Chasing Ghosts with Grandma

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Regular people always said she was crazy. Most changed the subject when her name was brought up. They never told Greg the real story about his grandmother. So he didn’t know what to expect when at the age of thirteen his deadbeat parents dropped him off with his Grandma Midge.

What followed was years of adventure. They crisscrossed the globe together. From the snowy Arctic to the sandy deserts, but they didn’t travel for the sightseeing, they did it for work. Greg found out all those years ago that his grandmother was in a very peculiar line of work. She pursued evil spirits. Grandma Midge hunted them down and sent them back from whence they came.

She was damn good at it, too. The older woman managed to stay in great shape on the road, moving from place to place and always staying one step ahead of the bad guys. She was turning sixty by the time Greg came to her. It was a good thing because the youth and energy he brought to the table contributed to their success on the hunt. They were a team and worked together seamlessly.

Midge kept him safe during the steep learning curve that came with this life. She delighted in teaching her grandson the business. She taught him that the spirits they stalked used to rule the world. Back when fear and frustration reigned supreme. Back before humans put them on the run.

Greg learned how important the Old World was. Specifically the great civilizations that were once established around the Mediterranean. The ones that grew more powerful and more organized than any others before. They did it by developing the magics that kept evil spirits at bay. By creating techniques that could ward off those spirits. This allowed humans to flourish and the great societies to be born.

In time, humanity forgot about those spirits. And in a way we became victims of our own success. Spirits made a resurgence. They fought a bitter war against humanity in the Dark Ages, only to eventually be beaten back again by a new line of hunters. Spirit stalkers like Midge who kept them on the run and out of the news up until the present day.

Midge and Greg were on the trail of a new spirit. They’d tailed it across the states. It was a real nasty bitch that could possess humans and control them. They’d gotten close, made the spirit desperate. It couldn’t stay in any one place for long. Every day brought them closer to a showdown and it with a one-way ticket downstairs.

The spirit had a human protecting it. A misguided idiot the spirit fooled into worship of it. Greg spotted him at a convenience store near Dallas. They knew the spirit had to be close. Greg and his grandmother followed him to a vacant house where the spirit had been staying in the body of a young woman.

The spirit and her lackey managed to slip away, but not without Midge and Greg right behind. The grandmother and grandson hunting duo caught up with them on the highway and ended up a high-speed chase.

“Faster!” Midge said to her grandson at the wheel as she sat a revolver on her thigh and hurriedly flipped through a book of spells.

“Exorcism spell. What about the guy? Got anything for that?” Greg asked, steadily gaining on the fleeing truck.

Midge brandished the gun. “A pistol.”

Greg laughed. “We don’t kill people,” he said, executing a sharp turn after the truck and looking out for any police cars.

“I raised a real softie,” Midge looked over at her grandson lovingly. “We need to be prepared, darling. Let’s just get the bitch before it kills again.”

“Hear, hear.” Greg smiled.

They cut their conversation short as the truck skidded to a stop outside an abandoned warehouse in the factory district. They watched the spirit in the body of the woman make a run for it straight to the warehouse. Midge flung her car door open and hopped out with the spellbook by her side.

“Take care of the bonehead,” she said. “I’ll get the bitch.” Greg’s grandmother pursued the spirit into the factory with remarkable agility for an old broad.

Greg popped out of the car where the spirit’s human protector was waiting for him. Greg noticed with a sigh that he sure was a big son of a bitch.

“Your grandma teach you how to fight too?” the man jested. Jokes from a guy that spent his days brown-nosing dirty spirits.

“Yeah,” Greg replied, “she taught me how to take down bigger opponents.”

“How?” the guy grinned.

“I’ll show you how.” Greg delivered a swift kick to the man’s most vulnerable spot. “By not playing fair.” The guy buckled over. Greg ached for him. “Don’t worry, I’ll fetch you an ice pack after my grandma takes care of your ghoulish girlfriend.”

Greg hightailed it inside the warehouse and followed the commotion to an upper level. By the time he got there the woman was knocked out on the floor and his grandmother was standing over her.

“There you are, Greg. You missed all the fun,” his grandmother said.

Greg examined the woman. “Is she all right?”

“She will be. And the guy outside?” Midge put bursa escort the spellbook in her back pocket.

“I wouldn’t want to be him right now, but he should be okay.”

“Good work. Let’s get going before the cops show up,” she smiled.

“Good idea. Give me the spellbook and I can mark this spirit off the list,” Greg held out his hand for it.

