Co-Vid Halloween

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The local news announced Halloween would be canceled due to the pandemic. Her ruby red lips turned downward for a moment and her brow furrowed then she tried to hide her disappointment. That was my woman. Always a bright side. But I knew her too well. Those brown eyes rounded as if to cry. The mood in the room fell. I wasn’t sure if it was her shine dimming or my concern for her sadness growing but something had to be done. I slid across the leather couch and pulled her into my arms. My Lois collapsed against me and snuggled into me. I melted around her. “I’m okay, Ray. It’s just another down in a long year of downs. It’s just one Halloween.” I knew better. This woman loved Halloween more than Christmas, I think. She loved giving out candy and then dressing up and going out to a movie in costume and joining our friends for a party after and my favorite part — taking me like an animal at midnight. We rarely slept on Halloween night. I gave her a hearty hug.

“Hey, how about we do something special, just you and me this Halloween? Whattaya say? Up for a couple’s adventure?” She turned her bright face with a saucy smile up at me. But when she raised her eyebrows, I knew we were in for a howling Halloween.

“Costumes?” she asked.

“Well, of course, your choice? Just no tights for either of us. Something hot and sexy, okay, Lois?”

“I’ve just the idea. But too bad we have to stay in.”

“Leave that to me, Lois. I have a few ideas too.”

“You’re always filled with ideas, Ray.” She gave me a juicy kiss and pushed me back onto the leather couch. What was I to do but comply and make the woman happy? “I’ll need your clothes for costumes.”

“You can have them if you can get them off me.” She loved that challenge and proceeded to remove my clothes while caressing, nibbling, and somehow getting naked herself. She rode me in reverse cowboy and I memorized her every move, her curves, the hollow of her spine, to that ass which I held exploring it, squeezing it, brought out of my musing only by her low and building moans. Feeling her orgasm throb against me brought me to her heaven. She snuggled up beside me and I threw the afghan across her. She fell asleep and I watched the moonlight illuminate her, wondering what on Earth I was going to do for Halloween. But so grateful the afghan didn’t cover that pumpkin ass of hers.

Eventually, the days passed with her sewing and gluing and sashaying around happy to be creating costumes. I too liked the anticipation and set up our itinerary. Finally, the day arrived. “Here are your costumes. You can pick which one you want, and we can use the rest until thanksgiving.” I laughed at her overzealousness.

“I was only expecting one, but these might all come in handy. Are all those yours?”

“Yes, I know I got carried away, but it’s Halloween. So, where are we going so I can decide what to wear?”

“Let’s throw all these in the car. You wear nothing but your trench coat, fedora, and those stilettos look too good to remove.”

“I’ll wear my trench, and fedora and these nice Elvis pull away pants. Nice Velcro ideas here.” I examined the costumes, and none had a zipper or a button.

“Blonde Marilyn wig or the dark straight Cher wig?”

“Cher first.”

We loaded the Aston Martin and headed to our first trick or treat location. The park where we jogged each day. Dimly lit and few people around. I had a tough time taking my hand off that bare knee knowing where the thigh would end and that the tied trench was all there was between us. But I had a plan, best to keep to it.

She was already in her Cher shyness character. The black wig flowing over her breast pocket of the trench and the fedora slightly tipped. We walked in silence her heels the only sound. The sun had just set, and few joggers ran past us. But other than the three cars in the lot we seemed to be the only one in this subdivision Betturkey park. I spotted the wooden park bench and told her to sit in the center. I went around behind her. A flash of light, as if from a lens, let me know we were right where we should be. I removed the scarf from her neck and ordered her to put her hands behind her. I tied them together then tied them to the slats of the park bench seat. As I kissed her neck from behind and softly moved her face to meet mine, I heard the gentle click and swishing of the camera aperture. I knew she would be my treat, and this would be my trick for her. She had crossed her legs. I whispered in her ear, “Spread them. Wider.” She complied. “I want him to get some good shots of you.” Her head snapped toward the clicking sound and she saw the man in the black trench coat with a full black ski mask. His black jeans and boots and black hat rendered him almost invisible. Except for the camera reflecting the streetlight or moonlight from time to time.


“Shhh, it is your first trick-or-treat. I’ve hired him to photograph us out here in the wickedness of Halloween. They will make great black and whites for the bedroom don’t you think? And no worries he is more than twelve feet away but has some powerful lenses. I want you to treat both of us.” I leaned forward and pulled open the v opening of her trench coat. With her legs spread her pussy was visible the light falling right on her bare lips.

