Caught in the Act

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I’m standing in the kitchen making a snack while Ivan takes a shower getting ready to leave for work. I love these days when he can stay almost all day. I hear the shower turn off and smile to myself. I know that even though he’s just showered and needs to get going he won’t be able to resist another quick romp. The bathroom door opens and he walks out with just a towel wrapped around his hips.

He looks at me and smiles, “I never knew my boxers could be so damn sexy.”

I smile and walk over to him wrapping my arms around him and kissing deeply. I feel him start to stir where he’s pressed against my stomach. He kisses down my neck and slides his hands under my shirt. His hands run over my skin liked he’s memorizing how every inch of me feels. He quickly yanks my shirt over my head and drops it to the floor. Kneeling in front of me he starts kissing, licking, and sucking on my breasts. My breath catches in my throat. He moves farther down sliding his hands and boxers down my hips. I shift my legs apart as his boxers fall and his hand starts sliding up the inside of my legs. His fingers find me and easily slip inside. I moan.

“Mmmm still wet. Did you not get enough?”

I look silivri escort down at him kneeling in front of me. The top of his head touches my lips like this but it’s not his forehead I want. I tilt his head up and kiss his lips. His tongue exploring my mouth as his fingers explore lower. He finds the spot inside me and starts to rub it. When my legs start to tremble he pulls back from the kiss to watch my face. My muscles start to grip his fingers and he pushes in hard as far as he can get. My legs give out and I fall backwards a little, bracing myself on the arm of the couch. He starts to stand fingers still in me bringing me again as the angle changes and hits a new spot.

My eyes close as he kisses my neck then whispers in my ear, “Dammit woman! You’re gonna make me late for work.”

I giggle but it’s cut short by another moan as he slides into me rolling my eyes back and bringing me off again.

He moans soft and low in my ear. “God I love how I can bring you off just by putting it in!” He pushes farther in not yet hitting bottom. He starts to pull out slightly and I groan wrapping my legs around his hips so he can’t pull all the şirinevler escort way out. He laughs “don’t worry I’m not done yet.” He puts his hand under me lifting and tilting my hips to give him a better angle. Once he has me in place he slams all the way into me hitting bottom hard and bringing a scream from my mouth. I bury my face into his shoulder trying not to scream into his ear. He groans against my shoulder as I clamp down on him hard. “God you cum so hard!” He pushes in trying to go deeper even though he’s hit bottom. It’s like he’s trying to will my body to make space for a few move centimeters of room.

I kiss his ear and moan low. I whisper “fuck me” and feel him twitch inside me.

He picks me up and carries me to the table. He sets me down roughly and I lay back, the only parts of our bodies still touching is him buried inside me and my legs wrapped around his hips. He keeps his left hand on my hip but his right wonders up my body stopping at my breast to squeeze and roll my nipple between his fingers then moving on to my throat. He gently grips the front of my throat then squeezes. Not enough to choke just enough to let şişli escort me know he’s in charge and this is about him. The pressure of his hand sends me over the edge and I cum hard on him. He grunts and growls slightly at me. His hand tightens on my throat and he uses that grip as a hand hold to start slamming into me as hard as he can. At this pace he isn’t going to last long but that’s ok I can’t take this pace for long without it hurting. His hand tightens on my throat cutting off my air and causing me to cum harder than I thought possible. He only holds it for a few seconds then lets me breath again the entire time never letting up with his thrusting. His hand tightens again and he slams in one final time pushing as hard as he can. I can feel him twitching and cuming inside me his hand tightening on my throat. He finally stops cumming but doesn’t let go. I have to tap his hand to get him to ease his grip.

“Shit I’m sorry baby. Are you ok?”

I gasp a few times but nod my head yes enthusiastically.

“You are going to have to do that again.”

He laughs and leans down to kiss me. That’s when we hear someone clear their throat.

“Umm, we’ll just wait outside until you get cleaned up and dressed then we have some questions that need answers.”

I turn my head and see Stacy and Kara standing in the kitchen looking at us. “How much did you see?” I ask already feeling the heat spreading out all over my body.

“Enough,” Kara says and winks at me as she walks out the door grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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