She looked at his hand and grinned. “When did you know?” she asked. “Was it when I said good work? Is it always onto the next case with you two, Grandmommy never telling you good job?”

“No,” he answered. “It was when you called me Greg. Grandma never calls me that. I’m always her sweetheart or her darling. Especially if she was happy, which she would have been if she’d just sent your ass packing. Guess I’ll have to do that for her.”

His grandmother’s head shook. “Well see about that, darling.” She sprung off the ground at Greg. He dodged quickly and wrestled her off her feet. He knew the spirit would be weak after just possessing a new body and so also knowing his grandmother was still in there somewhere, Greg took great pains not to hurt her. The spirit fought viciously. Greg narrowly evaded his grandmother’s sharp nails as he managed to incapacitate it.

Greg carried his grandmother’s body out and found the man was still there. “Where is my mistress? Tell me!” he begged, still holding his crotch.

Greg remembered the young woman lying unconscious in the warehouse. “She’s, uh, she’s up two flights of stairs inside. Get her to the hospital.” The guy ran awkwardly into the warehouse after her.

The young man took his grandmother back to the motel where they’d spent a few nights hunting this thing. That’s where the spirit awoke tied to a radiator. Greg pulled up a chair with the spellbook on his lap.

The spirit inside Midge grinned. “Aren’t you just grandmother’s good little soldier.”

“I’m good enough to know how to handle you.” He opened the spellbook.

“I’ve got to tell you I was flattered when I heard the great Midge Bannon was on my trail.”

“I bet,” Greg replied as he thumbed through the book.

“I really thought I’d given you two the slip outside Tulsa. I racked up a hell of a body count at the border to keep you occupied.”

“I know. Grandma drove all night to get there in time to do a resuscitation spell. We saved every one of them.”

“You’re lying!” The spirit scowled.

“Grandma got the rock for the spell off the Acropolis in Athens herself. We keep extra ground up and ready in the car just in case a stupid spirit with a death wish like you goes on a killing spree. You don’t know the name Midge Bannon for nothing.”

“She’s a legend,” the spirit deftly conceded. “But legends get old. I’m inside her right now and I can feel it. She’s on the wrong side of sixty. Not as fast anymore in mind or body. She’s lucky she’s got you to pick up the slack. I’m jealous. I’ve had a lot of slaves, but none so capable and obedient as you. A true grandmomma’s boy.”

“Shut up.” He’d heard enough. He knew it wasn’t really her saying them, but it still hurt to hear some of these things coming from the mouth of his loving grandmother.

The spirit couldn’t keep quiet for long. “Other boys your age are off in college. They’re making friends and bedding coeds while you’re on the road with your grandmother chasing phantoms.”

“Found the spell. Your next words better be goodbye.”

“Wait!” Midge’s eyes widened. “Your grandmother’s more fragile than you know and I’m more powerful than you think,” it said quickly. “Exorcise me and I’ll kill her. I’ll leave a lifeless body in my wake.”

“Now you’re the one who’s lying,” Greg challenged.

“I can do it! She’ll be at her weakest during the exorcism. I’ll be able to turn her brain to jello,” the spirit threatened.

Greg hated to admit it but he worried the spirit might be able to do what it said. His grandmother had warned him that this was a strong one they were dealing with. It took a lot of power to possess a living being, maybe enough to extinguish that life during the hectic frenzy of exorcism.

He couldn’t risk losing his grandmother. The woman who’d loved him and taken care of him. He still needed her. Maybe he could live a normal life like all the other guys his age, but he wouldn’t have half as much fun or do half as much good as he did on the road with his grandma.

“You only have one option here,” the spirit told him. “Let me go and I’ll leave your grandmother’s body unharmed. I’ll possess someone else and you’ll both stop following me. Do we have a deal?”

“You won’t hurt her? How do I know I can trust you?”

“I want to switch out of this body anyway. It’s a little full in the chest for me. I’m afraid my back will start hurting.” The spirit smiled, stretching her torso and accentuating Midge’s big bosom. “You have my word I’ll leave her unharmed.”

Greg couldn’t help but eye the big breasts in front of him. His grandmother always complained that being bursa escort so large they got in the way, but she also joked that they helped her out on the hunt. They got her out of a lot of tight spots. Greg could see why.

Greg knew the spirit wouldn’t stick to its bargain. It wouldn’t pass up the chance to take out Midge Bannon. The spirit was right that he had only one option, but it wasn’t to make a deal that would free the spirit and kill his grandmother. It was the only way he knew of that might be able save his grandmother and take care of the spirit all in one.

