Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 01

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The football coach stormed into the President’s Office. With his face turning shades of purple, he screamed, “I will NOT let cheerleaders use our varsity weight room! Look at this letter! ‘Since our prior attempts at settling this issue informally have been unsuccessful, this letter is a formal notice that the University Cheerleading Team is requesting access to work out at the varsity team fitness center at the Varsity Field House. Please be aware that we are prepared to pursue all remedies available through Title IX.’ This sounds like blackmail.”

“Now, Coach Murphy, please have a seat and take a deep breath. The main campus student fitness center has become much more crowded this year due to the success of our fitness promotions and intramural competitions, so the University-level teams do need to use separate facilities. Furthermore, I’ve seen the letter and discussed it with our legal counsel. Coach Cortez is well within the law to request access…”

“But that varsity weight room is for my football players! They’re the elite athletes on campus!”

“Coach Murphy, first, please remember that the football program only survives because of some creative accounting arrangements with the alumni. You definitely do NOT want outside lawyers nosing around into your program and ferreting out the schemes that keep your funding well above the women’s sports. Second, Coach Cortez has taken the Cheerleading Team to Nationals eight out of the last ten years, but your football program hasn’t even been competitive in their league once during that time. You might want to rethink which team should be treated as ‘elite athletes’.”

As he strode out of the office with a nasty scowl, Coach Murphy threatened, “I’ll give them access, but I suppose if they don’t like it the first time, they won’t bother coming back!”

The cheerleading team arrived at the Varsity Field House the next day wearing campus logo tee-shirts and sweatpants. If the rumors were true, this gym had truly professional equipment, and they were eagerly looking forward to their first workout here. When they entered the lobby, however, ten burly football players moved to block the door of the weight room, crossed their arms across their chests, and glared down at the girls.

Liz, the squad captain spoke up, “Look guys, we think you’re great. Remember, we’re the ones who are at the games every week to support you. We gave you your privacy ankara escort bayan up here as long as we could, but the main gym is so crowded this year that we won’t be able to get into top shape for Nationals. We’re a varsity team and we need to use the varsity gym.”

Josh, the football team captain retorted, “Hey little girls, why don’t you just go back to your dorm rooms and find some pink dumbbells and stretchy bands.”

“Look, pound-for-pound, I’ll bet we’re stronger than you. If we prove that we can outlift you, will you let us work out in peace?”

“Bring it on, babe! ‘Cause when you can’t, you’ll have to slink back to the main campus pits in shame.”

“Let’s go,” Liz declared. “I’ll even let you pick the lifts.”

“Bicep curls, bench press, and leg press,” Josh sneered.

“OK, so which of you guys have the best in each of those?”

“Me. All three,” Josh said, puffing out his chest.

“I should have guessed,” was her wry reply. “All right, show us your best curl.”

Josh loaded an E-Z curl bar to 160 pounds, stood up with it, and sloppily swung it up to shoulder height.

“Hmm. I don’t think the trainer would think too much of your form on that lift, but I guess it will have to do.” She pulled a calculator out of her gym bag. “How much do you weigh?”

“Two-eighty,” he said proudly.

“Since all of us are under one-twenty, I’ll multiply your lift by 120/280, giving… 68 pounds. Let’s set that bar to seventy.” When it was ready, she continued, “Okay, who wants to attempt 70 pounds?” Every girl in the squad stepped forward. “Alright, you only need to do one rep to match the guys’ record, but don’t be shy.”

Ignoring the stares of the football players, the first cheerleader picked up the bar, did five reps with perfect form and handed it to the next, who did another five and passed it down the line.

Liz added ten pounds to the bar and announced, “Who up for 80 pounds?” Five stepped forward and each taking the bar in turn, did two or three perfect reps. Liz turned to Josh and stated “Now, I suppose that in case you’re thinking of something personal, captain-to-captain, I’ll let you see an attempt at 90.” Adding the requisite ten pounds to the bar, she stood, set her shoulders, and with her elbows motionless at her hips, started the bar moving upwards. Her body swayed slightly as the heavy weight moved forward in its arc, but mersin escort bayan she refused to lean or use momentum to cheat. The bar slowed down to almost a stop at ninety degrees, but with one final effort, she got it past the sticking point and hoisted the bar to her shoulders.

