Christmas Bachelor Auction Pt. 03

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All sexual participants are 18+. This is fiction, I made it all up.

This will be the last chapter for a while. I have other stories to edit and publish before I return.


Chapter 13 – Breakfast

Lynn’s point of view …

Four weeks later.

I am sitting at our small breakfast table having a coffee and toast with strawberry jelly I made in the kitchen. It’s snowing outside and blistering cold. I like the large light snowflakes when they fall from the sky, it feels like Christmas. I think back to Bill and what an enchanting young man he is. I was the oldest lady there, yet he made me feel like the youngest. He does that with all the women though, it’s just his nature.

My husband comes in from outside, shakes off the snow from his coat, it falls gently to the floor. He takes off his big red coat and shakes the snow out of his beard. He sits down at the table across from me. He can see me thinking.

He asks, “Thinking of Bill again?”

I blush, “I have helped so many people. Yet he is different. I can’t help myself. Yes, I was thinking of him again. I am sorry dear. All four women are pregnant, he is the father of three of them. I told you about the kinky things they did playing the game I gave his mother, didn’t I? The triple penetrating of the mother, and the evening of sex. That night his mom and Jane took John for a ride. In the morning Donna got mom, and the three of them (mom, Bill, and Donna) went at it for hours.”

Her voice trails off, “He is an impressive young man, I am going to miss him.”

My husband explains, “You know I love you. Nothing will EVER change that. This is our slow season. You can take some time off. I know you saved his life, that was cute. I also know you secretly love him a little. He is charming, any woman could fall for him.

“You know that occasionally there is more than milk and cookies waiting for me by the fireplace and I have indulged … a few times over the years. Yet, you have never said anything. If you feel the desire to have fun, I would encourage you. Really, it’s ok. I would write you a note, but he would never believe it was real.”

I thought for a while, bit my bottom lip, then picked up my cell phone and made a call. Normally I would never do something like this to my husband. But this time was different. Not sure I really know why but he has somehow enchanted me. I have a need like none I have ever had. I don’t know where it came from, but it needs scratching.

I hear a click then say, “Hello Bill, this is Lynn. Mind if I stop by for dinner tomorrow, I need to see you? Ok, 6:00 it is. See you then.” Click.

I blush as I look at my husband, “You know I am going to fuck him and that big cock of his, right?”

My husband smirks, “You will probably fuck his two friends as well.”

I laugh and playfully slap my husband’s arm, “Oh Santa, I just might do that. Will I be on your naughty list this year?”

Santa replies, “All the good ones are my dear.” He reaches over and kisses me. “I love you so much. Have fun, my dear.”

Chapter 14 – Dinner

Bill’s point of view …

Tonight, there is a blizzard outside. We were expecting snow, possible heavy accumulation. However, unexpectedly the wind picked up and there is almost no visibility. Mom, John, Anthony, Tabatha, Jane, and Karen are all stuck downtown after seeing Disney on Ice. They are staying at a hotel that is close by. They were looking forward to meeting Lynn. Most of the staff went home before it got worse. I wanted this to be a quiet evening between close friends. However, the weather is just too bad.

I call Lynn, it rings twice, “Hi Lynn, you better stay home. I don’t want you dying trying to make it here. It’s a blizzard outside. No person nor beast should be outside.”

Lynn laughs at me, “This isn’t bad, I have seen much worse. Trust me, I will get there safe and I will be right on time. See you in a while. Bye!”

I look at Donna, “She must be crazy. Who would go out in this weather?”

Donna holds me in her arms, “I would do anything to be with you. She is like me, she knows what she wants.”

I defend myself, “There is only one woman for me. I am plenty happy.”

Donna laughs, “At 6:00 she will be at that door. Trust me. I bet she even has permission from her husband to be here. He must really love her.”

I am surprised to hear her say that, “He loves her enough to let her fuck someone else?”

Donna smiles, “Is there any better test of love?”

Shocked, I ask, “So you are going to let her waltz in here, eat dinner, and let her fuck me on the table?”

Donna is laughing at me, “You still have not put 2 and 2 together yet, have you?”

I have no idea what she is talking about. She can see my reaction and laughs harder. Fine. I don’t bother asking what I am wearing tonight. I know Donna has put something out for me to wear already. It seems I don’t know how to dress, so she assists. Sadly, she is always right. How did I ever get Kağıthane Escort along without her?

