Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 02

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“That was unfucking believable” Jake exclaimed as I finally let his deflated cock slip out of my mouth. He tapped his phone screen and set it on my desk. Then he scanned the floor, looking for his shorts. “How long have you been sucking cock?”

I smiled and snorted “Dude, seriously, you’re my first. I had fantasized many times but your cock was the first to enter my mouth.” “Leave your shorts off.” I ordered and surprised myself by adding “I think I might want to suck you again.”

“No dude. I’m done.”

Seeing his shorts where he had kicked them off – sticking partway out from under my bed – he moved to get them.

I let him retrieve his shorts and instead picked up his phone. He had recorded the whole sloppy blowjob. There was no way I could have that video get out. I was still buzzing from the excitement of giving my first blowjob and the buzz was almost enough to overcome my shame and the fear of my wife discovering this act. Almost, but not quite.

The video thumbnail was on his screen and I tapped play and watched myself masturbating to some dude sucking another on the screen in front of me. I tapped ahead and saw a great in-focus shot of me passionately deep throating his cock, watering eyes looking directly at the screen. I was in heaven. Jesus! I was a whore.

“Dude. Hand over my phone. I gotta go.” He ordered as he buttoned his shorts.

“Fuck you, man! Not with this video on it.” I said boldly.

“Fuck me? Fuck you, you cocksucker! Hand over my phone. I’m keeping that vid and, unless you want Marcie to see it, you’re going to blow me whenever I want.”

Jake reached for the phone but I twisted it away from his reach.

“Jake.” I said as I thrust the phone behind me with one hand and my other on his chest holding him back. “You are not leaving here with that video”. “But -“

Jake reached for the phone again. “The fuck I’m not”.

Twisting the phone out of his reach behind me and pushing him again while standing up and looking him in the eyes I yelled “BUT WHAT I WILL DO…!”.

Jake lowered his arm slightly and cocked his head as if to hear me better.

“But what I will do…” I continued, “is suck you. Anytime you want.” “I’ll suck you like today. I’ll lick your balls and deepthroat your cock. I’ll swallow your cum.” “I’ll do this, I swear. You don’t need this video.”

As my mouth said this, my brain processed it. What in the hell was I saying? I mean I enjoyed sucking his cock – no doubts. But to set myself up to do it whenever he wanted? Was I insane? Obviously I was just saying this to get out of this situation. I wasn’t going to agree to lick his thick cock whenever he wanted. I had no real intention of really rubbing it all over my face again. This was just a one time event. Like hell Id swallow the cum he’d shoot in my mouth whenever he felt like it. I wasn’t gay. This was just a one time thing.

I realized that I was starting to get hard.

Jake pursed his lips as if considering my offer.

Dubious, Jake asked gaziantep escort “You’ll blow me whenever I want?”

I paused as I considered how to back out of this.

“Yes” I heard myself say.

“Whenever I want head, I just text you and you show up and suck my dick?” he repeated.

I closed my eyes briefly. Part of my brain said “STOP THIS!. You’re married! Happily married to a wonderful woman. You can’t agree to suck this guy from your office any damn time he gets a hard on. Get a hold of yourself!” The other part of my brain overruled and said “Fuck yes! I would love to suck that cock of his again!”

“Yes” I agreed, my enthusiasm betrayed by my rising cock. “That’s what I’m saying.”

I looked at Jake and said calmly “Let me download this video from your phone to my computer and then… And then I’ll suck you as we watch it.”

“Well…” he considered. “How do I know you’re going to follow though? With sucking me when I want?”

“Jake, look at me. I…I loved sucking your cock. You know this.” I admitted. “I want to suck it again right now. Shit, man- Look at my cock!” My cock was fully hard and even starting to throb. You know I’ll do it because…well…because…”

I paused and lowered my eyes, strangely embarrassed to say it. “Because I’m a cocksucker”.

A smirk started forming on Jake’s face and I turned slightly away and started hooking his phone to my computer – not waiting for his positive response I knew was coming.

A moment passed and he said “OK. Deal.” and thrust out his hand to me.

I turned from the computer and stared blankly at his hand. He expected us to shake on it as if we were two gentlemen making a good natured wager,

“Jolly good, kind sir, I agree to let you suck my cock” his hand seemed to say to me. Confused by this bizarre civilized gesture that seemed strangely out of place, I slowly reached out and shook his hand.

“Deal” I agreed and sat back in my computer chair.

I turned back to my computer and transferred the file. Clicking on the new icon, I then maximized the video.

“Cum in my mouth. Yeah, shoot your load in my mouth. Let me swallow your cum” I saw myself moaning as I stroked and squeezed my cock, occasionally letting it go abruptly, edging again and withholding the cum. “God! Give me that big cock. Fuck my mouth. Let me swallow you. I’d totally suck you.”

I quickly estimated that Jake had filmed a good 5 or 6 minutes of me bringing myself close to orgasm and then stopping. On the video, my eyes were focused on the computer screen in front of me and never noticed Jake filming me off to the side; filming me and my screen with various clips of cum swallowing gay oral porn. Watching it now, I had to admit that it was a hot scene. I abruptly made a decision and clicked on my camera button and started recording.

