Chance of a Lifetime

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We had been going out for a while. Kristy and I had been having sex for three years, since that Christmas. But I have always dreamed of having a threesome with her. I mean come on, my sister is fucking hot. With those grapefruit sized tits, and her tight little ass. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her?

But we had to keep dating other people, so our parents wouldn’t question our living together. So we agreed we could sleep with other people too. I picked out one of my classmates from my Anatomy class, and my sister picked one of hers. My girl, Shanna, has a body identical to my sister’s, but with larger tits. So when I brought her to my place, my sister raised an eyebrow. All night long, my sister was checking out Shanna, and sort of giving her dirty looks. That night during our pillow talk, she asked me if I still thought she was pretty.

“Of course I do, sis. Why do you ask?” I questioned.

“Well I saw how you were looking at Shanna, and she has a better body than I do.”

“Are you jealous?” I teased.

“Maybe,” she retorted.

We talked a little more, fucked and then I cuddled her until we fell asleep, all the time wishing Shanna had been there with us.

When morning came, I asked her about it. I asked, “What would you say to a threesome?” She said, “I will think about it, but maybe.”

I went to school with her, and wouldn’t see her until tonight, as I was going to study with Shanna after class. When I saw Shanna, she said she had a surprise for me. I thought and thought, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. While we were studying, she decided to make it interesting. She was going to quiz me, and for every right answer, she removed an article of clothing. If I got her naked, I got a BJ. Of course she made sure that I got her naked. Then she gave me an amazing BJ.

Afterwards, we met up with Kristy and her boyfriend, Mike at the Campus Bar & Grill and ate. The girls ordered salads, and Mike and I got burgers. During dinner, we all talked joked around, and my sister Yenibosna Escort and I got away from the table a few times for quick make-out sessions.

We paid the bill, and we went our separate ways. Krista said she was going to Mike’s for a while, and Shanna asked me to take her to her house so she could feed her dog before we went back to my place. My plan was to fuck Shanna and have her out before Krista got back from Mike’s. So I took Shanna home, and thought we should just fuck at her place, that way I could just go home, but she told me that my surprise was waiting for me at my house. So I obliged and we went back to my place, as I was curious as to what I would be getting from her. I was upset to see that Krista was already back at our house. I was upset because I couldn’t fuck Shanna. Boy was I wrong.

Before we went inside, Shanna pulled a blindfold out of her purse and told me to put it on so she could lead me to my gift. I was anxious, and awaiting whatever it was. She pulled me into my living room, and sat me down on the couch, and told me to wait for a minute while she got it. She left the room, and I was wondering which way she went. Before long, I heard coming down the hall. I was excited. I asked if I could pull off the blind fold, but she said no. She told me that she was holding my surprise, and asked me what I wanted her to do with it. I asked her what she could do, and she told me, “anything you can do to a lemon.” So I told her to squeeze it, suck it, and lick it. She told me to pull off the blindfold after the third one, and to my surprise, and arousal, there was my girlfriend licking Krista’s pussy.

Needless to say, I was horny as fuck! The girls stopped what they were doing and grabbed me and half carried me to the bedroom. They sat me on the chair, and they climbed onto the bed. I was going to watch first. I watch as Krista pushed her down on the bed and turn to me with a “does this answer your question?” look on her face. I smiled and nodded my Yenibosna Escort Bayan approval. First Shanna was getting her pussy licked by my sister, then they switched positions, so they could both be pleasured. Finally they came, and they called me to the bed. I sprinted and flung myself onto the bed with them, and I grabbed their tits, and sucked them, while fingering Shanna, then Krista laid down and I ate her out while still fingering Shanna. Then the girls attacked me once again, Krista taking my now fully erect 8 inch member entirely into her mouth. My body spasmed as she flicked her tongue on my mushroom head. After a while, Shanna playfully tackled Krista, trying to gain control of my throbbing cock. This action sent Krista into a frenzy and she wrestled with Shanna while I slowly jerked myself off. It was incredibly arousing to witness to such gorgeous girls wrestling over me.

When they finished, I was near my climax, so they pushed me back down on the bed and pulled out Krista’s double ended dildo. They each placed an end into their soaking slits, and got each other off again, while telling me not to touch myself. When they came again, they brought me back into the picture. I stuck my thick hard on into Shanna and fucked her brains out until she screamed to announce her delightful orgasm. When she came, Krista saw her opening, and she jumped on me, and I fucked her as hard as I could. In the same manner as Shanna, Krista came, and squirted a little on my stomach. Then she kept riding me, but before I could cum they pulled me out, and started a tandem blow job, my second of the day. I quickly came in their mouths, and on their huge ta-ta’s. I rolled over onto the bed, and I kissed the both of them passionately. And I asked what made them decide to do this for me. Krista said she called Shanna when she got to school, and told her our situation. “We decided that tonight would a perfect night, since we went out to dinner,” said Krista. I laughed and kissed them both again. Escort Yenibosna We took a quick nap to power up.

I woke before the ladies, and I went out and got some ice cream for us to share, and of course toppings. I was hoping we could play around some more tonight.

When I walked into the apartment, I heard the shower running, and figured one of them wanted to shower. Little did I know that they had started the after nap activities without me. I stripped down, exposing my growing manhood, and jumped into our oversized shower with them. They giggled, and started sucking my cock again. They had the dildo in here with some lube and I was watching as Shanna lubed up the end of the dildo, and eased it into Krista’s asshole, causing her to moan with pleasure! I was completely aroused now, and I wished badly to be the dildo.

While Shanna fucked Krista, I fucked Shanna. When Shanna came, we switched positions so I was fucking Krista now. I pulled the dildo out, and handed it to Shanna. I was going to pound Krista’s tight little ass for the first time. I bent her over and the water beaded of her back as I eased my giant member into her tight little hole. Krista moaned as Shanna pushed the dildo into Krista’s soaking wet slit. I reached down and rubbed Shanna’s tits, and twisted her nipples, which had been hard all day. We finished showering, and I laid the girls down, still wet and ate them both out, and I made them cum a few times. Then I stuck my cock into Shanna’s pussy and I came again, and Krista moved down to my balls, licking and sucking them as they bounced off of Shanna’s ass. When I came, Krista once again licked my cock clean of any mess. I flipped her over and I fucked her asshole and came again and felt her ass tighten as she climaxed also, heightening my own.

We all rolled over and I whispered thank you to the girls, as they had made my night. We all slept together, and when we woke up in the morning, we made pancakes, and ate them in bed. We all fucked again and we went to school. It was an amazing end to my ultimate fantasy. Since then we have all fucked many times, and its still as passionate as the first night. Now Shanna and I are engaged and we plan to bring Krista along on our honeymoon. To this day I often think of that sweet, sensual sequence while I get myself off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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