliberately provoked Mrs. Parker…, but she forgot why she’s here. She comes here to learn to defend herself, not to get provoked into attacking someone. At that point she should have backed off and waited to see what I was going to do. I could have been a drunken husband, boyfriend or some ass hole trying to provoke her into losing her cool. When you do that, he now has you in his control.”

“Your best defense is surprise! Remember to always keep your head screwed on straight. Always be alert, and aware of your surroundings, and who is around you at all times. Panic is your worst enemy. And if you are attacked, hurt them as much as you can, in any way you can and as fast as you can, then get the hell away from them as far and as fast as you can. It has to be reflective; automatic. Practice, practice, practice!”

“We have an instructor, Sargent Rei, who is about your size, miss,” back to looking at the little co-ed. Sargent Rei is a master of the martial arts, and kicks my ass every time I go up against him! But he always teaches me something. Where many times I leave there bruised and bloodied too. Because he doesn’t pretend, or kid around because we’re there to learn how to survive in an unarmed or hand to hand fight.”

Now looking back to Catherine, “Honestly… I’m really sorry if I hurt you Catherine. Please believe me, I would never, ever harm you in any way!”

But it’s her, “Bob, just leave right now…, just get out of my sight!” She says, her words a little less forceful this time.

Taking a deep breath, “Alright Catherine. You always know where you can find me.” Then it’s over to the chair to retrieve şirinevler escort my things, then back through the parting crowd of women without looking at any of them. But as I pass the desk it’s telling the woman standing there, “I’m Sergeant…, anyway Mrs. Parker signed me in. please sign me out, thank you.” Then on out the door putting my hat, and shirt on as I leave.

It’s been thirty minutes since I left the gym where I’ve been sitting in my truck waiting for Catherine to come out. And finally… there she is, coming out carrying her gym bag with the strap over her left shoulder, maybe favoring her right arm a little.

Looking in my direction to see me sitting in my truck it’s turning her head immediately away as she walks straight to her car, first putting the bag in the passenger side, then walking around to get into the driver’s seat. Where it’s hearing her car start, but it doesn’t move, and where I can see her sitting there pounding on the steering wheel apparently shouting something at the world; or is it at me.

But then it’s the car engine shutting off, and her getting out to look over, staring at me. With me never having taken my eyes off her. Where at last she walks around her car and over to the passenger side of my truck, opens the door, getting in. And without saying a word, we sit here in silence where it’s been some very long tense minutes.

At last, and without looking at me she says, “You really hurt me. And that’s not all! You humiliated me in front of all those people!” Then turning to face me, “You son of a bitch! How fucking dare you do that to me!?”

“Catherine, I’m truly sorry I hurt you! And I definitely wasn’t trying to humiliate you!”

“Fuck you and your sorry!” Her snapping back,

God she’s really ripping my heart out.

Turning my head, looking out the open driver’s side already rolled down window to hear her, “That’s right, turn your face away you… bastard!”

Then the silence again as she turns her head away; looking out the passenger side window.

“Catherine…, turning to look back at her. “I was only trying to make a point to the other women, and maybe teach you a lesson at the same time.”

Where it’s her instantly turning to me with, “Who the FUCK do you think you, are, that YOU, THINK, you can teach me, a lesson? FUCK you! God Damn It! I don’t even know why I’m still sitting here. Because right now, I really, really mean it this time; I hate you Swaggart!”

That’s right go ahead twist the knife a little more why don’t you, coursing through my mind.

“Catherine please! I’ve told you how I…, I feel about you! And I don’t want anything or anybody to ever harm you. Catherine, you are a beautiful intelligent, self assured, confident woman. And there are a lot of men who may feel intimidated by women like you. I was a little unsure about you at first because I’m not the type to walk up to strange women and start a conversation. But with you, I had to know who you were and why you did what you did. But no way in hell would I have followed you if you had insisted I go away and leave you alone. And I would never harm you for telling me that!”

“Catherine, you travel all over the country by yourself. You’re in strange places among people you may not know. And Catherine, you know this better than I do. Because you’re so attractive men will try to get you to pay attention to them; most are harmless. But those that may resent what you are, or maybe resent you because you haven’t paid enough attention to them, could have other intentions. They could seem charming, and appear innocent, but if they can get you alone, who knows what they might do.”

Still looking at her, wanting so much for a look of understanding. “Lady, that scares the living hell out of me!”

“Catherine, I just wanted to show you that even though you may think you know someone well, or they appear to be harmless; never underestimate anyone. Pay attention to your instincts! It will keep you, and God I hope, safe!”

But with the door partially open as if to get out she stopped at what I was saying. And now pulls the door shut asking, “Why didn’t you warn me?” She asks.

“Catherine…, because you won’t get a warning! If it happens, all you’ve got is what you’ve learned, and it has to be automatic; instinctive even. You won’t have time to think. Believe me I know, I really fucking know! And like I told them in there, I still see the silhouette of that guy stepping out in front of me along with the sound of a firing pin hitting on an empty chamber, except the chamber wasn’t empty.”

And now reaching into my pants pocket to pull out the rifle round, and pointing to the dimple in the primer, “Catherine I’ve never shown this to you, or for that matter; even Sally. But I always carry it when I’m in uniform to remind me of how, in the tick of a heartbeat, I would have lost everything, and every one I love.”

“GW gave this to me while I was sitting in the back of a med track, a bloody wound pack taped to my side, waiting to get transported back to a field hospital. He had been checking out the dead guy I shot in that house. And while clearing that guy’s weapon, this was ejected from the chamber. The round misfired.., it didn’t go off! Catherine, I came that… close, tapping my finger on the dimpled primer, to dieing on a dirt floor, in a blown out house, in a town, in the middle of that hell hole of a country.”

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