Cathy’s Big Job Break Ch. 2

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At the club, all the women were introduced to me, one by one. They paid me so many compliments, such as how beautiful I was, or how sexy I looked, plus drinks, I was getting light headed. They really and truly loved me and I felt so very special. I guess I was finally becoming a woman, and in time, would lose my timid nature and not be so shy.

We drove home, showered again, and then the three of us went to bed. Being in bed with Tracy and Niki, especially being in the middle of them, all of us naked, felt so great; it brought back memories when I would go into my Mother’s bed and cuddle up to her as a child. I was now getting the same erotic feeling as I cuddled up to Niki, and then turning and cuddling up to Tracy. Their firm bodies felt so good as I rubbed my wet pussy against then during the night, it was like a dream in paradise.

They were both up at the crack of dawn the following morning and they pulled the covers off of me. “C’mon Pussy, no late sleeping around here unless we’re on vacation, and we’re not on vacation now.” Tracy yelled out. “Let’s go to the gym and the training room, we’ve got to firm up that body of yours and get you into prime shape.”

I was hungry, I had to use the bathroom and I had to wake up a little with some cold water splashing my face. I let them know what I needed to do before we worked out, so Tracy took me to the bathroom, told me to take care of my ‘business’, as she watched, I guess I won’t have any more privacy, and then to get into the shower long enough to get soaked, like fifteen seconds. I quickly dried myself, it felt funny drying my hairless pussy, usually I would rub it until it was completely dry, ( I think I used that as an excuse to get that nice feeling in my pussy, and not feeling guilty for playing with myself.)

We went to the gym and training room and Tracy gave me large glass of fresh orange juice to quench my thirst and to give me a little get up and go. We worked out on the different equipment, each one designated for a specific part of my body, she concentrated on the exercises that would firm up my breasts, they weren’t flabby but “C” cups tend to droop a little and she wanted mine to stay as firm as hers. I lifted some weights and got on the tread-mill, but Tracy had me do a few of everything and then she would increase the exercises gradually. I didn’t realize that I was so out of condition after watching Niki and Tracy go through their daily routine, they were awesome.

Tracy asked if I had ever studied Yoga or Tantra, or even the Kama Sutra. I told I hadn’t and she then explained that these were spiritual, or divine ancient Hindu practices to get the most out of our sexuality. The many different sexual positions, exercises, (mental and physical) that help the blood flow to the areas of the body that are being touched for sexual pleasure.

“Pussy,” Tracy said, “you don’t know it, but you have been practicing some of these things. Self pleasuring, or masturbating, is just a little bit of what its all about. We women are very fortunate, our ability to have orgasms is limitless, we can cum as often or as many times as we care to. As for myself, I have cum as many as thirty-five times in rapid succession, however, I have to admit, even in my physical shape, I found it a little exhausting when I stopped, but I enjoyed every orgasm.”

She then had me lay down a padded bench, turned down the lights so now they were in shades of violet, she turned on that chanting sound that sounded similar to what you would hear from a choir of monks humming, it was almost spiritual.

“Pussy, I want you to relax your body and then breath deeply a few times as you slowly release the air after each intake. I’m going to talk to you softly, but I want you to concentrate on the chanting as well as the colorful lights that are now flowing across the ceiling. Do you now feel that your body and mind are relaxed?”

I was relaxed, almost to the point that I thought that I would fall asleep. I told her that I was. “Now pussy, I want you to close your eyes and for you to look inside of your body where I instruct you. Good, now focus on your head, I want you to clear it of everything that’s going on in your head, and then you will see a bright light. Nod your head if you see that bright light.” I couldn’t believe it, I saw a bright light in my head.

“See how easy it is to clear all the junk that’s crowding your head. Now that light represents the same sexual sensitivity that your clit does, and your going to make that light travel through-out your body, so that every part of your body, (when your mind tells you,) will get the same sexual sensations when it is caressed or massaged as when your clit does when it is massaged, you will be able to have orgasms just by being caressed or massaged almost anywhere on your body. Now start that light traveling down your body. down your neck, to your arms down to your finger tips. Now down your spine and your chest and work the light all the way silivri escort down to your toes.”

