Circumnavigation, Risking It All Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

Note: This series is autobiographic, the events are true as I can get ’em to memory, but it’s been 22 years and a few details may have run together. ^_^


Chapter 3, Sint Maarten

My new found friend and I made our way from the beachside café up toward the point of land between the two bays on the southern coast of the island of Sint Marten. Our ship had anchored about a mile out in the Great Bay and we’d rode an overloaded water taxi to a pier on the East end of the boardwalk.

We’d been looking forward to getting off the ship to be by ourselves for a while as we had recently discovered that our uncanny ability to get along had a pretty intense new physical aspect to it. In other words, we were horny as hell and wanted to bone each other’s brains out!

Unfortunately, Sailors on a US Navy warship are under military regulations forbidding any and all such activities aboard ship. Just a day ago, we had been caught up in the moment and forgot all such rules and I had fingered her to orgasm which she then sucked me off until I had climaxed in her mouth, all just a few inches above the ship’s bridge crew on the deck below us!

We had risked our careers and reputations for a few moments of pleasure and had since come to our senses, realizing everything we had jeopardized, we vowed not to mess around like that on the ship ever again.

Now, even though we were off the ship, we were trying not to make things too obvious, we were both married and Sailors could gossip like nobody’s business, neither of us wanted word getting back to our spouses. Unfortunately, we were also pretty broke, this was the first real port visit on a six-month deployment, I wouldn’t have any spending cash until the next payday and we’d only just left homeport a few days ago. Being relatively cashless meant no hotel room and a lot of walking around and looking at the sights until it got dark enough for us to find a quiet little corner of the island to act on our impulses.

Sint Maarten was everything you’d expect from a Caribbean island paradise, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, exotic sights and smells, and surprisingly crowded! Everywhere we wandered we kept our eyes peeled for an opportunity to get close, yet we were disappointed time after time. You may be surprised how hard it was not run into somebody from the ship! About the time the sun was setting we decided to use some of our hoarded money to grab a meal at a lovely little restaurant styled like a missionary villa. The steak medallions in a three peppercorn sauce melted in my mouth and afterward we were treated to an ice-cold aperitif that tasted like licorice and had a coffee bean in the bottom.

After dinner we walked eastward to get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist district and leisurely strolled hand-in-hand through a hilly neighborhood. We were disappointed at our inability to overcome our fears of discovery to get the satisfaction our bodies were crying for as we watched the clock ticking away. There were only so many water taxis to the ship, and neither of us had secured permission to stay out overnight, so we had to take the last taxi back to the ship.

We made our way back to the pier by walking up along an empty beach to the South of the landing, passing shuttered cabanas and cozy beach bungalows. Chaise lounges and palm umbrellas awaited tomorrow’s crowds. When we arrived at the landing, we discovered that the last taxi was delayed, and the agency who operated the landing had opened the little bar at the foot of the pier, providing free drinks to those of us who had to wait around!

Elle and I each got a tequila sunrise and the smiling Filipino bartender did not skimp on the booze! Two dozen or so Sailors from the ship milled about the area waiting for word on whether or not we’d make it back on time. The last taxi was supposed to run at 10 p.m., but it was getting to be around eleven now and we were required to be back aboard by midnight, we called this “Cinderella liberty,” in our none-to-original imaginations.

Elle and I sat on a pair of lounges and worriedly sipped our drinks as the minutes slipped by, getting back to the ship on time is not a joking matter. There a million ways to get in trouble in the military, and not being back on time in a foreign port ranked among the worst. A faint glimmer of hope began to show, much like the moonlight shining through the gently moving palm fronds above us; it looked like the taxi had broken down and there were no others available, the agency was bringing a charter bus to the pier for all of us to sleep in until morning when parts for the taxi would be available. The agency was in contact with the ship so we all let out a collective sigh of relief!

Elle and I got up when the bus arrived and took seats together near the back. We didn’t talk much and I felt as though I were letting something slip through my fingers as I fitfully dozed. Later, around 2 a.m. or so, she got up to go pee, waking me as she slipped by me to the aisle. I sat up and felt canlı bahis an urgent impulse to follow. I looked around carefully and when I had assured myself that no one was awake or paying attention, I followed her off the bus.

