Closing Time

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Shortly after my trysts with Tina I was transferred to another nightclub recently opened by the restaurant company owner. My responsibilities and the new location included tending bar when things got busy. I worked there with tow very hot middle-aged redheads named Pamela and Vicky. They were always complaining about all the male customers that hit on them every night so I never really thought it was wise to try and come on to either one of them. But we did talk quite a bit and I knew that they liked me, at least that’s the impression I got. Being new on the job and living outside the city and with the long hours I worked they but assumed that I wasn’t getting laid. So one night at closing time they decided to take it upon themselves to change that!

Although I’d been propositioned before, never has one woman let alone two, ever been so irresistibly persistent. The two of them simply refused to take no for an answer!

Pamela put it bluntly as she got straight to the point, “Look, you’re not getting laid, we’re not getting laid! But we’re all horny right?! So what’s the big deal? I say we fuck!”

And with that said the two women closed the blinds, shut the shutters and locked the doors. Pamela laid a deep, wet French kiss on me while I Vicky reached from behind me and undid my pants. Before I knew it I was spread eagle on the edge of the bar and both babes were sitting on bar stools on either side of me. They each had one of my legs over their shoulders and started taking turns sucking me off. Pamela was the more creative of the two. She’s hold my prick by the tip and poke and prod my balls and sac with her tongue. She licked up and down my shaft, over my balls to my asshole and then back to my quivering cock.

Vicky liked playing with my balls. she sucked sex hikayeleri on them a lot, sucking on each of my aching nuts and biting my tightly shriveled sac with her teeth. It was Vicky’s balls squeezing and bag biting techniques that finally made me blow my load. It seemed that Pamela wasn’t too keen on the taste of cum, but Vicky on the other hand loved it! She couldn’t get enough of it out of me!

So, when I started to cum Vicky latched on. Clamping her lips around my throbbing cock she sucked and swallowed my hot cum. Vicky massaged and squeezed my balls and bag harder than I’d ever had it done to me. The intensity of pleasure and pain made me fire my hot load down her throat until she started gagging and had to stop for a breath of air.

After we got cleaned up and finished closing the bar, we all drove over to Pam’s house where we continued our adventure. I kept thinking the whole time we drove to Pam’s house that I may not be able to satisfy both these sexy women all night long. As we entered Pam’s place she told me to have a seat and make myself at home. I started to express my concerns about not being able to perform and they both just smiled at me.

They took each other’s clothes off and started getting it on! I watched while they fondled and suck on each others tits. They slowly ran their hands over each others flesh until they were finally fingering and rubbing each others pussy’s and clits. They both started to shiver and shudder and they went into an amazingly quick mutual orgasm! They stared at each other cunts and continued playing and watching each others pussy creaming.

After about five minutes, Vicky made pam stop. She said it was no use, it felt great but what she really needed was a big, stiff cock! She led us all into porno hikayeleri Pam’s bedroom, jumped on the bed and spread her legs open wide.

Pamela laughed out loud, and said, “Shall I prepare Her Majesty’s young stud?!” And she stood me up at the foot of the bed and slowly stripped me while Vicky watched. Kissing each of my nipples, and licking her way down to my cock. Vicky reached forward, grabbed me by my cock and pulled me between her legs and Pam quickly crawled next to us on the bed. They both helped guide my prick into Vicky’s hot cunt.

Patting my ass Vicky said, “Ok…if you’re my stud, then get to it….do your stuff!”

I couldn’t believe how wet and spacious her big cunt was! My dick slid in with no effort whatsoever, and when our bodies met and I felt her stiff clit nestled against my pubic bone, Vicky smiled and tightly wrapped her legs around me. She nibbled my ear lobe and snaked her tongue into my ear, breathing loud and heavy, whispering and telling me how she likes it hard and fast! And while Pam rubbed my ass and played with my balls I began fucking that big wet cunt. I had no choice but to fuck her hard and fast, the two women had me on fire. I pumped my cock into her hot box with every ounce of energy in me. My cock was flying in and out so fast it was no more than a big, pink fleshy blur. Our sweaty bodies smashed and banged together as we raced towards our release.

Vicky was taking everything I threw at her, in stride. I was fucking her as hard as could and it seemed to be working. She started shaking and moaning out loud as he orgasm wracked through her sexy frame. She dug her nails into my back, dragging them down, raking my back while she shouted out like a wild banshee, “HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Her pussy seks hikayeleri poured out like a rain shower, washing my cock and balls with her warm flow, but try as I might was unable to cum. Vicky’s cunt was just too loose and too wide. Vicky was happy after cumming so she wasn’t too upset. Of course Pamela didn’t mind one bit! In fact she was delighted to see, that after making Vicky cum twice, my cock was still rock hard. So when it came time for me to screw her, all I had to do was switch holes.

Pam got on all fours and had me fuck her from behind so that Vicky could lie face up underneath us and lick my ass and balls. The resistance of Pam’s tight cunt walls combined with Vicky’s sucking and licking of my asshole and balls made short work of my wad.

So, as I drove my fat throbbing cock into her hot tight cunt, she began gasping and thrusting her body back against mine. Her cunt was expanding and contracting around my throbbing shaft, massaging and coaxing my balls to let go. At long last, I felt the sperm racing out of my swollen balls and tearing through my shaft. I grabbed pam by the waist and buried my cock deep inside her hole and held it there while it throbbed and pulsated, depositing spurt after spurt of my hot cum deep into her abdomen.

These two horny broads made me fuck each of them one more time before they allowed me to fall asleep and get some well deserved rest. That earth shattering night was the first of many to come. The following day those two old broads shocked the shit out of me by suggesting that the three of us move in together. And well, the rest is history as they say. We lived together for over five years and fucked our brains out daily!

In fact I still see Vicky a few times every year and we pick up right where we left off, and at the age of 62 she’s every bit as horny as she was 20 years ago and still a wonderful piece of ass! Pam unfortunately moved out of the country and although we haven’t seen each other for years I still have wonderful memories of those days!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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