Caught Jerking off Ch. 01

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All Characters in this story involved in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.

The feeling struck me. This was a random occurrence—which made sense because I was a teenager. Technically, I was almost done with that phase since I was 17 at the time. Being nerdy, unconfident, and a regular at MTG tournaments made me the epitome of the stereotype for the opposite of a womanizer. I only had 1 girlfriend, and I was to hormonal for her. Obviously, dating her wasn’t my best idea since she was a catholic who strongly believed in abstinence and I was…a guy. But when push came to shove, I asked her out—unaware of my intentions, she agreed. This was around the end of the first semester of my senior year of high school. Needless to say, I was planning on using her for experience before college. She, being smarter than I gave her credit for, saw through this and I ended up getting the short end of the stick.

All of this background, as compelling as this trip down memory lane is, isn’t all too relevant. All that you need to know is that I was kind of depressed and had a serious case of blue balls after the (over the phone) breakup.

I did what any 19 year old when he’s not busy drinking or smoking—I jacked off. I did this a lot. Honestly, I even think I went a bit off the deep end at that point. The days mostly consisted of school, homework, masturbation, dinner, masturbation, and sleep. I admit, this cyclical environment got a bit boring after a while—but I had hope it was going to all change for the better in college.

It changed for the worse, before graduation even happened. One day, my friend Ryan and I were in the midst of a very engaging conversation in 10th period study hall. Revolving around sex, porn etc things of that nature—basically normal teen stuff. Both of us being scrawny and nerdy, (this was before I started working out) girls didn’t really pay much attention to us. Not that I minded, this was the time when the “Ugg boots” craze caught on, making everyone look and act like tools. That didn’t stop us from undressing the hot ones in our minds and swap opinions on who we’d fuck, much to the disgust/entertainment (depends on the day) of the only girl at our table. Who was actually the little sister of Chris, a mutual friend of ours that I had lunch with a few hours before.

Anyway, I came home really horny one day. Come to Isparta Escort think of it, I was so horny that it began affecting my thinking. Usually I could manage maintaining a decent composure. What started as a nice conversation, veered off to Chris’s little sister gently rubbing my dick through my jeans. Without having enough courage to finish myself off in the school bathroom—I decided to take my chances with the 45 minute bus ride home.

Every girl was overly sexualized on the way home. My mind worked itself in circles trying to imagine realistic naked bodies. It was to the point where I got a massive erection when I even saw anyone. My sister, her friends that shared our route (even if they were freshman), teachers, everyone. No one was safe.

When I got home, I thought about running up to my room but I decided against it since it would cause too much suspicion. So I did my daily routine. Ate, did homework, chatted with my parents about the day (I left a lot of thing out), then…the main event. This was surprisingly more difficult than usual. Remember how I said that NO ONE WAS SAFE. Apparently, my twisted mind clumped my mom into the category. I vividly remember trying to keep eye contact with her in with her toned body, low miniskirt, and size C boobs threatening to grab my attention. I even undressed her with my eyes at one point. I put it out of my head and just attribute this to my overactive hormones.

Finally, I made it to my room. I got a cup of water, some soap, and started browsing on my ipod. For some reason, I took all my clothes off too. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I would stop before climax, wait, and then start again. I did this as many times as possible in order to get the best orgasm—but on the fifth time….

“Marko.” My mom said sweetly as I heard the door knob turn, to my horror.

“Fuck! I knew I should sat against the door!” I yelled at myself. Well, it sound like yelling—but Thank God it was only a whisper.

I don’t remember what she wanted exactly, all I remember was my frightened reaction and my mom’s eyes on my cross-legged naked body. My penis was the hardest it’s ever been—and my own mother was staring directly at it. Once or twice I hoped it would start to wither because of the embarrassment and utter disgust I felt. But, I wasn’t so lucky. Her eyes were still fixated on me, both our Isparta Escort Bayan mouths were open, and we had stunned expressions on our faces.

