Church Ladies Seduced!

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It seems my step Grandma Jolene’s church committee was upsetting a number of people.

James Roy Lakeside, a backwoods cousin of ours, found me in town a couple weeks ago. He had sixty acres and three double wide trailers hitched up and set far back from any human eyes. Twenty years ago, he and his family switched from corn to marijuana, but kept the dumb hillbilly getup to keep the Feds off his ass. In the ’80’s, weed was hard to get, so James Roy was an important guy to know. He was connected to the Vice community as well, such as it was. And this was why he had come to find me.

“Jolene and her crazy ass bitch committee are startin’ to get people to think about killin’ people, Jake. Something’s got to be done.”

“What? Bullshit, I’ve seen those women! They’re Grandmas and Aunties. What the hell could they do?”

“Screaming and yappin’ about corruption. Look Jake, you gotta believe me. As far as crime goes, we got a pretty clean county. There’s a couple secret whorehouses, some stills, and three other guys like me, but nothing evil, really. Nothing Scorcese at all. Everyone knows each other, everyones gets along. No outside syndicates, no mafia. But if they keep pushing, my folks gonna push back. And that means killin’, and that’ll set off a whole back and forth of killin’. You know what people are like.”

“Okay, I get you. What needs to happen?”

“Depends, I got a couple ideas bouncing about, a little high tech surveillance equipment I use on my crops, buy me a beer and lets talk.”

We talked, we plotted, we planned and we confirmed. James Ray was a devious son-of-a-bitch, his stained overalls and mullet notwithstanding. We got everything we needed set up, though hiding the clunky cameras was a challenge. When Grandma Jolene’s Bible committee showed up the next Wednesday, our trap was set and ready to be sprung.

Three of the committee were there, the fourth had retired due to sciatica and elephantitus of the left pinkie finger. There was Mrs. Rhonda Garrity, a chubby blonde with an ass that was almost cartoonishly wide. Miss Helga Cratchkiss, a tall slender woman with piercing eyes and high cheekbones. Mrs. Vernina Johnson looked ten years younger than her actual sixty years, and was the Co-Chair for the local NAACP. She was only a couple inches shorter than the willowy Cratchkiss, and had a curvy well rounded figure with a sensuous mouth. Mrs. Johnson has a number of wigs. Today she was wearing a black short haired wig with bangs cut Louise Brooks style in the front. Jolene was still the overall prettiest of the group. She had the curves, the eyes, and a need to be fucked well and hard. And you know, I had a feeling about her friends as well.

James Ray and I spiked their food, of course. Jolene always put on a spread for her friends, and after another cousin stole their hospital records, an appropriate and safe opiate was introduced into their chamomile teas and apricot tarts. We wanted them compromised, not dead. Slowly, the drug seeped into their consciousness. They began to be looser in their talk. When Cratchkiss told a joke that was almost dirty, Mrs. Johnson let out with a loud wicked laugh I had never heard from her before. Rhonda then complained about her lazy husband, and blamed his laziness as a lack of ‘Biblical duty’ a few times. Since she wiggled her fat ass every time she said “Biblical Duty”, I assumed she meant sex. The ladies all despaired with her. I noticed Cratchkiss staring at Jolene, in particularly at Jolene’s chest. Jolene was almost grinning, and had unbuttoned her top two entire buttons! The drug was working!

I had walked through a couple times, decently dressed. Early on in my seduction of Jolene, I had walked into one of their meetings with nothing but a towel around my waist. Since then, the ladies all tended to stare at . . . not my face. They did more so today, falling into silence as soon as I left. Soon they all traipsed into the kitchen to pretend to clean up. As soon as all four of them entered, I pressed a switch and another cousin’s jackhammer under the floor boards turned on, feeling like an earthquake in the kitchen above, causing the ladies to squeal and scream! Another switch pushed over specially rigged jars of grape juice on the counters, which burst apart and soaked the women with grape juice and grape preserves! They squealed again, in shock and amazement, dripping with grape juice, their outfits permanantly stained. Jolene leaped into action and handed kitchen towels to each of the ladies, apologizing profusely. I hurried into the kitchen with a scared look on my face.

“Grandma! Ladies! Are you okay?!” I stifled a laugh, as they looked a bit like wet chickens, their church clothes clinging to their skin and hanging down in a manner they were never meant to. “Come on, let’s get you to a room and into something dry.” The women were actually smiling more than frowning though, despite the scare and the staining. The situation was innocent and ridiculous, so, why not just laugh Şirinevler Escort at, the drug in their bellies and brains told them. As I put each one in a different guest room, and pointed out where alternate clothes were, I saved Jolene for last. She was holding my arm tightly, unconsciously gripping and stoking my shoulders. When I got her behind the closed door of her bedroom, I ripped her moist, stained blouse from her body and threw it to the floor.

