Caught by Surprise

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Well, there I was…

In the doggy position with my face buried in a pillow and ass up as this stranger went to town pounding my ass with his big bare cock. It felt like he’d been fucking me for hours, even though I know it was probably more like 15-20 minutes. A nice creamy thrusting rythum of his hard thick cock’s bare skin stretching out my snug hairy hole. I always loved these days when I got the chance to get naked with another guy and enjoy some man on man sweaty, dirty fun. Even better with it being a guy nearly twice my age. Him being 50 and me 27, the perfect daddy/son hookup.

I was deep in the moment, allowing my entire body to enjoy the intense pleasure from the slight pain of getting my hole stretched and my insides rearranged when I heard it.


I knew that voice. My head darted up like an Ostrich popping out of the ground. There, in the doorway to my bedroom, stood my girlfriend of four years. I was in instant shock, not knowing how to move or speak. Within a few brief moments, as my mind began to slide back into the reality of the situation, I could feel my body pulsing back and forth. And just as soon as I realized that motion, I felt my muscles tense throughout my entire body. Including my ass clench.

As soon as my ass tightened, I heard the guy banging me groan out “AHHHHHH, GOD!”, and felt a huge piping hot load of man love fill up escort bayan my ass. This in turn caused me to squirt out a hot load myself onto the sheets below me.

Once again, my girlfriend cried out before turning and running out of the doorway; “Oh my god! That’s fucking disgusting!” And as she ran down the hallway, I heard her mumbling out something in the effect of “What the hell is happening? What’s going on?”, which I have to admit, sounds a bit comical looking back on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t doing it to hurt her, and nor do I find joy and humor in what I put her through. But still, it sounded kind of funny.

The guy pulled his sloppy cock from my ass with another sigh, and some messy dripping. “Looks like I should probably go.”

‘No shit?!’ I thought, “Hold on, stay here”, is what I actually said. Wasn’t even aware of it at that moment.

I quickly slipped on my shorts and raced down the hall after her. “Steph! Stephanie, stop. I can explain.” She was already at the front door when I caught up to her and she turned to me with a shocked look on her face, but an obvious lack of tears.

“Explain? What’s to explain?!! You apparently like strange men to fuck you in the ass like you’re a whore!!”, She snapped at me. In all honesty, she kind of nailed that one on the head. And, my response was a very sheepishly dumb look with a slightly open mouth and glazed altıparmak escort bayan over look in my eyes.

She continued; “That’s what I thought. There’s no fixing this. No explaining this. We’re done. I’ll be back tonight at 8 to get my things, you best be out for a walk or doing whatever else you’re into. I don’t ever want to see your disgusting face again!” And with that, she slammed the door behind her and I was single once more. POOF!

I walked back to the bedroom. That guy was still there. Laying partially reclined and still completely naked on my bed, with hands behind his head he looked at me with a blank expression: “Sorry man. I heard all that. Shit sucks. What you gonna do now? Fight for her?”

I paused to briefly consider his question, but as soon as my eyes locked on to the sight of his limp but big manly cock, I quickly snapped into a new reality and replied; “No. I’m single now. And you know what? I want you to fuck me like I’m your slut. That’s what I need and deserve right now. To get man handled and fucked good.”

He smiled; “Nice. Well, man. I’d love to have you as my boy bitch. And, if you need to get more tension out -which I’m sure you do right now- I can get a buddy of mine to stop by my place later and we all can have a lot of fun. Since, it sounds like you’re gonna have to be out anyways later tonight. How about it? Sound nilüfer eskort good?”

Now, looking back on this situation I obviously wasn;t thinking rationally, but nothing rational was occuring that day. “I’ll be there at 7.” I promptly said. I had never been in a threesome, let alone one where I wasobviously the one that would be doing 100% of the cock-sucking and cock-riding. But, like I said….I was running more on knee-jerk reactions instead of thought out choices. Probably the only defined thought at that time was of me wanted to get pounded fast and hard so I wouldn’t have to think about anything.

But, he would make me wait for it. Because he knew I would.

He casually and quickly dressed and handed me a business card of all things and said; “My cell you already have. That’s my home address written on the back. And like the front of the card says; I’m Greg. Nice to meet you and being inside you.”

I smirked; “Hey Greg, My name is Seth.”

“Seth. I like that.” He said as he finished tightening his belt and headed towards the front door. “I look forward to seeing you tonight. And, if you’re not comfortable with anyone else joining in -“

“NO! It’s cool. I’m totally open to it. Any friends you got,….welcome to have them come over too.” I cut him off with a cheerful excitement. To this day I don’t know why I said ‘them’.

His eyebrows raised ever so slightly and pulled up a smile on his face as they did. And with that he put on his sunglasses, walked out the door and to his car. After I watched him disappear down the street, I closed the door and thought to myself; “I better shower, and get something to eat. I’m probaly going to have a long night ahead of me.”

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