Cheating in Pregnancy

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Cheryal had a secret. A secret that was shared between not one, not two, but three furs in total. The shark could have gotten away with it easily too, considering that the ultrasounds had shown that the baby inside her was shark-like in their body, taking more after her than their father. At least, that was to an extent that the hammerhead shark felt that she could cover up, while she was still dating her boyfriend. And she was sure that the horns on the cheeks that appeared to be slowly forming, through the follow-up ultrasound that she had already attended, could be mistaken for tusks, something to do with them being a hybrid baby.

They would be loved even more for where they had come from, for the child within her was not the offspring of her warthog boyfriend’s at all, oh no. No… They belonged to the blue dragon whose lips were crushed to hers, tumbling through the door of her two-person student flat, a small abode but more than good enough for their second year of studying.

Kao kissed her passionately, his wings raised like his erection, hard and throbbing, aching through him. He barely even paused to smack on the light switch, bashing the flat of his palm into the wall before succeeding, a low snarl ripping itself from his lips. She kissed him back just as passionately and he groaned, inwardly thanking any listening gods (even though he was not religious at all) that it was not far to their bedroom.

All the while, his blue-scaled paws rested on the large, rounded curve of her stomach, evidence of her pregnancy. And it was his dragonet in there, a merging between shark and dragon genes, something and someone that was inherently his that could never be taken away from him.

He didn’t know quite why it was so hot to know that he’d knocked someone up, though it was all that he felt he needed, snarling and pushing on, bearing her back and down to the bed, the old mattress that was a little on the squeaky side. There was nothing to be done about that, not when there was so much lust going on between them, flaring and sparking, twisting and turning in a heated swathe of passion.

Clothes flew through the air, yanked off hastily, twisted around limbs and under armpits, Kao’s T-shirt only half-off in the dim light of the bedroom as he growled and pushed over her. The hammerhead shark moaned, blinking slowly, his shaft aching against her thigh, needing her snatch, though she was already more than simply wet between her legs, as desperate for the sexy drake as she was escort bursa for him.

“Mmm…” She moaned, rolling onto her side, grinding back against his hard-on with her tail raised, allowing easy access to her sex, however Kao pleased. “God, it’s been too long… Fuck me, Kao! I need to feel like a real stud is breeding me again!”

She kinda still loved Blake, to be fair to her, but, well… Oh, it was complicated. And Cheryal knew that she may not have wanted to be with Kao “forever and ever”, but he was still a hot fuck and made her feel as if she was going to climax so hard that she’d pass out. When he made her feel that damn good, however could she be asked to do anything else?

Cheryal groaned deeply, gutturally, glad that her roommate was not home — or, at least, she hoped that she was not. Not that they talked or got on all that well anyway, but she needed that privacy, all to feel his hot length of dragon meat sliding into her, deeper and deeper with every passing moment, stretching her out and spreading her folds so that she ached around him. Yet it was all so very much in the best of ways, muscles tensing, wanting to lash her tail but resisting in time so that she did not smack him in the face with the fins of her tail. That would not have been very sexy.

Her moans were genuine as he pounded her, not slowing or abating in the slightest with her pregnancy. Her eyes glittered. Oh, it was sexy, so fucking sexy, how he fucked her like that, knowing that she was strong enough, more than simply so, while Blake…well…the boar didn’t know how to please a lady. He could get her off sometimes, but that was about it on that front. His cock was average size and he didn’t even understand that it was not all about grunting and thrusting, not when it came to her pleasure. Sure, he got off in her, but he was even lighter and gentler since her pregnancy, as if he was afraid more than ever of hurting her. Cheryal grunted, eyes half-closed, the driving jab of Kao’s cock striking a particularly sweet spot inside her. As if he could hurt a shark like her!

Kao was too caught up in the moment to even consider what was going on in the hammerhead shark’s head, thrusting deeply, using his glutes to pound into her as they lay on their sides, her back to his chest. With her developing pregnancy, he knew that it was one of the easiest positions for her to have sex in, as simply being on her back could cause her to feel like she was being squashed, the weight of her belly and the “dragonet” inside too much for her sometimes.

Not that Cheryal would have changed anything, of course, and neither would Kao as he ground into her, nipping and kissing and nibbling at the back of her neck, relishing in just how her hot pussy closed around him. She was even sexier when she was pregnant, his paw possessively on the round rise of her stomach, stroking it, teasing it, letting her feel the weight of him görükle escort there holding her. And she was hornier too — which was most likely exactly why Blake wasn’t able to satisfy her in that way, if the warthog could ever have been said to have been able to satisfy her at all in the first place. That was not something that Kao wanted to dig into, however, when he was balls-deep in the sexy hammerhead.

