Charlie Ch. 03

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This is part three of the Charlie series. All people, places, and events are totally made up and figments of my imagination, strictly for your reading pleasure.

Casey called me one day, which wasn’t unusual; we talked on the phone a few times a week. What was unusual was the tone that Casey used when I answered. I knew her well enough that I could tell something was wrong as soon as she started talking.

“Hey, what’s up?” I gave my typical greeting

“Mmm, not much just wanted to call.” Casey never called without something to talk about.

“Okay, well its Saturday so I don’t have to work, got all the time in the world.”

“Oh that’s nice…” Casey said, sounding far away

“Casey? Are you Okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine” She replied even though I could tell something was wrong.

“Casey, cut the bullshit what is it?” I asked rather crassly.

I heard her try to choke back a sob and the sound made my heart break. Immediately I went on high alert, Casey was not the type to just break down like this.

She finally caught her breath “I need to come see you.”

“Ok, I’m here whenever you need me, you know that.”

“I’ll be there in an hour” She replied right before she hung up.

I was worried, Casey was one of the strongest individuals I knew and I knew it had to be something major in order for her to have to drive an hour just to talk to me right after breaking down on the phone. The hour and a half that passed was possibly the longest hour and a half of my life. I wondered why it was taking her so long to make the hour drive.

She finally pulled into my driveway, she got out of her car with a brown paper bag shaped suspiciously like a bottle in hand. Although she was still beautiful, her clothes were disheveled, not like Casey at all. I stood on my front step, not knowing what was happening or how to handle the situation. She made her way up the steps; eyes covered in big dark sunglasses and walked passed me into my house without a word. She made her way to my kitchen, got a glass out of the cabinet and made her way to my living room. She sat the glass on my coffee table and sat herself on one end of the couch poured herself a large portion of the vodka she pulled out of the paper bag.

I sat on the other end of the couch and watched her down the first glass and pour another before I spoke.

“Will you at least take off your sunglasses?” I asked.

She responded by looking towards me and slowly raised the glasses. What I saw infuriated me, I had never felt this much anger before. It felt like something was boiling up inside and was going to burst. Her cheek was split just below her eye, was still slowly seeping blood and had begun to swell and form a black eye. As soon as we made eye contact, tears began to fall down her face where her eyes were already smudged with tear soaked make-up. She began sobbing so I scooted as close to her on the couch as I could manage as she collapsed in my arms.

She stayed like this for nearly an hour and a half before she ran out of tears. Even though I was almost shaking with rage, I didn’t say a word the entire time; I knew she would talk when she wanted to. By the time she sat back up my shirt was soaked with her tears and a little bit of blood, I didn’t even notice. I looked into her eyes as she finally began to speak after drinking down another glass of vodka. This was also not very Casey-like, she usually had a two drink max because she got wicked hangovers. (We found this out numerous times in college)

She said a three word statement before falling silent again “He hit me.”

I was having a hard time concentrating through my haze of anger. I was always against Casey and Collin being together but I never in a million years would have thought that he would hit her.

“Do you want me to call the police and report this?” I asked through gritted teeth.

She took a deep breath as she thought about my question, “No” was all she said.

She finished the current glass of vodka that she had been working on, by now the bottle was nearly half gone, and just laid her head in my lap.

“What am I going to do?” She asked me.

“You are going to stay here until we figure that out.” I stated, not even asking her.

She gave me a slight nod and then drifted off into her own thoughts as I gently stroked her hair. We were both silent, she was too absorbed in her own thoughts and in my current state of pure hatred, I was afraid to say something that would upset her more.

I got off of the couch about an hour later to call Lindsey to inform her what I knew and that Casey would be staying with us for at least the next few days. I also asked her to bring home a suture kit and some stronger than store bought antibiotic ointment thinking that the cut might be deep enough to need help healing.

She asked if I was ok, my voice still shaking with anger, I said I was fine but I had never wanted to kill somebody so badly in my entire life. She asked if she istanbul escort needed to come home so I didn’t do anything rash, trying to use humor to break up my mood. I told her I wasn’t leaving Casey and quickly ended the conversation so I could get back to my first love.

