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It was April, 1951 and mother had been dead for four months. Barbara, whom I suspected was fucking my father, was taking care of my sister and brother for the weekend. She was a vivacious twenty year old redhead who lived close to us. Father had her stay with them as often as she could, and I think he gave her a good fucking as a partial payment just before she went home.

We were going to the city to visit a lady whom father knew through his job. She lived on the south side of Chicago near Comiskey Park and it just so happened the Yankees were in town for the weekend. Since I was a baseball fan, father knew I would want to take in the Saturday and Sunday games which would leave him and Lillian alone to do their things.

We arrived around six o’clock and went to the door. This somewhat attractive black haired lady opened the door and greeted us very enthusiastically, giving my father a very long kiss on the lips. I suspect there may have been some French kissing going on too, but I’m not sure. She said “You must be John. I’ve heard so many nice things about you and I am glad you came to visit with your father. Please just call me Lil though.”

She told me where I could put my bag and showed me the bedroom on the second floor where I would sleep.

I was quick to notice she was wearing beige full fashioned stockings and I could see a great mass of coal black hair matted upward by them. She was wearing a knee length black skirt and a black sleeveless blouse. When she raised her arm up and put it on fathers shoulder I could also see she had a vast growth of black armpit hair. So it became readily apparent she did not shave her body hair.

She told us dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes and she knew father needed a gin martini to quench the thirst of the drive. She knew I was eighteen and offered me one, but I declined in favor of a soft drink. She reached into the refrigerator to retrieve the martini pitcher, bending over as she did so. I quickly noticed a black garter strap straining on her beige stocking, so I knew right away she was wearing either a black garter belt or garter girdle. I also saw a flash of sheer material around the top of her stockings, so I concluded she might be wearing black Directoire Knickers. I knew what they were as I had seen women wearing them before. She poured two martinis and they toasted each other and we sat in the living room and drank and talked. They had a second martini and then it was time for dinner. Lil had fixed a wonderful beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable, and dessert.

After dinner we cleared the table and adjourned to the living room again. I told them there was a movie I wanted to see that was at a nearby movie house and I thought I would go see it. Lil gave me a key to the front door and told me to get a good nights sleep when I got back. She would have the coffee pot set for me to plug in after I got up in the morning. As I left, they were sitting on the couch kissing and father was stroking her stocking clad legs.

I arrived back at the house shortly after eleven and let myself in with the key she had given me. A light glowed softly on a table in the living room and I locked the door and turned the light off. I could see the glow of another light down the hallway so I very quietly went to see what it was. A dresser light was on and the bedroom door was open about halfway. Father was lying on the bed wearing very dark nylons and a black eight strap garter girdle and high heeled pumps. Lil was standing beside the bed dressed in her black cut out bra with about half of her teats showing, her black garter girdle, beige stockings and now I could clearly see her sheer black Directoire Knickers. I could also see that these DK’s were not just an “off the rack” pair because they were cut so there was not the “bloomer” look to them. They were sleek and fit closely to her thighs yet allowed enough room to fit a little loose around her thighs. I could clearly see the tops of her stockings and the hair on her thighs as she faced me. The elastic around her thighs and waist was a “flat” type elastic rather than the standard “round style.

It became clear immediately that father probably had gotten these DK’s made expressly for her. She was looking directly at me and she hooked her thumbs into the elastic at the waist and pulled her knickers down past her stocking tops and let them fall silently to the floor where she stepped out of them. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss. She spread her legs apart allowing me to see that she was pierced and had a ring in her clit and one in each labial lip. Then she turned and, although I presumed she was going to impale herself on fathers rigid prick, mounted the bed and moved her crotch right up over his face so only his black curly hair was visible. I could see one of his hands at her crotch apparently pulling her cunt lips open. I now could see the tops of her stockings and I knew they were Hanes from the white ring around the top of the welt. Father must have given them to bursa eskort her as he thought there were only two brands of nylons in the world, Hanes and Van Raalte. His cock was standing straight as a flagpole with his foreskin partially pulled back.

