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He glanced toward the hallway that led to his empty bedroom and sighed. His wife had left again for some “company meeting”. He was genuinely surprised she even bothered to lie. There had been hints here and there for the last couple of years. Hints he stubbornly refused to believe or acknowledge. But then 6 months ago he had got off work early one morning and come home. He’d found the cock of their 21 year old lawn mower deep in his wife’s sexy mouth.

They both saw him standing in the doorway and didn’t even bother to stop. Instead he watched the strong lean young man fire his cum all over his wife. He saw her bend over and look him straight in the eyes as the hard muscles of the gardener’s body propelled his straining cock deep into her moist shaved pussy. The young man reached around and squeezed his wife’s naked tits as he fucked her in a way only the youth could. Finally he, the husband, couldn’t take any more and left them to their feverish sex.

He’d thought his wife’s sex drive had just died out in her late 30’s, and kept that way into her early 40’s, but now he realized the reason they hadn’t had sex in years was that she was getting it from other people. His wife was cheating on him.

He should divorce her, he knew he should, but he’d lose almost everything in the divorce. Something he couldn’t afford, especially with the economy doing so poorly. He was trapped in a life that was a lie. His wife still pretended nothing had happened, she thought she was doing him a favor by going on as usual. But he could never feel the same again. There was only one bright spot in his life; his maid Evelyn. He worked too much to properly foster real relationships with people, his only outlet was his darling maid. She was like a thin ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy life.

He had hired her a little over a year ago, an Irish immigrant desperate for a job. She was beautiful and didn’t even know it. At first he would just stare at her. Her sumptuous body moving as she cleaned his house. He had been a bit naughty when he bought her the French maid outfit, it was far sexier than it should be, but he couldn’t help himself. Evelyn never seemed to mind wearing it and his wife never mentioned it either. She was probably glad to have her husband’s attention elsewhere.

Evelyn’s outfit was black and low cut, tight forcing her lush breasts up and together revealing ample cleavage; her skirt was so short it barely hid her pussy when she stood, it fluffed out and fit out around her lovely ass perfectly. She wore a small white apron in the front and a matching white hair band.

Sufficed to say, every time she moved he watched and yearned. He especially liked it when she bent over his desk to wipe it off, reveling the full glory of her exposed cleavage to him as he sat at the desk.

Eventually the stares transformed into something more, especially after he discovered his wife’s affair. First he’d just brush against her as he passed by her, always finding some excuse to walk in her path. But that didn’t last long; soon he was patting her ass and telling her good job after a hard day’s work, finally abandoning all pretense and just grabbing her whenever she was near enough. She never said a word or seemed to mind, so he continued as he saw fit.

Again he looked down the lonely hallway towards his sexless bedroom, his sexless life. And then towards the erotic shape of Evelyn’s ass bent over as she dusted a window-seal. It had been so long, he needed it so very badly, he resolved to make his move it was now or never. He stood up quietly, his cock stirring to life with anticipation; he slowly stalked her innocent form, moving up behind her as she ignorantly dusted the blinds. He felt his cock struggling against his pants, sweat beaded on his forehead, desire engulfed any remaining doubt as he reached around he clasped his hands firmly on her half exposed breasts, squeezing them as he kissed the back of her lovely neck and pressed his longing cock as deep into her ass as the fabric would istanbul escort allow.


Leaving the flowing green hills of Ireland had been one of the hardest things she had ever done. But there were no jobs for her there, anywhere, and her poor family was in desperate need of coin. On a reckless gamble she moved to America to find employment, she left everything behind for the thin hope of a better life in a foreign land. It hadn’t gone well. She had looked everywhere for work, but no one wanted a 21 year old immigrant girl with no experience. Soon Evelyn was living on the streets, destitute of hope; a failure to herself and her family.

That’s when Mr. Crow had found her and offered her a wonderful job; he even let her stay in the guesthouse beside his home. Suddenly everything got better, she was able to send much needed money home, and she was able to take responsibility for her own life. The job was like a dream come true.

Mrs. Crow was a very attractive but aloof lady, who Evelyn had learnt early on, had a multitude of affairs. In Evelyn’s first week on the job she had walked in on Mrs. Crow sucking the hearty cock of the neighbor’s college aged son as he thrust his hips into her face moaning. Evelyn surprised had tried to shut the door and leave, but Mrs. Crow pulled the cock out of her mouth and demanded Evelyn never speak a word of it to Mr. Crow, or else she’d find herself fired.