She looked at me in puzzlement for a moment, then she smiled; leaned back against the bench, and looked into the camera. A flurry of shots could be heard. I was harder than I’d ever been.

Still standing behind her to make her the main focus of the picture frame, I slid my hands down the V-neck of the trench coat surrounding the outside of her breast I lifted them exposing her nipples. The breeze and cool temperatures did wonders for us. Her nipples looked hard as acorns. I thumbed them to yet another barrage of clicks. When I heard her moan softly, I untied the belt and stood up. I waited. We all waited in anticipation. Her breath ragged as she looked up at me wondering. I nodded to the photographer. In one quick move, I pulled the trench open and exposed her, all her lovely naked skin, to the elements and me and the camera which at times was not using a flash. I teased her breast with the strands of the Cher wig. Then signaled the man in black as I moved in front between her legs, opened my trench, I let the Velcro speak exposing my cock. The camera was now to the side and snapping shots of me and her eyes and then her ruby reds sucking my cock as I held her hair to the side pushing her ever lower onto me.

The breathing of the photographer let me know he was earning his pay. I kneeled and licked her wet pussy. The photographer in several angles getting every view as I opened her gently and rubbing and sucking her clit. She was trying to be silent. The park and all, but it was often too much, and her scream would pierce the night. Just the way Halloween should be I thought. I reached up and pinched her nipple and at the click, she moaned in ecstasy. I turned her over pulling the coat to one side and raised her hips allowing the scarf to twist and hold her tighter. I smacked her ass and then entered her from behind to the soft sound of shuttering. The pounding seemed to be met with her resistance and her pussy gripped my cock hard. Soon, there was a man’s scream that I recognized as mine after my ears stopped pounding with sweet release into her deep cunt. “Back. The next stop is in three hours,” my order to the man in black as he slipped into the night. I straightened myself out and slipped behind the bench to untie her kissing her hands which gripped the back of the seat bench.

Free, she stood and straightened herself out. “Trick and treat,” she said with a slight tone of anger.

“Did Betturkey Giriş I go too far?”

She hesitated and then laughed a salty loud almost evil laugh. The sounds in the park that night must have sounded spooky to the subdivision surrounding it.

“No, I was just thinking of dinner and movie in costume. I had no idea you were this naughty.”

“I just thought it’s a holiday maybe some pumpkin spice was in order.”

She laughed. “Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. So long as those photos get only to us.”

“Don’t worry, in that Cher wig who would know you but me?” She smirked and nodded.

“I’m starved any candy on this Halloween date?”

“Yes, Candy, hotdogs popcorn, and a movie in your Marilyn costume. I’ll put on the Elvis garb.” We laughed as we walked hand in hand to the car. We changed in the parking lot. Then sped off to see the Drive-in triple scare of Nightmare on Elm Street. This blonde bombshell next to me was almost more than I could take. She slapped my hands away more than once. “There are kids here,” she said, “and you’ve had your treat.” Now, I remember something about hot dogs and chocolate. I smirked. You remember our first summer too I said slyly getting out and masking up before she could respond. Co-vid 19 was still raging but I was careful. Gloves, mask, sealed foods microwaved by others with masks and gloves. The pandemic was the real scare in the night. I kept my distance for their sakes and mine and hers. I brought back goobers and hotdogs and chips. I watched her jump at the scary scenes and laugh at the kids’ costumes and look at the moon as she bit into the second hot dog. I was reminded how much the years hadn’t changed her. How much I loved her soul and wanted to worship her body.

She insisted on throwing away the wrappers masked up to enjoy all the yells of ‘Hey, Marilyn’, and the honks and catcalls. I just thought of her on the park bench her eyes filled with passion and surprise. I got out and opened the door grabbing her bare ass as she turned. This one is all mine fellas. After the first movie, we headed out. I had other plans for us.

As we got out of the city and into the country, I popped the sunroof for some late-night air. The stars were beautiful out here. And her nipples in that tight white dress outshined them all. I pulled off onto the dirt county road.

“Dad’s farm?” she asked. I slid onto the shoulder near the cornfield.

“Hippie costumes for a corn maze?”

“Like Woodstock, Dude,” she laughed slipping out of her Marilyn and into the Age of Aquarius complete with no bra, no panties, and flowers in her hair. The daisy duke hip huggers and string bikini top had potential. I pulled on a leather vest and pull away jeans and dawned a Beatles wig with a headscarf tied and hanging.

