Caught in the Act…

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This is one of those ‘that wouldn’t happen’ or ‘that happened too fast’ stories that i had fun writing. I’m going to tag ones like this with “extreme”. Contains male/male, woman/woman sex, skip if you’re not into that.


The car ride was pretty long, it happened to be in silence too which was not really that fun. Mom and Dad sat in the front seats while I sat alone in the back, my older sister remained at home.

I was still mulling over the events that led to me being taken to live with my Aunt and Uncle in Ohio, still not regretting a single moment of it.

“They’re going to be home soon Clara, we don’t have time.” I said.

“I just want a quickie, you owe me for cumming in my mouth last night.” She replied.

“Fine but you’ll have to rub your clit to get off, you’re on top.”

I pulled my shorts and boxers down and sat on the couch, stroking my cock to full hardness as Clara rubbed her pussy. Once I was hard enough Clara hiked her skirt up then straddled me, reaching down to guide my cock into herself. She rode me for a little then reached between us to rub her clit, when she came she got off me then got on all fours, I got behind her and pushed inside and fucked her furiously until I came deep inside her. Clara put her panties back on then wandered back to her room as I sprayed air freshener and straitened up in the lounge.

That night after dinner Mom and Dad had Clara and I sit on the couch, Dad turned the tv on and to our horror it was a video of our earlier sex session. He let it play a couple of seconds then ejected the disk and put it on the fire.

“That was the only copy, I’ve already deleted the memory card and burned it too. You are brother and sister, you’re not supposed to do these things with each other! Your mother had her suspicions and had me set up this camera, you didn’t hide it very well. You are both lucky you’re over 18, Clara, I expected you to know better, you’re lucky I’m not sending you to a convent.” Said Dad.

“We are however, sending you to live with your Aunt Lisa, her and Joe will keep you until you graduate college.” Mom said to me.

“Why am I being sent away?” I asked.

“We will be teaching your sister proper morals with our church group, without you here to tempt her she’ll do better. I don’t want to hear another word from you until we are at your Aunt’s tomorrow, we’re leaving at 6am.” Said Dad.

I thought about protesting but by their demeanor I knew it would be a losing battle. Dad brought a couple of large suitcases, told me to pack what I could and they’d send the rest. I was pretty hurt, Clara and I had been having sex for a couple of months, I was masturbating to a picture of her in a bikini and she caught me, she was shocked that a man found her attractive enough because of her self esteem issues and she was turned on by what I was doing, we took each others virginity and couldn’t get enough of each other. She was already on the pill to control her rough periods too so we didn’t worry about her getting pregnant. I could still see her face when she saw what I was jerking off to, I was expecting rage but instead she was shocked.

“You’re beautiful Clara and so sexy, I know I shouldn’t be turned on by you but when you wore your bikini I couldn’t look away.” Was what I’d said to her.

We finally arrived at my Aunt’s house, she was Mom’s sister and was really nice but didn’t get on with the family so she’d moved away. Her husband, Joe, was awesome and fun to be around, other than being away from Clara I wasn’t dreading living with them.

“I still don’t understand why you’re doing this Marie but I’ll respect your wishes, he’s a good kid and I’m sure Joe will be happy to have his fishing buddy around.” Said Lisa.

“I want him grounded for a month, he’s not here on vacation Lisa.” Replied Mom.

“Fine. Marcus, you can have the room at the end of the hall, it’s already set up for you.” Lisa said to me.

“I want you to reflect on what you’ve done, your mother and I love you but we’re still upset.” Said Dad.

Mom waited until Dad left then gave me a hug.

Later that night I sat reading, Lisa knocked on my room door then came in to talk to me.

“You doing okay?” She said, sitting on the bed with me.

“Yea, just a little hurt is all. I won’t be any trouble for you, I hope I won’t get in the way.” I said.

“Not at all sweetie, we’re going to love having you here. Mind if I ask a few personal questions though?”

“Go ahead.”

“You can tell me if you don’t want to answer but what the hell happened? Your mom wouldn’t tell me, just that you did something really bad and you had to move away. You didn’t strangle the cat or something did you?”

“They caught Clara and I having sex.” I replied after a pause, I looked down at my feet.

“With each other?”

“Y… yes.” I could feel my face getting red.

“You didn’t get her pregnant or anything right?”

“N.. no, she’s on the pill for her periods.”

“Did you like it?”


“Did manavgat escort you enjoy it?”

“Y… yes.”

