Cindy Ch. 01

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I was about 19, and was doing the door to door salesman thing. I wasn’t very good at it, as I found myself looking at the women in the houses I would enter more than concentrating on my job. I have always been interested in older women and loved the way they looked, smelled, carried themselves. I am a 5’10”, 240 muscular pound man, 25 years old. I am Italian, with short dark hair, bright green eyes, and a neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. I have one tattoo, my family coat of arms, on my right shoulder. I am by no means a lifeguard type of guy, nor am I an obese roly poly guy. Picture a football player or heavyweight boxer, or even a bouncer. Big, muscular, but with a gut, just not a huge one. A 38″ waist. Downstairs, I have been blessed with a decent length cock, about 7.5 inches, but I am extremely thick and wide, definitely allowing me to fully expand a woman and feel her lips surround me.

One day, I was picking up a friend of mine from a house he had been in , showing off the vacuum that we sold and explaining to the woman how it worked, etc. He came out with a phone # and said that the woman had given it to him but that she only wanted him to call if he found someone older than himself that would be interested in her. My friend Mike was 18, looked it, and was definitely not ready for an older woman.

That night, Mike, my friend Stephon and I decided to take a trip from our homes in Sacramento to the Bay area for a little partying. I was the only one who got into the clubs though, so they ended up doing who knows what for about 5 hours.

Inside the Dragon Club, I was dancing with a woman who was in her early twenties but noticed that she and about 7 other women in the club were wearing trenchcoats. Weird I thought, but what the hell. We talked for a few and she said her name was Joann, and that she and her friends were actually part of another club. She then took off her trench, and was standing there completely naked! She had on a painted on blue dress of body paint and her pert breasts pointed skyward. She started to walk out onto the dance floor again and her ass just begged me to follow her. I did and the dancing that followed had me leaving with a big blue stain on the front of my pants. A great way to remember the night huh?

At about 3 a.m., I was driving back home across the Bay Bridge when all of a sudden the diesel I was behind swerved to avoid a range rover and then jackknifed. I watched in what seemed like slow motion as this gigantic truck took up three lanes on the freeway, slid into my car and luckily bounced right over my car and landed behind me. I then blacked out.

At about 7 a.m. I awoke to my friends in the same hospital room as myself and my stepfather just looking at me. The doctor came in and said we could go, and we left, but man was my whole body sore. This was my first accident and it scared the hell out of me.

I was lying around the house that day, bored out of my mind, and sore, and decided to call Mike. He told me that he was going to stay in bed all day, but he said I should call the woman from the day before.

“Hello?” was the answer I heard when I dialed her phone number. She had büyükçekmece escort a sweet young sounding but almost teenage sounding voice.

“Um, Hi, I’m Jason. My friend Mike was I your house yesterday showing you a vacuum and said that I should call to let you know that if you ever needed any help or assistance with it, to just call me.”

“Well Hi, I’m Cindy. I don’t really think I need any help with the vacuum, but you sound cute. How old are you?”

” I am 23,” I lied, ” I am sorry for sounding a little hurt on the phone, I was involved in a car accident last night.”

We went on talking for about a half an hour. I explained what happened the night before, I wold her what I looked like, and that I was dying to get out of the house. She told me that she was 43, divorced, and that she lived alone. She teased me by saying she had a great set of legs, and then invited me over for a soak in her hot tub. Seeing as how my body was aching, I of course agreed.

I didn’t have a car, so she came to pick me up. She was very pretty. She was about 5’5″, 115 lbs of what looked like muscle with curves in the right places. She wore a short skirt and a low cut v neck sweater that showed a lot of cleavage. She had small, brown eyes, a sexy looking mouth, and short brown hair. She smelled amazing.

As we drove to her house, I came forward and told her the truth, I was only 19, but that I didn’t want her to judge me by my age alone. She forgave me saying that she just didn’t like immature men and so she wasn’t attracted to my friend Mike.

Once at her place, I playfully grabbed her hips as she walked towards the front door. She turned around, a little shocked, and looked at me. “Sorry, I just wanted to see what you felt like if we were dancing.” She giggled and led me into her house.

There was a pool table in the den, and she offered me a drink.

“Rum and Coke please. Do you play pool often? Do you smoke? Why are you single?”

” So many questions Jason, I love Rum and Coke also so we can both drink them tonight. I do not play as much as I used to, I don’t smoke, and I am single because most men cannot keep up with me and stay monogamous.”

” Well, I think you have found your match. I am a very sensuous, loving man who is not looking to play around, but to be with one woman.”

We ended up playing pool for a while, talking, drinking, giggling. Her ass looked amazing when she bent over that pool table, he calves flexing as she raised herself up. And when I was in front of her, I know she must have caught me looking down her sweater at least a few times. I don’t know if it was the drinking or what, but I got a little bolder and pinched her ass as she walked past me to sit down after her turn. This time, she just smiled and sat down.

As the games progressed we talked, and laughed about everything under the sun. My legs and back were starting to hurt from the accident and without trying to sound too forward, I asked if we were going to get into the hot tub. Cindy said sure, but that she had a rule saying that if someone wore trunks or a bathing suit into escort büyükçekmece the tub, the soap from the remains of a washing machine would make too many bubbles and so therefore we would have to be naked. Well I was a 19 yr old man who didn’t know any better, and didn’t realize she was trying to check me out. I was more excited about seeing this gorgeous woman naked herself.

