Class Party – Maria and Johan Pt. 01

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Everyone mentioned or written sexually about in the story is 18 years old or older.


This shorter story is about 20-years old having oral sex, fetish with pee and feet

Don’t read on if those things offend you, or you find them disliking!

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at her rather embarrassed. Maria blinked her incredibly beautiful eyes, got up and went to the bathroom.

If I hadn’t been so red in the face and looked down at the floor as she walked away, I’d seen the prettiest girl ever attending college extremely sexy hurrying off to the ladies’ room.

We were two classes that decided to have a coming-back-to-school-party, of course with no alcohol (wink). A few dances later I now sat here opposite the one I dreamed of so many nights that it should have ruined more grades than it actually did.

“Come Johan.” she said when she returned. Took my hand and led me away towards one of the classrooms that for the evening was open, since we borrowed tables and chairs here and there.

Maria went to the back of the room, and sat up on one of the tables while, with a voice that could melt icebergs, told me to sit down in front of her.

With me sitting down there, she said, “Even before you said you thought I was the best-looking girl here, I’ve had that feeling, with your eyes, and you’ve always tried to be close me as soon as you got the chance….and dared to.

And speaking of chance, my sweet Johan, today you’re really going to get something you’ve dreamed of, and so much more. I’m really turned on tonight, and I’ve got a lot of things I want out of me…

So it’s your lucky day, sweetie.”

While she was saying the last sentence, she raised her leg and put her foot in my outstretched hand.

“I’ve been dancing all night in these shoes, and my feet are sore. So if you want to get higher up on this body than you are now, you’re going to have to make sure they both feel a lot better kars escort first.”

I sat stiff, didn’t know what to do, let alone feel…

But it worked itself out when I got the shoe in my face and orders to take it off.

I smelled both her shoe and her foot while I was taking them off…and when the buckles were opened and the shoe came off, then really came a mixture of her foot sweat and smell from the new shoes, purchased for the day. And it really got me going, both my massaging hands and also in my pants.

“Oh, that’s nice. Continue like that…oh, more… press under also…riiiight, just so.

You’re really good at that. Use your tongue now too, start under, with the smelly soles. And keep massaging while you lick them.”

It really smelled when I put the foot near my face and started licking in long strokes. The smell of artificial leather and foot sweat was new to me, but actually something that didn’t feel completely wrong…and when I licked it was mostly salty. And they were nice, almost sexy feet on the prettiest girl… so when I was asked to take care of her sweaty cute toes, I started sucking on them with pleasure.

I looked up from time to time and saw that Maria not only moaned a little now, but also touching herself quite actively under the dress.

I don’t know how many minutes I was doing this, but all of a sudden she pulled her feet away and said, “I know you guys come quick sometimes with a hot girl, and it’s all over pretty fast after. So I thought you’d have to make sure I’m happy and come before you do.”

“…okay, sure.” I said slowly while I was thinking about what she wanted now.

Which was apparent immediately, as she spread her legs and pulled her hands against her crotch and panties.

“Come here and smell me.”

I sat up and brought my head to her panty-covered crotch. I expected it to smell very aroused teenage girl, but it was also something else…

“Can you smell it? I didn’t dry myself after kars escort bayan I peed in the bathroom, even thought it wouldn’t matter if I got the last pee in my panties…so it’s there, wet and ready to enter your fine mouth. What do you think, is it something you think you’ll like? It’s the first time for me anyway, and I suggest we both take the opportunity and move on all the way now, right?”

Without waiting for the answer, she grabbed me by the back of and brought me kindly but firmly into her pee-wet panties.

I gently started biting on the side and around her labia, while also sucking the liquid from the wet panties. For pee, it was pretty okay…not as bad as I expected, and with the combination of all the excitement that completely steamed out of her gender, to say the least…it had an incredible effect on me. If I felt a little excited and a little hard before, there was rebellion in my pants now. And I’d never felt as horny and hard as I did now… almost so it hurt. But I had little time to think about that with a mouth full of moist teen pussy…admittedly covered with a pair of panties, but still.

“Mmmm, you’re making it so good for me. You really do. Now let’s see if…”

She didn’t finish the sentence, just got up a little from the chair and quickly pulled off her panties. At first it looked like she was going to shove them up my face, and from the look she gave me, that’s probably exactly what she had in mind at first, but changed her plans. Anyway, she put them next to her on the bench.

And almost in the same motion as she sat down, she grabbed my head again, pushed it hard against the pussy, while I thought I heard her say that now she wanted to come.

With my nose full of heavy smell from her wet pissy pussy, I stuck my tongue out and shoved it deep into her. I was so dawn horny from all her juices I tasted and all the different smells, I pushed around hard with my tongue way in here…but the fact that I did so wasn’t popular, escort kars I was told with no delay.

“What are you doing?” she asked me a bit hard I thought.

“You can’t be that rough and just bang on getting deep in the back of me. Porn-fuck me with your tongue…no, we’ll do like this, if you hold out your tongue, softly, I’ll steer your head the way I want you.”

And Maria steered. It fit perfect that we were in one of the classrooms, because I was sooo being taught.

I licked and sucked on the labia, inserted my tongue gently into her, while munching on all the juices she really shared. Wow, she got wet.

“Ooh, lick and suck on my clitoris now while you insert two fingers into me. And move them in and out, while you speed up your licking.

“Aaahh, more….. ooooooooo…… a little harder and faster. Oooohhhh, juuuuuuust like that Johan! Nooooow,IIIII’m coming…”

And come she did, ooh yes. I got my mouth full of the liquid running out, and suddenly my face and eyes were splashed, and Maria called out. At the same time, she grabbed me, held me super hard between her legs while she cramped, breathed so quickly and filled my mouth again.

When I continued licking her, it was full of different smells and flavors, which I felt mixed about, but got horny as hell. Now when she rubbed my nose against her clitoris, and I got a taste of her when she came and sprayed a little too, it was mostly watery and salty. I think I’d get used to everything about her, after all the licking.

After a while, she started breathing slower and let go of my head.

While I was getting air and started hearing her breath…seeing the sexy dress, and thinking about the soft and smooth body underneath…I immediately thought about my aching hard on I’ve had since we sat opposite each other, and I stuttered out how beautiful she was tonight and that I thought she was so stunning.

“Yes, Johan,” Maria said, touching herself softly.

And all of a sudden, she spread her legs a lot and the same with a couple of fingers on her labia. Opened up so I had perfect view right into the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. Now I haven’t seen that many, but so nice was it, and wet…and I’m rock hard.

“Yes, Johan…well now it’s your turn…”

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