It was so blissful, that I felt as though that I was going to cum a few times. I also felt so very relaxed, my entire body felt as though I had just awakened from a long refreshing sleep.

Tracy asked me how I felt and I told her that I felt wonderful. “Well, Pussy, you’re going to feel a lot better after I give you my special massage. So just relax and think of that bright light that traveled through your body and heightened the sensitivity of your bodies sexual response to the touch.”

I could see the colors floating on the ceiling like clouds, I could hear the mystical chanting, even though it was very soft. I smelled the incense from the candles, and now a massage, I’m either dreaming or in another world. Then I felt her warm soft hands spreading warmed lotion all over my body.

Wherever her hands went, I felt this strange tingle that went from the area that I felt her touch, down to my pussy. Her touch was so light and soft, but yet the feeling was awesome, the feeling was if I was about to cum, and for some reason, just hung in limbo.

“Pussy, I now want you to take in a few more deep breaths, let each breath out slowly through your mouth. Now I’m going to touch you so that the light that you saw during the mind exercises is going to glow throughout your entire body.”

I don’t know what Tracy did to me, but with my eyes closed, my entire body, from my toes to my head, inside my body was glowing with that bright light, it was as if I was in a heavenly body. Then it started, a very mild orgasm that was like a ripple in a pond after I had thrown a stone into the water. I don’t know how, but I seemed to feel Tracy’s hands all over my body at the same time. Then the ripple seemed to get larger, higher, as was my orgasm. I was moaning uncontrollably in shear ecstasy, then I heard Tracy’s voice instructing me, “stay with it Pussy, let your mind go with the flow. You can stop when you want to because your mind has control.”

I never want this to stop, please let it continue. I’ve heard about hour long orgasms and this is what I believe I’m having, it wasn’t several orgasms, this was one rolling orgasm that was building up to a giant tidal wave. Then it happened, I’m not sure how long this orgasm was going on, but I felt like a surfer that was riding a fifty foot wave. I wasn’t surfing but my body had reached that point, a peak, a crescendo and my entire body was like a volcano erupting and spewing its hot molten lava. I saw the fireworks, I heard the trumpets and drums and then nothing but darkness and peace.

I’m not certain how long after that, that I opened my eyes and saw two beautiful pairs of eyes staring at me with me with big smiles on their faces. My entire body was covered with perspiration and when I put my hand down to my pussy, the padding was soaked with my cum

“So, Pussy, how was that for your first rolling orgasm? From the time you started cumming until the time you finished, we timed you for thirty minutes.”

“Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t even describe the awesome pleasure that I just experienced, it almost felt like an out of body experience. I just can’t believe it. But the amazing thing is, I feel as though I could go the whole experience all over again, right now. I feel like I’m on a super high.”

“Calm down Pussy, you will be having many more,” Tracy said, “this is just the beginning. Let me give you our itinerary for today. We’ll now have a nice healthy breakfast, then a little more mind exercises and meditation. After that we’ll do a little more body toning and then you’re going to fuck Niki, and then me, with that strap on dildo that I fucked you with. The next step will be to spend about twenty minutes in the sauna, then shower and relaxation. Pussy, by Monday, you’ll be on your way to being not only a super model for our company, as well as a super slut for us and our clients, you’re going to be very famous as well as very rich.”

I was overwhelmed, I can’t believe that my life has changed so much in just a couple of days. I still felt that I’m shy, but when I’m told to do something by Niki or Tracy, or maybe anyone, regardless of what it is, I just do it because I know that I’m going to get a lot of pleasure out of it, and that makes me even happier. I guess it’s because I always felt so guilty about my sexuality, and now when I’m ordered to do these sexual things, it’s like I have permission.

During the meditation period, without even concentrating on it, I had two orgasms, it was if I was having a wet dream. I guess I must have been moaning through the orgasms, because when Tracy told me that it was time for more body toning, she said, “Pussy, you’re a damn cum machine, which is just fine. First of all it will help quicken your body toning and it will also keep you healthy and youthful looking. Speaking of youthful, you said your bakırköy escort mom looks very young and youthful, along with being pretty, were you being honest?”

“Oh yeah, Tracy, she’s more than pretty, she is so sexy looking. When we’re out shopping, I see the guys, young and old, looking at my Mom as well as me, but I think my Mom is also like me, very shy.”

