Caught at Work

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Ryan couldn’t take it anymore. His boss was just too sexy and having to see her everyday was too much. She had a Sarah Jessica Parker-esque appeal and look to her. She was no taller than 5’1, thin, with beautiful toned legs, and a pair of perky tits. Even dressed in a simple red top, low cut jeans, and a cute pair of open toed heels, he got hard.

It didn’t help that he was a frequent visitor to the Literotica website. Reading these fantastic erotic stories made him hornier and hornier. As his head swirled with fantasies and nasty thoughts that could get him fired, he decided the only way to express his desires was to write it down. He thought he could write a story just like the ones he read on the Literotica website.

So he wrote an elaborate tale of lust and hot sex involving his fantasy girl. He imagined doing nasty things like cumming in her mouth and on her face. Fucking her ass. He wrote how he fucked her in her office, in her chair, in the bathroom stall, and in the stairwell. He detailed all the positions: 69, missionary, standing mish, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, anal CG, and anal RCG, and of course doggie.

He just kept writing and writing and before he knew it, he’d written a ten page story in three hours. He looked at the clock and realized it was way after normal business hours and everyone else had left for the day, everyone except for his boss.

Ryan was going to submit his first story every to Literotica, but first he wanted to read it over. His story was so hot that it made his cock hard. While he re-read the part where he bends his boss over her desk and fucks her hard and nasty, she walked past his office swaying her sexy ass while she walked. He was beyond horny, and seeing her didn’t help, so he had to go jerk off.

He rushed to the bathroom to release himself. It was such a relief when he got into the stall to let his cock out. He stroked it over and over again while images of her flashing through his head. Within minutes he was cumming all over the place. He cleaned himself and the mess up before he left.

Ryan really needed that release and began walking back to his desk, very slow and relaxed. What he didn’t know was that the second he left his desk to jerk off, his boss walked past his office on her way back from wherever she went. She needed to use a computer real quick and decided to borrow his.

In his rush to play with the one eyes snake, he had forgotten to close out the word document or to change what was on his screen. It was one of those lapses in memory. Like when you’re watching a porno, but forget to take it out of the VCR, and you end up getting caught.

So when his boss sat down, she found a very interesting piece of reading right on the screen. She glanced at it and was about to minimize it, until she noticed her name in the title.

As she read the story, she was shocked. She read about his cock in her mouth, his cum on her face and down her throat, and most shocking mahmutbey escort of all, his cock deep inside her pussy and ass. As she read more and more, she found herself getting turned on. She had always had a fondness for him. He was good looking, very nice and polite, but now she was seeing him in a whole new light. She was having the same thoughts that she was reading on paper.

She got so into it, that she wasn’t even aware that her hand had slid down under her jeans and panties, or that she was slowly fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her pussy was soaking wet when she suddenly realized he could return any moment. She thought for a second about what she should do. Then a huge smile spread across her face. She had just the surprise for him.

As he returned from the bathroom he walked into his empty office and sat down at his desk. He decided to save the document for another day and call it a night, when he heard her heels pounding on the wooden floor in his direction. He looked up as he always did when she walked by, because he enjoyed catching a glimpse of her. But this time was different. His jaw dropped at the mere sight of her.

She was naked from the waist down except for the heels. She was reading a printout as if she didn’t even notice she was exposed. She stopped in front of his office, bent over to show him her pretty pussy and ass, and left the printout on the floor. She walked away as he was left motionless from what just happened. Was he dreaming?

The sound of her heels knocking against the floor moved farther and farther away when he finally jumped up and decided to race after her. As he walked past the printouts on the floor, he did a double take. He wasn’t sure if what he was looking at was real. But on the floor were printouts of the story he just wrote and saved on his computer. His story of him fucking her! Written on it was the note, “I want you to do all these things to me, now!” and it was written in her handwriting.

He was dumbfounded, but his cock took control over his mind. He quickly turned down the corner to see if she was there. He felt his cock harden and thought he would cum from the thought of fucking her. He dashed to her office, and made it there in record time, to find her seated in her chair with her legs spread in the air. Her fingers were rubbing her clit as she smiled at him. “Took you long enough.” She exclaimed in between her moans. “I thought I was going to have to finish myself off.”

Ryan dove head first in between her legs like he was a baseball player sliding in to home plate. He went to work on her pussy and clit, licking and sucking every part of her. After putting a nice coat of his saliva over her pussy, he lifted her legs higher in the air, lifting her ass off the seat. He then dove in again sticking his tongue into her asshole. After licking his way up and down, he was hard as a rock and ready to fulfill all maltepe escort his fantasies.

He let her legs fall back down to the floor and as her heels hit the ground, he stood up and attempted to insert his cock into her pussy. He didn’t want to waste anytime and didn’t even notice that she had yet to return the oral favor. But she was well aware.