Lil was screaming at him “Suck my fucking pee hole you motherfucking cunt eater. Get your tongue up inside my cunt and lick it good. Get your fucking mouth over my pee hole and suck so I can give you a drink. Oh God, you’re making me fucking come all over the place. I’ve wanted you so badly and now I’ve got you”. She turned her head and saw me in the doorway. She looked at me then motioned me to drop my clothes and join them. Her teats were held up by a black open cup bra that covered about half of her teats leaving plenty of them visible. I would have guessed they were about a thirty six B cup with nice long nipples. I went toward the bed and she grabbed my now nearly erect prick and held it, looking at it as if surveying it. Again she screamed at father and told him to spread her cunt lips further apart and to get his fucking tongue deep inside her cunt so she could climax again. She turned to the right a little and offered me her right teat. I quickly put my mouth on it and began suckling it. That caused her to yell even more about father sucking her pee hole.

I backed off and picked up my clothes and returned to the hallway. Lil released father from between her legs and promptly told him to mount her from behind and fuck her like a stallion fucking a mare in heat so she could get pregnant.

Father moved behind her and she grabbed his curved prick and guided it into her gaping cunt. He shoved and it went clear up to the hilt impaling Lil completely with it. He pulled it out of her cunt then rammed it all the way in again. She screamed that she needed all of his long fucking prick inside her cunt. Father just rammed it in as far as he could and left it there so she could wiggle her ass around and come as much as she wanted to.

Suddenly, Lil cried out “Give me all of your motherfucking semen inside me baby. I want your fucking cock to breed me so I can have your baby.” With that father arched his back and shoved it in her cunt as hard as he could causing her to scream out “Oh you big motherfucker. That’s just what I need. Now fill my cunt with your love juice and breed me.” I knew by watching father that he had shot his load of semen inside her cunt and he just left his hard cock inside her till she quieted down a little. Then he gave her one more sharp jab with his prick and left it in her cunt.

Lil stayed on her hands and knees for about five minutes, then told daddy to back out. She saw me standing by the doorway watching them and yelled at me “Get my fucking Directoire Knickers off the floor and put them on me. His semen is very thin tonight and I’m going to be leaking all over the fucking place.” I reached up on the bed, helped her get them on, then pulled them up tight against her already dripping cunt. I could see these were special knickers as the crotch consisted of two layers of sheer nylon, so you could see all her pubic hair through them. It was also getting soaking wet very quickly. Lil took my hand and put it down on her crotch and told me to feel how wet she was already.

Father was lying on the bed and his cock was beginning to get soft while mine was hard as a rock and sticking straight out in front of me.

Lil bent down and grabbed fathers cock and stuck it in her mouth while grabbing me by the balls and playing with my nuts. She sucked daddy’s cock clean and stripped his foreskin back and sucked him some more. Then she moved over to me and asked me if I wanted her to suck me off. She moved her hand from my nuts to my cock and began peeling the foreskin back so she could see my cock head. She said it looked very tasty, but I told her I hadn’t washed it today. She said “Don’t worry about a little thing like that darling. I’ll clean it off for you.” and stuck it in her mouth.

Meanwhile father got up on his knees and I just looked at him and told him I liked him in his costume. He said “Just wait until later. We have some for you too.” Lil continued sucking my cock and suddenly I just shot my load of semen inside her mouth. She swallowed all of it and said “Oh John. That was so good and hot. I just love your fathers semen and yours is just as tasty as his is. However, we must find some clothing for you to put on for wearing at the breakfast table in the morning. Let me pull your foreskin back in place and then we need to go pee and get to bed. Obviously, as you may have surmised, your father and I are sleeping together tonight so I can play with his cock. By the way, did you see my beautiful cunt rings?” With that she opened her cunt lips and there were three of the loveliest gold rings in her cunt. One in her clit and one in each labial lip.