While I was in the kitchen I had grabbed an ice bag, a warm damp cloth, and a clean glass.

“Can you sit up for me love?” I asked Casey. In her state she didn’t even seem to notice what I called her but I made a mental note that I would have to be careful around Lindsey. I could see how broken she was emotionally when I looked into her eyes as I took her face in my hands to examine her cheek. Working in a hospital, and dating a nurse, I had picked up some medical knowledge.

After looking at the split cheek, I grabbed the warm damp cloth and blotted the dried blood away. I knew Casey was emotionally broken but she didn’t even react to the physical pain that I knew she should feel as I dabbed the wound.

I picked up the bottle of vodka and poured myself a decent portion. I took a large swallow of the burning liquid and looked at Casey. This brought a brief and slight smile to her face, both reminiscing over the same memory that we made in college.

It was one of the mornings when we discovered how bad Casey got hangovers. After a night of partying (while I stayed in) she was not feeling so well so we were just lounging in her bed watching T.V. and trying to get rid of her hangover. She started to complain how it wasn’t fair how badly she felt so I promised that I would never let her drink alone.

I was glad that little gesture got through to her to show her how much I cared. The smile was wiped from her face as she was finally ready to talk.

“So what happened? Start from the beginning.” I said. She looked like she was getting ready to withdraw back into herself so I hugged her tightly. As I pulled away from our hug I rubbed up and down her arm and then took her hands in mine.

It took awhile, but she finally sighed and began to speak, “So I already told you he….”

She let the sentence fade away not being about to bring herself to say it again. I waited patiently in silence, part because I knew she wanted to continue, and part because I could feel the anger inside me start to boil up again.

“Things haven’t been good for awhile now.” She continued. “Collin wanted kids as soon as we were married. I wasn’t ready so I told him I wanted to wait a few more years. He wasn’t happy but agreed. We’ve been trying for the last year and a half. I went to the doctor and got tested.”

I looked at her with concerned eyes. She had never mentioned any of this to me.

“Everything came back completely normal for me which means that Collin is the reason I couldn’t get pregnant. I brought up getting a sperm donor and he went ballistic.” She managed to choke out before she started sobbing.

“Did he do anything else to you?” I asked as I gathered her in my arms.

She shook her head no, “I packed a few things before he realized what I was doing and I just left. I can’t go back to that” She managed to get out.

It didn’t take her as long to settle down this time, I think reality had sunk in and she had already made up her mind about her future.

A little while longer passed and I finally got Casey to calm down and quietly chatting about neutral topics, mostly my life, when I heard a key in the door. Lindsey walked in, I gave her a weak smile indicating that I was sorry for being so short with her earlier.

“Hi Casey” Lindsey said.

Casey looked embarrassed about the state she was in but Lindsey comforted her by saying that she was a nurse so she had seen a lot worse.

“Wanna come to the kitchen so I can check you out?” Lindsey asked in a gentle voice gently placing a hand on Casey’s arm.

I squeezed Casey’s hand, never letting go of it and sat her in one of our kitchen chairs. Lindsey said that the split cheek was not deep enough to warrant stitches but put steri strips on it to help the healing. She also said that it would probably leave a small scar.

“That’s ok.” Casey said, “It will be a reminder.”

I don’t think I could bear to watch Casey cry anymore without breaking down myself now that the anger had worn off so I changed the subject.

“Anybody hungry, Chinese carry out on me tonight?” I asked, knowing it was one of Casey’s guilty pleasures. The rest of the night was uneventful and we decided to call it an early night, both Casey and I were emotionally and physically drained.

I was sitting on the edge of mine and Lindsey’s bed with my head in my hands massaging my scalp, thinking about how incredible of a person Casey was and how much of a fool Colin was when Lindsey finished in the bathroom and joined me. She kneeled behind me and began to knead my shoulders. I could feel the tension leaving my body as soon as she started. The anger I felt towards Collin began to fade as just images and memories of Casey filled beylikdüzü escort my mind. A moan escaped from me as I felt Lindsey’s hot lips brush against my ear while her hands never missed a beat, still kneading my tensed muscles.

