Cheerleader vs. Lesbian Bully Pt. 05

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I watched that beast Tanya force my beautiful Maryann to grind her neatly trimmed bush back and forth over her tangled jungle of cunt hairs. Meanwhile Natasha again began rubbing her pussy hairs up and down my now soaked ass. Soaked it was, as that perverted dyke bitch sprayed her cum all over my ass letting tiny droplets of her juices slide down the crack of my ass and enter my exposed sex. The strong black teen was inserting her fingers in and out of my pussy like an over heated piston. I tried, I really tried to hold back my need to cum but Natasha was bringing my body to the point of no return and I could no longer stop the inevitable orgasm rising between my thighs.

Looking at my poor baby getting her ass slapped by that fat piece of shit only made my orgasm even more humiliating than I even thought possible. I watched Tanya heave her hips upward, matching Maryanns thrusts as she also came and screamed out her approaching climax. My body froze as I heard that fat beast tell her daughter Natasha that when she’s finished fucking me, to tell her, so she could get a crack at fucking that stuck up cunt teasing blonde. She then went on to tell her daughter that Beth thinks she’s better than me, just wait til I get her over my lap. All I knew I had to stop Tanya from getting her hands on me, I just had to.

Natasha finished her humping of my ass and marched me out of Maryanns bedroom and into mine but fate intervened as she tripped on a piece clothing and landed head first hitting the corner of the coffee table. Blood was everywhere as a gash formed on her forehead. Out if pure instinct I cried out for help as I tried to stop the bleeding. Maryann and Tanya quickly came into the living room. To my surprise my daughter went to comfort her, telling Natasha not to die and that she loves her, meanwhile Tanya was having a melt down accusing me of deliberately trying to hurt her precious daughter and it was all my fault.

My head was spinning, my daughter loves Natasha. How could she love someone who just raped me. Maryann was behaving like a love starved teenage brat as she fawned over the stricken girl hugging and kissing her, istanbul travesti begging her to get better. Telling her that she can’t live without her. Tanya on the other hand was giving me a look like she wanted to kill me. I had no idea if all this high school babbling was real or not but one thing I did know there was no way my daughter was going to ever see that perverted dyke bitch ever again.

It was now Monday morning and all four of us were sitting in Mr Howard office. He listened carefully to Natasha and Maryann who were telling him that it was just a lovers spat and they were both sorry. Tanya then broke in threatening him with a law suit and protests if be didn’t reinstate her precious daughter. He asked the girls why he should believe them, told them to prove it by making out. It didn’t take much encouragement for the two teenagers to engage in deep kissing slurping each others tongues. Mr Howard was obviously enjoying himself as he told Natasha to feel up Maryanns tits, meanwhile Tanya put her hand in my thigh trying to get under my skirt. Thankfully that came to an abrupt halt as I dug my sharp nails deep into Tanyas invading hand causing her to withdraw her meaty paw from under my skirt.

Mr Howard who was now starting to drool caught himself and told the girls he would reinstate Natasha but warned them about fighting on school grounds.

As the four of us left heading toward the parking lot, Natasha was holding hands with Maryann and Tanya was asking me out for a dinner date. I didn’t want to cause a scene with either one of those perverted bitch’s so I told her I would check my calendar just so I could get Maryann and myself back into our car and safety back to the house. When we got back home I found myself in a screaming match with my daughter. I told her under no circumstances would I allow her to see Natasha again and as far as me having dinner with her sadistic mother I’d sooner throw up than be forced to kiss that awful woman.

Weeks went by, Maryann and I barely spoke to each other other. In the end I gave in to her lesbian desires for Natasha and allowed her to see her but istanbul travestileri she was absolutely not welcome in my house. I couldn’t for the life in me see what she saw in that awful black teen. One day she asked me if I would ever go out with Tanya, she went on to tell me that Natasha says her mom has a real crush on you and fingers herself every night as she watch’s you do the weather on channel 47. Beside mom I know all about how you orgasmed when she had you over her knee spanking your ass red. I was outraged listening to her as Maryann reminded me how much I enjoyed tongue fucking Tanya as I humped her hand with the crotch of my panties. So mom we both know how she turned you on, so how about giving her another chance and go out with her.

Go out with her what is wrong with my daughter that ugly excuse for a woman raped me and again my anger git the best of me as we had another Mother Daughter argument. Two weeks later Maryann broke the ice between us and asked if I would go to the Halloween costume contest being held at the school. She told me we would dress up and compete with the other parents and their kids. I reluctantly agreed hoping we could finally get this whole Natasha, Tanya thing behind us as she told me that she had a falling out with the black teenage dyke and it was now over between them.

Maryann and myself went to party city looking for Halloween costumes to wear to the school dance and contest. She picked out a cute Tinkerbelle outfit and she talked me into buying a sexy Robin Hood costume which when we got home turned out to be way to tight so I couldn’t wear any panties which left nothing to the imagination. Fortunately the ragged green top was long enough to cover my privates but still the green tights accented the crack of my ass as well as the mound between my thighs. The costume also included a pair of beige boots, plastic knife and a green cap with a bright red feather. looking at myself in the mirror I realized how absolutely sexy I was. I thought to myself that perv Mr Howard will problem get so excited that he might have a heart attack. It couldn’t happen to a travesti istanbul nicer guy and if Natasha and her mother Tanya have the nerve to show up I’ll proudly strut around the school gym giving those two bitch’s an eyeful of a hot looking Robin Hood. Again looking at the mirror, I was admiring myself hoping that pathetic woman Tanya would be there so I could bend over in front of her, letting her gaze upon my perfect ass and then when she comes on to me I’d slap her across her face and tell her what a loser she was.

When the two if us entered the gym it seemed the entire school couldn’t keep their eyes off of us, especially me. Everything was going great until Natasha and her ugly mother Tanya showed up. Natasha was dressed as a Zulu warrior it even included a plastic spear, while her mother was dressed up as the TV actress Xena, short black leather skirt with matching boots. Frankly she looked more like a dominatrix than a TV adventure character. It took a while but eventually Tanya came up next to me as I was getting a drink from the plastic punch bowl and told me how much she wanted to fuck my brains out. I winced as I felt her hand go under my green shirt and grabbed my ass giving it a gentle squeeze. Without even thinking what I was doing I grabbed the punch bowl and dumped it over her head. To my surprise and delight she fled the gym to the howls of laughter from those attending the dance. I was feeling a sense of power as I watched that fat piece of lard flee to the exit.

Everything was going splendidly until I spotted my daughter in a dark hallway making out with Natasha. I tried to break things up between the two girls only to be rebuffed by Maryann who told me to leave and told me Natasha would drive her home.I was almost in tears as I headed back home. It bothered me to be alone in the house but I changed the locks and put in security cameras since that terrible evening that we were both sexually molested by those two evil bitch’s, molested, the right word to describe that evening was rape.

Once in the house i decided to make myself a strong drink and then take a bubble bath and scrub off Tanyas hand print on my ass but I stopped as I heard the door open. I was glad it meant Maryann was home early hopefully they broke up a second time bur as I entered the living room standing before me still dressed in her costume was Tanya holding a wood paddle in her hand.

To be finished in part 6

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