Cliff and Sue

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This story is a spin-off from the mother-son story “East End Lovers”. Readers don’t need to know that series at all as this story is self-contained, though chapter 6 of EEL contains some cross-references for anyone interested. The story takes place in London at the end of the seventies. The language and activity is more restrained than in EEL, reflecting Sue’s character. There’s a fair amount of exposition as I’m trying to give a feeling of reality as to Sue’s motivation in sleeping with Cliff — Cliff’s motivation needs little if any explanation! I also have a hope the story might appeal to some women readers (if such exist). Hopefully there’s enough action to keep everyone’s interest. All characters are over 18 and fictitious.


(Cliff starts off the story)

In the summer of 1979 I had just graduated from the University of Kent with a good economics degree and had obtained what was in effect a trainee position in the Treasury — though it wasn’t called that then. Even in those days with far fewer graduates around, this was a very good job to get — though I’d worked hard enough to get it.

I’d had several girlfriends at college though for the first two years, no-one serious — I guess this was at least in part because of the sexual relationship I had been having with my mother — until at the start of the final year I’d met Sally. She was a year older than me and was just starting a post-graduate degree in the same subject. She was extremely bright, and like many very clever people she loved sex. Having been tutored in these matters by my mother, and having had a variety of experiences with her which I guess few other guys of my age had had, I was able to do things for and with Sally which even she hadn’t had done before.

We became an item of sorts and she began to open up other worlds in terms of travel and culture which — coming from a council flat in London’s East End — I’d never known existed.

However, this story isn’t about Sally — it’s about her mother Sue. When I met Sue in 1978, she was in the process of divorcing her husband. Sally gave me the lowdown. Sue and Harold had got married in 1955; Harold was in the army and ten years older than Sue, who had just done teacher training. I guess he’d cut a dashing figure at the time and turned lots of young women’s heads. Anyway, Sue fell for him and they got married, he left the army, got a job in overseas sales, and Sally arrived within the year, and another sister a year and a half later.

Sue had returned to teaching once her daughters were at school, and by the time we met was a head of department and deputy head of the school. There were two problems with the marriage – Harold (who I met and rather liked) was a bit pompous and old-fashioned generally, but more importantly was pretty useless in bed. Sue had assumed being much older than her that he was also experienced but in fact he was no more experienced than his wife, and while Sue was happy to learn, he suffered from a range of hang-ups and never managed to satisfy Sue. He just rolled on her and rolled off shortly afterwards, and sex apparently became less and less frequent until it stopped altogether after fifteen years of marriage.

Sue I should say was very attractive. She was medium height, fair haired and slim — slimmer than my mother, with smaller breasts (I knew this early on as we went swimming once and I saw her in a very clingy costume) and a round, pert arse. I also liked her as a person — I think she sort of took me on as a case for improvement — though I never imagined she might ever be interested in me in any other way.

Anyway, by the time I left university in mid-1979, Sue and Harold had divorced, sold the family home in Harrow, and with the ample proceeds had each bought flats elsewhere, Sue in Pimlico and Harold in Chiswick in West London, out towards Heathrow.

Sally wanted to work abroad and was well-qualified to do so, and while one part of me wanted her to stay around, I sort of realised she wanted to move on from our relationship. She specialised in development economics and just after we left university she managed to land a plum job in her field in the West Indies. There was no way she was going to turn this down, so we amicably agreed it was probably the end for us, but that we’d stay friends. There was just the going away party and departure to get through. She decided to hold the party the day before leaving at her mother’s flat and then to leave at the end of the party to stay with her father who’d take her to Heathrow for the flight the following day.


(Sue takes up the story here)

I suppose Sally and I had a much more open relationship than most mothers and daughters at the time. Because I was a teacher, I thought I knew how best to talk to her from an early age about sex, and when she started going out with boys she (I think) usually told me what she got up to. When she was 18 she decided bonus veren siteler she wanted to lose her virginity (unusually she didn’t have a boyfriend as such at the time) and while I was unsure this was the right thing to do, my own far than perfect sex life as a young woman helped me decide that being open was better than pretending girls of her age didn’t have sex, so we talked about it, sorted out contraception and when she did find someone she fancied, I helped ensure she had the opportunity.