I shower as I think about this evening. Was Lynn coming over just to fuck me or is there something else she needs? Would Donna really let her? Would I let her? Not sure I can do that to Donna, the mother of our unborn child.

I dry off, use cologne, put on boxers, a nice set of tan slacks, a button-down dress shirt, but thankfully no tie. She allowed me to wear tube socks and sneakers. The room smells nice. There are several vases of cut flowers in the room. Is Donna expecting me to bring her to our room or is this just the staff having fun with me?

It’s close to 6:00, I start walking to the front door, the porch light is already on. I can’t see the street let alone the driveway. This is nuts. Why would she risk her life? We could have waited another day. Dan had a question about wine choices, Donna isn’t drinking so one bottle is all we need.

The doorbell rings, Donna is at my side as we walk to the front door. I open the door and not only am I hit with the freezing air but the shock of a lifetime. In front of me is Lynn in a big heavy coat. She hugs me hard, but my thoughts are elsewhere. In my driveway in front of my house are eight reindeer and a sleigh. I would normally faint, but I am in shock.

One of the reindeer’s turns his head to look at me. A tall slender man had a food bag, their all eating.

I am at a loss for words. Donna and Lynn pull me inside, so I don’t catch a cold.

Lynn speaks to Donna as I am incapable of speech, “I take it he hasn’t figured it out yet, has he?”

Donna has a smile on her face, “No, he is childishly innocent. The clues are there but he doesn’t understand to ask the right question.”

Lynn faces me, puts both her hands out to me in a greeting, “Hello young man, my name is Lynn, but you can call me Mrs. Clause. Yes, the one from up North.”

I am still unable to communicate.

She pulls me into her arms and kisses me square on the lips then says, “Tonight, I am Lynn, a friend in need.”

Finally, now able to move and communicate, I put my arms around her and hold her tight. Lynn, I know, I can deal with that. Logic tells me she is real, I can see her.

I whisper in her ear, “Thank you for everything,” then do the most unmanly thing possible, I cry on her shoulders. Because of Lynn, I have had four weeks of pure bliss. I have my family back. Their lives are immeasurably better. My life has more meaning now. I feel complete, I am whole, I am happy.

She is unsure what to do at first but then goes with the flow and returns my hug firmly.

Dan announces in a regal, almost English voice, “Sir and madam, dinner is served.”

I guide Lynn to the dining room. The table has the extensions removed, it’s more intimate. I don’t use china, I use depression glass for plates, bowls, serving dishes, including the rare salt and pepper shakers. It’s 1920’s but the fancy embossed patterns look old and I always liked the look. Somehow it goes with the house even though the house is much older.

Lynn looks at the table in awe, “Our home is more of a lodge. Nobody visits so no need for formal dinners. This is a true treat for me. The table looks amazing.”

We had a calamari appetizer, a bottle of wine for Lynn and me, tea for Donna. Salads with freshly baked dinner rolls were next. Prime rib, potatoes au gratin, sautéed green beans followed. Everything is perfectly prepared by the staff who have no idea who Lynn really is, or do they? Was I the only one that is clueless?

I have questions, “Why did you pick the mall that Tabatha was going to, on the day she was there, at the time she was there? Did you know or was it purely random?”

Lynn pauses for a moment, “My husband just knows who is good and bad and what they want. He deals with children. I get dreams at night. Sometimes it’s a picture. Sometimes it’s a name. With Tabatha, it was a family story and it made me sad.” She was near tears. “I can choose to ignore the signs. No pressure or backlash. I knew the child, and the pain the mother and her sister carried. Usually, I only affect one person. This time many were affected.”

Now happy, she continues, “Normally that would make me shy away. I was going to. Then your face appeared. Donna knows it, the one where your blush and try to turn your face away. It’s so adorable. You were so manly yet so shy and vulnerable even after the tough life you had. You touched my heart like none of the others. It took me nine months to set everything up and it still went to hell.”

Lynn is grinning like a Cheshire cat, “Neither of you followed my plan so I had to improvise. You did go for the presents Christmas Eve. Fortunately, we can manipulate time a bit and your security team saved you. That was the quick flashback you saw, an alternate ending.”

I remember the flashback and am numb. In that one I die, I would not be here now.

Donna asks, “Why are you Kağıthane Escort Bayan here this time? Last time it was to get us together, so we could all be happy. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy. But you asked for tonight. You said you needed help. How can we help you?”

