Caught Coach Ch. 02

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It had only been a week Sara thought, just one week since her life had been taken from her, turned upside down and then used to beat her senseless. Seven short days since her students had caught her in the locker room sniffing Stacy’s panties and getting herself off. And those seven days had been anything but boring for her and her new owners.

True to their word the girls had made quick use of their slave. Every chance they got to abuse or humiliate the middle aged woman, they took. Every day Sara was expected to serve her new mistresses in some degrading way. She had been ordered to add the title Miss too each of the girl’s names anytime she was alone with them and also to keep herself available night and day to their urges. The girls never really left her much time to herself. One or more of them was always with her. They had taken to staying at her house on nights when Sara’s husband, John, was out of town which was quite frequent to Sara’s dismay and tonight was no exception.

Sara was on her knees again. It seemed that Sara was always on her knees these days literally and figuratively. Her knees hurt of course but nothing compared to the pain in her breasts and her back. Stacy was staying with Sara tonight and was catching up on some studying and torturing Sara at the same time. Ever the industrious young girl, Stacy had come up with a particularly devious way to torment her coach while at the same time relaxing in comfort with her feet up reading her history notes.

Stacy had stopped at the local hardware store on her way over and bought some rope and a small piece of wood. She had been browsing the BDSM websites last night and had come across a wonderful picture that had inspired her to new heights of sadism. Upon arrival at Sara’s home, Stacy ordered her slave to disrobe and follow her into the living room. Stacy slipped off her own clothes and sat her naked ass onto Sara’s favorite white chair. Stacy had then snapped her fingers and pointed at the floor between her feet. Sara was now too well trained to disobey her owner and was quick to drop to her knees.

Stacy smiled at the older woman and just for laughs slapped her hard across the face. Sara never knew when such abuse would occur and was becoming as skittish as a kitten since all four of her owners enjoyed slapping her for no reason and without provocation or warning. Stacy giggled at the shocked look on the face of her simpering little whore and reveled in the single tear that rolled down the useless cunt’s now red face. “I have a treat for you tonight, cunt.” Stacy said to her kneeling toy. “I’m going to let you look at my beautiful pussy for a couple of hours while I study. Now I know you’ll want to lick it but for now just look.” Sara tried to hide the disgust on her face. She in no way wanted to look at or lick the pussy of this hateful nasty young girl but knew she had no choice in the matter. One week ago Sara might have loved the thought of tenderly making love to the beautiful young volleyball player but after seven days of torture and abuse she now hated the very thought of even looking at Stacy.

Sara’s brief reverie was broken by the touch of her mistress’ hands on her right breast. Stacy was winding a think cord around the base of Sara’s breast so tightly that the majority of the flesh was bulging out in front of Sara and already turning a dark shade of red. Stacy was humming softly as she carefully wound the cord in a neat pattern around the bloated tit of her slave. No bondage artist or sailor would fault the girl’s rope work as she bound the older woman’s right tit and began to work on the left. The rope was kept in close to Sara’s body and only 3 or 4 revolutions encircled each breast before Stacy finished with a nice figure 8 pattern around each protruding mound of flesh. But Stacy wasn’t finished yet. She now cut a length of the rope and tied each end to the figure 8 pattern. She then took the small flat piece of wood and laid it on the hanging length of rope, the effect of which put one in mind of a perverted child’s swing hanging below two very swollen and angry colored tits.

Sara was in quite a considerable amount of pain already but knew her torture was only beginning. Stacy then moved behind the older woman and tied her wrists together and then her ankles. She tied a length of rope from the wrist restraints to the ankles efficiently locking them together. Only 2 more to go Stacy thought as she cut more rope. One length bound Sara’s elbows while the other was used on her thighs just above the knees. Sara was quite the sight now, totally immobile and bound like one of the models in the magazines Stacy and her friends loved so much. Stacy knelt down in front of her coach and smiled demurely as she lifted Sara’s soiled panties up to the woman’s mouth. “Open wide slut and I’ll give you something to suck on while I work.” Sara opened her mouth and Stacy slid the panties in crotch to tongue and filled her slave’s oral cavity with the silky garment.

