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A true story

Another visit to Aromas, CHERRY.

On the 9th September 2002, I was feeling a little down, sore and tired so I decided to treat myself to a massage. I decided to go to Aromas in Panmure again as they have one of the cheaper massage prices, an hour massage for only $35.00. I didn’t intend to have any extras this time so I didn’t have very much cash with me.

A tall, slim reasonably attractive Thai lady, who could speak good English, met me out the counter and asked me if I wanted a massage. I told her that I did and booked an hour massage with her. She told me her name was Cherry and she also told me her Thai name but I cannot remember it. I had been to Aromas several times before and most other times I had partaken of the extras that were on offer. I had fucked many of the girls there, some of them BB, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

Cherry took me to the first massage room, which had a large double bed and a massage table in it. I went off to have my shower, which unfortunately was not in the room. Well I guess if you pay a cheaper price, you don’t expect top class facilities. When I came back, Cherry asked me to get on the massage table and she started to give me an excellent massage. It was a blend of Thai, without the pain and Chinese. While she was doing this we talked freely about all sorts of things. I can’t remember what we talked about but probably about each other’s lives, how long she had been in New Zealand and how long she had been doing massages. She had been in New Zealand for 9 months and had been doing massages for less than two, having first worked in a couple of Thai restaurants.

When I was asked to turn over, I was able to look at her more closely. Although she could not be called beautiful, she was attractive with a very pleasant manner. She was about 5’4″ 95lbs, 34a, 22, 33, and very slim. She is rather dark but almost too many teeth in her mouth. However, we got on very well and I was attracted to her. She had a sensuousness about her, which was unmistakable. I liked her. However, I knew that I didn’t have enough money on me for the extras that I would have liked, so I said nothing. She continued with her excellent massage, which was relaxing, while we continued talking.

We must have been 40 minutes into our hour when she asked me if I would like any extras. I asked her how much and she said, “$60.00 for blowjob or $80.00 for full service.” I knew I only had about $60.00 on me so I said to her, “$60.00 for full service.” After a moments hesitation, she agreed to this.

I got off the massage table while Cherry got out a condom, placed it on the bed and started to take off her clothes. She was very slim with very small breast, but to my eyes she was very sexy and attractive. I wanted to be inside her bare back and that was what I was going to try and do.

When Cherry was almost naked, she was still facing me so I moved over to her and started to caress and kiss her. She responded in kind, but she was a little reluctant in the kissing mecidiyeköy escort department, but what she did, she did very well. I removed her panties and pushed her into a sitting position on the side of the bed. I continued kissing her on her lips before I moved down to her breasts. She then started to move away from me and pulling me with her, moved into a prone position on the bed., where we continued kissing. I was fully on top of her at this stage. While I was there, I grabbed the condom and hid it under the pillow. I could tell that Cherry was aroused, as I had hoped she would be but I wanted to get her really horny.

I moved down to kiss her breasts, where I feasted for a short time before moving further down to attack her pussy. If was clean, fresh, wet and sweet, as I lapped up her juices. She was becoming more aroused and in a short time she began to cum. When I sensed this happening, I moved up on her and using my hand inserted myself into her while at the same time planting my lips on hers. Cherry moved her head to the side and whispered, “Condom”, while her hand searched around for the condom. Of course she couldn’t find it as it had been previously been hidden. She moved her pelvis around to try to avoid my penetrations, but these became weaker as she became more aroused. However she was too arouse and continued to come as I thrust into her and continued to kiss her. Now she was responding in kind as she was so aroused. But I could tell that she would have preferred for me to have been covered. I preferred it being the way I was. Deep inside a wet, will pussy without any barrier. Although she had had children, she was still tight, about 2.5 on the ten scale, with 1 being the tightest. Although I had cum myself the day before, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Within three minutes of entering her, I knew I was going to come and to be better for her, I withdrew and came on her Mon Venus.

When I had calmed down, I continued to talk with her and assure her that I had nothing, having recently had a checkup and had the certificate. I told her that I preferred it without a cover and that I was more likely to catch something from her, rather than she from me. We continued to kiss in-between the talking and I moved my pelvis on top of her. It wasn’t long that I became arouse again at this and again I slipped inside her warm, wet willing vagina. Our kissing became more passionate and she moved with me, opening her legs wider to give me easier access to her wetness. We were now just as lovers would be. We were making love rather than a man paying a woman to have sex. It was just fantastic.

Soon she began to cum again and not long after her, I came again, but this time inside her. Coming twice within 15 minutes for a male who is almost 53 is no mean feat, but I had been so aroused and horny with her, as she was with me. But it had been a fantastic session and I knew I would come back to see her again.