Lynn was very articulate with her wording, “Have you ever heard older people say, ‘it’s not like when we were teens,’ or ‘it’s not special anymore’, or ‘he doesn’t show any interest in me anymore?’ Your parents, when they were young, they were a lot like you two. Then his drinking split them apart. That was just 20 years. For us, it’s been over 1700 years. The love is still there, it never wavers. However, there is NOTHING he can do to surprise me anymore.”

“Nothing new or fresh, it’s the same old things for the last 1000 years. Santa gets a few morsels under the tree next to the milk and cookies if you know what I mean. But I have an image to keep up and don’t have the opportunity he does. So yes, like you suspect, I did come over here to try and seduce you two. I failed, I am sorry.”

Lynn is near tears, “I can stop time and do what I want, wipe your minds, and have my fun. But I have gotten to know you two and I can’t do that as bad as I want to. I came here to ask if I could borrow your brother for a while.”

Donna said in a firm and commanding voice, “No.”

Both Lynn and I unable to process her answer. After her admission, her story, and her honesty, Donna said no?

I somehow ask, “No?”

Donna was confident and in command of the situation, “No. I will not let Lynn take my brother and use him like a cheap whore.” She pauses for effect. “Together, the three of us will go up there and we will start with the wonders of girl on girl before you fuck her senseless. Lynn, have you ever eaten pussy? Do you shave?”

Lynn is in shock; Donna’s statements are still processing in her mind.

Suddenly, Lynn has a huge smile on her face, “No, I have never been with another woman before. Why would I shave?”

Donna laughs, “Guess you don’t get cable and internet up, north do you?”

A bewildered Lynn says, “No.”

Donna replies, “You and I have some work to do before Bill is needed.”

After dinner, Dan barges in, clears the dinner plates and brings in three servings of crème brûlée that was spectacular.

Lynn was obviously excited while Donna was confident and happy. She was running this show now and Lynn was going to follow her lead. If all ended well, I was going to fuck Mrs. Clause after my sister has her way with her. Wait a minute, do I realize how absurd that sounds? We are just ordinary people. Why would she allow Donna to take control?

Nothing new in the bedroom for 1,000 years. Lynn learns something new from us and what will she do? She will go home to her husband with some new tricks. Her husband looks good because he let her have some fun. He has picked us out. He pushed her in our direction. He is going to have an interesting century. They both win. Ok, I feel better about this now. She is using us for fun and he intends for her to learn something new. I wonder if he knew about Donna and Lynn? I bet not.

Chapter 15 – Prep Work

Donna’s point of view:

After dinner, I confidently take Lynn’s hand. She looks nervous, Bill looks thrilled.

I command Bill, “Watch some TV, I will call you when we need you. It’s going to be a while.”

This spectacular old house has a large foyer of stairs that wind their way upstairs. From there I lead Lynn to Bill’s, I mean, our master bedroom suite. As you would expect, it’s a large bedroom, a couch, and a glorious washroom. The lavish details and the size of the rooms impress Lynn. The washroom is in marble with two old fashioned claw foot tubs side by side.

I explain the situation, “I know you are here to fuck Bill. You know how much I love him and if it were anyone else, you would be at home still. Somehow you captured a bit of his heart. I have the keys to that beast and you need my permission to take it for a ride. Before you get him, you need to prove yourself worthy to me. Since I will forego some orgasms tonight, you are going to replace mine now.”

I now have a smile on my face, “I don’t know if you are submissive or not. Frankly, I don’t care. You will do what I tell you to when I tell you to, or you can go home now. Do we have an understanding?”

Lynn is nervous but agreeable, “I have never been with a woman, I will do my best to please you. I will do anything you want.”

I take Lynn’s hand and lead her into the washroom. We both start to fill the tubs with hot water. The room immediately fogs up, mirrors are useless. I stand behind Lynn and unbutton the back of her dress. It had to be home-made, designers use zippers. The quality was like any a designer, the style was the latest. Interesting. After unbuttoning the twenty small black buttons, I slide the dress off her shoulders and it slides off her body, and into a pile at her feet. Escort Kağıthane She had a VC bra and panty set on. Older but still pretty and classy. Lynn has jet black short hair, no dye for this woman. She has a large chest, 38C or 38D. It was full and firm.