Her toy now trussed up to her liking, Casibom Stacy walked out into the kitchen for a beer and some chips. When she returned she settled into the big white chair with her snack and her history notes. She lit a cigarette and blew the first puff of smoke into her coach’s face. “Now you be a good little cunt and stay quite while I study. If you move or do anything to distract me, I will beat your ass bloody.” Stacy said. With a seemingly practiced flourish Stacy lifted both legs into the air and settled her feet comfortably onto the piece of wood hanging from Sara’s tits.

The explosion of pain was immediate and unbelievable for Sara. She never thought anyone could be as cruel as her mistress. Her breasts were on fire. The added weight to the ropes caused them to cut cruelly into the flesh of Sara’s once proud breasts and pulled them straight down. This caused all the blood to be trapped in the bulging red orbs and they began to throb in time with Sara’s heartbeat.

Sara screamed once into the panty gag and was rewarded with immediate retribution from Stacy. The young girl lifted her feet and let them drop back down onto the board proving the point that she would stand no noise from her slave. It took all of Sara’s will to not pass out from the pain. She whimpered softly and bit the inside of her mouth to stifle the scream that threatened to escape.

Stacy was smiling. The pain she was causing Sara was actually making her happy. Sara almost couldn’t believe such a thing was possible if she hadn’t seen the same thing in action several times over the past week. Still it shocked her to think that her agony could be the cause of such joy for the beautiful young girl.

Stacy sighed, took another hit from her smoke and settled in to the task of studying for her history exam. In no time she lost herself in her studies and forgot all about the naked, trembling woman at her feet.

Sara on the other hand could think of nothing else but herself. She was in agony. Only 5 minutes in and her tits were screaming for release. Her back was beginning to ache from the strain and her knees creaked in protest. Tears were streaming from her eyes and her nose was running but Sara dared not sniff or make any noise that might anger her mistress. Instead she knelt there on her own living room floor struggling to stay conscious and to stay upright. She was being used as a footstool in her own home by a cruel and twisted teenager and there was nothing she could do to put a stop to any of this torment.

As she suffered in silence, Sara had time to think of her predicament. If only she had put a stop to this on that fateful first day. If she had allowed the girls to follow through with their threat to expose her Sara would not be in this awful situation. True she would be unemployed, divorced, and a pariah to everyone she knew, but she would be free of this despicable girl and her 3 friends. Instead Sara had gone along thinking things were as bad as they could get. She had licked the girls to orgasm, had been abused by them physically and pissed on in the end but through it all Sara thought that first day would be the last.

Of course it had not and now instead of a story of a coach sniffing a player’s panties, there were pictures and video of many terrible events. The girls had filmed everything that first day making sure to keep their faces out of frame. They had used that video to convince Sara there was no escape. And they had recorded many other despicable acts over the next 7 days to seal the coach’s fate once and for all. It would mean prison time if Sara tried to stop things now. She was caught and would be forced to serve as the girls’ plaything for as long as they wished.

Stacy shifted her feet and the pain broke Sara’s train of thought. She was forced to feel the pain fully as long as she couldn’t escape with other thoughts. Stacy crossed her ankles and settled her feet back down causing Sara to whimper in pain. Without lowering her notebook or looking up, Stacy said, “You’ll pay for that later, cunt”. Sara was terrified at what that might mean.

Stacy finished studying after 2 grueling hours and put her notebook on the nearby end table. She stretched her arms and sighed contentedly while smiling down at her miserable slave. Sara was a mess. Her face was red from crying and streaked with tears and snot trails. Her facial excretions had been dripping onto Stacy’s feet for the past 2 hours and Sara knew she would be licking the girl’s feet clean soon enough. Sara’s tits were an ugly shade of purple and looked ready to burst. The pain in her chest and back was so bad she was using all of her strength to keep from passing out. Sara trembled uncontrollably from the pain and exhaustion.

Stacy removed her feet from the board and leaned forward to get a better look at Sara’s tits. Sara was shaking harder now and swaying from side to side. Her young mistress began poking the flesh of her breasts with her index finger and marveling at how taut the flesh Casibom Giriş was from its hours of bondage.

Stacy was grinning as she began to fondle her slave’s tits. She squeezed and tweaked them occasionally flicking a nipple with her finger all the while staring at Sara’s face watching her contort in agony with each new torture.

