Cathy’s Pleasure Pivot Ch. 02

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Michael woke at 5:30 AM, his first thought was of the previous evenings events with Cathy, his adopted mother. ‘Damn, that was hot! I want some more of that kind of quality time with mom.’ He thought to himself. Then he remembered the strange feeling of seeing what his mother was thinking and how his thought suggestions had affected her before he entered her room and had her service him like common slut.

He thought about the sensation of looking into her mind briefly, and decided to try it again. “It’s just a little test he told himself as he focused on what her mind might be doing as she slept. He found that as he focused on reading her sleeping body he felt as though he were watching the very confused and disjointed dreams of his mother.

Snippets of her as a little girl, events and activities she had planned for the coming days, weeks and months darted through her subconscious mind. He saw a brief flash of memory that caught his attention. The scene was of Cathy walking into a room and catching her mother kissing his baby penis as she changed his diaper. He appeared to be only a few months old at the time. Cathy and her mother had a spat over the event. Cathy had been quiet upset by the event but her mother had persuaded her that it was merely a harmless expression of maternal love. Apparently they resolved the issue. Then came images of Cathy not only kissing but also taking his baby penis into her mouth. Cathy stopped kissing and sucking his baby penis when he appeared to be about 18 months old. He felt her imaginings about what it would be like playing with his “cock” long after she had actually stopped kissing and sucking his little baby prick.

Michael wasn’t sure whether he was actually reading his adopted mothers subconscious mind or merely fantasying about reading her mind. He tried placing thoughts into her mind to focus her dreams in a particular way. He made his mental suggestions and decided to leave for work before his mother awoke.


The alarm clock sounded at 7:30, Cathy rolled into a sitting position at the edge of the bed and stretched. ‘God, what a weird series of dreams she thought to herself as she went into the master bath to prepare for day. She washed her face which was tight and crinkly from the dried saliva drooled out during the night. The drooling seemed to explain part of her dream, but she could not understand why her bottom and pussy felt as though they had been used. She decided that she must have masturbated herself to climax as part of her dream, that explanation set her mind at ease about her really weird dreams. “I suppose a couple of fingers in each place could cause the mess and these sensations,’ she said to herself, as she readied herself for work.

She lathered herself thoroughly in the shower Isparta Escort and remembered the first time her body had felt like this.

In her junior year, before she met and married Jason, she had attended a frat party with a couple of her sorority sisters. It was a great party with lots of hot guys, plenty of dancing and lots of drinking. She met Andre after meeting and dancing with a number of the frat boys and their guests. He was physically attractive and fun to be with though she soon realized he was not the sharpest knife in the box. His French accent was intriguing and his hard body stimulating.

The dance music at the party had made several passes through hot and heavy rock to slow and intimate contemporary. The net effect of the music, dance and drink was that the atmosphere of was sexually charged. The arousal of the men was readily apparent from the numerous bulges displayed through the men’s pants. Her arousal had her panties soaked. Andre had danced a slow one with her back to him rubbing his stiffness between her nether cheeks and it really set her on fire. He had been a perfect gentleman; he didn’t grab either her breasts or her pussy. His left arm reached around her and held her back close to him, the hand had rested just below her right breast, his right arm held her bottom tightly against his swollen manhood as they gently swayed to the rhythm of the music. The pressure of his arms holding her to him and the sensation of his thing dancing between her cheeks got her really hot. The fact that he hadn’t grabbed at her but merely held her firmly and gently, made her want him more. The band took a break and she and Andre talked while they had a cold one together.

The steam from the shower spread the scent of the Irish Spring soap she was lathering herself with through the room. Her left hand moved the bar of soap to her ass crack soaping up the valley between her cheeks. The memory of Andre’s cock pressing between her cheeks became even more vivid as she pressed the soap into her ass crack. Her right hand moved through the lather on her tummy down to just above her womanly slit that hid her clit, which was by this time out from under its protective hood. Her tight panties scrapped against the sensitive nubbin and her slippery juices flowed freely from her.

The band resumed playing and she and Andre danced to several hot and heavy rock and roll songs. The y danced hard, fast and suggestively to the heavy beat, each suggestively thrusting their pelvises across the dance floor at one another. When the band played another slow intimate song Andrew moved to her back and they swayed against each other in very intimate contact. Cathy remembered how she had moved his left hand from under her right breast up to Isparta Escort Bayan actually cup it, and she realled how wonderful it felt when he gently squeezed it toward her swollen nipple. God it felt so good! When she pressed his right hand down toward her box he separated his middle fingers and passed them on either side of her swollen clit pulling her tightly soaked panties tighter into her clit. The fingers glided over her open pussy lips and she began thrusting herself back and forth between the swollen cock pressed between her ass cheeks and the fingers holding her womanhood. Andre suggested that perhaps they should go someplace a bit more private.