Niki happened to overhear our conversation and said, “Pussy, I want you to call your Mom and tell her how you’re doing and how much you’re going to like your new job. Then I want you to tell her to come down tomorrow to talk to us because I’m also looking for an attractive older woman to do the same work as you will be doing. She, as well as you, can be making some big money. Do you think your Dad will object about her working with us?”

“He won’t care at all. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m almost positive that he is cheating on her. My Dad is very good looking and he attracts younger women, his secretary is about my age and I heard my Mom talking to a very close girlfriend of hers, that she is almost positive that he has something going with her. He comes home late, and sometimes he calls to say that he’s just going to stay at the office because he has too much work. But when my Mom says she needs money for clothes, he tells her that we’re almost broke.””

“Call her now and tell her to come down as soon as she can, now I’m really interested in her, and if she’s as shy as you, I can’t wait to meet her for an interview. Also tell her that she can just throw anything on, she doesn’t have to try to spruce up. If she hesitates, let me talk to her.”

Niki handed me the phone and I called home. “Hi Mom, I was just talking to Niki, you know the girl that was in college with me,” and I said very softly, “the girl that I said that always calling me a snob and stuck up. Anyway, she is just so great to me, as well as her girlfriend, the one that interviewed me. I just love this job and I haven’t even started yet. One of the reasons I called was because they are looking for someone a little older than me, as well, and when I described you to them, they told me to have you come down as soon as you can get here.”

My Mom didn’t respond immediately, but after a couple of seconds she said, “Sweetheart, I’m just not sure if I could do anything like that, I mean modeling and all. Another thing is that Daddy might not like me working, you know that he’s always made me stay at home and I always do as he asks, I don’t like to get him upset.”

I told my mom to hold on and then I told Niki that my Mother wasn’t sure that my dad would approve. “Give me the phone,” Niki said, and then started talking to my mom.

“Hi Linda, this is Niki and I want to tell you that your daughter is absolutely beautiful and I know that she is going to be a super success. When we talked to about her family, she kept telling us how much she loved her Mom and how beautiful and sexy that you were. I’ve been looking for and older woman, as well as Puss, I mean Cathy, and after she told us all about you, to tell you the truth Linda, I think your daughter is in love with you. Linda, I want you to come down here so that we can talk face to face about her career, as well as yours. We’ll make it well worth your while, as well as making your daughter a very happy girl. Get down here as soon as possible, so about what time can you make it?”

“Uhhh, well uuuhh, since my husband is out of town this week-end, you know, on business, and he tells me that we need the money, so I guess that I can be there in a couple of hours.”

“That’s my girl Linda, so we’ll expect you then. Now don’t try to impress us by getting all dressed up, just come as you are so that we can decide what you’ll look best in after you model for us. Bye,”

“Damn, your mother sounds hot. She’ll be down here in a couple of hours, but I can’t wait any longer, Tracy, I’m as excited and as horny as I could be, I want Pussy to fuck me now, I just can’t wait any longer, get the strap-on- dildo.”

I can’t believe that I was so excited from the fact that Niki wanted me to satisfy her sexually, but then I also wondered what my mom would think when she saw what I was doing with Niki and Tracy. But then Tracy showed up and started to put the strap-on-dildo, on me.

“This dildo will give you as much pleasure as it will Niki,” Tracy said. “Now when I put this into your cunt, see this little bump, this will be moving slightly so that it will be massaging your G-spot. This is Niki’s favorite dildo because not only is it large, but it also vibrates as you’re fucking her with it. Niki!! We’re ready for you.”

Tracy explained to me that there were batteries in the ‘balls’ of the dildo and that’s what made it vibrate as well as massage my G-spot. (I just learned about the G-spot.) Niki came over and got on the padding on her hands and knees. Tracy took me to just behind Niki’s butt and told me to get on halkalı escort my knees and slowly put into her excited hole, I was amazed how easily this large penis just slid in. Then Tracy touched a tiny button on the side of the balls.

I started to slowly push the dildo in and out of Niki’s pussy, I could feel the vibration as well as the bump inside of my pussy, massaging a very sensitive area , it felt soo good.