“Oh God and Jesus, yes please, Jake! Take me!” I kissed her her roughly, and then softened a bit as we french kissed and rubbed bodies like prom dates for a few seconds. I then pulled away from her.

“I need to see to our guests. You wait here for me.”

“No. I need your manhood.” The word tumbled out of her mouth almost accidentally, like she had no editor at all. “Please, let me taste it, please….”, Jolene kissed me softly up and down my neck, warming my entire body as her hands traveled down to my crotch. She unzipped my fly and had my cock out in record time, and before I could protest she dropped to her knees and took my hard cock right into her mouth. She had both hands on my shaft and was eye-closed and blissed out as she sucked on my cock vigorously, slurping and gasping at her own desperate need to fill her mouth with warm flesh. I grabbed her hair, and pushed her hands away.

“Look at me. Look up at me.” I ordered her.

Her shining green eyes moved to mine, and I started to slowly fuck her mouth. Not like a thug with no respect for himself or others, but like a damn man, feeling her sweet mouth hug and envelope my entire head and shaft. Back and forth I rocked my hips in front of her face, watching my cock slide past her soft red lips.

“Now Jolene, here’s what you are going do, take off your clothes and . . . don’t stop sucking my cock. . . that’s better. You are going to take off all your clothes, and lie on the bed. You may play with your pussy, but you are not allowed to have an orgasm until I return. Do you understand?” The feeling of her head nodding while my cock was in her mouth was a delight. I pulled out of her mouth and stood her up, gave her a kiss and left her bedroom closing the door behind me.

I went to Rhonda’s room first, and walked right in without a knock. Rhonda wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, so I thought a direct approach would work the best. As I came in she was in the middle of trying to put on the dress I had left in there, but failing as it was two sizes to small. She was facing away from me, wearing nothing but white granny panties and a white bra, both stained with grape juice. Her ass was wide as a truck, but kept that curve which would make any ass man’s dick hard instantly. She turned as I entered, the too small dress in her hand, squeaked a surprised little noise. Then as she tried to cover herself she stumbled forward into my arms. She looked up at me, and then giggled.

“I am almost naked. You should not have barged in here.” She made no attempt to leave my arms, but kept pressing herself next to me.

“I. . .I have to tell you, Miss Rhonda…I barged in like that on purpose. I wanted to see you, to be with you, to hold you. . . ” I laid it on thick, after all this woman read Harlequin Romances and was higher than Sears Tower. I clasped her tightly to me and looked deep into her eyes. “Please Miss Rhonda, while everyone else is busy, while they’re all away. . . can I . . . can I . . .” Her face was upturned to me, mouth open eyes wide, so I went in for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth, pushing me back all the way to the wall. It was all I could do to just hold on.

She was like an animal, clawing at my body with her hands and covering my face and neck with kisses and little licks. I got a hold of her arms and directed her towards one of the twin beds and we fell back onto it.

“Oh please Jake, give me a good fuck. A real good fuck. Ever since my Ralph died, I ain’t known a man. Fuck me hard damn it, damn it, damn it…” She kept repeating ‘ damn it’ as i peeled off her panties and took off her bra. Her tits weren’t huge, despite Rhonda’s BBW status, but they had a nice shape on them with tiny little nipples. I rolled her over onto her stomach and picked her up by her hips. The sight of her huge pale ass, like a damn Crumb cartoon, swaying with her passion And that Blonde Church lady hairdo at the other end was just as kinky as her huge ass. I carressed her ass cheeks for a moment, savoring the spectacle of those mammoth globes of ass flesh. She whimpered with every squeeze of my fingers. Finally I put my cockhead right at her dripping pussy, and slowly pushed it in inch by inch. She gasped and gulped in silence as I filled her with my cock, until my balls were resting against her clit. I pulled out, and pushed back in about twice the speed, which would still qualify as a slow fuck. She put her head down into the pillow and moaned deeply. At the Şirinevler Escort Bayan very next stroke, she came hard; spurting juice to run down my balls and thighs while shaking and tremorring all over her body. Her ass shook in ways I never imagined skin could move, and as her pussy contracted and pulsed over my dick, I had my own struggle to not come in that hot, wet pussy. Damn straight it had been a long time.