“There’s another way,” he said.

“There isn’t one. Exorcise me and I’ll kill her.”

Greg got up and searched through his grandmother’s pack. He took out a bottle and poured some of it onto a cloth. “Water from the Nile under enchantment. It makes spirits very sleepy.”

“You can’t get rid of me when I’m sleeping, stupid. It doesn’t work that way. Now let me go!” the spirit demanded.

“It’ll allow me to move you without a fuss. Then you’ll figure out just how I’m going to get rid of you.” Greg covered his grandmother’s nose and mouth with the cloth. Her eyes closed after a few moments.

Those eyes opened again a short time later. “It worked! You did it, sweetheart. I’m back!” she exclaimed.

“Nice try, bitch. I haven’t done anything yet,” Greg replied.

His grandmother had an expression of frustration on her face as the spirit looked around. “You moved me about three feet. Tied me to the bed. Good thinking, junior. I needed a nap to regain my strength. I’m getting stronger all the time. Soon you won’t be able to throw me around so easy. You should let me go now.”

“I didn’t put you on the bed so you could nap. I thought the bed would be more comfortable.”

“Thanks. Your grandmother’s old bones were getting pretty sore crouching next to that radiator.” The spirit sighed contently, rubbing his grandmother’s body into the bed. Greg found his eyes drawn again to the overflowing breasts pressing against her worn flannel shirt.

The spirit noticed where Greg’s eyes were focused and smiled wisely. “I’m more into guys, but even I’ve got the urge to get in front of a mirror and take a gander at these puppies. Now I know why they call Midge Bannon a pair of tits with legs. So how about you let me go and I look for the both of us? I might even allow you a peek,” the spirit offered.

“I respect my Grandma Midge way too much for that,” Greg responded quickly. “No, I think I’ll just stick to my plan and fuck you right here on this bed.”

The spirit had his grandmother’s eyes blaze open. “What? That’s what you do with your grandmother? You, you’re crazy!”

Greg smiled. “Grandma told me once it was possible to get rid of an evil spirit by making the body they’re possessing orgasm. It’s like they’re forced out. It shakes the spirit right out of them.”

“That’s bullshit!” the spirit shrieked. “You’re weirder than I thought. You just want to bang grandma. Shacking up in these shitty motel rooms for years. Trying to sleep with these huge tits in the bed next to yours. You’re just trying to use this as an excuse to take Grandma Midge for a spin!” The spirit thrashed desperately at the ties holding it to the bed.

“Think what you want.” Greg unbuttoned his jeans.

“Wait! Okay! You’re hot for your grandma. Who am I to judge? I give blow jobs like you wouldn’t believe. Let me suck you off. Call me Grandma with my face full of your cock. I’ll make you cum so good.”

“Grandma Midge needs to be the one to cum.” Greg grabbed his grandmother’s body at the waist and started working her pants open.

The spirit flailed around on the bed. “No! You need me. I’m inside your grandmother right now and she’s seeing all of this. She doesn’t want you anywhere near her. I’m the one who will play body. I’ll give you this body. Your grandmother won’t. Look at these huge fucking tits. You can take them out and play with them. Stick your cock between them. Shoot your load all over them! I’ll let you do it and she won’t!”

Greg got her pants open and pulled her panties out of the way. Staring at his grandmother’s beautiful, hairy pussy made him feel guilty, but he knew what he had to do. “Nothing you say can convince me. I’m getting my grandmother back.”

“You really think you can make your grandmother cum?” The spirit laughed. “You’ll never be able to give her that kind of pleasure. You don’t have it in you, boy. This here’s a woman! You don’t stand a chance, kid.”

Greg unzipped and pulled his boxers down to unveil his hard cock. He was worried he’d feel ashamed to expose himself in front of his grandmother, but he didn’t. He knew he was doing this to help her. Then there was this other part of him. A part of him that kind of always wanted to show Grandma Midge what he was packing. They lived in such close quarters all these years. Her big, beautiful breasts were always nearby, teasing his young, impressionable eyes. Greg’s bursa eskort cock had grown just as impressive as those massive tits. He sometimes wondered how she would react if she saw it and learned that. He smiled at the spirit as he gave his big, long shaft a slow stroke.

His grandmother’s eyes bugged out and her mouth gaped. “Hold on!” the spirit pleaded. “You should know right now your grandmother hates big cocks!” it exclaimed.