“Your Uncle and I are pretty open minded about sex and like it a lot, kinda why you’re down at the end of the house and not in the room next to ours. Your mom listens to those bible thumpers too much but to us, if you’re both consenting adults, who gives a shit. You’re not being punished here sweetie, when your mom asks, sure you’re grounded and forced to sit in your room with mittens on so you can’t jerk off but you have 2 months until college starts right? Let’s make it the best summer ever, your uncle Joe will drag you fishing as much as you want to go and you can relax. Here’s your phone too, I’ll call your sister and give you both a code so you can text each other okay?”

“Okay, thank you Lisa.”

“No problem, come get some dinner, Joe is grilling burgers.”

I followed Lisa to the deck where Joe was standing at the grill with a beer, watching over the food he was cooking.

“Grab a beer if you want my man, just don’t tell your mom.” He said, tapping the cooler with his foot.

“Maybe later, I haven’t eaten much all day.” I replied.

“Do you mind if I tell him?” Said Lisa to me.


“So the reason we have our favorite nephew here to be punished is because he was caught having sex with Clara.” She said.

“That’s it? She’s not pregnant right?” Said Joe.

“No Sir.”

“That’s one thing we’d never punish for in this house. Long as it’s consensual and legal, who cares who you fuck.” He said with a laugh.

“Is pretty much what I said. Your sister’s a hottie, can’t blame you for wanting her.” Said Lisa.

“Is what I told her, she has pretty bad self esteem because of dad, ‘don’t you wear that, you look slutty, don’t wear that, men don’t want whores’. I sneaked a picture of her in a bikini she got from her friend and she caught me jerking off to it, she was so shocked that she was attractive to me.” I replied.

“That sucks, well if we get the chance we’ll bring her out here and you two can have at it.” Said Joe as he laughed.

Things went great for the next few days, I was given a chore list to help out and did them without complaint, Joe and Lisa were really laid back and fun to be around, they clearly loved each other a lot which I found great with them being married for a long time but they made me feel at home and despite missing Clara I was happy. That weekend we all sat in the hot tub after a day of hard work clearing the yard, Lisa and Joe were drinking pretty strong margarita’s, I tried a sip of one but hated the taste so I was drinking beer. After three I was feeling pretty buzzed.

“I hope you don’t mind Marcus but I usually never wear my top in the hot tub.” Said Lisa, taking her bikini top off.

“It’s your house.” I replied.

I couldn’t help but look, I’d been stealing glances at her breasts most of the evening, she was beautiful and had an amazing pair of breasts but she didn’t seem to care and just grinned when my jaw almost dropped when she took them out. I tried not to make my staring too obvious but Joe laughed pretty hard.

“You can look all you want, they’re pretty fuckin’ sexy aren’t they?” He said.

“Sorry, I uh, didn’t mean to stare.” I said, looking away.

“Oh honey, I’d be offended if you didn’t want to look.” Said Lisa with a smile.

“They are very nice.” I said, gazing at them.

“Do you want to touch them?” Said Lisa.

“I.. I uh, I shouldn’t.” I replied.

“Why, they feel better than they look my man, come, I’ll take the right, you take the left, I’ll show you how she likes them fondled.” Said Joe.

I felt like a deer in headlights, Joe moved closer to Lisa and started playing with her breast as I watched, Lisa let out a little moan then took my hand and placed it on her other breast.

“It won’t bite you honey.” She said.

Within a few seconds I was hard as a rock, her breasts were way bigger than Clara’s and felt pert and amazing. My breathing got faster as I played with her nipple and I had to adjust my boner in my shorts.

“Well I’m taking that as a compliment.” Said Lisa looking down at my cock.

“I’m getting wrinkled, let’s take this inside hun.” Said Joe.

He got up and helped Lisa out of the tub, he was clearly aroused too, the bulge in his shorts looked huge.

“You too sweetie.” Said Lisa when I didn’t move.

Lisa pulled off her bottoms once she was wrapped in a towel then led me by the hand to their bedroom. Joe was already drying off and handed me a towel and had me take my shorts off. I tried to stay covered up but it was in vain, with his hard cock bouncing in front of him he took the towel away and left me standing nervous and naked, my cock throbbing as I gazed at her breasts. Lisa had dried off, she threw her towel in the pile and hugged Joe, kissing him as she stroked his cock.

“If you don’t want this you can walk away now, we won’t hold manavgat escort bayan it against you but I’d love to enjoy a 3 way, it has been ages since we’ve had a 3rd in the bedroom and I think you’ll love it.” Said Lisa.

“He’s nervous honey, want to suck him and I’ll get you from behind?” Said Joe.