I spun the chair around. Jake was still standing behind me with his eyes on the video. My face was even with his crotch. I looked up at him and he made eye contact. As I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down I maneovered us both ninety degrees so my moitor camera could get a better view. His cock rolled free as his pants dropped. It was like in the video: soft and floppy. Except now it was longer than before. The blood had drained enough to that it was not hard but it had still retained much of its length. It was even more magnificent than before. Perfect.

Jake’s shorts were resting on his ankles and he kicked them off. Once again, like before, his cock bobbed and hit me in the face. This time I didn’t resist. I dove forward and rubbed my face against the fleshy tube, turning my head left and right. I nuzzled and licked his cock as I put my hands on his ass and held him against me. Licking the based of the cock and then up and down the length, I covered his cock and balls with my lips and tongue. I turned my head and slurped the head of his cock in my mouth and easily slid my lips down the whole soft length.

I shook my head back and forth, getting the head of his cock to slide deeper into my throat.

Jake moaned “Jesus! How do you do thaaat?” and I felt his cock swell and harden almost immediately. I felt my gag reflex start to kick in and then I basically coughed his cock out.

I grabbed his cock and started stroking it as I tried to catch my breath. It was now fully hard and magnificent. The foreskin was shiny with my slimy spit from my throat. As I stroked, I licked the tip of the head sticking out from the end of the foreskin. I stuck my tongue inside the foreskin and licked his whole cock head. I pulled the skin back over the head and then put my tongue inside again. I refrained from by primal desire to chew this wonderful skin, instead sliding my tongue inside and around the head. Jake shivered and I felt his pelvis involuntarily jerk back slightly. I engulfed the whole head and ran my tongue around and around the the outside of the foreskin and his cock head while still stroking. With my other hand I reached out and cradled his marvelous balls.

His scrotum felt different from before. The heat and excitement of my first blowjob had caused the balls to pull away from his body and the scrotum had lengthened to accommodate this. The balls were now like little twin apricots hanging down, resting on my palm. Never stopping my pumping and sucking, I reached my fingers over his balls and connected my finger and thumb above them. And then I gently but firmly pulled them down until they were taught in the thin sack.

Jake gasped slightly. I slowly and gently squeezed his balls and released. I did this again and Jake exhaled quickly and inhaled even faster.

While continuing this manipulation, I slid my mouth off his cock and, as if going deep underwater, took a deep breath and slowly slid my lips to the base of his cock, pausing only briefly as the ridges of the head passed through the back of my mouth into my throat.

I held him there for a second while squeezing his taught balls. I could feel my own cock literally throb with my pulse and wished my cock were in my mouth so I could suck and swallow my own cum. I slid back up, letting my lips clamp strongly over the head and then immediately slid back down, lips tight over the soft skin moving over the hard core of Jake’s cock. I did this again and again. I sucked him deep in my mouth and had absolutely no gag reflex. The saliva was thick and running down his shaft and stringing off his balls and my hand to occasionally fly off onto my legs or the floor. I stopped deepthroating him occasionally to suck one ball and then the other into my mouth. I never stopped sliding my hand over his thick cock when I sucked his balls.

Jake let loose a soft sound between his gritted teeth as if he was demanding silence. “Shhhhhh – shhhhhhh-shh-shh-shh-shh” Then a series of light vowel barks “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhh! And then he came.

“Cummmmminnngaaaah” he yelled as he shot his first unexpected blast of cum deep into my throat.

Quite frankly, I didn’t expect a lot of cum considering the ridiculous load he had given me earlier. I also expected him to last a much longer time. I was wrong. He shot once in my throat, surprising me, and on my upswing, shot another burst into my mouth. Since I wasn’t expecting him to cum, my blowjob rhythm pulled him back into my mouth and into my throat taking half the cum in my mouth along with it as the rest shot out of my lips along his shaft. Again he shot in my throat but now held my head steady, nose pressed against his body, as his cock pulsed over and over pumping his seed into my stomach.

I released his balls and tried to push him away since I needed air. He resisted but finally pulled his cock out of my mouth allowing me to gasp for air. His cock dragged thick strands of cum and saliva with it and they formed a stringy bridge from my mouth to his cock. After a few breaths, I kissed the base of his cock and rubbed it and the slimy mess all over my face. I turned my face left and right, coating my face completely before once again engulfing his cock and clamping my lips at the base and then sliding off his cock, squeezing any cum remaining inside it into my mouth. I did this another time and felt his cock get noticeably softer.

Slurping and worshiping his softening dick, I reached down and started stroking my own cock. It was already wet with saliva and cum that had run down my arm during my blowjob. After ten or twenty quick movements I knew I was ready. I cupped my left hand under my cock hoping to catch my cum. My cock erupted and shot a burst of cum that landed on the floor between Jake’s legs. It felt amazing. I could feel my orgasm intensely throughout my body. The next spurt spatted warmly in my palm and was followed by two more less powerful shots.

I brought my palm up to my mouth and slurped the warm puddle and licked my palm clean. Then I sucked that splendid soft cock in my mouth again, mixing my cum with what little remained of Jake’s.

I laughed at myself as I thought that now I could do this whenever I wanted – well, whenever Jake wanted. I was sure that this would be often enough to satisfy us both.

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