She led me to the hot tub, asked me to strip and Smiled when my cock sprung free, hanging gently over my cum filled balls. I climbed up and into the hot tub and turned to see her walking towards the door back into the house.

“Jason, I will be right back ok? I just want to go get our drinks and turn on some music.”

I was sitting in front of the jets, my back feeling the warm bubbles in the water shoot out and caress my aching muscles and bones. My head was leaning back, eyes closed when I felt a pair of lips meet mine and my tongue came forth to explore this sweet mouth.

I opened my eyes and watched as Cindy, now dressed in a short satin robe, walked over to the stairs of the tub, and let the robe fall off of her shoulders, past her beautiful, full, tanned breasts and fall gently to the floor. My cock was rising instantly in the tub, and I was glad there were some bubble hiding its swollen purple head from her view. Her legs, so very muscular and smooth, carried her body up to the top step and I watched as her foot, then her thighs, then her shaved pussy and finally her stomach disappeared from view into the water. Her breasts were floating in the tub, her hair was up, and she just sat there across from me, smiling.

I didn’t wait long to move over the water to her. I felt my body press up against hers and felt her nipples come into contact with my chest. I leaned in and kissed her, her mouth opening to let my tongue dart in and then closing around my lip as I pulled away. My cock was rubbing the tops of her thighs as I sort of floated in front of her, kissing and nibbling on her neck and ears.

“What’s this?” She asked as I felt her soft hand grasp and encircle my cock. ” Is it for me?”

“Well that depends. Are you sure you know what to do with it?”

“Jason honey, I definitely know how to please a man. I have more experience than you can imagine. Do you think you can please me?”

With that question I reached under her thighs and lifted and spread them just enough to let my cock slip into her awaiting pussy. She clamped down on my cock with her powerful pussy muscles and I moved out into the middle of the tub where I kissed, and held her in that position for about ten minutes. No rush, no wild fucking, just my cock, her vagina, my arms, her legs, my lips, her lips, and soft music.

I was a little hot from being in the tub for the past thirty minutes and broke our embrace to sit on the edge of the tub. She came over and immediately went to work by swallowing my cockhead and tickling my balls. She would open wide and try to deep throat me and trace a nail from the back of my balls to the front. Then she would rise from by cock, squeezing her lips around the tip to make me büyükçekmece escort bayan feel as if I was being milked.

I remembered her little challenge earlier and gently touched her head to get her to stop. We grabbed a towel and ran into her bedroom, her ass jiggling the whole way in front of me. She jumped into her bed and lay on her stomach. I moved towards her, lifting her legs onto my shoulders and awaited that sweet musky odor of a woman’s love canal. I inhaled deeply and loved the way this woman smelled. Her clit was starting to peek out from behind her labia and I let my tongue dart into her waiting pussy, deciding to leave the clit for later. I wanted to feel every inch of this woman with my tongue, letting my lips mash against hers and my tongue being soaked in her pussy juices.

I took a pause and looked at her open pussy, dripping, waiting and then placed my lips on her clit and sucked. My fingers were on top of her thighs, caressing them from the inside out, and she started to squirm. I then released my lip lock on her clit and rubbed it with my tongue. I let my tongue trace around her little love button and then flatten against it. I then sucked on it again, desperately trying to pull it away from this angel’s body and leave her crying in orgasm.

I then got up and let my cock plunge into her depths, her muscular legs wrapping around my waist and her massive breasts heaving upward with each thrust of mine. I took each nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue trace the outline before pinching them softly with my fingers. I was wondering how she was doing but when I looked at her, her eyes were rolled back, her head was sideways and her mouth kept moaning what looked like “Yes”.

I was moving not fast nor slow, but constant, feeling her fleshy vagina open to allow my cock entrance into her and then close around it as I slipped out again. My balls were slapping casually against her cold smooth skin of her ass and I brought her ankles up by my shoulders to really give it to her. I was starting to plunge harder and harder, and she let out a small yell.

“Jason I am coming!!!” Her hands were grabbing at my shoulders, pulling my hair, and her lower lip was bleeding because she was biting it so hard.

I knew that she was pleased and decided that to make it final, I thrust into her allowing my semen to flood her, scalding the insides of her pussy and leaving us both lying in a pile of sweat, flesh and heavy breathing.

I was still feeling very very excited and asked her to roll over onto her stomach. I positioned myself so that my legs were outside of hers and my already hardening cock was pointed towards her dripping slit. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her pussy, exciting myself to full erection, and teasing her back to reality. She inched her ass up a little off of the bed and I entered her wet vagina again. She then closed her legs and I was lying completely on top of her, holding myself up with outstretched arms. She was completely surrounding my cock with her pussy, and I was sort of grinding it into her.

I looked to the left and her closet was a full mirror. She was also looking and smiled at me as this primal animalistic position let our wild sides come out. I knew I wouldn’t last long and as my second eruption came flooding out, I gently bit her shoulder and she was coaxing me to keep moving to let my cum spurt out every drop.

We ended up showering and fucking for the rest of the night, and I saw her for a while. I would have loved for it to last longer

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