Then Tracy slid under Niki’s raised butt and her pussy was under Niki’s face. Just before Niki put her face down into Tracy’s crotch, she told me to start going faster and faster and at the same time, to slap her butt cheeks. With the feeling I was getting in my pussy, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I came,

I could feel Tracy’s hot tongue touching my butt occasionally as she raised her head to lick and suck on Niki’s clit. A few times she even licked my back hole, which was very sensitive and it excited me even more, I came and my body shuddered.

Tracy and Niki knew I came, but I just kept fucking Niki and she kept pushing her butt into me, faster and faster. She raised her head from Tracy’s crotch and yelled at me to pound her ass, fuck her harder and faster. her voice was raspy and she was breathing very hard, I knew she was ready to cum, so was I.

“Quick, pull it out of my cunt and push it into my ass-hole. That’s it, push it all the way in and pound my ass with your cock, faster, harder.”

She pushed her ass back so hard into the dildo, that I thought that I would fall backwards. “Fuck yeah, you fucking slut, fuck me harder, faster. oooohhhh fuuuuckk, I’mmm fuuuccckiing cuuuumiing,”

I came harder this time, and I knew that Niki had a very strong cum because her body was shaking hard. Tracy moaned loudly that she also came, I loved it.. I leaned over onto Niki’s back with the cock still buried deep into her ass, and hugged her as I grabbed her firm breasts and massaged them.

After a few minutes, Niki said, “damn, slut, you keep playing with my sensitive tits, I’m going to get all worked up again. Let’ get up and get ready to greet your mom.”

“Niki, my mom is a very sweet and loving woman, please don’t embarrass her. I love her very much and I just don’t want her to be hurt, or do anything that she’ll be ashamed of.”

“Have I done anything to you that has embarrassed you, or made you ashamed, or even hurt you? You’re going to be making a lot of money, as well as making money for the company. So far you seem to be enjoying everything that we’ve done for you, so Pussy, understand one thing, I will only do what I think will help my company grow and make money, and at the same time, have fun. Another thing, if you recall, I was a psychology major, and one thing I know is human psychology and I’ll bet you anything, that your sweet mother is as horny as you are, plus I doubt very much if your dad is giving her anything in the way of a good fucking.”

I thought about what Niki just said to me, and I know it’s not right for me to think of my mom the way I do, I mean sexually, but then again, the last time I called her, she told me that she experimented with sex and masturbated thinking about me. I think Niki is probably right, that Dad doesn’t take care of Mom sexually. I apologized to Niki and told her that I was sorry for even thinking that she would hurt Mom in any way.

We all jumped into the shower together and washed one another, I like that. I guess it’s because I’ve never been touched sexually by anyone else, other than my mom and dad, when I was little. They knew how much I liked it, but then as I got a little bigger, I guess that they realized that it was improper to touch me that way.

Niki and Tracy just put on a light summer dress, and then Niki gave me a tight, body hugging, sheer, transparent black dress that was just long enough to cover my butt and a pair of ankle strap four inch stiletto shoes. With the exception of the shoes, I looked like I was naked, you could see my breasts as well as my naked pussy. I looked at myself on the wall mirror and it almost seemed like my body was glowing, I guess they are treating me well.

We sat around, just talking girl talk while we had a couple of glasses of champagne. I really don’t like to drink much, but, it would be rude of me if I didn’t join them. As it usually does, I started feeling a little horny as the drink took effect.

We heard the buzzer from Niki’s private entrance door, she clicked on the monitor and I could see my mom standing there. Niki pushed a button that opened the door and my Mother entered and came up the stairs to where we were.

I dashed over to her and gave her a big hug and kiss, as usual, she looked beautiful. I would never understand why my dad would cheat on her, he certainly wouldn’t find anyone more sexy looking than her.

Then Niki spoke and said, “Well, Pussy, aren’t you going to introduce us to your beautiful Mom?”

I could see by the expression on my mother’s face, that she picked up on the “Pussy” name that Niki called me. “Niki, Tracy, I want you to meet my mother, Linda. Mom, this is Niki’s company and Tracy is her closest friend as well being in charge of hiring, firing and helping Niki run the business. Also, they have treated me like a princess, I love them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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