Co-worker’s Man Ch. 19

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“Well Jon, your pussy was just as good as I hoped,” Mr. Wolfe said as he looked down at my totally spent form lying exhausted beneath him. I looked up at him and saw the glistening sheen of sweat on his skin and sparkling in his chest hair. Amazingly, for the thorough ride he had just given me, he looked raring to go again.

“So, did you like me fucking you?” he asked as he released his grip on my ankles. My legs fell to the bed on each side of him and I was totally splayed out beneath him. I had finally let go of the tight grip I’d had on the sheets as he’d been deliciously fucking me. I brushed my sweat-matted hair off my brow as I replied.

“Oh yes sir,” I said in a purring voice. “I loved it sir. I feel totally spent but so incredibly filled at the same time. I’ve never been fucked like that. It was so hard and yet so good. I love your cock in me, Mr. Wolfe. Anytime, anywhere you want, you can give it to me.”

“Well, that’s just what I have in mind Jon. I’ll make sure you get plenty of cock from now on. What about my cum, faggot? How do you like my cum?” he asked as he slowly hunched his cock back and forth within me. He had kept it buried in me this whole time.

“I love your cum Mr. Wolfe. It’s so thick and creamy. I love the flavor of it on my tongue and it feels so warm and soothing as it slides down my throat. I love to see and feel it shoot out of that big cock. Either in my mouth or as far up my ass as you can shoot it, I just love it. Anytime you want to blast it into me or on me sir, I’d love for you to do it.”

“Well then, I guess you get to be my personal cum-bucket from now on Jon. I’ll try to make sure you get as much as you can take. Now, I’m going to slide my cock out of your ass. When I do, I want you to close that asshole real tight until I tell you to let go, okay?”

I nodded and looked down as he slowly started to withdraw his thick cock from my gripping hole. His protruding ridge almost felt like it was pulling the smooth lining of my ass backwards with it. I concentrated on keeping a tight grip on the receding shaft as more of it came into view. I could see whitish streaks and flecks of his cum along his veiny shaft as it continued to emerge from my ravished ass. As I felt the broad ridge start to slide out, I really clenched my stretched sphincter. As his cockhead fully emerged, I slammed the opening closed as he had requested.

He backed up a little on his knees and I saw his beautiful cum-stained cock hanging at half-mast as it arced out gracefully over his low-hanging balls.

“Sit up on your elbows, faggot” he instructed. I raised myself to a half sitting position with my elbows supporting my upper body. As he knelt between my legs, he put both of his hands down between my legs. I felt the ends of the thick fingers of his up-turned hand press deep into my crevice just beyond my tight pink hole. He used his other hand to push my deflated cock and bag up and out of the way.

“Okay, ease it open,” he said as he looked down at my swollen pink hole. I blew out a breath slowly as I relaxed my gripping sphincter. I felt his cum start to slide out of my asshole onto his waiting fingers. His warm semen flowed easily from my stretched hole onto his fingers and slid further to pool in his cupped hand. With the back of his other hand holding my bag out of the way, he used the fingers of that hand to pull my opening even further apart.

“That’s good, cum-boy. Now, I want you to push down. Push that baby batter out of you.” I flexed the muscles deep within my ass and felt a large gob ooze out of my stretched hole. I kept flexing and more of his creamy cum slid down within me to join the growing pool in the palm of his large hand.

“Okay, tighten that hole again,” he said as he released his spreading fingers. I quickly clamped my asshole tight again. He raised his cupped hand and brought it forward in front of my face. I could see the cloudy whitish fluid filling his palm, the tributaries of it leaving a glistening trail leading from the ends of his fingers to his cupped palm.

“There you go my little cum-bucket. Nice and fresh, straight from my cock to your hole,” he said as he held it right in front of my mouth. “Come and get it.”

“Oooohhhh”, I moaned with lust as the heavenly smell of his musky cum and our sweat filled my senses. I pushed my eager tongue into his palm and buried it deep in the pool of his delicious cream. I drew a wad of it back into my mouth and felt the warm smooth texture slide across my tongue. “Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned as I pressed my tongue back into the handful of his milky semen. I heard him laugh softly as I lapped up the copious amount of sperm he had collected from my ass. When I had all of it safely within my stomach, I licked the glistening remnants from his fingers.

“Sit up on your knees now, there’s still some left in there,” he instructed. Being careful to keep my sphincter tightly closed, I got up on my knees but kept them well apart. He reached down and put his cupped hand below my asshole.

“Okay, gaziantep escort let it out.” I relaxed my asshole and felt the wad that had been waiting there drizzle out onto his waiting hand. I pushed down again and felt more cum slither down my moist chute. It continued to come out in gobs as it dropped into his waiting hand. As I kept pushing, I eventually realized that I’d gotten every drop of him out of me that I was able to. As I let out a soft sigh of resignation, he brought his hand up from between my legs and held it in front of me again. Another full handful awaited me and I eagerly delved my tongue into the slippery mess. I hummed and purred as I pulled all of his potent seed into my mouth and down my throat. When I had captured as much as I could, he turned the palm of hand into my face and I licked every nook and cranny of his hand and fingers in search of the final drops of that precious cream.

He had been kind of sitting on his heels as he had fed me and now he raised himself back up onto his knees. “I think you missed some, cum-boy” he said as he pointed down to his heavy cum-streaked cock. My eyes spotted one extra-long milky streak running half the length of his shaft and I leaned forward and speared the end of it with my tongue. I ran my tongue along that whitish streak as I pulled it into my mouth. I could taste my clean-ass smell along with his pearls of semen as I ran my eager tongue all over his beautiful cock. When his cock was completely clean, I slipped my full lips over his dark crown and sucked at it softly.