I headed for the nearest public restroom, formulating a plan on the way. Even in the tropics it can get a bit chilly that early in the morning and I shivered a bit with the chill and the excitement of my idea.

“Oh hey,” Elle said, noticing me waiting. “You gotta pee too?”

“Good morning!” I replied. “No, I had an idea. Take a look around, what do you see?”

“Nothing, no one,” she observed with a slightly sleepy, puzzled expression.

“That’s right! No one for once!” Grabbing her hand and pulling toward the dark, empty beach to the South, “Come on!” I said urgently.

Elle began to wake up more as we scurried a hundred yards or so down the beach, a smile spreading across her face in mischievous glee the farther we went.

“There!” I declared, spotting what I had noted earlier that evening. “This is the place!” as I drew her into a dark nook behind a concessions cabana.

There, in the dim moonlight, was a darker place of shadow, tucked in behind the cabana and hemmed in on two more sides by a little table and a palm tree that leaned away at a slight angle. As we ducked in to the cozy space I spun around and caught her in my arms and we instinctively locked our lips together as if we needed each other to breathe!

Up ’til now we hadn’t dared to even sneak a kiss while out and about, and definitely not aboard ship! Now I was drowning in her embrace. Her lips were cool and smooth, sucking on my lips and tongue. Her mouth was hot and slick, her tongue alternately gentle and seductive, firm and probing. Our arms clutched one another while our hungry mouths did all the speaking for us. I began to kiss and lick her ear and neck while reaching down with both hand to explore her plump ass through her thin denim shorts. I moved a thigh between her legs and she instinctively began to grind her groin against it.

Elle backed away from our embrace and held me at arm’s length with her hands on my hips, looking, studying my face, before suddenly pushing me back against the table, she followed and fell against me as I caught myself with my arms. She immediately began licking and sucking my neck as her hands feverishly worked at unbuttoning my shirt. Her mouth follower her hands, nibbling and licking the base of my neck, then my collar bone, my hairless chest, then concentrating on my nipples. I had no choice but to continue to support myself, but I again moved a leg between hers and she met my subtle move by renewing her grinding her mound against it.

Her hands had finished with my shirt buttons, laying my chest and belly bare to her questing mouth. She hummed her appreciation of my swimmer’s body as she took a second to look me up and down. Her lips moved from my nipples down my belly along the slight crease to my navel where she paused to make love to it with her lips and tongue, teasing and probing. Her hands moved to my waistband and worked the button of my shorts loose while her mouth started on the bulge clearly outline beneath the fabric. I longed to feel her mouth on me once again, to feel the wet, fiery furnace sliding onto my cock to the hilt, but I was overcome by my desire to finally taste her!

I prefer to give as much pleasure as I receive, sex is not a one-way street to me, if my partner is enjoying it, then I can enjoy it. If they weren’t having a good time, I couldn’t have enjoyed the experience. I just had to go down on Elle, I don’t think I’d ever wanted anything more in my life at that point!

Before she could undo my shorts any further, I reached down and led her back to standing in front of me, only to again dive into passionate kissing, I could taste the salt from my body on her lips and face. I turned her so I could rest her against the trunk of the tree to my left as I worked my way under her chin, kissing and nuzzling her neck and ears while my hands methodically unbuttoned the loose white shirt she was wearing over a black bra. As I worked my lips down to her shoulder, my right hand took her shirt back and away while my left hand, for once, managed to deftly undo all four hooks of her sturdy bra in the back.

While kissing, licking and nuzzling her shoulder and collarbone, I slipped her left arm out of her shirt and smoothly brought the left half of her bra off her shoulder and across her chest, releasing her mountainous breasts into my waiting hands.

Her fantastic tits encompassed my entire world as I sank to one knee before her, preparing to worship them as her devoted acolyte. They had dropped and spread to the sides in the most delicious way, and I gathered them together, admiring their heft while at once handling them as precious, delicate cargo. They overwhelmed my poor hands, even spread as wide as they could. The sight of her enormous tits spilling over my hands, the rock-hard, rather small nipples centered bahis siteleri in her somewhat oval shaped, saucer sized areolae nearly brought tears to my eyes!