Father got off the bed and stood quite steadily in his two inch heels, so I suspected this was not the first time he had ever worn high heeled shoes. bursa escort bayan Lil snatched a looped piece of thin rope off the bed and fastened it around his nuts, which were hanging low. She tightened it so it couldn’t slip off then said “He likes to be treated like a cuckold after he has fucked me. We’re going to go into the bathroom and I am going to piss all over him including in his mouth. He will open his mouth quite wide to get a drink of my piss. I am going to soak his girdle and stockings and then I will make him get on his hands and knees and suck my still wet pee hole to get all of the piss out of me. Then he can relax a little bit if he is good. If he isn’t good, I will pull him by his nuts and hurt him a little bit.”

Lil walked in front of daddy and I could see she kept the leash at bay with some slack in it. I got a good view of his ass and saw his nuts were hanging way down in front. His seams were straight and he was walking quite steadily in his high heels. When he got into the shower, he took his shoes off and sat down against the wall. Lil stood in front of him, told me to pull her Directoire Knickers down and take them off of her legs, which I did. I also looked in the crotch and could see it was drenched with daddy’s semen as well as having a few of her coal black cunt hairs stuck to it. She handed the leash to me and told me to hold onto it while she pissed. Lil then spread her cunt lips wide open and began pissing all over daddy. She really had to go and had a very strong stream, soaking his bra, girdle, and stockings. Then she aimed her cunt a little higher and got it up around his mouth. Daddy just simply opened his mouth and drank her hot yellow nectar without spilling. She ended quickly and told me to pull the leash so he would stand up. I could see not all of her piss had gone on daddy as her stockings showed they were wet from pee dribbling down her thighs and legs.

Daddy stood up like a good cuckold and looked at me with a far fetched look like “How could you see her doing this to me?” and resigned himself to the fact that I had seen her do it.

Lil asked me if I had to piss and I told her I did. She said “I want to skin your prick back then hold onto it while you piss. You just piss and I will guide it where I want it to go.”

What could I say? I let her hold my cock and she pulled my long foreskin back and I began pissing. I guess I knew that she was going to steer my cock right at daddy and that is what she did. I drenched him with my piss and she guided it where she wanted it to go. I finally finished and and she went down on her knees and took my prick in her mouth and sucked the remnants of my piss out of the end of it then pulled my foreskin back over the tip of my cock.

Then in a very surprise move, she pulled the cord that was around daddy’s nuts and told him to get on knees and suck her still wet cunt. She opened her lips and he stuck his face completely in her cunt and I could hear him sucking on her cunt. She must have gotten quite turned on because she began to quiver and shake and had a terrific orgasm. “Alright you cunt licking motherfucker. If I am going to be the step-mother of your children and you breed me tonight you better know how to eat my cunt and eat it good.” she said to him.

“Now we all need to get cleaned up and get a good nights sleep so we can play again tomorrow.” she said. “John, we will have some very lovely lingerie for you at breakfast in the morning. Now be a dear and go upstairs so I can finish playing with your father tonight.”

I headed upstairs to the room she had pointed out as my bedroom and promptly fell asleep. About two o’clock in the morning I was awakened by Lil and she motioned for me to be quiet.

“Your father is sound asleep downstairs because I made him fuck me again and I wore him out. Now I need to piss very badly and want to know if you would like to watch or play with me while I pee.”

As she said this she reached under the covers and grabbed my cock and nuts. My cock was already on the rise and I moved to get out of bed. However, she pushed me back onto the bed and quickly covered my cock with her wet mouth, pulling my foreskin down a little as she did so. I couldn’t control myself and erupted in her mouth in about one minute. She quickly swallowed all of my semen then took my hand and pulled so I would get up and follow her into the bathroom. I noticed as we walked down the hallway that she had taken her Directoire Knickers off and I could see the hair on the back of her legs and buttocks. She sat on the toilet stool and stuck my now shriveled cock back in her mouth, skinning my foreskin back as she did so. She proceeded to suck me some more, cleaning my cock off with her tongue and mouth. Suddenly I heard the familiar hissing sound and water hitting the toilet bowl and I knew she had begun pissing. She let go of my cock and took my hand and moved it down under her cunt so I could feel her hot pee as she pissed. She had a very strong görükle escort and hot stream and pissed for nearly two minutes.

When she finished she took my hand and wiped her pussy with it letting me feel all her pubic hair as she did so as well as her cunt rings.

