Christmas Visit Continued

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she laid on the bed and sobbed. The past two days had been so wonderful, but today was a disaster. Why did she lose control and say what she had said? His son was so wrong!

It was Christmas Day and His son and daughter-in-law came for dinner. He had told her earlier that His son had expressed concerns about relationships that started online. So she knew that it might be a little uncomfortable. But she had not expected this.

Dinner had gone well, but the conversation was a bit forced. The daughter-in-law was quite pleasant and she realized quite quickly that she liked this young woman. she felt no apprehension from her. But the son seemed to be uncomfortable.

When dinner ended, her Master began picking up the dishes and putting the food away. she, His son, and His daughter-in-law went downstairs. It was a mistake. she should have stayed upstairs to help with the dishes. As soon as they got downstairs, His son pressed her, questioning her feelings for his father. He could not and would not understand that any sort of relationship could exist over the internet. His wife tried to interject a word, but to no avail.

she found herself becoming defensive and then angry. she tried so hard to respond politely and calmly, but her body was shaking. she could not hold back.

“You don’t know Him like I do. How could you? I love Him. What kind of a son are you that you would deny Him His happiness?”

The room went silent. she immediately regretted what she had said. And then she realized that her Master was standing there and had heard it all. His face was grim and almost in pain. The pain she saw became her own. her body ached as she looked into His face. she could not look at Him any longer. she stared at her hands in her lap and started to cry. she felt the blood rush to her face in her shame. she got up from the couch and ran upstairs to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. The tears came freely. she could not control it and did not try to.

she wasn’t sure how much time had gone by, but she heard a quiet voice in the doorway. It was the son.

“I’m sorry. I should not have said what I said.”

And then he was gone. she couldn’t move. she was in pain. she had disappointed her Master and brought shame to herself. she was sure He would send her home for saying such a thing.

she felt His presence as He entered the room and then felt Him sitting next to her on the bed. she turned to look up at him, her face still tear-stained.

“Please don’t send me home Master. I’m so sorry. I never ever want to disappoint you.”

she was surprised by the look on His face.

“Send you home? Why would you think that? little one, W/we will have disagreements and W/we will not always see eye to eye. But that is natural. W/we are human and not perfect. Besides, I put you in a terrible position. I should never have let you be alone with My son.”

“You are not angry with me?”

“I’m angry with Myself. But what you said to My son was harsh and out of control. He is remorseful, especially after his wife told him how much she believes you are in love with Me.”

she felt the pain from His words. He was right. she should not have been left alone like that. But she should not have lost control and said such a think to her Master’s son.

“I am to be punished.”

she said it not as a question, but as a statement. Once again, He felt His body warmed from the love He felt for her. she was so much stronger than she realized. she simply needed more guidance.

“What do you suggest for punishment?” He asked.

“I don’t deserve to be made love to, Master. In fact, I should not sleep here tonight.”

“If I have my way, you will never leave my bed,” he growled. “No, I think W/we can come up with something a little less severe.”

she smiled. she felt the warmth in her body expand as her heart raced. Never leave His bed. Never be away from Him. Always and forever. Then she giggled.

“You could spank me.”

He chuckled. “That’s not punishment. No little one, I am going to make love to you. But you will not be allowed to climax.”

her eyes widened and fear slowly seeped into her mind. Even online, she had never been able to hold back. she didn’t think she could have that much control. she feared disappointing Him yet again. But she knew she had no choice but to gather all of her strength and control her own body.

she sat up and T/they undressed each other. It was not a task carried out urgently, but with gentleness. It was His sign to her that He would make sweet love to her, rather than the lust-filled fucking that had happened earlier. she looked into his eyes and saw His love for her. That was important to her. Even in punishment, He loved her with all His heart.

T/they both slid under the covers. He pulled her body to His and began to kiss her softly. she wrapped her arms around His neck and clung to Him. she felt a tingling inside her body. His simple statement of never leaving His bed had started that tingling. When she felt His tongue parting Bostancı Olgun Escort her lips, she moaned quietly and then remembered her fear of her ability to control her own body’s reactions to His body. she couldn’t help herself. she loved being in his arms. So safe, so protected, so loved.