When she stopped shaking, i took a comfortable hold of her ass and started fucking, just a good steady fuck. The sound of my hips slapping against her ample ass was sexy as hell, even though I was sure the poor sound recording of the cameras in the room wouldn’t pick it up. That thought reminded me to pick Rhonda’s head off the pillow to face the camera a little. I then let her back down and kept Rhonda moaning softly with the rock-steady pounding of my cock.

I needed to move on, so I lifted up a knee to get a slightly deeper angle and pummeled the shit out her sweet pussy, making her scream into the pillow and come repeatedly on my dick. I slowly pulled out of her, and she collapsed on the bed, exhausted and drained, with a blissful smile on her face. I had never been into big girls, but I admit, I regretted leaving Rhonda. I would have seriously liked to have fucked her some more. But, there were more old ladies to corrupt!

I slipped across the hall to the shower and rinsed myself off. I threw my clothes back on and then sprinted down the hall to Cratchkiss’ room. I knocked on the door, but no-one answered. O softly opened the door to find Catchkiss on her knees in front of Mrs. Vernina Johnson. Cratchkiss had on black underwear and garters, which accented her long legs especially while bent over, her hands entwined around Vernina’s sweetly plump thighs. While Chratchkiss’ ass swayed back and forth, her muffled moans were clearly of pleasure and not coercion. Vernina was grabbing onto her hair, which was now free of it’s usual severe bun, and holding her firmly between her legs, her wide sexy mouth smiling like the devil in a convent. Vernina was naked except for her bra, which was red, stained purple of course. Her tits were about 46 or 48 D’s, and they had huge nipples, evident even under the bra. She was looking right in my eyes as I creaked open the door.

“Y’all weren’t as quiet as you thought, young Jake.” She smiled at me and looked me up and down, in a manner so practiced and sure that for a moment I lost my confidence. But then her hips began to buck sharply and her face grew distant and peaceful.

“Ohhhhhhh yes, Cratchkiss, kiss it, yessss…..!” Vernina moaned as she came hard right in front of me. Her body was a lot fitter than I had imagined. Her chocolate brown skin was moist from the excitement and exertion, but it’s rich deep hues were as sexy as the woman herself. And not just because of the contrast with the slender and pale Miss Cratchkiss who was currently lapping up Vernina’s cum. Cratchkiss sat up and turned around to face me. Her face was damp with pussy juice, and her expression was satisfied and haughty.

“Look young man, whatever your intentions in this room might be, I have no need of a penis in my life.”

“Speak for yourself, Cratchkiss. I could use some of that cock, if you didn’t use it all up on Rhonda.”, said Vernina matter-of factly. Cratchkiss looked upset.

“But who will play with me! That’s not fair!” Watching the once uptight school marm pouting like a child because she can’t get laid was hilarious! And a turn on. Cratchkiss turned to her fellow committee women. “And didn’t you like what I did? Didn’t you?” Cratchkiss crawled closer to Vernina, who gently wrapped her hand in her hair, and then sharply jerked her back, asserting total control over her head and neck. Cratchkiss sighed excitedly and stuck out her chest.

Vernina’s voice was calm and cool. “I’m not a dyke like you, Missy. I just use them when I wish. I will always need a good hard tallywhacker in the long run. You will need to be okay with that, allright?” Cratchkiss nodded vigorously in assent.

I grabbed the moment. “Miss Cratchkiss, come with me please.”

She looked at Vernina, who gave her permission, and then she followed me out of the room, across the hall and into Grandma Jolene’s bedroom. Jolene was fingering her self when she saw that Cratchkiss was with me, and then she sat up, startled.

“Settled down. Here’s the deal, Jolene. You don’t get to fuck me until this woman has made you cum, and until you have made this woman cum.”

“But I . . I’ve never. . . ” Jolene stammered while licking her lips and ogling the long, sexy body of Miss Cratchkiss, who seemed to wriggle every time I said the word ‘cum’. Cratchkiss walked like Catwoman over to the bed, and smoothly slipped into the arms of Jolene, who didn’t protest but still looked a little hesitant.

“Now Miss Cratchkiss, I’m counting on you to tell the truth about your orgasms. I can’t trust a little Escort Şirinevler slut like Jolene with telling the truth about that.”

Cratchkiss’ eyes grew wide. “Is she? Is Jolene a little slut?”

“Oh, hell yes. She’s a total tit whore, and she never stops playing with her clit. She’s begged to suck my cock before.” Jolene had a mix of shock and total passion on her face at our conversation. “Her pussy gets wet when you just tweak her nipples.”