I tenderly began to minister to her nipples, lightly licking and sucking, using my mouth to explore what were clearly the Everest-and-Kilimanjaro-in-one lightly padded package, when my pilgrimage was interrupted by Elle’s desperate voice:

“Bite them,” she instructed. “Bite the nipples!”

Surprised, but eagerly compliant, I began to tentatively nibble on her nipple.

“Oh, yes!” she exclaimed breathlessly, “Harder. Yes, harder!”

Her hips began to gyrate in time to my bites on her nipple. I would suck her nipple deep into my mouth and slowly squeeze it between a full row of my teeth, expecting at any moment to have her flinch or react in pain, but she only moaned and purred the more!

“Stop messing around and fucking bite me!” she cried, as she used her hands to feed me her other tit, one hand under her tit, the other on the back of my head, smashing my face into her breast. With a mental shrug, I thought ‘fuck it,’ and let her have it, biting down with some real force!

“Ung, uh, oh my god!” she grunted. “I’m… I’m gonna cum!” she said, biting her lip.

I released her nipple, my teeth marks clearly visible, and switched back to the other one, sucking it deep into my mouth and clamping it firmly between my teeth. My left hand grasped her free nipple and began to pinch and tug on it savagely while increasing pressure between my teeth.

“Ffffffuuuuuuuuck!” Elle hissed through clenched teeth, as her body began to twitch and shake. I pressed my body against her to help support her against the tree as her knees buckled a little. As her tremors subsided a little, she lightly placed her hands on my hand and head, gently signaling me to let ease up and let go. She had orgasmed, and neither of us had so much as touched her pussy!

I rose up and kissed her and she softly returned the kiss then suddenly shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. She grabbed my head in both hands and brutally began to kiss me and tongue-fuck my mouth!

“God! My panties are soaked!” she declared, breaking from the kiss.

“Oh, I have got to taste some of that!” I confessed.

“Oh no, no, no, no,” she said chuckling nervously.

“Really?” I asked, looking her in the eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know,” her nervous reply puzzling me. “I’m sure I’m a mess right now.”

“I don’t mind,” I replied grinning, beginning to softly rub a nipple under my palm. “In fact, I think it may even be better that way!”

“Mmm, h’okay,” she sighed, leaning into my hand massaging her tit. She looked away to the side a little nervously, clearly enjoying herself, but holding something back nonetheless.

Curious but still burning to taste her, I guided her, with my hands on her hips, to rest her plump rump against the edge of the table. I started with kissing her mouth and face, working my way down her neck and onto her shoulders. I slowly and gently unbuttoned her denim shorts and unzipped them. As my mouth moved down her chest, I slipped her shorts over her ass and down her thighs. I paused on her breasts, flicking my tongue back and forth across her nipples and let her shorts drop to her ankles where she kicked them away. I continued to kiss my way down her belly, padded with just the right amount of womanly curves. I enjoyed licking her salty belly button, pushing my tongue into it and eliciting a girlish giggle from Elle.

Elle laid back on the table as I knelt between her legs, my face hovering over her black panty-covered mound. I memorized the way her monstrous boobs flowed to the sides, covering her upper arms, the terrain of her body, from the swell of her mound under my chin to the rounded hills below her navel, to her smooth upper belly rising and falling with her excited breaths and the outline of her ribs framing her lovely belly… what a heavenly landscape!

I began mouthing her mound through her panties while my hands caressed her hips and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her underwear, slowly drawing them down as I moved my mouth between her legs, feeling the fabric under my lips go from damp to wet as I moved over her slit. As I pulled her panties down her thighs and over her knees she kept her legs together and I could now see her shaven mons. I took her panties off the rest of the way and kissed her knees and she seemed reluctant to let me back in as she hesitantly opened her legs. I kissed my way back up her thighs and placed my hands on the backs of her knees, slowly spreading her legs wider, pushing them up and back until my face was inches from her moist pussy.

There, before me in all their glory were two enormous, flowering lips. They easily protruded far beyond her outer lips and were practically dripping. They were uneven, the left extended almost two inches and the right one was clearly larger by at least an inch.

“Beautiful!” was the only thing I could think.

“You really bahis şirketleri think so?” Elle asked. I hadn’t realized that I’d thought that out loud!

