Clarisse Ch. 03

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Clarisse had never before shown her naked body to a man. But slowly, almost unconsciously, she undid the rude knot that held the top of her bodice together. The feel of Tom’s hard cock and watching it eject great streams of white all over Beth’s face and chest had left her breathless. The warmth at the base of her stomach had, by now become a flood. She did not know exactly what she wanted but she knew she wanted more.

Beth smiled at her as she used a rag to wipe her face and breasts

” Oh I think you’re going to be a natural girl!”

Tom stared at Clarisse as she bared her pert young breasts and then, almost as if in a trance, she removed her skirt and petticoats to stand naked before them.

Tom dragged his eyes from the large erect nipples and let them sluide past the trim, concave, stomach to finally rest on the wispy blonde hair that barely covered her pink untouched womanhood.

Embarrassed by his stare, Clarisse placed a protective hand over her groin .

Beth laughed and grabbed her husband’s shoulder.

“Leave off you randy old goat. Can’t you see she’s embarrassed?” She pulled him towards her. “Have you forgotten we’re supposed to be teaching her? Reday for your next lesson dearie?” Clarisse licked her lips nervously but nodded.

“You already know how a woman can please a man with her mouth, my dear, now it’s our turn and believe me my Tom is the man for that game! “

Clarisse looked confused. Beth’s smile got wider

“Tom show the lass your secret weapon!”

A grin cracked the sailor’s rugged wind burnt face. He slowly pushed the tip of his tongue between his lips and…kept pushing it out. It was enormous. Clarisse had never seen a tongue so long or so thick. Truth be told she found it fairly repulsive and she took a step back.

Beth Anadolu Yakası Escort laughed raucously

“Bless you girl you look as if you’d seen a rat! Show her Tom!”

Tom lowered his head to his wife’s knee and gently licked it with that huge tongue.

“A girl who’s man has a good sized cock is blessed!” said Beth watching as he slowly licked his way up her thigh

“But if he’s a mighty tongue as well..Ah now there is the lucky woman” Tom had reached the juncture of her thighs . He sat up, put a hand on each of Beth’s knees and slowly pushed them apart.

“Now watch this closely girl!” breathed Beth with barely suppressed anticipation “This is as good as it gets!” Clarisse, fascinated sat on the bed.

“Closer! You must know how to tell a man what to do! See how my cunt is waiting for his touch!” Clarisse stared at the other woman’s most private of parts. They did indeed seem puffy and red.

“Look how wet I am!” Beth dipped a finger between her lips and raised it glistening .

Tom lowered his head to within an inch of her and once again extended his tongue. Very gently and slowly he dipped his head until the tip touched the moist flesh

“Ahhhh!” moaned Beth and then Tom slowly began to lick.

Clarisse had never seen anything like it. The long tongue was seeking out and caressing every fold and every hollow. Beth was groaning freely now. Her hand cupping the back of his head, desperately trying to force his tongue deeper and deeper inside herself.

Clarisse ‘s hand dropped to her own slit. She had secretly touched herself before late at night but this was different, now She was soaking wet down there . unconsciously She began imitating the movements of Tom’s tongue on his wife with her middle finger on her own slit.

Beth’s Kurtköy Escort moans and grunts were getting louder and louder when suddenly she screamed and gripped Tom’s head with her thighs

A series of shudders ran through her body. But almost immediately she grabbed her husband by the ears and dragged his head up to hers

“Now! You bastard! Fuck me now!”

She reached down and grabbed his, now fully engorged prick and tried to force it straight into dripping opening.

“Whoa there!” Tom reared up on his elbows and moved his hips away.

“We ain’t forgettin’ the lessons are we?” He winked at Clarisse

“Per’aps the young lady ‘ud like to put it in?”

Without thought Clarisse, removed the two fingers completely buried in her own, soaking, cunt and wrapped them with their three friends around his rock hard erection.

“Here girl! Put it in now!” Beth begged. She had her legs apart and had pulled her lips apart with both hands revealing the glistening depths within.

Tom lowered his hips and Clarisse placed the bulbous purple head at the entrance. She felt the shaft pass through her fingers as Tom entered her. She removed her hand just in time to see Tom’s great ball sack slap against Beth’s buttocks and then he began to thrust. In and out the slick organ slid, Beth’s lips seeming to grip it and help it on it’s way. Clarisse’s face was merely a hand’s breath from the plunging cock. A pungent, exiting smell was assaulting her nostrils. For some reason she could not have explained, even to herself She reached forward and gently cupped his balls. The very instant Tom felt her touch he let out a great groan pulled out of Beth and exploded. Jets of hot white sticky cum landed on Beth’s thighs and Clarisse’s hand and arm.

At exactly that moment Pendik Escort the door to the hut crashed in and suddenly the room was full of men in blue uniforms.

Beth screamed as a huge man with a full beard of grabbed Tom’s naked shoulder and dragged him off the bed. Two more forced Beth to her feet and pushed her against a wall.

Clarisse desperately pulled the soiled bed cover around herself

“Well, well, well” The monster that held Tom spoke

“What ‘ave you got ‘ere Earnshaw?” He thrust his naked captive into the arms of two of his men, strode over to Beth and roughly grabbed her chin in his huge paw.

“Beth Earnshaw! You wants to be more careful to cover your tracks girl. Molly weren’t pleased with you my girl! Running off like that and leaving ‘er a girl short! Right pissed off she were! Came straight down the docks and told us she did!” Beth spat a huge gob of spittle that landed square on the man’s ugly bent nose. The man roared and threw a right handed punch that caught her beneath her chin smashing her head against the wall. There was a sickening crack, her eyes closed and she slid to the floor.

“Beth!” Cried Tom breaking free of his captors and rushing towards his wife. A musket’s stock crashed against his shoulders driving him to his knees.

“Behave Earnshaw!” The huge bear snarled “Don’t want to ‘ave t’ top you ‘ere. We got a rope waiting for you aboard the Vixen! Disappoint the lads t’ miss that p’ticular party!” His black eyes turned to the trembling girl

“Now where did a nit-blighted sack of shit like Tom Earnshaw get old of a nice bit of skirt like you?”

“SSSir!” She stuttered, still horrified by the violence he’d dished out to Beth ” I am running from the terror I..”

“Uuho Aristo are you?” He reached down and tore the blanket away from her breasts “Look like a common whore to me! Take her! The lads can enjoy her before we cast off!” He stormed out of the hut and two uniforms grabbed hold of her arms dragging her out behind the luckless Tom

“No, No, No!” She whispered terrified.

To be continued

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