Chubby Chaser Ch. 03

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“Yeah; you see I noticed your eyes on my tits and from what I’ve heard you like us “larger types” so let me inform you that I’m five feet ten inches measuring a very full and packed 40L-44-56 inches of nineteen-year-old pussy.” I flushed red at her frank self-assessment while Hope took a few steps back from the window so that I could see the rest of her body. Her legs were exposed from the knee down revealing thinner calves than one would have thought a girl her size possessed.


She said her name was Hope and she acted like I owed her something. The girl had this strange air of self-entitlement that seemed to radiate from her body. I kept going back to the strained look on her face and her angry tone. Hope told me that we were going to fuck in no uncertain terms but I couldn’t understand why she would even bother with that stick up her ass. I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t keep the sight of her enormous breasts out of my mind as I trudged through the remainder of my days wondering if I really would get a chance to pummel the snot out of her box. Hope sent the airhead Faith Budiman to lure me to her home for some sort of confrontation and I made up my mind that I wouldn’t end up wherever that was. She truly was a beautiful mixed woman but I didn’t know what she had planned. Turns out I wasn’t kept waiting as I received a text informing me that she was sitting down the street at a lunch counter.

“So you actually showed up; I’m not surprised considering we haven’t slept together yet.” She patted a spot on a stool next to her as I wondered how she was able to squeeze in between a number of thinner people already in place.

“Look; what’s this all about?” I leaned against the counter instead of sitting there feeling it would be safer on my feet if she made a scene.

“I just wanted to find out what you’re like before we sleep together.”

“Well geez I seem to have a wealth of riches lately; so whom should I make the check out to Holly?” The lunch counter was one of those trendy fusion places owned by a couple of trust fund babies to those in the know. I was grateful to get a beer although I didn’t recognize the label. Holly was picking at a small platter containing some fried rice with large noticeable chunks of pineapple accompanied by some thick looking fried wings covered in sweet & sour sauce.

“You’ll find out after we have sex.”

“What if we don’t have sex; I’m getting tired of the games and I don’t know if I want to put up with this shit anymore.” She took a sip from her own domestic beer staring at me; sizing me up for the kill. Her beautiful features and honey soaked complexion called out to me in the worst way but I had to know who had it in for me.

“Aw come on man; you didn’t have a problem fucking my friend. Matter of fact she told me that you went into her backdoor without even asking.” I chuckled involuntarily recalling the angry expression on Fanny’s face after I’d buried half of myself inside her monstrous ass.

“I asked…later.” She finally cracked a smile giving me a glimpse of the cute girl hiding behind the dead serious scowl from earlier.

“Bitch probably deserved it.” Holly’s chuckle broke into laughter that we both shared. It was raw and spontaneous with a completely infectious nature that erupted several times over the next couple of minutes. I couldn’t help but notice that her massive chest rest partially on top of the counter where she sat. Her breasts were pushed back against her chest causing them to rise up to her neck. A number of the male patrons including the Thai barkeep ogled Holly’s bounty shamelessly. There was enough top cleavage on display to supply three women’s chests.

“Can I have my ID back Holly?” She’d noticed the trajectory of my gaze and I looked away embarrassed.

“Oh you mean this?” She pulled my identification from her purse holding it in front of her face like she was in a commercial of something. Before I could react, Holly stuffed the plastic card into her deep cleavage.

“That’s not fair.”

“Really, all it takes is a pair of huge fucking tits to beat you; that your kryptonite or something?” I was honestly at a loss for words unable to unglue my eyes from her all-encompassing cleavage. Holly used her forearms to push her mountainous cleavage together eliciting a chorus of laughter and sending me in to dejavu for the second time in many nights.

“Come on Holly; you’ve had your fun.”

“Fun? I’ve only just started fucking with you buddy; you know you’re my enemy right?” More confusing words as she finished her drink.

“Sure kid; so when’s the big reveal?” I was getting tired of the cat and mouse bullshit and had been tired of it since the evening prior with her associate Fanny Budiman.

“You’re so impatient; I just wanted a dinner out of you first…I-mean you must be used to this sort of thing with all of the fat girls that you fuck.”

“Who told you that shit?”