I suppose to some extent I began having a vicarious sex life through what Sally told me she did — at that time I certainly didn’t have any sort of love life involving anyone else myself. She must have had a dozen boyfriends in her first two years of college, before meeting Cliff, and I’m sure she slept with all of them.

I suppose I must have been attracted to Cliff at some physical level from the start though I never let such thoughts surface and I was anyway tied up with my divorce and moving home and job. It was Sally who stirred up my interest by going on about how good Cliff was in bed — she said none of her previous boyfriends were anywhere near as good. She was if anything a little too explicit — she was using a cap for contraception, which is messy business (I knew as like many women of my generation I had relied on a cap too), and told me how instead of objecting to it, Cliff learned how to prepare it and insert it to her vagina, as part of foreplay. Harold had made me go to the bathroom to put it in! She also told me he was bigger than most of the boys she’d had sex with — it really was Too Much Information!

With hindsight I suppose that by the time of Sally’s leaving party in my Pimlico flat, I was an archetypal frustrated mature woman, in her physical and sexual prime, just waiting to be plucked. You might ask why I hadn’t a boyfriend by this time — well, in those pre-internet days it was really difficult for someone like me to meet men. I was teaching in schools with few men — and those few there were generally not attractive — and to cap it all the one extra-marital experience I’d tried was a disaster.

I won’t go into too much detail, but shortly after my divorce I did start to go out for an occasional drink with a married male colleague. After an end of term party, he came back to my flat and he started kissing me. I thought, well now or never, and when he put his hand up my skirt and started to massage me, I started to touch his penis through his trousers. We ended up on the bed, with my skirt rucked up and my knickers down, while he had his trousers and pants around his ankles. He was about to enter me when I reminded him I wasn’t on the Pill and that he’d need to use a condom. Well, of course he didn’t have one, and he got very shirty and said he thought all divorced woman were on the Pill, and now he was just frustrated. I though he was behaving very badly and after that I just wanted to get rid of him and the easiest way to do this was to relieve his frustration, so I masturbated him until he climaxed, and it was all rather messy and I ended up even more frustrated. We didn’t try again.

The farewell party went well, and Sally was picked up by her father around midnight. About 8 or 9 friends and family had stayed to see her go, but they all left shortly afterwards. Cliff was clearing up in the kitchen (what a well-trained boy I thought, his mother has done wonders with him — little did I realise how very true this was), and we suddenly found ourselves alone. I told him it was OK to leave it, he’d done enough, but in truth he had done much of what needed doing, so we carried on and finished off the clearing up.

By this time it was around 12.30 am; Cliff was clearly tipsy and as he had arrived on his old motorbike I thought I should invite him to stay in the second bedroom.

“That’s very kind Sue but I don’t want to be any trouble — I’ll be fine on the bike, really.”

At that point we heard the first sounds of heavy rain on the window — Cliff looked out, saw it was pelting down and grimaced “Oh blow, it’s raining hard, I didn’t bring my waterproofs, look if you really don’t mind…”

I told him that I really didn’t mind, and I caught a glimpse of a look he gave me, not a look I’d seen from him before, and I began to wonder, gosh does he fancy me? I would have to watch my step!

The second guest bedroom had a small corner shower, and I showed Cliff how to use this and left him to it. My head was spinning a bit from the party and the drink, and my daughter leaving, and I knew I wouldn’t get to sleep easily, so I read for twenty minutes, but I was reading a book with some quite explicit sex scenes and I found my hand gradually moving down to my stomach and then my vagina, and I found I was already moist and a little swollen, and I started to stroke myself, but it was one of those days when stroking didn’t work. I felt hot and restless. What I usually resorted bedava bahis to in such situations was my trusty vibrator, every spinster’s best friend, but I hadn’t used it since moving in and remembered I’d put it in the chest of drawers in the living room.