The next thing that happened was almost fluid: I quickly uncrossed my legs, hesitated for a second while trying to search for something to cover up, then simply stood up and walked to the door to close it.

“Oh Shit! I’m sorry!” She shrieked and turned to run out, just narrowly before I pushed the door closed.


I don’t remember how many times I swore to myself that night, but over 9,000 was a good guess.

Still self-conscious and very shy about myself and outspoken at school back then, I was terrified about the whole situation. I remember just laying on my bed with a no longer erect dick thinking “Fuck, What I will do? I can’t ever talk to her or look at her again!” It was pretty extreme. Tears even flowed don my face in the middle of thoughts. I just stayed up in my room the rest of the night and ignored dinner.

It was like that the next few days also. It’s not like I tried to be awkward, I tried to be normal. The daily routine: school, homework, snack, and then my room started all over again. Even though, I was extremely horny I still didn’t jack off for the next few days. This didn’t last long. My mom stopped coming down for conversation, and I lost interest in homework.

“Hi, how was your day at school?” This was her first attempt in days. It was met with a one word answer and a quick retreat to my room.

“Good.” She was just sitting at her desk but I saw her as completely naked. This was really starting to get to me.

“We need to talk!” She yelled down the hall as I was about to enter my sanctuary.

“What?!” I yelled back with a hoarse voice. I was so nervous that I almost threw up. I was shaking and my face was the palest I ever remember it being.

I felt everything spinning as I closed the door to my room. I had no idea what to expect—but indefinitely wasn’t ready for what was coming next.

“Marko!” She yelled as the door slammed behind her. “I know I caught you in a very intimate moment the other day, but just get over it!”

Short, sweet, and to the point. That wasn’t like my mom. As I quickly found out—she Escort Isparta was just breaking the ice so she could use a different approach.

“I know mom…it’s just…” I tried to croak out as I lay on the bed, feeling like I was having a panic attack.

“It’s just that what?!” He sternly said with her hands on her hips.

I debated telling her about the half-hand job I got the other day and the reasons why I was so horny and what this was all doing to my brain. I just said:

“I just jerk off sometimes.”

She surprised me by joining me on my little twin bed and kissing my forehead. “Why?”

“It fells goo…” I began.

“I know that,” She snapped “I thought I raised you better than this!”

I had no reply. I just sat there feeling stupid and kicking myself. She successfully guilt-tripped me and I felt like total shit. If I was horny before, I definitely wasn’t now.

“I’m sorry, mom” I said with downcast eyes. I noticed my vision getting blurry and one or two tears were beginning to fall. I know it was immature, but this was probably the most terrifying thing I could’ve imagined back then.

“Marko,” she placed a hand on my thigh for encouragement. “Masturbation is wrong and I raised you not to look at women in that way, as objects.” I don’t know if I imagined this, but I could’ve sworn her hand moved higher.

With that, she stood up and was about to leave me alone to my self-pity when “actually, I will take your iphone.”

As you could imagine, this was the worst thing that could’ve happened in my mind.




“I want to be sure you won’t do it again.”

After a few minutes of her waiting at my door with an outstretched hand, she told me to stand up so she could give me a hug. I fell for it and felt her hand ding around in my pocket for my iphone. I got angry at myself for not seeing this coming, but that feeling dissipated when I felt her fingers brush up against my rising penis. I was confused, surely it wasn’t on purpose. That all changed when I felt her fingers slide up and down my shaft in, a gliding, tickling motion. It was probably just and accident. It didn’t feel like she meant it and she certainly didn’t seem like she was in the mood for to pull a stunt like that…but… As soon as she fished it out, I was left phoneless in and emotionally drained in my room with the memory of my mom feeling up my cock to distract me so she could steal my phone.

I laid down on my bed and wallowed in self-pity over the last developments.


But…part of me was okay with it.

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