“Oh hell yes.” She replied.

It almost felt like I was dreaming. My sexy Aunt led me over to their bed and had me lay down, she got between my legs and onto all fours then took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me as Joe got behind her and started slowly fucking her from behind. Her tongue felt amazing and I knew I wouldn’t last, I tried to warn her but she looked up at me and sucked harder as I started to cum, groaning in pleasure as I sprayed my seed down her throat. When she was satisfied she had it all she let my cock pop from her mouth and moaned as Joe increased his pace and was slamming into her.

“Oh fuck yes, harder baby, fill me with that big cock.” She said.

Joe lasted ages, Lisa came quite a few times and listening to her moans and watching her breasts swing as he fucked her had me getting hard again. When Lisa came again, Joe pushed in deep and almost roared as he came, gasping and moaning as he filled her. They both collapsed together beside me when he was spent.

“Oh I do like the stamina of a young cock.” She said, toying with my cock as she caught her breath.

“Hey, I can still get it hard again quick enough for you.” Said Joe, grinning.

“Oh I know baby.”

Without saying anything, Lisa got up and mounted me and held my cock in place as she took me inside. Joe’s cum was still oozing from her pussy and was making quite the mess as she began to ride me. I was in heaven, messy or not, her pussy felt amazing and I groaned as I watched her breasts sway while she rode my cock. Despite having came in her mouth not 10 minutes earlier, I didn’t last as long as I wanted and when I felt Lisa cum, I pushed up and sprayed her pussy with my seed. I almost blacked out I came so hard, when I was spent, Lisa grinned at me then gave me a kiss on the cheek as she climbed off my cock.

“Enjoy that sweetie?” She said.

“Y… yes, it was amazing.” I said, still catching my breath.

“Well, your Aunt and I really love sex, we’ll have friends over just to fuck, most of the time we don’t wear clothes at home, if you’re fine with that you can do the same. Lisa loves being able to just suck me hard and receive a good fuck without the time to get naked,” said Joe.

“And now you’re here I’ll have two cocks to choose from every day, well, choose what order I take them in,” said Lisa with a laugh.

“I can’t believe how different you are from my mom,” I replied.

“You can thank your dad for that, she was raised the same way I was, free minded but when she met your dad it was like she was just waiting for someone like him to straighten her out. He’s a good man but I can’t take all that religion shit seriously, I live my life how I want, neither of us hurt anyone so who cares who I choose to sleep with?” replied Lisa.

“Oh, should we cancel Jen and Steve coming tomorrow hun?” said Joe.

“No, it can be up to him if he wants to join. We have friends coming tomorrow for the weekend, they come every couple of months. If you want to just watch that’s fine, if you want to join in, you can. There won’t ever be any judgement in this house, if you want to sit in ice baths then jerk off or have wild, open minded sexy fun, the choice will always be yours,” replied Lisa.

“You ready to go again?” said Joe, he was stroking his cock.

“Oh yes please, Marcus, top drawer, get the bottle of lube sweetie.”

I handed her the lube and wondered what was coming.

“Not sure if your sister ever had you stick it in her ass but while my husband here is in my pussy I’d like you to be in my ass if you’re game,” she said.

“I uh, I’ve never done that but I’ll try,” I replied.

I watched as Joe got on his back, Lisa fingered some lube into her ass then put a generous coating on my cock. She straddled Joe and took his cock in her pussy then got in position for him to thrust into her from below then had me get behind her. She had Joe stop for a little while I got in position, seeing how stretched her pussy was with Joe’s cock had me throbbing and a little too eager but Lisa controlled my pace as I pushed into her. It felt amazing, I groaned once I was all the way inside her then gasped when she had Joe start thrusting again. The sensations of his cock changing how my cock felt in her ass almost made me see stars and when I began to thrust too I was in bliss. I knew I wouldn’t last but Lisa was cumming every few seconds, moaning ‘oh fuck yes’ over and over. I was barely able to stammer that I was cumming then I was pushing deep into her ass as I sprayed what seed I had left into her. I pulled out and watched as Joe made it a few more thrusts before he came too, Lisa slumped forward escort manavgat onto his chest, a big grin on her face.

“Oh I’m so glad you don’t have a little dick sweetie, my Joe here is very blessed, to have him in me with you felt amazing. Enjoy that?” she said, catching her breath.

“It was intense, yes I did,” I replied, still catching my breath.

“Well I’m done for the night, I’m so glad you’re here, I know you’re away from Clara but I’ll do my best to keep you distracted.”