“Fuck yeah!” Was my excited reply, and the last coherent thought to run through my head as I dove in and did my best to convince her that I was going to eat her alive, was what an amazing looking pussy!

I kissed her swollen clit hiding under her fleshy hood, sucked her long fat lips deep into my mouth, lapped at her hole and slurped up her copious juices! She finally relaxed and got into it, spreading her legs wide and resting her feet on my shoulders, freeing my hands. My left immediately went to right boob and attacked her nipple while my right spread her amazing lips. I flicked her clit with my tongue, circling it a few times before finding her pee hole and tonguing and sucking it, then moving on to her vaginal opening, inserting my tongue deep as I could while swallowing her juices when I backed off to catch my breath.

Elle was moaning and muttering encouraging words while I alternated between focusing on her clit and exploring the rest of her anatomy with my face!

“Oh! Yes! Umm! God! Oh, there! Hum! Shit! Oh! Oh fuck!” she chanted, as her legs began to shake and her hips began to move more and more violently, causing me to chase down her clit to keep the ride going!

Elle grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth hard onto her pussy as I felt her vaginal muscles convulsing on my chin while I tongued her clit as hard as I could! I could hear her screaming in her throat, trying not to scream aloud and I felt her juices running down my neck and chest as she came. She suddenly released my head and just about kicked me in the face as she spun around and stood, then bent forward over the table, smashing her pendulous breasts against top and reaching back to spread her ass cheeks…

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!!” she growled.

My remaining clothes fairly exploded away from my body as I disrobed in record time and positioned my hard cock against her steaming hole!

I pushed into her slick pussy and my cock felt like it had entered a red-hot, tight fist! She was so hot and so tight I nearly came that very second! Elle immediately began to push back against me and we fell into a complimentary rhythm, sliding apart and back together again, colliding with a hard wet slap.

Splat! Smack! Slap! Smack! Slap! Splat, slap, slap,slap,slap,slapslapslapslapslapslap!!

Elle gripped the edge of the table, slamming her ass back against my hips, she looked back over her shoulder, teeth clenched, lips peeled back in a determined grimace, eyebrows knitted in an expression that would have been enraged under any other circumstance…

I gripped her curvy hips and returned her furious fucking with equal force and vigor, pulling her into each forward thrust to end with a violent, sexy collision. Elle stiffened up under me, locking her knees and clenching her eyes shut hard, sucking her lips into her mouth and clenching her jaw. Her tight gripping pussy seized upon my cock like an iron fist and suddenly became drenched and slippery, the slapping sounds of our sex became squishing and wet. My cock got hotter and the sensation of her juices gushing over my balls and running down my legs sent me racing to orgasm!

“I’m cumming!” I warned, and she immediately dropped her hips down, my cock slipping out of her dripping pussy and springing up to slap my belly wetly. Before it could rebound she had spun around onto her knees and grabbed and pointed it at her mouth.

A split second before I exploded she said, “In my throat!” and thrust her face against my groin, burying my cock in her mouth!

The instant my cock hit the back of her throat I began spewing, in the throes of ecstasy I felt Elle adjust her jaw and head and the tip of my cock pop past the back of her mouth and into her throat proper… I almost lost all motor control as the action of her swallowing felt like another little mouth sucking the cum from my cock!

She slowly withdrew my tool from her throat and mouth, sucking all the way and eventually licking my cock and balls like a melting ice cream cone. My knees were shaking and I felt like I had just run a mile at full sprint, my body wanted to collapse and I partially did. I sank to my knees and reached to bring Elle’s face to mine, gently kissing her sticky lips and slipping my tongue into her soft mouth. We breathed each other’s air and kissed and licked one another clean, taking our time and enjoying every moment and sensation.

We found our discarded clothes in a daze and shook the sand out of them as best we could and got dressed on wobbly legs. Getting back on the bus in our current state would have been an obvious revealing of our antics by the smell alone, so I grabbed a couple clean dish towels from the little bar where we received our drinks earlier, and Elle and I went to the restrooms to clean ourselves off as much as we could.

It was almost 3:30 a.m. and I was wired and decided to hang around outside, Elle returned to the bus and slept until the agency arrived with a continental breakfast for everyone. I spent the hours before dawn reviewing and committing to memory everything that had happened that night.

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