“A good friend of yours; off the cuff; I mean I really shouldn’t be here but the buildup and excitement Nevşehir Escort of meeting a class A villain like yourself was too good not to ignore.” The barkeep plunked a small bowl of multi-colored yogurt down in front of Holly apparently as payment for a night entertainment.

“Just spit it out; this shit’s getting tired already and I need to go to bed.”

“I’m gonna play my game darling; I’ve waited too long for this and I want to savor it a bit.” I just stared at her blankly as she began to eat her dessert.

“Give me back my ID.”

“Well you know where to find it boyfriend.” She jiggled her boobs right under my nose creating an ocean-like ripple effect. Some of the other patrons chided me desperately wanting to see my hand in her cavernous cleavage.

“Unfortunately because of unknown factors I’m forced to be more gentlemanly than I would prefer at this instant.” I reluctantly admitted defeat even as I popped serious wood just looking at this mixed chick with an attitude.

“These REALLY are you KRYPTONITE huh?”

“You wish.” I quickly snatched the apple cap from her sandy mane where it sat like a crown placing it on my own head and began walking away.


“Yeah so sue me; you’ve got my address baby. See you at my place; if you’re serious about getting your brains fucked out.” I walked briskly across the street luckily hailing a cab traveling in my direction. I could see her staring pointedly at me for spoiling her game. Holly sat there simply finishing her treat as I observed some guy trying to chat her up.


Twenty minutes later I was sitting in my living room watching sports center when I realized that Holly’s apple cap was still on my head. I was sifting through my mail trying to make sense of the disjointed conversation we’d had when my phone rang with an unknown number.

“Can I come inside?”

“Hold that thought.”

I gathered up a six pack of brews and walked down the hall peering through my peephole. I was treated to the sight of Holly’s pretty face and mountainous front porch. I wondered how she would feel sitting in front of my door having a few beers because I wasn’t sure I wanted to let her into my home.

“Hmmm great minds do think alike.” I opened my front door to find her with a six pack of her own. Despite myself we both shared a laugh.

“Peace offering?”

“Not even. I figured I’d be kind of like a bring your own beer situation so I geared up with the price of admission here.” She held up the six pack of Heineken which was of course dwarfed by her own chest.

“You got the price of admission right in front of you girlfriend and I’m definitely not talking about the fucking beer.” Holly gingerly handed her offering to me with a knowing smirk before hooking her thumbs into the plunging neckline of her sundress. I wasn’t expecting her to draw the cotton material in opposite directions revealing her breasts.

“Oh shit.” Holly literally pulled out her big guns smashing all of my inhibitions and qualms about letting her into my home in seconds.

Her breasts were massive if that was even a word for what was in front of me with big, thick pendulous udders capped with large dark areola. Even her own small hands weren’t up to the task of wrangling them as she cupped the undersides of her tits seemingly offering them up to me.

“So I make the grade or what?” Sadly, Holly quickly stuffed her tits back into her frock as one of my neighbors walked by wide-eyed at the sight of the super-sized BBW.

“Well I’m more of an “Ass Man” to tell the truth Holly.”

“I know that; why do you think I sent Fanny? FUCK MAN, you aint gonna get me to pull my fucking dress up in front of your door so that your neighbors can get another show!!” She sounded a little bit irritated and I was heartened to know that I was having some sort of effect on this upstart.

“Relax.” I moved to the side allowing into my house and tossing away my reservations. I noticed that she was just about height as she passed while I tried to figure out the best way to fuck her senseless.

My eyes wandered down to her rear finding that it did stick out a bit and I considered yanking her multi-colored frock up for a good look. Holly had a very thick, rectangular kind of shape if you discounted her huge breasts that appeared to rival the size of a man’s head. I found the large, shaggy mane of sandy brown hair to be a turn-on as well accentuating her honey soaked complexion. Her youthful features were done up with a professional level of makeup that I noted in minute detail from Hope’s sharp outline black eyebrows to the frosted lipstick on juicy lips that I longed to see around my cock.

“Taking it all in are we?” she sounded glib but the expression on her face was strained.

“What else am I supposed to do?”

“Take me to your bedroom and FUCK the SHIT out of me…or at least die trying.”