He moaned quietly into T/their kiss. His body was already responding to hers. she could feel Him. Again, she almost allowed herself to forget about her control over her own body. He rolled over on top of her body. His tongue was still caressing her tongue. she felt his hands move down her body. His hands reached hers and held them both. Slowly, He moved her hands above her head and held them tightly to the bed. As He did so, His lips left hers and moved to her neck. she groaned her pleasure in His ear. she loved when He took her in this way. He gently nibbled the skin of her neck as He moved to her ear. He sucked her ear lobe and then returned to her neck.

His body kept her from moving and yet she arched her back as much as she could. she opened her legs farther to give her body completely to Him. In response to her, He slowly began to penetrate her. As in every other time, He felt the intense pleasure, as well as the amazement over how tight she was. When He was completely inside of her, He pulled away from her neck and looked down at her and smiled. she smiled back as she wrapped her legs around Him.

“I am yours, Master” she whispered.

He growled quietly and slowly withdrew from her, only to be followed by a hard thrust. she closed her eyes and allowed her body to respond to his. And then her eyes flew open again. she had forgotten again. she was allowing herself to lose control in the pleasure of His body. And yet, she wanted Him to enjoy the pleasure that her body could give Him. she tightened her legs around Him as His hips rocked harder.

she bit her lower lip as she looked up into His eyes. Yes. That was what she could do. Focus on His eyes, focus on Him. her body continued to respond to His pleasure, but her mind was focused on Him. she could do this. she would control her body as He had required. Her body would provide His body the pleasure of an orgasm, but her control would also provide Him the pleasure of doing what He had asked of her. she could feel the intense pleasure, but at the same time, she felt calm. she would not take her eyes from His.

He felt himself close to losing control. His climax was building quickly. He continued to hold her hands tightly against the bed. He would not hold back. He wanted to allow Himself to lose control. He was very close to climaxing when He collapsed on her body and buried His face into her neck.

she felt panic at first. she lost focus when she could no longer stare into His eyes. And then she felt that calm return, despite the intense pleasure, and closed her eyes. she grit her teeth when He cried out in pleasure. Every muscle in her body tensed as He climaxed and continued to thrust into her even harder.

As His body began to relax, hers was now trembling. she wanted to feel her release. her body craved it, but her mind would now allow it. But she could not control the trembling. she bit her lip again. she had done so well, she would not ruin it now. He released her hands and rolled over onto His back, pulling her with him.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “I’m proud of you.”

His words warmed her heart and she held on to him tightly, cuddling as close as she could. her trembling was beginning to subside, but slowly. she could not help but rub her pussy against His hip. If He demanded that she not cum the next time T/they made love, she knew she would not be able to control it.

Part 2

He woke up to find her in the same position she had been in when He fell asleep. she was tucked under His left arm, her head resting on His chest, and her hand resting on His belly. He loved watching her sleep. she seemed so at peace and so protected. He laid still, not wanting to disturb her. His right hand moved up to her face and began to gently twirl the bangs of her hair in his fingers. He tilted His head to very, very softly, kiss the top of her head.

The minutes passed by and eventually turned into an hour. And still He watched her sleep. she finally stirred just a bit, moaned quietly, and then slid her hand up to His neck, as if to hold on to His shoulder. When she finally opened an eye, she looked up at Him and saw that He was staring at her, with a smile. A few more minutes went by and she began to stretch.

“How long have you been awake and watching over me like that?”

“A little over an hour,” he responded.

she giggled. she didn’t understand why he enjoyed that so much, but she liked it. It was if He was watching over her, guarding her from any danger or disturbance.

“Did you sleep well, little one?”

“Mmmmm, I did. Although I wasn’t sure I would. Not being able to climax isn’t something that helps me sleep.” she giggled again.

He chuckled. “Maybe that is something we could take Bostancı Sarışın Escort care of now.”

“Don’t tease me baby.”