“Thanks for the tip.”

“No problem.” I left the room as Cratchkiss slowly began to kiss and caress Jolene. Back across the hall, Vernina was exactly where we had left her. The drug had froze her in position, apparently. When I entered, she looked up at me. “I guess I just felt so good when I came, why bother moving?” It made sense to me. I took my pants off, and Vernina smiled. “Now that is a perfect sized dick. Not too big, not too small. I hate horse cocks. No kidding. Put me off men for years. Damn, I’m high. Oh, now that is a perfect sized dick.” Man, she was wasted! I moved to the side to improve the view of the camera and put her hand on my dick. “Oh, yes, that’s right! I get to fornicate with this lovely piece of pork. Ain’t that nice.” She pulled me close and drew my dick into her mouth, easily taking my girth and still smiling. Her hands played with my balls like an expert, I guessed. She pulled my dick out and began to run the end of along her lips, flicking out her tongue occasionally, and then she thrust the whole thing down her throat


I almost passed out from the pleasure of it! She slurped my dick into her mouth only a few times, but each time she held it, resting my cock down deep in her throat, without a cough or hiccup. Finally she pulled me all the out with a lip smacking sound of satisfaction.

“Allright boy, you gonna fuck me now, and fuck me right, right?”

“That’s the plan, ma’am.”

“Then help me to the bed, dammit.”

We got to the bed, and I kissed her knees and thighs, moving up her body. When I got to her tits, she pushed me back. “No titty sucking. Sorry.” I was disappointed as hell. She didn’t bother to give out a reason, she just took my cock and guided it to her pussy. Despite her age, it was wet and ready, and she bucked her hips up towards me while pulling my hips closer, forcing my entire cock into her with one thrust. She was tighter than Jolene, but deeper, and it felt incredible! I half moaned half grunted outloud, which was drowned out by Vernina’a drunken fuck-babble.

“Oooooohh, shit baby, that goes nice and deep, oh, shit shit shit. Fuck me, white boy! Give me that damn . . . oh hell yeah!”

I started to grind my cock deep into her, not pulling out and thrusting back in, but a continuous stirring with close, hard pushes. She started to coo and whine.

“I think you need to be on top.” I said.

“Oh yes please!”

“But you’re going to have to show me those tits.”

She looked shy for a moment, but recovered. “I don’t have to do a damn thing.” She said playfully.

“No. . . ” I leaned in and nuzzled her neck, kissed her cheek, and kept up a good deep fuck while I whispered in her ear. “I think you are so damn sexy, I ‘d really like to see every sweet inch of your body.”

“Old ladies don’t have nice bodies.”

I gave her a little thrust. She grunted.

“Please let me see them. Touch them. . .”

She paused, and then said, “You better not cum right away.”

“Is that what you’re afraid of?”

“Yes sir indeed.”

I grinned cockily. “Well, Mrs Johnson, don’t you worry about that one bit.”

“Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

We rolled over on the bed, and Mrs. Johnson climbed onto my johnson like a teenager. She poised my cock at the entrance to her vagina for a second, and then lowered herself onto it with a sigh of satisfaction and a smile that made my cock get even harder. She reached behind her back and unhook her bra and released her krakens from their cage. They were 48 D’s and they did droop a bit, but in general they still had a good shape. Her nipples where beautifully huge and the color of Hershey’s kisses. My mouth drooled at the sight of them, and I instantly popped one into my mouth and began to suck it.

“Oh damn, boy, you don’t know what that does to me.” Mrs Johnson said with a hot breath. Her hips began rocking back and forth. I rubbed my palm against her other nipple, and she gasped out loud. “Oh good god damn…” she said, and her hips bucked faster. I loved filling my mouth her her huge nipple and ample tit flesh. I couldn’t get enough, sucking her entire areola into my mouth as far as I could while swirling my tongue around her hard nipple. Mrs. Johnson started to buck even faster, and then she grabbed my head and made me suck even more of her tit into my mouth, and then she came hard, viciously pounding me into the mattress with the spasms of her orgasm. I rolled her over, and like Rhonda, she also fell asleep, snoring away. That James Ray knew his business, that’s for sure.

I rinsed off again, checked on the still sleeping Rhonda and went into Jolene’s bedroom. Jolene was in the bed, her legs spread wide, and Crathckiss was sprawled in front of her, grasping Jolene’s thighs, and bobbing her head up and down in her crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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