She slid effortlessly out of her flats closing the distance between Nevşehir Escort Bayan us to softly reclaim her six pack substituting it for her own hand. Her tits pressed into my chest as she looked into my eyes and giving me more to look at. Her round eyes were light brown and piercing with heavy eyeshadow that accentuated them all the more and I wanted to kiss her right there on the spot while squeezing her huge tits. Both of my hands were occupied at the moment with one of her hands and my own six pack. Holly tugged at my arm expectantly prodding me into action. I led her to my unkempt bedroom where she once again handed me her six pack before reaching down to the helm of her dress to pull the flimsy garment over her head.

I was surprised to find out that she was wearing a bra after all and it was probably the largest shelf-type of its kind. Part of me wanted to ask if it was specially made for her frame but I didn’t think that would help the mood any and then there was the matter of her declaration of hostility towards me. Holly’s hips matched the width of her stomach merging perfectly with her slightly thick thighs and contrasting with her uncharacteristically thin calves. I noticed a tattoo on her right calf that looked like a bunch of flowers or something. It was the kind of thing that you got when you broke up with a person after getting their name or some shit. She’d easily squeezed her narrow hips into a really small pair of sheer panties and her lightly furred muff was plainly visible.

“Kind of scaring me here.” Holly admitted after a few moments under my scrutiny.


“The way you’re checking me out; like an animal eyeballs raw meat. I mean it’s cool and shit because I came here, but dude…your nostrils are flaring and shit.”

“Like you said, it’s your decision to be here baby; now lose the panties.”

“Oh so you want a show, is that it lover? I’ll give you a show alright.”

Holly gave me a light push on the bed as she walked over to the wall facing it with her palms flat on its surface. I was reminded of Melanie Santos, my ex-boss and strained lover who’d done the exact same pose when prompted. I didn’t realize it yet, but Melanie was at the end of her rope and suffering from some inner demons that eventually engulfed her. Now here I was again with some big, thick female in my apartment ready and willing to fuck me for reasons unknown and I had Meanie to thank for it. Ever since she’d blackmailed me into a sexual encounter; my sexual compass had been altered leaving with a distinct proclivity for the BIG and TALL …sometimes I wondered if deep down I’d always been a quote, unquote “Chubby Chaser”.

Holly ran both of her hands through her shaggy mane shaking it out further with a snarl. She was really pretty with a juxtaposition of hard and soft elements that made her face unique in its own right. Her hands slid down over her massive chest and under her bounty cupping them. I could see her saucer sized areola with their cinnamon tinged hue and the tiny little bumps surrounding her thick nipples. She slid her palms outward pushing tits together and revealing even more of her areolas as they were forced upward. Holly leaned forward jiggling her breasts for my viewing pleasure. I was enchanted as she deftly snapped the multiple hooks that held her brassiere in place. Holly laughed when I suddenly jumped as her huge brassiere hit me in the face. I held the garment up like discarded butterfly wings getting an idea just how massive her tits actually were.

“Eyes forward baby; I’m not done yet.” I watched as she bent at the waist and allowed her heavy breasts to swing back and forth. Holly arched her back leaning against my wall repeatedly mashing her tits together creating a clapping sound before running her hands sensually across her sloping belly. The large woman hooked a thumb into the relatively small panties that falsely covered her modesty. She pulled the silky garment outward staring down at her own sex before looking up at me with a single finger hungrily in her mouth as if to say “What do we have here?”

This girl big body or not… was fucking sexy and she knew it. Was unapologetic about it and certainly didn’t give a fuck whether you cared or not.

Strains of “Haunted by Beyoncé” drifted through my bedroom emanating from the clock radio on my bedside table. Holly had my attention as she swiveled her narrow hips side to side in a very controlled manner. She was a literal brick shithouse, powerful and womanly on a different level than I was used to and yet she was so young. Holly hooked both thumbs in the helm of her panties drawing the material halfway down and revealing her lightly furred muff. I noticed a very small tattoo over her sex that looked like a signature. She grinned and turned towards the wall bending at the waist pushing her butt out at me. Her torso, hips and thighs were a straight line neither diminishing her thickness or sex appeal. The panties under the cuff of her meaty butt enhanced what she had to offer.


With Escort Nevşehir a grace that belied her thick, curvy form, Holly bent at the waist losing the underwear and giving me a direct look at her perfect peach. Her lips were puffy and visibly wet with arousal driving me nearly to action. She began rubbing two fingers along her slit with a measured intensity before spreading her flower for my viewing pleasure.