She grabbed his cock as the tip was penetrating her and held firm. She shook her head no, “Not yet.” before pushing him back against the edge of her desk. She rolled her chair over close enough for her to lean in and suck his cock.

She sucked just the tip at first, tasting her own juices as well as his pre-cum, before slowly taking his cock deeper, inch by inch, until the whole thing was in her mouth and down the back of her throat. She slowly let the cock back out of her mouth, taking a gasp of air and leaving a string of her saliva from the tip of his cock to her lips. She then went back to work and quickly sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. She bobbed her head up and down, slowing down and speeding up, never stopping to take a breath. His cock was permanently attached to her mouth and as she kept eye contact with him the whole time, she knew it was driving him nuts.

She could sense him building up to explosion, so she released because she wanted to see what those positions he wrote felt like in real life. She gently pushed the chair backwards and let it roll several inches away as she leaned back and opened her legs wide as possible, inviting him in.

Without hesitation he jumped in and slid his cock deep inside her, feeling her warm juices around his member. He grabbed onto her legs and placed them over his shoulder. Her heels right next to each ear was a huge turn-on, and he found himself kissing up and down her leg and around her ankle as he slowly thrust his cock in and out of her.

“That’s not how you said you would fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast like you wrote you would.” She demanded.

A giant smile crossed his face and he quickened his pace. Soon, he was pounding into her with all his weight, holding on to her legs for leverage. Her juices splattered over both their thighs and dripped down onto the chair as he pumped away.

She was screaming in pleasure and talking dirty the whole time. “Yea, baby. Just like that. Just like you wrote. Fuck me. Fuck me nasty.” She repeated over and over.

In one swift motion, he picked her up in his arms and began bouncing her up and down on his cock in standing cowgirl. She screamed each time her body dropped down onto his cock and her legs flailed in the air.

After several minutes, he gently placed her on her back on the hard wooden desk. He spread her legs as wide as he could and continued to fuck her senseless. Her moans echoed through the floor. If anyone were still here, they would surely hear her screams clear as day. But lucky for them, they maslak escort were alone.

He plowed her pussy at 100mph like he had a motor attached to his ass. He was fucking her so hard that one of her high heeled shoes slipped off her foot and onto the floor. As if a priceless vase had hit the floor, Ryan stopped once he saw the shoe drop. For some reason, he stopped and picked up the shoe and quickly slipped it back onto her bare foot.

“Oh, so you like the high heels, huh?” she flirted.

He simply nodded and replied, “Yea, I love fucking you in those heels.”

They shared a smile just before she dug her heel into his chest and kicked him away. He stumbled back several steps, giving her enough time to jump off the table and turn around. She seductively bent over, while planting her heels into the hard wood floor. She turned around and fingered him towards her open pussy and ass.

He didn’t need to be told again as he quickly took the hint and eased in behind her. He slapped one of her asscheeks in a playful manner, before re-entering her pussy, but this time from behind in standing doggie. He held onto her waist as he proceeded to pound her hard and fast from behind. Her moans were loud, but the sound of his body slamming into her ass with each thrust was even louder.

More squirts of her juices trickled down both of their legs and onto the floor leaving a small puddle.

Finally, all the moans, all the pussy juices squirting all over the place, and all the pussy pounding was too much and he had to cum.

“Turn around, I’m going to cum.” He was able to squeak out before he took his cock out of her pussy and held on. He held on because he wanted her face to be firmly planted in front of his cock when he came.

As she quickly spun around and kneeled down, mouth open and with a smile, she begged, “Cum in my mouth, I want to taste that hot cum.”

With that, he exploded into her mouth and all over her face. The first shot went into her mouth, the second onto her cheek and on her lips. The cum shots just kept cumming and his body seized with each shot.

She smiled as the last shot dribbled out, “Wow, that was a lot of cum.”

As she sucked him off making sure she got it all, he nearly passed out falling backwards into the chair. “That was incredible. I have never cum like that. I’ve never fucked someone like that. That was just incredible.” He rambled.

She licked her lips and fingertips wiping clean every last drop of cum. She stood up as if nothing happened. She walked over to the door before she stopped and turned around, “I hope you don’t think we’re done?”

A confused look sprang on Ryan’s face, but he somehow found the strength and energy to get up out of the chair and follow her. She turned the corner and out of sight, just as he exited her office. He jogged to keep up. As he turned the corner, he saw her entering the bathroom. He could hear her high heels hitting the tile floor. Then he remembered that he wrote about fucking her in the bathroom. As well as the stairwell, his office, in the hallway, outside, practically everywhere in the office building. He suddenly found himself hard again and raced toward the woman’s bathroom almost knocking the door over.

All thanks to Literotica!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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