“Lil, where are your Directoire Knickers?” I asked.

“I had them on after your father fucked me again, but they were so full of semen and so sticky I just decided to take them off.” she replied. “Do you enjoy seeing my hairy legs and cunt? A lot of people think I should shave my legs and armpits, but your father rather enjoys the fact that I don’t, so to please him I just let my hair grow.”

“I guess I have never seen a woman with hairy legs although I know a few that don’t shave their pits, so I was a little taken aback by seeing your hairy legs encased in stockings when we came in today.” I said. “But you have a lot of hair on your legs and it looks very nice all matted down by your stockings.”

“Your father has given me several pairs of Directoire Knickers and I love wearing them for him. Do you like seeing me in them too?” she asked.

“I do like seeing you in them. I think they are very sexy looking the way they come down on your thighs and the fact that they are so sheer you can still see all your leg and cunt hair through them. What other colors do you have?” I asked.

“Oh, I have light blue and white and a light green as well as a couple of more pairs of black ones. You know he also picks out my stockings for me? He is quite a lover of fine lingerie for women and I adore him for having balls enough to go into a store and buy such lovely things for me. But enough of this. I want to suck your lovely uncut cock again so stand close to me and let me have it in my mouth.” she said.

She pulled me close to her and slid my rising cock in her mouth. I got a very quick erection and she was sucking on it very nicely, her mouth being nice and warm and wet. She must have sensed I was going to shoot a load of semen in her mouth because she sucked more intensely and I came within a few seconds. She just kept my cock in her mouth and proceeded to swallow everything I shot in her mouth. She pulled my foreskin back and sucked my cock clean and then stood up and asked if I had to piss.

I told her I did and she said she wanted to hold my cock while I pissed. She raised the toilet seat and stood to the side of me and grabbed my cock, not peeling my foreskin back. I began peeing and she aimed my cock around to various places in the toilet bowl. When I finished she simply took my cock and began to suck on it again, cleaning all the excess pee off of it. She fondled my nuts and told me I was a good son and she enjoyed having me play with her and she was going to fuck me before the weekend was over. She informed me I would have my own lingerie to wear at breakfast in the morning and that I should come downstairs in the nude. She also told me she and my father had picked it out. Then she told me she needed to get back downstairs and in bed before father missed her and wondered where she was.

She went downstairs and I went back to bed and promptly fell sound asleep.

I went downstairs about eight o’clock on Saturday morning and was nude as directed by Lil. I didn’t even bother to take a piss before I went down thinking I would probably need to have her hold my prick again. As I went into the kitchen I could see father in his girdle, stockings, bra, and high heeled shoes with his long cock moving in and out of Lil’s cunt as he had her bent over the kitchen table. Just about that time he stiffened his back and I knew he had just shot a huge load of “baby batter” into her cunt. Lil was squealing like a sow in heat with delight at being fucked. Father left his cock impaled in her cunt for about two more minutes before he pulled it out with semen still dripping out the end of it onto the floor. He took the pair of sheer white DK’s off the table and held them as Lil stepped into them and pulled them up to her already dripping cunt. Again, I knew these were custom made as they fitted her tightly around her thighs and the gusset was made of two layers of sheer material. It was soaking wet almost as soon as she pulled them up to her cunt as his semen continued to leak out of her cunt. Lil was also wearing dark stockings with a Manhattan heel and an eight strap black garter girdle.

She immediately sank to her knees and stuck fathers now flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking it and cleaning it off with her tongue. About this time they both spotted me standing in the doorway and said almost in unison “Well good morning. Did you enjoy what you obviously just saw?”

“It is pretty obvious that you saw your father fucking me and shooting his hot semen into my cunt” Lil said. “His cock always feels so good when he is shoving it in and pulling it out of my cunt and now I am leaking pretty badly. I think the crotch of my knickers is already just about soaked. We have some lingerie for you to try on and it is apparent that you need me to hold your prick so you can take a piss.” She got a glass and held it under my prick. Then she grabbed my cock and said “I’m going to hold your prick while you piss in the glass. I want to watch you piss through your foreskin just to see what it looks like.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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