The older woman was moaning in pain now and praying for this cruel cat and mouse game to end. Stacy was teasing Sara’s nipples twisting them like radio knobs and laughing at the pain it caused. The girl was beginning to get excited by the pain in her coach’s eyes and the sexy way her purple tits stuck out toward her. Stacy was squeezing Sara’s tits harder now, mauling them hard enough to leave handprints in the purple flesh. Sara’s moans were becoming screams of pain now causing Stacy’s pussy to moisten even more.

Suddenly Stacy got up and went into the kitchen. She returned with a pair of scissors and quickly cut the rope binding Sara’s wrists to her ankles. She then pushed the older woman over onto her back. The pain for Sara was immediate and white hot. As blood returned to her legs and arms Sara again thought she would black out from the pain. She screamed into her panty gag and began crying like a newborn.

Stacy grinned down at her captive and straddled the crying woman’s chest. The young girl had an athletic build and was quite proud of the contrast she saw between her own lithe body and that of the blubbering older woman lying between her feet. Stacy slowly lowered herself down until her ass was hovering just above Sara’s swollen tits. The girl smiled at her coach and said, “Look at those fucking tits. They actually look kinda comfortable all ballooned out like that.” Sara’s eyes opened wide as she realized Stacy’s intention. Stacy smiled that predator’s smile at Sara again and sat down suddenly on the pitiful slave’s chest. She wiggled her bare ass around to get comfortable and finally settled in with a Cheshire grin spreading over her beautiful face.

Sara’s eyes bulged out in an almost comical way and her face took on a deep red hue as she struggled to catch her breath. The pain was the most intense of her life and she screamed into her soaked panties so strong and hard that no sound could actually make its way out. Stacy was in awe of the torment she had caused. She was intrigued by the silent scream her victim elicited as she made herself at home on the already tortured tits.

Stacy’s pussy was practically running with juices now and she began to slide her fingers through her lips quivering at the touch. Stacy looked down at her slave’s face and began to stroke herself, her middle finger sliding in to find her overly sensitive clit. While touching her clit with the tip of her finger Stacy was struck with sudden inspiration. She reluctantly removed her hand from her snatch and reached for the bookbag she had brought her homework in. As she shifted her weight, Stacy was pleased to hear the sharp outcry from her victim as more weight was added to the left tit.

Stacy reached into a side pocket on the bag and withdrew a small rubber band. She eased herself off of the older woman’s tits, and casting a most devious grin down at Sara’s right breast Stacy flicked the woman’s nipple hard and then began pulling and twisting it out of shape. Ignoring the slave’s cries of protest, Stacy wound the rubber band around the nipple forcing it to jut out to three times its normal length.

Almost giddy with excitement, Stacy gripped Sara’s right tit in one hand and began sliding her pussy across the extended nipple forcing it into the moist slit. Stacy used one hand to steady the coach’s tit while the other hand spread her taught pussy lips open, inviting the abused nipple of her slave in to play with her engorged clit.

Stacy was humping across her pet’s breast now grinding her clit against the throbbing nipple. She was getting close to an orgasm but wanted to prolong the delicious feelings of excitement and power over her former mentor as long as possible. Soft mewling sounds escaped Stacy’s mouth as she strummed harder against the captive’s breast.

Sara was crying in pain. Everything that could hurt did. Her arms ached from being pinned under her and her legs were in pain from kneeling on them for so long before being released from under her. Her back still cried out for attention and, Christ, the pain in her tits was excruciating!

Stacy was close now. There would be no delaying the inevitable. She was grinding her clit into her slave’s nipple with savage force now grunting and panting with the exertion. The old bitch’s tit was slick now with Stacy’s juices forcing her to grip it even harder to keep from losing her new dildo. Stacy felt her face flush and her entire body began to quiver. She suddenly went stock still as a powerful orgasm exploded through her body. The young girl panted to catch her breath as she bucked her hips harder into the older woman’s tit flesh. Stacy screamed with joy over her Casibom Güncel Giriş orgasm while Sara screamed in pain. Stacy rode her orgasm out with ever decreasing shock waves. She was whimpering softly and shaking with the pure emotion that always accompanied a good cum. Stacy was very happy and laughed while she came down from her wild ride.