“I’m in a daze to be honest, I didn’t expect this much fun.”

“Oh you’ve not seen anything yet my man,” said Joe, slapping me on the shoulder as he got up.

I showered and slept the best I probably ever had, next morning at breakfast Joe and Lisa were naked, I felt silly wearing my shorts and t-shirt but I wasn’t quite ready to be a nudist despite having wild sex with them both the night before. Lisa greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, Joe handed me a mug of coffee and both were smiling.

“Sleep well?” said Joe.

“Very, thank you for last night, it was amazing,” I replied.

“You don’t need to thank us, sex is every day, as much as we can kinda thing for us. I’m glad you accepted it so easily with us. I think Lisa would have been sad if you were like your dad,” said Joe with a laugh.

“They’ll be here soon Joe, did she tell him he’s good?” said Lisa.

“Yea, she said it’s fine, more the merrier she said,” replied Joe.

I had a swim after my breakfast then must have dozed off by the pool, when I got up, Jen and Steve had arrived and looked like they’d already been playing for a while in the lounge. I was a little shocked at first but pretty turned on, Lisa was on her back being eaten by who I figured was Steve and Joe was behind him, slowly fucking his ass. I’d never thought about bi sex before, I’d watched one or two videos but seeing it in person I was very aroused. I was hard in no time, watching Joe’s cock slide in and out of Steve’s ass, Steve’s cock hard and bouncing with each thrust had me throbbing, wondering how it felt. I was so mesmerized I didn’t notice Jen come to stand beside me and jumped when she spoke.

“Wh.. what?” I replied, not catching what she said.

“I said, you must be Marcus, you were out cold when we arrived,” she said.

“Yes, Hi, nice to meet you.”

I had a hard time giving her eye contact, she was really pretty, short blonde hair, small but very pert breasts with amazing nipples.

“My husband likes to be taken every now and then, Joe is bigger than my strap on at home and can last for ages. Want me to suck you while you watch? Your aunt said you’d probably be up for some fun.”

“I uh, sure.”

Jen’s mouth felt amazing, she had me sit where Steve could watch but he just gave us a glance while Joe pounded him. I’m not sure how long I lasted, it wasn’t long but Jen looked up at me with her blue eyes when I was cumming and swallowed every drop as I gasped in pleasure.

“So, feel like returning the favor?” she said, smiling at me.

“I uh, sure but I’ve never really done it before,” I replied. Clara and I did have the chance to get to oral, it was usually, fingering her until she was wet then we’d fuck.

“Come and sit on my face, Jen, I haven’t had time to teach him that yet,” said Lisa.

“I do want this yummy cock in me when you’re hard again,” said Jen, kissing me on the cheek as she got up.

Watching the 4 of them had me hard again in no time, it was like Jen was watching me though, she climbed off Lisa’s face then knelt on the couch with her ass facing out. I was a little hesitant but Steve looked over at me.

“G…go for it m…my man, she’s all yours. Joe will fuck me until I c…cum,” he said as Joe carried on fucking his ass.

I got behind her and slid my cock into her pussy, she wasn’t as tight as Lisa but she felt great, I held on to her waist as I increased my pace.

“Th… that’s it, nice and hard,” gasped Jen.

I almost laughed at the surreal and amazing ‘sex situation’ I was in, I loved my sister, loved having sex with her but there I was having sex with a woman who was pretty much a stranger, in front of her husband while he was being fucked in the ass by my Uncle. Lisa looked over at me and grinned.

“She feel that good sweetie, you have such a shit eating grin on your face,” she said.

“I.. I’m just reflecting on where I am, y.. yes she feels amazing but a week ago I was sneaking quickies with my sister while our parents were shopping and now I’m here enjoying this,” I replied.

“You had your own sister, that’s fucking hot,” said Jen.

At that point Steve started to groan then Joe’s pace got harder, a few more thrusts and Steve’s cock was spraying cum all over the towel below him, Joe almost roared then pushed deep into Steve’s ass as he told the room he was cumming. Jen moaned ‘oh fuck yes’ and she was cumming too, I was close but knew I could still go longer so I kept thrusting. By the time I climaxed a second time, Jen had quite a few more orgasms and we both had a sheen of sweat on our bodies. Lisa, Joe and Steve were pretty much just watching us by then too.

“Don’t you just love the stamina of youth sweetie?” said Lisa to Jen.

“I.. I kinda do but my pussy can only take so much of that,” she replied.

“How about you lay back and I’ll eat that cum from you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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