Lynn noticed me admiring her breasts and giggles, “I have had some surgery to fix what old age did to me.”

I reply, “Very nice work, I would never have guessed. You look fantastic.”

We shut off the water and I pull down her panties. She had an aromatic bush and her nipples are sticking out. That pleases me.

I instruct Lynn, “Now help me. Touch me. Feel me.”

Lynn got behind me and pulls the zipper down on my dress. Like I did to her, she pushes the dress off my shoulders and it slips effortlessly to the floor. She quickly ran her hands over my body, cupping my breasts and feeling the weight. The clasps of my bra quickly fall away. One by one, the straps slip off my shoulders allowing my bra to flutter to the ground.

My nipples are hard as rocks. She rubs them softly, causing me to moan. She moves in front of me and uses two hands to slowly reveal and then remove my panties. My pussy is bare and soft as a baby’s bottom. She takes a strong sniff and exhales with a smile. Tentatively, she sticks out her tongue and licks my lips. It’s magic and I have a small orgasm.

I strongly suggest, “Lets first take a dip. We need to relax and open your pores for my work. When I finish cleaning you up, we will go to the bed. I am going to restrain you to the bed and put a blindfold on you. The restraints will allow yourself to let go any inhibitions you might have. The blindfold increases your awareness. People rely on sight too much. Hearing, feeling, and touch is more powerful, you get more stimulus. I am not shutting down your perceptions, I am expanding them.”

Now I am more commanding, “Bill will find you in that position and want to release you. Don’t let him until after he fucks you the first time. Then you can do a long and slow love session without the restraints. When you regain your senses again, you can either have breakfast with us or go back home. Any questions?

Lynn hesitates and then surprises me, “Did I do the right thing? Is it fair to you? No marriage, no close friends to tell, school will be awkward. Is it worth it? I can’t imagine not being married.”

I quickly respond with a laugh, “You have no idea how horrible my life was. I was not getting married. I was going to remain poor. Bill was my one and only, always was and will be. Forget about marriage, could you be happy without your husband?”

Lynn thought for a moment, “No, I suppose not and being married doesn’t make me feel different about him, I see your point. It’s nice to have, to show off. But, your right, no piece of paper affects the way I feel about him.”

I ask, “You ready to get pretty for Bill?” Lynn nods her head reluctantly. “Sit up on the edge of the tub and spread wide. Lean back against the wall so you can watch.”

I have a brand-new blade ready. I use the foam spray can to cover the hair. I put four of my fingertips together in a line, then place the tips into her moist pussy. Now I know where her lips are. I am very careful and go exceedingly slow. Slowly, the hair goes away. Lynn never spoke, never complained, just sat there in disbelief. It helped that I was fingering her, that made the experience a bit more pleasurable. My fingers hit every part of the inner and outer lips. I was in awe.

For a woman with what she says is a sixtyish-year-old body, on closer inspection, she was closer to a fortyish body. She is in the prime of her life. I dunk her in the now chilly water and then dry her off. I bend down with my cheeks against her lips and quickly dart a tongue in her. Smooth, perfect, she is ready.

I command her, “I want you on the bed, face up, arms and legs spread wide.”

Lynn crawls up on to the bed, spreads arms and legs wide, head upon the pillow. She looks reluctant but obeys. I take out the padded cuffs and ropes that I will tie her up with.

I instruct Lynn, “These are padded cuffs. It makes it easier to attach and remove the ropes. The padding makes it easier on your skin, no welts or digging into your skin. Much better than just ropes. They are cleanable in the washing machine and dryer. These use Velcro so that if you need to, you can break free. Restraints typically use buckles, their annoying but very secure.”

I attach all four restraints and then adjust the ropes to her shorter body. They were set for me.

I reassure Lynn, “As I put this blindfold on, you will be forced to use your other senses, think about each one. Think about what I could do to you right now.” Lynn moans.

I get up on the bed and give her a quick kiss on the lips. She wasn’t into it at first, but she slowly warms up to it. I take a free hand and run circles on her breasts. That helps increase the passion of the kiss. I squeeze a nipple in my hand, her mouth opens, our tongues say hello. I squeeze a nipple, she moans.

I pull my tongue out and start kissing down her face, neck, breasts, and latch on to a nipple. I am tweaking the other nipple with my hand. She is arching her back. I pull back. She is limp and recovering. It’s time to send her into orbit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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