I knew I’d find it hard to sleep without getting rid of the accumulated frustration, and got up in my nightdress and went out down the hall to the living room. I rummaged around and finally found it, and I thought I should test the battery so turned it on….

Because I was still a little drunk I hadn’t heard Cliff in the kitchen next door, and when I looked up from the buzzing vibrator I saw him, glass of water in hand, towel wrapped around his waist, just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I don’t know who was most shocked. I must have turned crimson with embarrassment. I turned the vibrator off and was about to flee, when Cliff’s towel started to slip — he grabbed it and stopped it falling down completely, we both smiled and he started to laugh and so did I and he did the last thing I thought he’d do, and came across and put his arms around me and hugged me. I flinched –

“You shouldn’t be doing this Cliff, you’re my daughter’s boyfriend, and I’m old enough to be your mother…”

“Sorry Sue, it’s just that, well you’re standing there with that er, vibrator, my towel is falling off, when I got back to bed I was going to do exactly what you’re about to do, ‘cos I feel too tense to sleep and need to relax — sorry it’s a bit like one of those Ray Cooney farces, except it’s for real…”.

I put my head on his shoulder. I should have pushed him off, but well to be honest, I thought it’s just a hug, he saved me from extreme embarrassment, we can afford to be nice to each other.

“Sally had a much bigger one — it had a sort of extra prong to stimulate her bottom…”

“Cliff, I really don’t need to know that, anyway I already knew about that thing Sally had, she showed it to me when she bought it…”.

He put his hand under my chin and turned my face towards his, and gently but very firmly started to kiss my mouth, pushing his tongue between my teeth, and I resisted at first, not the kiss exactly, but him inserting his tongue, but in the end I let him have his way with my mouth and we French kissed deeply and for a long long time. I’d never actually been kissed so deeply and so — well to be honest — so competently.

“Cliff, we need to talk about this, perhaps tomorrow…”.

“Better to talk now, we won’t sleep anyway even if we cum, come on don’t worry I’m won’t do anything horrid like pounce on you”.

I didn’t really know the best way out of the situation, and I was feeling light-headed. In the event we went to my bedroom. The towel had come off and Cliff’s penis was erect, indeed pointing straight up but he seemed unconcerned and I sat against the headboard and Cliff sat on the side of the bed, his towel now lying loose across his lap.

“You are spectacularly gorgeous you know Sue. I’m sorry about the divorce and everything. Sally did tell me a bit about it — and you know we’re just friends now, I doubt if she’ll be back in England for at least a year, and I won’t be going out to see her, the air fares costs a fortune.”

He leant towards me and kissed me again, even more gently, and put his hand on my breast, just rubbing my nipple enough to make it hard.

“Cliff, we can’t go on, I’m too old for you and it’s not safe, don’t get carried away, I’m not on the Pill, I’ve been using a cap, and I know you know all about those because Sally told me you used to put it in…”.

“Have you still got it — tell me where it is and I’ll get it”.

“Cliff, no, we don’t know each other, the gel might not be any good any more, it’s quite old…it’s in the bottom drawer over there.” I pointed to a tall chest of small drawers I used for personal odds and ends. He got up, letting his towel fall, showing me his erection, not quite fully upright, but he was totally unconcerned, and it swung from side to side as he went to the drawer, found the cap and the gel, brought it back, looked with me for the expiry date, and found it was just about OK. He took out the cap and laid it on the bedside table. He stretched towards me and pulled off my nightdress. He moved up beside me and kissed me again and then put his hand between my legs and moved my thighs apart, touching my vulva and pushing my lips apart and stroking my vagina with his middle finger. He worked on me until I was wet and swollen, kissing my mouth and breasts, nibbling my small hard nipples.

He now kneeled across me, reaching for the cap, opening the tube of gel and smearing it around the rim of the cap and placing a dollop in the centre.

“OK, I’d like to push it in — is that OK?”

“OK, go ahead, just remember it’s been a while since anyone has touched me there, so go carefully”.