Evelyn shuddered, remembering the threat, she could do nothing that would threaten her job, it was too precious. Not long after, Mrs. Crow began ignoring Evelyn and Evelyn learned to avoid rooms Mrs. Crow would ‘use’ during the day. No, the real interest of her job was Mr. Crow, the kindly man who had given her the job. She found him handsome and friendly, often charming and always refreshing. He obviously had some sort of boyish crush on her, he always stared at her with such hunger, like a starving man would stare at a steak, and he even started to touch her in very suggestive ways.

At first she found it uncomfortable, but soon she began to enjoy it; she relished his attention, getting excited at even the thought of his touch. She felt bad for him, the way his wife treated him, she thought she could do far better if ever given the chance. But she knew that would never happen, what would a wealthy attractive middle aged man see in some young clumsy immigrant girl? She shook her head sadly as she dusted the curtains, a girl can dream though, she thought, a girl can dream.

Suddenly she felt strong experienced hands squeezing her tender lonely breasts. She felt a wet warm mouth against her neck and massive bulge pressing into her ass.

“Oh Mr. Crow” she moaned.

“I need you, I have to have you. Tonight you do my bidding” he whispered into her ear as he continued to fondle her breasts and rocked his thighs into her. Her head fell back as his soft hands expertly worked her breasts, his probing fingers flicking her hard nipples just below her suddenly slutty dress.

“Yes, yes Mr. Crow. Anything you want… You desire.”

She reached back behind her and rubbed the large hard cock through his pants, she leaned back against his strong body and enjoyed the gentle sensation of his hands as she felt the fire between her own legs bloom.

“Call me, Richard” he demanded as his hands began to unfasten her dress. He worked quickly with a practiced hand as her dress dropped to the floor. She still was in his embrace, facing away from him as his hands massaged her ass and then her aching clot from behind. She felt him working circles around her clit with one hand as his other gently rubbed a finger deep into her sensitive ass.

“Pick up the white apron and put it back on” his lust filled voice sent shivers down her spine,” but only the apron. Tonight I fuck my maid.”

“Yes Mr. Cr-er Richard” she cooed as he bent over and picked up the apron, slipping it over her head all while careful not to disturb his pleasure causing fingers.

The escort bayan apron really covered nothing, her breasts rolled out above it and it stopped a few inches short of her recently shaved pussy. Her task complete she sunk back against Richard’s shoulders focusing on the shivers of pleasure his fingers shot throughout her body. His hands and fingers gingerly worked themselves deep into her sensitive flesh, with every flick of a finger or nudge of a thumb betraying his experience and perhaps mastery of the sexual arts. His hands worked inside her trembling pussy the same way a skilled musician played his instrument. From flicking, stroking her and then teasing her clit his right hand would alternate, all the meanwhile his left hand..Now abandoning her desirable asshole would insert itself deep into her pussy, sometimes thrusting in and out like a cock would, sometimes just making circles in it and sometimes just rubbing it. As his hands quickened she went slack against him, hardly bothering to keep herself balanced as the numbing surges of pleasure refused to subside. She could feel herself fast approaching climax and didn’t even bother to fight it as her loud moans got louder. Her orgasm caused her entire body to shudder as the overflow of her juices soaked onto his skilled hands. She laid their a moment struggling to catch her breath before she at last tried to push herself off him and stand on her own.

He turned to face her and rubbed his wet hands against her rigid tits and then leaned over to lick them clean. His tongue was just as skilled as his hands and even as she enjoyed its gentle dance with her tit she began to become excited for just how skilled his cock also must be. He finished licking her and looked her in the eyes hard for a moment and then said, “The shelves need dusting.”

She nodded slowly, not sure what he had planned and turned her back to him as she started dusting once more. Not long after she had begun she heard the familiar noise of his pants dropping to the floor. Fighting the urge to look around she forced herself to keep dusting; she’d play his game, she owed him that much.

The wait to find out what was about to happen was not long, for only a few seconds later she felt the head of is fat throbbing cock probing her tight wet pussy from behind. She burned with fresh desire at the thought of the old man’s cock being so close.He rubbed the head around her pussy lips, around the opening of her screaming pussy, teasing her, toying with her, feeling her needy pussy slobber on itself at the faintest hint of his touch. She clenched her teeth and tried to keep dusting, tried to focus on the task at hand even as she felt his rock hard cock head deep deeper into burning pussy.

“Yessss” she moaned as at last, her cunt swallowed his cock.

