Caught by a Colleague

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I’ve had some really lovely feedback on my previous few stories, but I’d always love more! Please let me know what you think of these so I know I’m on the right track, or if there’s anything I could improve on. Happy reading 😉


Kelly let her head fall into her hands, cursing under her breath. It was nearly half past six in the evening and she’d been inputting this month’s figures into a spreadsheet since ten a.m. Every time she thought she’d finished, someone else would come and dump another folder of paperwork on her desk and she’d have to start tapping away all over again. And now here she was, after basically everyone else had gone home, still trying desperately to get it finished before the weekend. She was tired, she was annoyed and — she hated to admit it, as there were far more pressing matters at hand — more than a little horny. She’d been trying to suppress these urges all day, since Jenny from Finance had been regaling everyone she bumped into with lurid tales of the honeymoon she’d just got back from. As everyone whooped and giggled at her rather surprising anecdotes (Jenny came across as the stereotypical ‘nice girl’ in every way), Kelly had found herself shifting a little in her seat and praying for a chance to escape for a little light relief. But here she was, hours later and still just as frustrated.

There was only so much one woman could take. As she punched in the last of the data in the third to last folder, Kelly pushed that paperwork aside and refused to turn her eyes to the two folders waiting for her attention. They could wait. She’d never get it all done if she couldn’t concentrate and the knowledge that no one else was around was just too appealing. As usual, the blinds around her office were closed as she found herself too easily distracted by watching the comings and goings of her colleagues…but she was plenty distracted now even with them closed. She knew everyone had gone home, she didn’t need to check the corridors beyond those blinds. Still, there was something of a little thrill to doing this at work when she was supposed to be diligently typing away. It made the heat between her legs intensify, and she finally let herself feel it after trying to ignore it for hours.

Pushing her chair a little way back from the desk, Kelly raised her hips and slid her underwear down from under her appropriate pencil skirt. The black lace looked totally out of place on the ugly industrial carpet and that made this even more exciting. She unbuttoned her sensible white blouse a little to reveal a matching black lace bra, under which her nipples were already stiffening. Kelly let one hand work its way slowly to her breast, pinching and tweaking through the lace which made her bite her lower lip. Mm, that felt good. Her eyes flicked up to the door, which was closed and concealed by blinds. Should she lock it? No, there was no point. No one was around and right now, she didn’t want anything to stop her from teasing her sensitive nipples through her bra. She caught a glimpse of herself in her computer monitor, which had gone to sleep, and smirked. She looked so…exciting. Her dark curls were a little messy and her eyes were bright with lust. This Escort Sefaköy was going to be fun.

With one hand moving to play with her other breast, Kelly pushed her skirt a little higher up her creamy bare thighs. The material was tight to her knees and restricted her movement quite a lot, so she needed it out of the way. When she was able to spread her legs a little further, she hooked one knee over the arm of her desk chair and a little breeze caressed the already wet outer lips of her neatly trimmed pussy. A shiver ran through her and it took all she had in her not to immediately plunge two fingers inside herself. She had to make the most of this, an opportunity this sweet was unlikely to arise again. Slowly, she both her hands creep up her inner thighs, stroking and teasing as they went. Her chest was heaving, her breathing heavy and her cheeks were flushed with the effort of controlling herself. The intensity between her legs was spreading outwards, warming the rest of her body in anticipation of what was to come. Finally, her fingers reached their target. She began to rub very slow, very deliberate circles on the desperately aching button of her rock hard clit. She emitted a deep shuddering moan from the back of her throat as she finally began to give herself the attention she’d been craving all day. Her other hand stayed resting very nearby on her inner thigh, the nails occasionally digging into the sensitive skin as the pleasure increased. She forced her fingers to move slowly, teasing out every little whimper and purr from her throat that they could. There was no one around to hear her, so it didn’t matter.

Every nerve ending in her body was electrified as she rubbed hard but slowly at her clit. Her legs gave a little shudder and she knew that already, she was close. This had all the makings of a multi-orgasmic situation, and she wanted to enjoy every single one of them. It took all her energy not to speed up and just get it over with. There was plenty of time for that. She gave another deep moan, almost a growl, as she shifted her hips up a little and continued to stroke herself teasingly slowly. Everything was building. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back and resting on the back of her chair, legs spread as wide as her pencil skirt would allow. She gave another groan and could feel that she was about to tip over the edge…as suddenly she heard the click of her office door opened and a little embarrassed squeak from the doorway.

She sprung upwards, eyes wild and cheeks flaming with mortification. She was on her feet, trying to pull her skirt down as she made eye contact with Daniel from the IT department. He was looking as embarrassed as she was, turning his head away quickly as soon as she caught his eye.

“Kelly, I-I’m so…sorry. I thought you’d probably gone home, I was…you said to…your printer,” he managed to stammer out, turning the colour of beetroot as he waved lamely to the industrial printer in the corner of the room. Kelly cursed herself in her head. Of course, she’d emailed him earlier to take a look at her printer, as it had been making wheezing noises and not properly working for a few days now. It had never occurred to Yenibosna escort bayan her that he might be around so late in the evening. Her body was trembling so much that she had to sit down — she didn’t know if it was from shock or arousal, she’d been so damn close when he’d disturbed her. But she cleared her throat and spoke in the most level voice she could manage.