He squeezed the cap and pushed it inside my vagina right deneme bonus to the top so it sat where it needed to. He certainly knew what he was doing. He felt around it to make sure it was seated properly, then smiled and kissed me. When Harold had made love to me, he had put most of his weight on top of me before entering me, but the first thing I knew with Cliff was feeling the tip of his penis pushing aside my lips — he took his weight on his arms and legs, and for the first time I appreciated the value of having an experienced lover.

He was careful not to push too deep or too hard until I was ready, but slowly moved in and out and gradually increased the depth of his stroke. He was big, though not so big it hurt, and within 2 or 3 minutes the while length of his penis was sliding in and out, with me feeling the tip of his organ against my womb each time he was at the top of his stroke.

He looked down at me and kissed me from time to time, but what I remember most was that he talked to me.

“Ohhhh Sue, you’re so good to fuck, you are so gorgeous, you have the most beautiful tits, and you are so pretty, and your cunt is just wonderful….”.

As you might imagine, this wasn’t the sort of language I was used to. Of course I knew and had heard these words, but my husband never used then and never really spoke to me at all when making love. I found it all very confusing — but so exciting. As did I find some of the things Cliff started to do to me — he reached one hand down to my clitoris and started to very gently rub it. With his other hand he somehow managed to cup my bottom and gently put one finger up into the crack until it just reached my anus. I knew all about anal intercourse but had never been touched there.

“Sue, I’m going to cum soon, do you want me to carry on rubbing you, do you want to rub yourself?”

“No you just cum, I can finish myself or you can use the thingy on me, just enjoy it and cum…”.

He took away his hand from my clitoris and looked down — just a few more strokes and this lovely young man would climax inside me, the first time a man had done this … for how long? I didn’t want to count. With his other he squeezed my bum, and pushed his finger again up into my anus — this came as a shock but just then he started to thrust longer and harder and it hurt a bit, and then I felt his penis spasm and I sort of sensed his semen spurting hot and wet deep inside, and Cliff arched back and cried out my name softly, before kissing me one last time. I was not used to love making and by this time I was getting a cramp and I moved upwards so his penis fell out.

We didn’t say anything further. He got my vibrator, and turned it on, carefully massaging my vulva and then trying to find my G spot. I had to help and though I’d never used the thing with a man, it worked quickly and effectively as always and I climaxed too, much less violently than Cliff but it felt so good to release the tension, and to feel the sticky mess between my thighs and we fell asleep within minutes.


(Cliff continues the story)

Waking up next to Sue was pretty much like a dream come true. I really thought she might throw a wobbly and kick me out, and indeed when I woke up she was up showering in the bathroom, so I thought well, it was nice while it lasted but she came in with just a towel around her and took this off when she got back into bed beside me.

“Well, what do we do now?…” she said, “It is Saturday.”

I had assumed there would at least be some soul searching or a heavy conversation (probably followed by a rapid exit by myself, feeling bad for being told I’d taken advantage of a lonely woman who’d had a glass of wine too much).

Instead Sue kneeled up in bed naked, her lovely small tits pointing forward and her pretty smile directed straight at me. I pushed back the sheets to show her my rapidly engorging cock. She leaned towards me and kissed me — and for the first time, touched my cock.

“Wow, it doesn’t take much to get you going does it — Sally did say you were a pushover whenever she fancied a bit! Cliff, would you mind if I straddled you this time?”

Could she straddle me? She could have fucked me hanging upside down from the balcony if she’d wanted.

“But first you know what you need to do for contraception? The pessaries are next to the gel”.

And indeed they were — Sue had retrieved the pessaries you needed to top up the gel when having more sex, and had left them handy for me. I knew what to do of course, and pushed out one of the small bullet shaped devices, and carefully opened Sue’s lips and pushed it right as far I could reach. She winced a bit.

“I’m still a bit sore from last night — do be careful, when you’re inside”.

With this, she straddled me and took my cock in her left hand. She opened her lips with the other hand and very carefully inserted the tip of my cock into her cunt. I lay still, to let Sue decide what depth and speed she wanted. I caressed her arse, parting her cheeks and carefully rubbing her anus — I wanted to see what effect if any this had as the idea of eventually fucking Sue anally had for some perverse reason already lodged in my brain.

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