“Who’s teasing?” He growled.

And with that, he wrapped both arms around her and began to kiss her passionately. Despite just waking up minutes before, she responded immediately. He used the tip of His tongue to caress her, gently twirling around her tongue. His lips pressed harder against hers. He felt as well as heard her moan into His mouth.

her pussy was still resting against his hip, with one leg between His. He pulled her body on top of Him so that He was fully between her legs. her pussy was now pressed against His hardening cock. she whimpered as she arched her back to press against Him. His hand slid down to her ass and began to caress and squeeze her. He could feel her body shiver as she felt pressure from both sides. When His fingers traveled further to tease her pussy, her body could not decide what to do. she was caught between pressing into His cock or pushing back on to His fingers. As she squirmed, He wrapped His other arm around her waist to hold her tightly. And then He penetrated her with His fingers.

she cried out as He slowly stroked her. At the same time, He was very aroused and pressing against her, needing to be inside of her. her body was squirming. she could not hold still. she looked down into His eyes and saw His lust for her. He growled quietly as He pulled His fingers from her and then slowly penetrated her with His cock. she groaned again as she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of Him taking her once again.

Once He was fully inside of her, He rolled His legs over hers, holding them against the bed. His hips began to rock as He slowly withdrew and thrust back into her. He fucked her slowly. her eyes opened again and locked on His. she could not move her legs, not that she wanted to. But she loved the feeling of being under His control. she loved the feeling of Him using her body, knowing that He would make sure she felt every pleasure as well.

His hips continued to slowly and gently rock. His cock slid partially out of her and then pumped back into her. Gradually, He was increasing the pace. she could hear his quiet moans as she squeezed Him each time He was inside her completely. Then He brought His hands up under her upper body, gently lifting her up just a bit. She didn’t know what He was trying to do until He lifted His head and began to lick and kiss her breast. When He sucked her nipple into His mouth, she groaned and cried out again.

“Oh God, Master! Please don’t stop!”

Of course, he had no intention of stopping. He could feel His climax building. He could not have stopped, even if He has wanted to. He sucked on her nipple even harder as He increased the pace of fucking her. she felt her own climax building, feeling almost relieved that He was allowing her to cum. she knew she would have no control this time. In fact, she had no control over her body at all. she couldn’t even move. He was in control.

When she felt His teeth clamp down on her nipple, she cried out once again.

“I’m so close, baby!”

Despite being close Himself, despite almost losing His control, He was careful not to bite her nipple too hard. He tugged it, His teeth still holding it in a tight grip. It was more than she could take. she screamed as she climaxed and climaxed hard. she didn’t know if it was because she had been denied her release earlier or if it was because of the vice-like grip on her nipple. she didn’t care. she was lost in ecstasy.

her body shivered violently as He felt the full force of her orgasm. He could feel the tingling in His body and that familiar feeling in His cock and balls just before cumming. He thrust even harder into her, finally releasing her nipple as His head fell back against the pillow. He cried out as his entire body climaxed and His cum filled her. He could not stop until He was close to exhaustion.

He looked up into her eyes as He began to relax. He lowered her upper body onto His own and wrapped His arms around her. she laid her head on His shoulder, panting in His ear. He turned his lips to her neck and kissed her gently. He then, finally released her legs by pulling His own legs off of hers.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too little one.”

she did not want to move. she felt so safe in His arms. As long as He was holding her, everything was perfect. The nightmare of the night before was no longer threatening her. she knew that she was His forever.

she closed her eyes and smiled. And then was suddenly shocked as He slapped her ass.

“Time to get out of bed, little one,” He chuckled.

Part 3

He had wanted to show her a little more of His city, including the sampling of some of His favorite restaurants. So T/they decided to go to His favorite Italian restaurant downtown.

He walked into the bedroom in a towel, just having gotten out of the shower. she was looking thru her clothes in the closet, trying to Bostancı Şişman Escort decide what she should wear. she was also in a towel, which afforded Him the opportunity to reach down to squeeze her ass with a grin. It caught her off guard and she jumped.