Cathy’s fingers mirrored her memories as she showered.

Andre grabbed a couple of cold Miller Genuine Drafts, popped the tops and handed one to Cathy as they went out the French doors to the yard. The beer was cold but its tang did nothing to quench her ardor. She was ready and willing to take Andre’s prick from his pants and ravish it with her mouth. She had visions of him kissing, licking and sucking her hot wet pussy into his mouth. They passed four of his team mates as they walked toward the gazebo located in the secluded garden at the back of the party house. She hadn’t given a second thought to his nod toward them and the comment that; “it would be awhile before he was ready to go.” She was too wrapped up in anticipating his face between her legs and his other head stroking between her lips.

He quickly finished his beer and took her into his arms when they arrived at the gazebo. While kissing her he gently lowered her to the gazebo bench lifted her left leg over his right shoulder and dragged his tongue up her left leg from the ankle to the vortex of her arousal. He worked on her womanhood through her sopping panties. She laid back closed her eyes and relished the sensations his lips, tongue and teeth were sending through her body. After a bit he lifted her legs and delicately dragged her panties down her legs and off, she marveled at his gentleness as he held her legs back and traced his tongue all the way through her ass crack over her anus and up to her swollen throbbing clit. With her eyes tightly closed her head lolled to the left, her mouth open gasping for air as passion coursed through her body. She felt a penis press against her partially open lips and she eagerly sucked it and parts of its shaft her eager mouth.

Her left hand turned the soap so that just its corner passed along the valley floor between her ass cheeks. The sensation was similar to the feeling that Andre’s tongue had made as it slid between her nether cheeks pausing only briefly over her anus and gently pressed into the dimple of her anus. She had been pleasantly surprised at how Escort Isparta good his tongue pressing against her ass hole had felt. That pleasant feeling was mirrored by the soap as she pressed it lightly into her rose bud. Two finger of her right hand curled into her pussy applying a steady pressure to area behind her clit from the inside while the palm of her hand gently pressed her clit towards the fingers inside her wet swollen pussy. ‘Hmm, that felt so good!’ she whispered under her breath to herself.

It was after she began sucking the cock in her mouth that the pleasure turned into horror. Thinking back about it now it was a weird kind of horror, on one level her body reacted to the events of the night with unrestrained pleasure, but her mind reacted with revulsion. It was when Andre reached around her legs and lifted her by her hips off the gazebo bench and the man in her mouth lifted her under her arms. His cock slipped from her mouth in the process of rearranging her. Other hands help lift her into kneeling position suspended in midair with exposed sex aimed at Andre’s stiff cock pointing directly up at her sopping womanhood. They lowered her onto Andre’s stiff prick and when it encountered and was slowed by her tight virginal entrance they pushed her onto him. He groaned at the tight resistance her twat offered and she screamed mutely around the stiff prick filling her mouth.

It was not a pleasant way to lose your virginity she thought to herself as her hands and fingers brought her to orgasm, there in the shower. The pain of being deflowered turned to pleasure shortly after her pussy was penetrated by Andre. Andre fucked her furiously while the man in her mouth shoved his cock into her mouth while pulling head onto his shaft. She choked and gagged but he used her face, and mouth like a pussy; only occasionally letting her gasp a breath. It was the very worst oral sex she had ever had with a man. Up until that night her experiences with giving head had been marvelous adventures of naughtiness. While her face an pussy were being fucked another of the boys began fingering her asshole roughly. First one then two then three fingers were trust into her virginal asshole. She’d never even given the idea of anal sex a thought, and here and now her little butt hole was being violated in the most depraved way. What surprised her though was the fact that despite the depravity of the act it began to feel pleasant. Not really pleasurable, but not entirely un-pleasurable either.

Cathy rinsed her body after her orgasm and resumed dressing for work. ‘Yes,’ she thought to herself ‘my body felt much the same following the abuse of that night.’ Five men had used her that night some in her mouth and several in her ass and pussy. When they had all finished they each politely thanked her for efforts, and each had promised to keep the events of the night between themselves as long as she did the same. But, they warned if she didn’t they would all claim that she begged them to gangbang her and she would be known throughout the whole community as a slut and a whore.

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