“I think you could use something a little more intense than a massage to get you back to relax” she whispered in my ear right before grazing my ear lobe with her teeth and then sucking it into her mouth.

“I think you might be right” I said as I turned my head to capture her lips with mine. I turned around so that I was standing at the edge of the bed while Lindsey was still kneeling on it. I pushed her back so that she was laying flat on her back. I caught a whiff of Casey’s perfume that remained on my clothes.

Normally I am a gentle and patient lover but I could still feel the remains of anger and frustration from today within me. I covered Lindsey’s body with my own and immediately reached my hand up her night shirt to knead her breast a little more forceful than normal. I guess my change in demeanor was a welcome change, I could already smell Lindsey’s excitement. She began to grind her mound into the rough material of the jeans I was wearing. As she did this I stretched the collar of her night shirt so that I could take one of her breasts into my mouth. I raked my teeth across her sensitive skin which elicited a gasp.

We had never had rough sex before. Sure we had quickies, but they were all gentle. An Idea popped into my head.

“You like it a little rough?” I asked.

The only response I got was Lindsey’s nails digging into the flesh on my back through my shirt. Not wanting to be outdone, I roughly recaptured her mouth with mine and began to suck on her bottom lip, stretching it out so I knew it would be pink and swollen. Her hips were still grinding into mine when I suddenly rolled off her, practically ripped her night shirt off and told her to lie on her stomach. My mind wandered to what Casey would look like completely naked. Sure we had gone shopping and stayed the nights at each other’s room so I had seen her in just underwear before but picturing her completely naked was what was currently driving my desire.

Lindsey scooted up the bed a bit so she could use one of the pillows. She put her hands under the pillow to support her head as I started nibbling at the nape of her neck and slowly made my way down her spine with my lips and tongue, occasionally nipping her delicate skin. I had one arm on either side of her torso as my lips devoured her. My goal was to elicit as many moans and gasps as possible.

I was about a third of my way kissing down her back when I placed both of my legs between hers pushing them apart with little resistance given on Lindsey’s part. I got a gasp when the rough material of my jeans brushed her sensitive inner thigh.

An image of how beautiful Casey would be in the throes of passion flashed through my mind and I faltered, my mouth pausing its work. Lindsey was too absorbed in the sensations and I recovered quickly, now even more turned on at the thought of Casey. Damn I was messed up in the head, I had a beautiful woman writhing beneath me and all I could think about was Casey.

I settled some of my weight on the blond beneath me, pushing her into the plush mattress, and started to add caressing touches up and down her side. When that no longer elicited the moans I snaked my hand around her front to pinch her nipple as I pressed my hips into hers, grinding her pussy on the bed. Having the desired effect of her moaning, I kept up my ministrations.

Eventually I started to caress down Lindsey’s stomach with the same hand that had been pinching her nipple. I was still kissing and nipping at her back and neck when my middle finger reached her shaved pussy and caressed her outer lips. Her legs spread wider as my finger tip traced her slit.

I positioned my finger so that when I pressed my hips into hers she was impaled on my finger. At a bit of an awkward angle, I couldn’t quite get the level of penetration I wanted. I slipped my fingers out and began to trace around her clit, tantalizingly touching everything except her most sensitive nub. By this time her hips were gyrating, trying to make the sweet contact her body was craving.

Seeing her frustration and desire build, I finally made a brief circling motion right on her clit. Her whole body stiffened, letting me know how close to exploding she was. Her breath was now coming in shaky bursts. One more pass at her clit and Lindsey gave me her tell tale sign that she was about to cum (hands grasping at the sheets and pointed toes).

I abruptly withdrew my hand from underneath her and got off of the bed eliciting a moan of frustration. She looked into my eyes and there was a look of pure lust in an ‘I can’t believe you stopped’ sort of way. I gave her my best seductive wink and went into our walk in closet.

Knowing Lindsey I yelled from the closet “No cheating, don’t touch yourself!” In a teasing-but-not –joking way esenyurt escort to tell Lindsey that I would return and finish what I had started.