“Your dad wants us to spend the night here and milk the cows in the morning. He’s out for the night. Says Bob couldn’t cover for him. So we can use the corn maze cause it gets plowed tomorrow and the whirlpool on the deck and the guest room or the treehouse, your choice.”

“Cool, man, cool.” She threw her shoes in the car and took off running into the corn. I heard her yell. “Catch me, Marco.” I grabbed her bikini bottoms and my trunks and shoved them in my pockets.

I locked the car and cried out “Polo” laughing at how she always got this game backward as the smell of the pollen from the tassels filled my senses and I batted the rough leaves away. The soil rich and almost dry beneath my field I heard her cry out Marco and I headed left. The moon was high when I found her there in the middle of the corn maze, naked and armed with dirt clods. I wasn’t sure what to expect. “It is the night of the witches delight a night of grounding us to the mother natures floor and adoring the maker’s stars. I shall mark you with the sign of love and we will make Betturkey Güncel Giriş love loud and howl sending the vibrations out into the world healing it before the harvest.” I’d have laughed harder, but I think a piece of her was serious.

“And what are the dirt clods for?”

“Mark making. I will wash you in the dirt of my land.”

“Do I have to get naked for that?”

“Strip white man. Something sexy for me to see.”

Now, she was pushing it, I thought. I rushed her and threw her over my shoulder spanking her backside.

“Put me down,” she screamed through useless wiggling and kicking.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

I kneeled and lowered her to the ground pinning her there. I kissed her long and hard several times and her resistance changed. It didn’t take long with us rolling in the dirt me on top, then her on top and somehow the Velcro jeans and vest laid a row of corn over. I found myself sucking her breast tasting the night air soil and caught in the moment so none of it mattered by the taste of her. She straddled my naked body and using a nearby dirt clod drew a heart on my chest as she sucked and bit my nipples. I drew a heart in the dirt mark on her left breast. “Fuck me,” she demanded. I rolled her onto the ground and entered her missionary style right there in her father’s cornfield.

The fog began to rise around us as I heard her moan over and over and beg for more. As the fog thickened, she rolled me onto my back and sat on my face. Seeing her cum through the fog as I sucked her clit and fingered her G-spot was magical. The stars above a hazy outline of her face crying out almost in pain but instead in orgasm. The earthy musky scent of nature all around. The moonlight caressed her skin as if she were standing nude on a dark stage with a spotlight on her. Her tits glistening in sweat and marked with earth and my drawn heart. Well, I could have cum right then, but she had decided to ride me bouncing like a cowgirl on a horse in full gallop. Faster and faster until I could take no more and filled her as she cried out and howled at the moon above thanking it for watching over them. I grabbed her in my arms and felt her heartbeat against my chest for what seemed like hours.

Owls hooted; bats flew over the corn its leaves shushing in the breeze. She shook. “You’re cold,” I said. I gathered our clothes and we put on our suits incase her dad had changed plans. We walked bumping hips and using each other as crutches until we got to the back porch. We used the outdoor shower to the sound of clicks and flashes.

“Again?” she asked.

“Yes, but this time wigless. I want you, just you in these images.”

She ran her hands over her hair releasing the water and the snaps of the camera were almost drowned out by the splash of the water. I untied her top and he took pictures of me cupping her breast as the water washed over us. She was almost blue as I put my hand beneath her bikini bottoms. The warmth of her on my fingers, her wetness sent me, my cock throbbed again, erect as if it were morning.

I removed my suit and entered the tub helping her in as the hot tub bubbled us with warmth. The camera lens came closer as we caressed and fucked like it wasn’t even there. Then he was gone. I looked over to the deck rail and saw the photo stick on his business card. We’d decide in the morning which ones to have printed.

“It must be past midnight,” she whispered. It’s been a perfect Halloween filled with tricks and treats and good things to eat. And she bit my neck like the animal woman I knew her to be. “Come on inside. The guest room has a feather bed and handcuffs and it’s hours before dawn.”

I grabbed the photo stick and card, a drop of blood fell from my neck onto the card marked Dark Shadow Photos. I followed her inside. I wondered if I should tell her about the video camera set up in the room. A little bit of co-vid humor.

Instead, I just walked in crawled under the blanket and tried to read the clock. “4:44 AM,” she said. “Cows are up in an hour. Perhaps a nap.” At dawn, I heard the cows but with my hands cuffed all I could do was wait for her return from milking. “Oh, those hands.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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