I didn’t want to have a shower as I wanted to go home with her so merter escort when she asked me if I wanted one, I declined. She did give me a card from her work and she put her personal phone number on it. Although I had not gone there intending to have extras, I was glad I had partaken of her wetness in the condition that we did. I would be back. And I was.

9th September 2002.

I went back to see her again a week later but this time, when we got into the room, she said she was having her period, so we couldn’t have sex. I didn’t think that would stop me but I would see how far I could go. Cherry offered to massage me, but I told her that I didn’t want a massage but I wanted to cuddle with her and I asked her to get undress and get on the bed with me. Cherry didn’t want to remove her panties but when she got on the bed with me, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a sanitary pad so I assumed she was wearing a tampon. When I asked her about this, she said she wasn’t wearing one.

Cherry tried to give me a massage but as I had hold of her, she wasn’t able to do this. I pulled her down beside me and started to kiss her. This time she was not as responsive as she had been the first time, but she returned my kisses. I knew I had to get her aroused so I tried to do this.

I kissed her a little more while my hands were roaming over her body. I then moved down to her breasts. Cherry is the second Thai lady I have come (cum) across that gets very aroused when having her breast stimulated. The first one, Chulee, would spread her legs after having her breast caressed for only a couple of minutes. Cherry wasn’t quite as fast as this but she wasn’t far behind.

Cherry were quickly showed sighs of being aroused so while I was doing this my hands went down and slipped into her panties. There I started to stroke her pubes, looking for her clitoris. When I found it, I stimulated this as well and she came to a much higher state of arousal. I wanted the panties out of the way so I started to move them down. Cherry moved up and allowed me to take them off completely. I continued my administrations, still kissing her and when I could tell that she was very arouse, I moved her hand to my penis, which she started to stroke. Soon she started to cum and when she did, I moved very quickly on top of her and entered her warm wet, willing wetness. Wow! I was inside her again, exactly how I wanted to be. She was aroused and as she hadn’t thought we would be having sex, she didn’t have a condom out. She did mention that she wanted to use a condom but I said, as we hadn’t used one last time, it would be all right this time. She seemed to accept this.

We moved passionately together as she built up to another orgasm. We rested after this and she asked me if I had cum. I told her I had not because usually once a man has cum her is done. I moved off her and motioned for her to get on top of me, which she did and put me inside her again. She moved on top of me well, but I knew that I wouldn’t cum this time. I don’t pendik escort really need to cum and more often than not, I try not to so that I can make love for longer. Most working girls want you to cum as quickly as you can so they can get on with the next customer. With Cherry she seemed to be different somewhat because she never rushed me.

This was another excellent session with her but I didn’t cum. After we finished, I did shower as I had quite a bit of menstrual blood on me. I demonstrated to her how a condom reduces the sensation for a man. I don’t believe it makes any difference to a woman unless she is dry and there is too much friction. Then it can be painful for her. Without a condom, a lubricant is not often needed provided the woman is aroused.

Anyway I asked for a condom, which I opened. I asked her to rub her finger on my hand lightly so she was able to feel the surface of it. I then put the condom on her finger and asked her to do the same again. Then she could see the difference that the condom makes. I told her that I wanted to see her regularly and exclusively provided it was always the same. $60.00 and bare back. I wanted her to shake on this, but at first she only offered me her fist, before shaking on it.

Since then, I have not had sex with any other woman and every time I have seen her, the sex has got better. I did offer her the opportunity to pose for some sex photographs, but she declined on that. (Again picture is only to give an idea and is not Cherry.)

24th October 2002.

I saw her again and she was pleased to see me if it was only for my money. However, I feel she has some fondness for me. This time I gave her a short massage on her back, as she was feeling a bit sore there. I went to kissing her lips, face, breasts and allover, causing her to become more aroused. I then feasted on her Bee before going up and entering her again. Again she came while I was inside her wetness. I had a break after about 10 minutes and Cherry thought I had finished but I knew that I would not come today.

She was facing away from me and I continued to stroke her while we talked. I then entered her from the rear and this time she moved into unusual positions. First she went down so the her head was down by her and my feet so that it was like fucking her while she was upside down while she was on her side. She then moved on top of me while still facing away from me. She changed positions several times but I still didn’t cum this session. I find that many working girls “worry” about this as they feel that the man hasn’t enjoyed himself if he hasn’t cum. Cherry was the same so I had to keep reminding her.

It always seemed like the next session was better than the one before. Perhaps the last time I saw her wasn’t as good as the best, but it was still excellent. I think she has some feelings for me beyond just being a provider of money for her and I have treated her well. She has cum at least twice in each session that I have had with her and often more than that. I have been seeing her exclusively and now that I have found an excellent partner without all the hassles of a girlfriend, I will keep it that way, unless I miraculously find someone else. Perhaps one in 50 working girls give this kind of service and less that one in 100 will do it BB. So I am very fortunate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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