Before I went into the closet I was still fully clothed. When I emerged I was completely naked except for a ridiculous looking nine inch strap-on that we rarely used. Before Lindsey had time to turn her head and see what I was up to, I was already on top of her on the bed again.

“Miss me?” I asked in a husky whisper as my lips brushed her ear.

“Mmmm, get back to what you started.” She commanded.

Having no problem complying to her demands I leaned down and captured her lips with mine. My knees already squarely between her spread legs; I rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her slit, collecting her juices that had leaked out.

“*Gasp* Ohhh is that what I think it is?” Lindsey asked. “Just fuck me already” she added for good measure.

In an instant the big dildo was buried up to the hilt in Lindsey. She was so wet from my earlier efforts that I could already feel her butt pressing up against my hips. I pulled my hips back so that only the head of the dildo was still inside of her. I pumped my hips in a short stroking motion that was well practiced between Lindsey and I and a move that I knew drove her crazy. Between my weight on top of her and the stimulation of the dildo directly on her g-spot, I knew Lindsey was going to explode soon.

Not only were the short thrusts turning Lindsey on but now my body was starting to respond to the constant on and off pressure directly on my clit from the strap-on. My clit was already engorged and super sensitive due to all of the earlier teasing I had done. I could feel myself quickly approaching the peak of pleasure as Lindsey’s moans became more ragged and uneven breathing, trying to hold off the highest peak of pleasure for longer.

I was past the point of no return as I started pumping my hips to slap against Lindsey’s butt, pounding the cock into her as deep as it would go. Our combined juices were running down her slit and coating the sheets. Her hips were thrusting up and meeting mine at the same pace. Within seconds of each other, we both tried to suppress our moans as our bodies went rigid, cumming simultaneously. As my orgasm began, an image of Casey’s body twitching with pleasure flashed in my mind. My body was jerking in time with the contractions I could feel in my pussy as my orgasm subsided, thrusting the dildo into Lindsey and drawing out her pleasure.

It was like our bodies gave out at the same time. Lindsey went limp, and I collapsed on top of her with the dildo still buried deep inside. I stayed like that until I was able to make my limbs start working and summon enough energy to raise myself from Lindsey, remove the dildo and flop over on my back.

I looked over to Lindsey and although her eyes were closed, she had that just-fucked-afterglow look going on and it made me smile. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that look on somebody’s face and knowing you were the one that put it there. An even bigger grin was plastered to my face when I remembered the image or Casey orgasming and picturing myself bringing her there. Lindsey barely opened one eye, looked at the state I was in, and let out a content sigh.

“I’m glad it was as good for you as it was for me” She chuckled.

“I have a feeling we might get some teasing from Casey tomorrow with all of the noise we made” I stated, my mind already drifting back to images of Casey. Both satisfied and exhausted, we drifted off to sleep without another word.

I awoke the next morning still feeling the post orgasm glow even though I could see spots of cum that had dried on my body from last night. I hopped in the shower and cut my normally long and relaxing shower to a short one, wanting to see how Casey was coping this morning.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I heard Casey and Lindsey laughing. I thought that was probably the best first sign of Casey recovering I could imagine. I knew as soon as I saw the surprised guilty look on their faces that I was the butt end of the story that had caused the laughter.

“Glad you’re feeling better even if it is at my expense” I said to Casey. That got a sheepish grin.

I went over to her and hugged her, looked her straight in the eye and added “really, anything I can do to help you back to normal…” I let the thought die knowing that Casey would know I was being serious. Casey’s eye was slightly less swollen and looked like it had already started to scab over. I went over to Lindsey and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

I could see that Casey wasn’t used to seeing me kiss another woman, even if we had talked about it numerous times in college and a few times since then.

“Sorry” I said, “habit.” I added as I grinned at her.

“Well that was nothing compared to last night” Casey said under her breath just loud enough so I could hear, keeping Lindsey oblivious to our conversation.

“My house, my rules!” I quickly whispered to Casey before Lindsey noticed.

She gave me a look that said she was sorry and appreciative of the help. I gave a return look that said ‘you know I would do anything for you’. She got the message.

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