“Mmm” Richard moaned,” It’s been a long time such I’ve had such a young pussy”

His first thrusts were gentle, careful, as though he was slowly probing -tasting- her pussy with his cock. His hands came up around her and had the palms grip her lower breasts as he rolled her tits between his index finger and thumb, overcome she began to sway against his thrusting cock, adding her own movements to mix.

“That’s my girl” Richard whispered into her ear, “You like it when you get fucked by daddy don’t ya?”

“Oh Richard” she gasped,” Richard fuck me like a man; fuck me like I know you can.”

The older man proceeded to pound his thick hardness into her young frail pussy. With each thrust she yelled out in ecstasy a little louder, after a while it got to the point where any young man would have lost control fired his thick wet cum deep into her pussy. But Richard’s experience and practice allowed him to go further, than just as she couldn’t take it anymore he slid out of her completely.

“I am gonna make you earn my cum” he said with a hungry grin, “Like you earn your wage.”

As she watched, a little confused and desperately wanting his cock back inside her he sat down at his Kartal escort desk, his cock wet with her juices still towering at full attention.

“Suck it like my cock wife sucks all those boys’ cocks” he demanded.

She got on her knees and crawled to his beautiful cock, she cradled it in her hands and gently kissed the head of it and then l slowly began licking it from its base to its tip and back. All the while she looked Richard straight in the eyes.

“Like thisss Richard”, she purred as she wrapped her tongue around it.

“Harder-Faster” Richard commanded.

She wrapped her wet lips around his cock, tasting her own tangy fuck-juices on it, and began sucking on it even as her left hand gently massaged his balls her right hand worked the base of his cock. She continued doing this for a while until finally Richard could take no more, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head off his cock.

“Not yet, no cum for you…not yet” He stood up, still with her hair in his hands and inserted his cock back into her obeying mouth. Before she had a chance to do anything he began thrusting into her face. His other hand grabbed her hair and together both hands held her head in place as he began to fuck her mouth with his cock. She felt the cock pounding down her throat as he treated her mouth as though it was some girls’ loose pussy. He kept it up for a while until she could feel the first warm spurts of impending cum ooze out of his face-raping cock. He quickly slid his cock out as a huge gush of his white sticky seed flowed out of him like he was a fountain. It landed all over her face, much of it making it into her mouth, the rest hitting her cheeks or breasts. She reached to wipe some of it off but he grabbed her hand.

“No, leave it there. I like the way my cum-covered maid looks.”

Taking her hand he pulled her to her feet and led her into his master bedroom. There before her was the bed that Richard and his wife had slept in for the last 22 years of their disastrous marriage.

Richard turned to his cum-covered maid, “I am going to fuck you where my wife and I sleep.”

Evelyn could hardly process anything at this point. She was so thoroughly turned on, so completely taken over with pleasure and desire she hardly thought about anything other than how badly she wanted his cock back inside her.

“Yes yess.” she mumbled, following him to the bed.

He sat upon it and looked up at her, “Ride me, ride your master”

He laid down on the bed and she climbed over him, first she nuzzled his cock back to life with the gentle ministrations of her lips, cheek and tongue and then when it once more was at its fullest. Its veins surging, throbbing with each quickened-heart beat she got up and squatted down on top of it, her extremely wet pussy quickly engulfing his massive fuck-tool. She move from a squat to her knees and began bouncing her abdomen up and down.

Richard stared into her cock-covered face, reaching up and taking her tits in hand as she continued to thrust up and down on his thriving cock, enjoying the sight of her skimpy apron fluttering which each pump.

“Yesss yesss yesss” he moaned, “Fuck meee fuck me fuck me little girl, fuck mee ohhh”

Faster and faster she worked her muscles, sliding nimbly up and down his great pole of a cock, savoring the feel of it burrowing so deeply inside her body.

“Oh yess you are so hot…so amazing…so young…yessss” he shouted as his cock strained against her. Suddenly she felt the hot flashes of orgasm burn within her and she leaned her head back in low moan as her body withered with more pleasure than she had ever known, In that instant as her entire body contracted in pleasure, her hands clutching the blanket they were on, her thighs clutching his body and her pussy muscles clenching his cock, his own climax came and she could feel every movement of his fuck-muscle as it pulsated and fired its stream of hot cum deep inside her. Slowly she slid off his slackening cock and laid beside him on his marriage bed.

“You know” he said as he tried to catch his breath, “I expect this level of performance out of my employees every day”

She closed her eyes and ran her dainty fingers gently along the side of his limp cock. “Of course, master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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