She rocked back against him the little that she was able to, moaning out his name, twisting back and forth, though her belly restricted her motion as much as the drake behind her. The strength of him showed through his muscles more than Blake’s power had ever come through with his gut and that strengthening layer of fat over him. He was into football, a quarterback, but that didn’t mean that she wanted to be with him forever. Even if everyone thought that she was carrying his baby.

No… No matter. She’d have her fun where she could get it, moaning, grunting, his cock driving deep, her passage feeling as if it was closing more and more tightly around him. Her head spun, skin prickling, though she could not sweat, heaving and panting, her bare breasts rolling with every lungful she snatched up for herself. Cheryal arched back, lifting her leg higher, showing off what flexibility she had, the lewd slop of his cock driving into her filling the room. She’d once thought that it was too embarrassing to “hear” sex happening, but had come to enjoy it more and more, especially when she’d been sneaking around with Kao fucking in semi-public places. It was most likely around the back of their college building, the main one where the sciences were taught, when she’d been up in his arms against the wall, kissing him deeply while she took climax after climax into her needy cunt.

She shuddered in his arms and Kao growled, bearing into her all the harder, his paw dropping from her belly to finger her clit, though her folds were spread already delightfully wide around his hot length. As much as he would have liked to bring her off with his cock alone, it was not quite possible in that position, though he made a mental note to see how much he could get her to squirt before her next college class, back in the week. Knowing that she was sitting there squirming with wet panties through a lecture… The drake growled, thrusting harder. Fuck, that was hot.

The shark had never been meant to hold back from her orgasm, not in the slightest, moaning out loud as the curtains fluttered in the breeze and he crammed her full of his dick. Kao fucked her like it was the last time they would ever come together, making the most of the moment, slamming and thrusting, the bed creaking and blowing under the shifting weight of their bodies. Yet the pulsing ripple of her pussy around his shaft was entirely out of her control as she rolled her hips back all over again, lost in the moment, crying out bursa escort bayan his name. In fact, his name had not been uttered from her lips in the throes of passion for a rather long time indeed.

As orgasm coursed through her, Kao grunted, grinding his teeth together, clenching his jaw so hard that a muscle jumped in the corner of it. Yet every fibre of his being was focused on holding off, letting his orgasm linger in the back of his mind, as much as he could have cum in seconds if he had allowed himself to.

That was not the point of it, not for him, not when he knew that the sexy shark could have even more in store for him afterwards…

And she did — oh, how she did! He growled as she wriggled away from him, delighting in the afterglow of her orgasm, yet still as horny as ever. God, he loved that about her being pregnant, though Kao hardly felt that there was all that much difference from the usual sparkle in her eyes, how she was always ready and up for fun.

“Mmm… What a stud,” she crooned teasingly, though she meant every word too. “Come here, Kao… Let me know you how a real shark mom takes care of those that are good to her.”

She shivered, slipping to her knees beside the bed, letting Kao perch there while she sank back, rather than kneeling more upright. It was a more comfortable position for her stomach than other positions and allowed her to take his cock into her mouth, careful of her teeth and moaning around him as she tasted her own juices on his hot length. The thickness of it forced her to open her jaws more widely than normal but she was more than happy to do that for him, for Kao, suckling down the dragon’s cock while he moaned and rolled his hips.

“Yeah, baby… Just like that…”

Yes, yes… He had to cum, eyes half-closed, stroking her face, around the curves of her hammerhead shape, what gave her species their name. But he didn’t hold back for a single moment longer as he let out a hardly muted or muffled roar, ejaculating into her mouth, letting her wonderful tongue do its work, lashing down what of his length it could reach, pressing deeper. She did not suck but let him thrust, taking her as he pleased, though Kao ended up a little more limited due to his position, gentler than he could have been.

And it was that which made the moment exactly what it needed to be, every thrust sinking sweetly, her tongue flickering up to collect his cum, feeding it down her throat as she gulped and swallowed. The gills on the sides of her neck fluttered, though she did not need to use them to breathe when she was out of the water, being a hybrid of sorts with evolution, his fingers gently teasing them, the sensitive flaps of skin and flesh, Cheryal whimpering as she drew back.

With his orgasm spent, she kissed the tip of his cock, shooting him a cheeky smile, wet between her thighs as her pussy drooled and dripped her own juices, her arousal still high.

“Round two, Kao?” She said with a grin. “You know Blake won’t be up for it after a few drinks.”

Kao met her grin with his own. As if he would ever say no to her!

Cheating in pregnancy was, after all, half the fun.

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