Greg laughed. “You’re getting desperate.” He scooted over to her.

“Stop! Please! Your grandmother’s old and fragile. She can’t be fucked by a stallion like you anymore. Let me go and I can possess any girl on the planet for you and let you fuck their brains out! Your grandmother will be safe and I’ll help you screw the hottest models and actresses on Earth!”

Midge’s head snapped back suddenly. Her eyes flared. “Don’t listen to it, sweetheart! It’s lying! You’ve got to fuck this damn thing out of me! I’m only able to surface now for a moment because you’ve made my pussy wet, darling. It weakens her hold on me. Don’t stop fucking me until I cry out and cream all over the bed. You’ve got to do this! I love you, baby. Give me that huge cock!”

That was all the permission Greg needed. He positioned the stiff head of his manhood over her. He rubbed his tip along the slick folds of his grandmother’s vagina. Greg groaned. Still a virgin, this was closest he’d gotten to pussy. He sank his eager prick through the fleshy lips and entered her.

“You can’t do this,” the spirit pleaded again. “Your grandmother doesn’t know what she’s saying. You’ll kill her. She can’t take a big-dicked fucking! She needs rest!”

Greg slid his shaft inside. “Grandma doesn’t need rest. She needs me to get you the hell out of her.” He thrust deeper.

“Ahhh… ohh, crap! That’s big!”

Greg felt his grandmother’s body writhe under him. He didn’t know when she moaned as the inches of his cock disappeared inside her if it was his grandmother or the spirit. He decided it didn’t matter either way. Greg wasn’t expecting this to feel so good. Burying his cock in her pussy was the best feeling of his life. Her cunt’s wet, warm depths thrilled his cock. Gave him the kind of pleasure you have to experience to believe.

Midge’s vaginal walls clamped down around her grandson’s thick girth. The first tremors of pleasure were having the effect of reinvigorating her in her fight against the spirit. She closed her eyes and whimpered. “Shit, that’s a fat dick! Fuck me, darling!” she cried.

Greg slipped most of his cock out and then plunged it back inside her smothering, gripping passage. He thrust his thick, veined manhood in and out of his grandmother.

“Ugh! This feels incredible!” Greg pounded her tight entrance.

“So cum then!” the spirit hissed. “Do it, junior,” the spirit implored him. Midge’s snatch clenched down and clutched his pulsing dick with incredible strength. “Cum inside your grandmother’s sweet pussy right now!”

Greg knew the game the spirit was playing. “Grandma has to cum.”

Greg plowed her tight channel with his hard prick as she moaned and wailed. Her body began to shake and her eyes flared. “Yesss… fuck me! Ohhh, ssssshit.” Greg could feel her hot pussy convulsing around his girth. “You’re pushing me over!” she exclaimed. “I’m regaining control. Don’t stop fucking me, darling! We’ve got her on the ropes. I’m gonna cum so hard if you keep pounding me like this!”

The young man smiled at his grandmother. They kissed for the first time. Their tongues twisted together as his hips kept up their furious pace. “I’m trying not to cum, but it feels so good, Grandma!” he said.

Midge thrashed against the bed. “Rip my shirt off and pinch my fat, hard fucking nipples! Play with these big, old tits and you’ll work Grandma up to the biggest fucking orgasm of her life, baby!”

Greg thought up until that point that exposing his grandmother’s breasts would be too crude or disrespectful. With her permission he tore the buttons of her shirt open. He yanked her bra out of the way, down her torso, and revealed her great, big titties to his hungry eyes.

They were huge and soft, tipped with veins. He grabbed handfuls of her hot tit flesh and groped them roughly. Greg got kind of close to a girl on one of their hunts and got to touch her breasts a couple times when his grandmother wasn’t looking. They were nothing like this. A woman’s breasts. Full, overflowing, heavenly treasures. Greg took the stiff nub nipples between his fingers and pinched and plucked at them.

“You can’t do this!” the spirit cried one last time, feeling its strength sapped. Midge fought back and kissed her grandson again. A sheen of sweat coated her body. She felt a massive orgasm approaching. It was like a volcano building up and gaining steam inside her body, waiting to be unleashed. She could feel her sweet grandson’s dick hit something so deep within in, driving her mad with pleasure.

“They’re beautiful. The most beautiful things I’ve ever seen,” Greg remarked of her impressive rack. He kneaded and massaged the soft flesh while continuing his frenzied thrusting. Something was building inside him too. He couldn’t hold it back much longer. Steaming hot cum brewed and boiled in his balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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