“If you, erm, wanted to…take a look now. Go ahead. Don’t let me stop you.” Even her voice was shaking a little. It didn’t help that Daniel wasn’t an unattractive man. It would have been easier to be disturbed by maybe Bob from Accounts, she would have had no problem throwing him out. But with his messy spiky haircut and light designer stubble, Daniel was easily the best looking man in the building. He was unable to meet her eye as he shook his head.

“No, I should probably just…” He headed back towards the door with his head turned down…and the manual for the printer which he’d brought with him held awkwardly in front of his crotch. A little smile played across Kelly’s face as she realised what this meant. He’d been enjoying the show. Maybe he’d even been waiting outside and listening to her moans for a little while before coming in. Maybe it was the adrenaline from this bizarre situation, maybe it was the way Daniel’s tanned face looked so handsome when it was pink with embarrassment, or maybe it was just a desperate need to finish what she’d started. But what Kelly did next was totally out of character. Her voice slipped a little lower, no longer shaking and with a definite seductive edge that came easily when she’d been so close to coming only moments before.

“Maybe you should stay.” Daniel turned to meet her eye, his expression surprised? Confused? Eager? She couldn’t tell. She straightened up in her chair a little more and opened her knees a fraction, no longer bothering to try and hold her blouse closed over her round full cleavage. “You like that idea? You could stay and look at the printer, and I could ahem…get on with my work .” Her tone stated that we both knew what ‘work’ she meant.

It took a moment before Daniel nodded, slowly closing the door behind him and taking the chair from the other side of Kelly’s desk and rolling it over to the printer. He took a seat, angling himself towards where she was sitting rather than towards the broken equipment. Kelly smiled encouragingly as she pulled her skirt a little higher up her thighs again. She liked that his eyes were fixed on the hem as it rose towards her waist. “And you can focus all your attention on whatever you think needs doing to the, erm…printer.” There it was. The invitation to properly enjoy her performance. His eyes lit up even more, but he waited until she was ready to start again before he unbuttoned his fly and slid his hand into his boxer shorts.

Kelly watched that little movement and then decided to try and forget all about Daniel. If her boyfriend knew this was happening, he would be SO angry. So instead, she’d pretend she was alone again. Her skirt now up around her waist, she spread her legs a little wider than before…just as she would alone, definitely not for the benefit of her audience Halkalı escort of course . She unbuttoned her blouse a little further and then hooked both her legs up over the arms of her chair. She heard a little murmur of approval and smiled before closing her eyes and returning her fingers to her aching little clit. The effect was instantaneous. Her back arched, her hips bucked and her fingers burrowed deep into her folds, roughly rubbing for merely seconds before she came long and hard into oblivion. Her body was shuddering, her moans turning into desperate little cries of pleasure and her fingers kept working until her muscles stopped convulsing. She kept her eyes closed, hearing the steady sound of Daniel clearly enjoying the show. A little repetitive noise and short sharp puffs of breath told her that he wasn’t quite ready to finish and she decided she’d better help him along the way.

She propelled her chair using her feet, pushing herself out from behind her desk. She kept her distance from Daniel, but his view was now not obscured by the desk. She caught his eye and saw that he must have been watching fixatedly through the whole thing. They exchanged a little smile before she spread her legs wide again and began to stroke gently at her now sopping wet outer lips. Everything was overly sensitive to the touch now and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. That last orgasm had been earth-shattering but there was still a little itch deep inside her that needed to be scratched. She was nowhere near spent just yet.

Her fingers brushed gently, teasing the outer folds of her pussy until she was practically shaking with pleasure. Her whole body felt like it was smouldering and any touch could be the one which sparked a flame. Eventually, when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she slid three fingers deep into the warm wetness of her waiting entrance. She gave a long low moan and heard a little groan come from the other side of the room. That heightened her excitement considerably as she began very slowly to thrust her fingers in an out. She listened carefully for the sound of Daniel’s hand moving over his erection and timed her thrusts perfectly with that. This seemed to work for both of them, as they began to speed up together. Even with her eyes closed, she could imagine what he was doing. Each pound into her welcoming pussy caused her to give a little moan or yelp which was perfectly timed with his grunt. Her other hand began to massage her breasts through the lace of her bra again, the rough lace causing welcome friction against her aching nipples.

She could tell by the urgency of his grunts and groans, still timed with her little whimpers of pure pleasure, that it wouldn’t be long until Daniel tipped over the edge. She intended to be right there with him and, despite knowing it was wrong, she opened her eyes. His were screwed shut but seemed to sense her gaze and opened. They locked eye contact as they continued to bring themselves closer to ecstasy, and Kelly found that this made her orgasm come a lot quicker. Moments before they tumbled past the point of no return, he gave a little nod and she answered with an incline of her head. They let go at the same time; her giving long desperate shouts and he with a few loud groans. Kelly’s eyes stayed fixed on his as her body shook and the waves of pleasure rolled over her even stronger than before. Eventually, after what seemed like an age, they both relaxed. Kelly gave Daniel a blissful little smile which he returned gratefully.

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