“Master!” she giggled.

“I like that one,” He said.

It was a black dress with thin straps and appeared to be short enough to be just above her knees. she smiled as she took it from the closet. It was one she liked too. After laying it on the bed, she went to the dresser to pick out the lingerie that would go with the dress. He watched her with a smile. When she picked out a matching bra and panties, He cleared His throat.

“you won’t be needing the panties.”

she looked up at Him with wide eyes. her face was beginning to turn a bit red. she had always known that He might make this request of her, but now that He had, she felt a lump in her throat.

“Yes, Master,” she said quietly.

As He drove them towards the restaurant, she tried to make herself comfortable. It was a different feeling for her. she had never gone without panties before. Despite her anxiety about it, she felt a bit moist.

“Oh my god! This is arousing me,” she thought.

He pulled into the parking ramp across the street from the restaurant and found a spot to park. He sat there a moment before getting out of the car. He could tell she was nervous.

“Try to relax little one. I will not humiliate you. I want you to enjoy the evening.”

she giggled nervously. “I thought You might touch me in the car with Your cold hands.”

He laughed. “No. I’ll wait until W/we are inside and My hands are warmer before you feel my fingers on the inside of your leg.”

She felt her anxiety level climb. And yet, she felt her sexual core tingle. she tried to relax, but failed. He got out of the car and then walked around to open her door. He smiled as He looked at her legs. He couldn’t help Himself. He lusted for her.

They went to the ground floor of the ramp and crossed the street. He held her arm in His to keep her from slipping, but also to hold her close. she smiled as she thought about His caring for her safety and well being. At one point, she did slip in her heels, but she was never in any danger of falling. He wouldn’t allow it.

When T/they entered the restaurant, the warmth and the aroma of Italian food filled her senses and she relaxed a little. T/they followed the hostess to a table that was semi-private. There were other people nearby, but there was enough privacy for them to talk and enjoy T/their meal to T/themselves. He took her coat and hung it over one of the chairs and then hung His own coat over hers. The hostess held her chair and He waited until she sat down before He sat down.

He leaned over to her and kissed her softly. “I think you will enjoy this place.”

she smiled again. she found herself more relaxed, although she kept her legs crossed as she sat at the table. she was slightly wet, but enjoying the feeling.

The menu had a large selection and she was not sure what to decide on. He made a few suggestions for her as He had a number of favorite dishes. Each of the menu selections also had a recommended choice of wine. The waiter appeared to take orders for something from the bar. T/they both ordered a Sam Adams and then went back to the menu. He had decided and asked her what she was interested in. she had narrowed it down to two or three choices. When the waiter reappeared with their beers, she made her decision and T/they ordered.

“Be prepared to take a lot of your meal home,” He said. “The portions are huge. And I don’t like feeling stuffed when I’m between the sheets with you.”

He laughed as she blushed. But she had no intention of over eating either. she wanted Him to enjoy her body just as He had done each night of her visit.

Warm bread and butter were set on the table. He sliced off several pieces and buttered them, setting a slice on her plate and one for Himself.

“Are you feeling better after last night?” He asked.

“Much better,” she replied. “But I’m not looking forward to seeing your son again.”

Realizing what she had just said, she looked down at her hands in her lap.

“I’m sorry, Master. But I am afraid of coming between You and Your son. I know how close You are to him and how much You love him. I am really afraid of causing you more pain.”

“I won’t let that happen, little one. He will come around. you should have seen his face when his wife told him how obvious it was that you love me as much as you do. My daughter-in-law is a remarkable young woman. She sees our happiness. She sees how sincere we are about our future. And she sees how happy I am and how happy you are to be here. She remarked to him how your face would light up just being near me. She told him that it is obvious to her that I want you here and I want you in my life, for the rest of my life.”

she sat in silence and listened to His words, trying to control some tears of relief. she had firmly believed that after she had rushed from the room in tears, His daughter-in-law would have a low opinion of her. she felt hope again and while she was still anxious about seeing them again, she felt better about it. she was determined to get to know His son and become friends with them both.

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