The young girl sat back down hard on her captive’s tits needing a moment to rest before attempting to stand. As Sara cried out in pain, Stacy reached down and slapped her face telling her to shut up and stop all that whining. Sara controlled her sobbing as best she could while watching her mistress through eyes made blurry from hours of tears. Stacy looked like a goddess sitting on her throne. She was relaxed and smiling in the most contented way. Sara was almost grateful for the view. Almost that is until she realized that her own agony was the source of Stacy’s happiness.

Stacy got up slowly from her slave’s tits and stood for a moment enjoying the view. Sara looked like a pitiful wretch and it made Stacy happy to know she was responsible for breaking the woman down like this. What a great feeling to know you’re at the top of the food chain in any situation. Stacy was a predator and Sara her prey.

Stacy reached down and removed the gag from her pet’s mouth. “You’ll be needing that tongue free for cleanup duty”, she said to the submissive little slut at her feet. Stacy decided to leave her slave’s arms and legs tied tight until after the slut’s tits were freed. The young girl knew what torment lie ahead for Sara when the blood was allowed to flow back into her bloated udders.

Stacy turned around and presented her sculpted ass to her tortured coach. She then sat herself down on the slave’s face allowing her just enough room to breathe. She didn’t give the woman time to think as she began to undo the ropes binding her now grotesquely bloated tits. Stacy worked quickly to remove the bonds as she wanted the blood to return quickly causing as much pain to her slave as possible. With practiced ease Stacy removed the last of the ropes in a flourish worthy of Broadway.

Sara’s response was immediate and violent. She screamed in agony and began thrashing around like an epileptic in mid seizure. Stacy was glad she had left the other ropes in place as Sara’s wild bucking was more intense than she imagined. Sara was screaming her torment into Stacy’s ass causing ripples of vibrations throughout the young girl’s crotch. Stacy for her part found herself getting off again from the wild ride she was experiencing on her coach’s face. She found herself having another, smaller orgasm just as Sara began to calm down.

Stacy had to laugh at the thought of how much fun tonight had been. She untied her poor slave and allowed Sara a few minutes to stretch out or painful muscles. The angry purple color was still in evidence in Sara’s tits but seemed to be easing up a bit. Stacy was getting bored waiting for her slave and also needed to use the bathroom. She ordered Sara to get up and follow her upstairs but the woman could not raise herself higher than hands and knees. Stacy kicked her once knocking the slave over onto her back again. She picked up the soaking panties that had been in Sara’s mouth and wiped her slaves face with them. Stacy then grabbed her coach’s hair and dragged her face up into her still wet pussy.

“Clean me bitch”, was all she said. An exhausted Sara began licking and sucking her mistress clean of all juices. When Stacy was satisfied she ordered Sara to clean her tears and snot off of her feet. Sara bent to the task and licked her owner’s feet clean of her mess. Stacy smiled down at her pet and said, “Alright cunt, I have to go home now but I have to piss too. I’m going to give you a choice. You can crawl your ass into the bathtub to receive my piss or you can have it here. Just remember if it’s the tub you can afford to be messy but if it’s here you’ll have to drink every drop so as not to spill on the floor.”

Sara cried quietly as she made her choice. She knew she couldn’t make it up the stairs right now so she crawled to her mistress and lifted her face up to the young girl’s crotch. Stacy laughed at the sight and squatted slightly to allow her pet access to her drink. Stacy said, “I love having you as my personal toilet you nasty fucking bitch. Nothing makes me happier than watching you humiliate yourself like this. Well, nothing but hearing you scream that is.”

Sara was beyond humiliated at this point. Using her mouth as a toilet was a favorite past time of the girls and they rarely pissed anywhere else anymore. Bracing herself for the taste, Sara sealed her mouth to Stacy’s pussy just in time as Stacy released a torrent of piss into her urinal’s mouth. Sara was disgusted by the taste and struggled like she did every time to drink the vile liquid. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful never spilling a drop. As Stacy’s flow began to slow down, Sara started to softly lick at the girl’s pussy. She had learned how to be a good toilet for each of the girls and knew that Stacy liked to be licked as she finished. Sara cleaned her owner’s pussy and gave it a kiss when she finished saying “Thank you for my wonderful drink Miss Stacy”, just as she had been taught.

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