“That was three-quarters of my bodyweight, which for you would be a curl of 215 pounds, but I don’t think you’re quite there yet. Time for bench, boys.”

Furious, Josh placed 360 pounds on the bar and laid down on the bench.

“Wait, man! You’re record is only 350,” interjected a teammate.

“Shut up, you asshole! We’ve got to beat these girls.”

Josh hoisted the weight off the rack. With jaw tensed even more than his chest and arms, he let the weight descend. Bouncing it off his chest, he muscled it upwards. The bar tilted as his left arm balked at the extra load, but finally he managed it up to arm’s length and dropped it back into the rack.

Liz got out her calculator again, “Twenty eight percent over bodyweight. Sounds good. Sarah, can you please set up the bar for 155 for us?”

Instead of the one strongest cheerleader trying to match that one repetition, each woman took her turn on the bench, did five clean lifts and replaced the bar. Liz raised the weight to 180 and each cheerleader did one competition-perfect lift, pausing the bar at her chest and keeping the bar’s motion smooth and level. Ignoring the fury in Josh’s eyes, Liz added another twenty pounds to the bar, and four of the women took turns pressing the weight. With stares from the football team, Liz stripped the smaller plates and placed a second 45 pound plate on each side.

Laying back on the bar, she positioned herself solidly and took the weight off the rack. Lowering the weight to touch her tee-shirt, she paused, then with a very slow motion, inched the bar back up to full height. Stretching her shoulders as she stood up, she addressed Josh again, “225 is 45 percent over bodyweight, which for you, would mean a bench press of five hundred twelve pounds. Impressive enough?”

“We’ll see,” he growled as he stormed over to the leg press machine. Loading 420 pounds onto the sled, he braced himself underneath it, released the lock, bent his legs down, and with a maximal-effort grimace, forced the weight back up.

“Really? That’s the best?” Liz asked. “Anyone else care to try?’

Josh retorted, “I’ve got the izle team record, of course. What are you implying?”

A hulking player walked around and started adding weight to the apparatus. “Tank!” Josh yelled, “What do you think you’re doing? I’ve got the team record.”

“No offense, Josh,” Tank replied quietly. “We know that holding the team weightlifting records is good for your confidence as captain, but you shouldn’t let your pride and ego get in the way here. These ladies got game, and they deserve to measure themselves against our best.”

“But Tank,” Josh’s protests degenerated into a whine, “I’ve got the team record.”

“Sorry, dude, but now you know why I never work legs while you’re in the gym,” Tank explained. He climbed into the equipment and did a clean leg press at 500 pounds.

“Thank you, Tank,” Liz said softly. The cheerleaders removed plates from both sides to set the load to 215 pounds. Each cheerleader in turn got into position and did ten easy repetitions with that weight. Liz added a plate to make 260 and each of her squad did five smooth repetitions. Adding another plate to make 305 was finally challenging, but each made one or two successful lifts. One more plate brought the sled to 350. Liz slid in, did one clean lift, and then climbed out and turned to face the guys.

“That was three times my bodyweight, which would be over eight hundred pounds for you guys. Is there any one of you who still thinks that we’re not strong enough to deserve to work out here?” Their silence and posture of defeat answered her question louder than words.

Liz continued to address the room, “If you spread the word to the other players that no one should hassle us, we promise to keep the results of this little demonstration a secret forever. But we don’t want to be just tolerated – we’d like to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Since there are no fuddy-duddy athletic department staff members watching up here, we cheerleaders put together some new workout outfits. Show them, girls!”

The cheerleaders pulled off their baggy tee-shirts and sweatpants. Their skintight shorts highlighted their firm, tight asses. The tops appeared to be sports bras that had been cut extra low to reveal the swells of their breasts and their stunning cleavages. In between was a landscape of tight waistlines and exquisitely sculptured abs. Their legs were shapely beyond description, and their arms and shoulders showed solid curves of muscle. They looked like a lineup of hottest fitness models dressed in the tightest music-video outfits.

Looking at the football players’ ear-to-ear smiles, Liz declared, “Time to rock this gym!”

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