“Ready?” She asked again as I sat gawking in amazement at the sensual display before me.

“Hey asshole?”

“Yeah?” I’d snapped out of my lustful stupor noticing that Holly had paused from her routine waiting for an answer.

“Are you fucking ready for this or are you going to sit there like a pathetic mouth breather?” I blinked staring at her pointedly before fishing out my erect cock in silent response. Holly gasped and chuckled nervously watching me slowly stroke my length. We were staring into each other’s eyes as she dabbed a few fingers in her mouth before applying them to her clit.

Three fingers…the outer ones to hold her prominent lips open and the middle to work her button. Holly’s attention to detail and her intense focus on pleasuring herself had me nearly on the edge jerking my own cock. Her thick, pendulous breasts hung low partially obscuring her soft, jiggly belly as the digits slipped inside and began viciously jerking her cunt until she lost it and visibly squirted on my carpet with a strained, breathy gasp.

“Oh shit Holly; I’m fucking close!!” I felt like an idiot loudly calling out my imminent climax; something about this girl, some intangible element was just so damn sexy that I wanted her to see me blow a load.

“Yeah; you gonna fucking cum?”

“Yeaaaah!!” The large nineteen-year old had caught my eye with her own mashing her huge tits together while she pulled roughly on her own nipples. Holly’s intensity was something to behold and I was taken aback watching the big girl maul her breasts.

“You jerking that cum?”

“YEAAAHHHHH!!” My hand was a blur on my rod as precum leaked freely from the reddened head of my cock glazing my fist.

“Want some help?”


In an instant the kid yanked my pistoning hand away from my cock with one hand while cupping my balls and cock base with the other. Holly balled her fist up around my junk while covering the head of my cock with her palm. She started rolling her palm all over the head while jerking extremely hard with three finger from her other hand. The counter motion and movement had me closer to the brink.


“Huh; what?!!” Two fingers now encircled my length teasing my length excruciatingly slowly.

“Beg motherfucker.” I face-palmed as her intent became as clear as the mean smirk on her pretty face.

“FUCK-SHIT!!!” Holly quickly drew her hands away from my cock letting it flop on my belly sliding around in its own juices. She was sitting on her haunches on the floor at the end of my bed with her arms at her sides.

“PLEEEEEASE HOOOOLLY!!” Her eyes widened with as an excited girlish giggle escaped her plump lips. She lurched forward with a speed that frightened me taking more than half of me between her pursed lips and sucking for all she was worth.

“AAAAAWWWWW SSSSSHHHHHAAAAAATT!!!!!!” Several thick ropes of creamy jizz instantly hit the roof of her mouth and throat. Holly never stopped sucking even as I squirmed and humped her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Before I could react, Holly slapped her massive tits on my cock several times trapping it between her mountains extracting even more cum.

“You liked that baby?” She sounded like a young girl unsure of herself and seeking approval for her actions as she glared at a web of cum between her thin fingers. She rubbed the mess on my exposed abs before flicking my cock painfully with a finger.

“I don’t know how to answer that; but you got me fucking good alright?” Her sandy hair was all over her face partially obscuring her features.

“You done old man; fucking gassed huh, already used up bitch?” She cupped her udders and jiggled them in a playful manner.

“Old man?!!” I was all of thirty-two years of age at the time.

“Talking all that shit; flapping your gums about how “you were gonna FUCK MY BRAINS OUT” and you can’t even handle a little foreplay-PATHETIC!!” This girl was a piece of work insulting me and rubbing her cunt as she laughed out more insults.

“Fuck you.”

“Fuck me? FUCK ME; EH MOTHERFUCKER?!!” Holly’s wild mane slapped down on my pelvis as she engulfed my cock slurping and sucking hard making me yelp. I tried to buck her off of my crotch but she moved faster than I would have suspected of someone of her size hopping up on top of my thighs. Holly allowed her dead weight to hold me down looking amused at my attempts to dislodge her.

“I’m not going anywhere until I’m finished with you.” She warned twerking her squarish chunky butt on my sex before leaning forward across the rest of my body. Her weight was becoming an issue along with her massive tits that completely covered my face. It felt like she was going to force my body through the bed, literally flatten me and pulverize every bone in my body. I was truly experiencing the dark side of fucking BBW’S and my head felt like it would explode from the pressure.

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