“Can’t get enough, eh cocksucker,” Mr. Wolfe said with a chuckle. “Well, just keep suckin,” he said as he started to hump it into my mouth. I reached out and cupped his big balls in my hand as I let my mouth slide further down his shaft. I rolled them around gently in my hand as I spurred them on to generate more cum for me. I felt his cock start to thicken already as I bobbed my head over his broad cockhead. Fuck! This man was amazing! He had just dumped a huge load into me just a few minutes ago and his cock was already coming back up again!

With his hands gripping the sides of my head, Mr. Wolfe started to saw his lengthening shaft in and out of my eager mouth. I took my hand off his silky bag and started to scratch thru the pubic hair at the base of his cock as I wrapped my other hand around the lower part of his shaft and started to shuck it back and forth.

“Oh, you fucking cocksucker! That’s perfect. Keep doin’ that.”

I had no intention of stopping and continued to work on him with my slippery hands and salivating mouth. As the blood continued to fill his pulsating shaft, it stretched my lips and forced my hand open further to handle his tremendous girth. I felt his engorged cockhead pressing firmly against the roof of my mouth and realized the upward curve was fully in place as his magnificent manhood had once again attained its full 9 ¾ inches.

“Turn around faggot,” he commanded. I reluctantly slid my lips and hands off his huge cock and turned around on my hands and knees.

“Get those knees apart, asshole,” he said as his hand slapped against the inside of my thigh. I parted my knees as far as I could and felt him move forward until he was kneeling between my spread legs. I felt the hot broad head of his cock push against my sphincter and thanked God that there was still some lube left on my stretched hole and that I’d left a slick coating of my saliva on his engorged shaft. He put his hands firmly on my hips and I felt my ring stretch around his large crown as he slid it into me.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I moaned as I felt the head lodge itself inside my gripping ring. He paused for a second and before he had a chance to do anything, I rammed myself backwards and fully impaled myself on all 9 ¾” of his stallion-like cock.

“OH YEAH!” I shouted as I luxuriated in the overwhelming pleasure of his hard erection filling that yearning void within me.

“Motherfucker!” he said with a note of surprise in his voice. “You are one hot pussy, Jon. C’mon asshole, work that pussy for me.” I slid my ass forwards until just the cockhead remained within me. When I felt the protruding ridge pressing against my pink ring, I slammed myself backwards again. I felt the sweat start to run down my back again as I started to jam myself back and forth on his rigid member.

The curve of his cock was doing beautiful things within my ass as I writhed and twisted on his rampant love-muscle. I skewered myself on his rock-hard cock as I powered myself back and forth along his full length. For about fifteen minutes he kept still as I used my ass to bring him as much pleasure as I could. I was soaked with sweat and it was dripping off my body onto the sheets beneath me. My own cock was once again hard and pinioned up against my stomach. I looked down between my legs and saw a shiny drop of precum in the eye of my cock before looking further back to see his thick glistening shaft sliding in and out of me.

“Good work Jon,” he said as he stopped my movements with a firm grip on my hips. “Lay down and take a break.” With his cock buried deep within me, he followed forwards until I was lying face down on the bed. “Now close those legs cocksucker,” he said as he kept his cock fully within me but let his legs go on the outside of my legs as I brought them close together. I felt his cock trapped tightly within me as he lowered his broad upper body onto my back, most of his weight supported by his strong arms on either side of me. He withdrew his cock partially from my tight hole and slammed it back into me.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuccckkkkkkk,” I moaned as his thick cock felt huge as he slid it into my closed ass. He started to rapidly feed it back and forth into my clenching guts. For another ten minutes he slammed his hard erection in and out of me as my ass felt like it was on fire as his rigid member tore in and out of me. I felt his hot sweaty body against my back and loved the feel of his thick chest hair scratching against me. He stopped once more with the full length of his cock buried deep within me.

“You’re a good fuck, Jon. Now let’s try something a little different.” Fuck! I couldn’t believe how much energy this guy had! With his cock pressing deep and hard against the lining of my ass, he raised himself slightly off me.

“Now roll over on your side, faggot” I carefully did as he asked and felt the sweat-stained sheets stick to my chest. “That’s a good little cocksucker. Now pull your legs up,” he said as he guided my top leg up and I bent my knee as I slid it past him and then he shuffled his knees over my lower leg until it too came up beside my other one in front of my chest. He had kept his rigid cock in me during the whole process and was now kneeling behind me ready to take me sideways. This was something that was going to be totally new for me and based on Mr. Wolfe’s expertise up to now, I eagerly anticipated being fucked in this new position. He leaned forward as he flexed his hips and slid his cock backwards.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned with pleasure as his upward curve caused his engorged head to rub beautifully over the upper folds of soft quivering flesh inside me. He pulled back until almost all the head had come out of me and my pink hole was nibbling at the end of his beautiful cock.

“You want this cocksucker?” he asked as he teased the hot head back and forth against my yearning hole.

“Oh please sir. More than anything Mr. Wolfe. Just fuck me please!” I almost shouted as I pleaded with him to give it to me. He adjusted his stance and hammered it deep into me.

“Ooohhhhh fuck…….yeah,” I let out a gasp and moaned as his throbbing manhood slid all the way into me. He started rapidly jack-hammering the full length of his rod back and forth into the hot depths of my suctioning ass. My cock lurched against my stomach and I moaned continuously as his magnificent weapon probed and stretched. My prostate seemed to be continuously throbbing as his upward curve caused the flaming head to tear across it. He took his time and worked me over from the side for another ten or fifteen minutes. I couldn’t believe his endurance. I was covered in sweat and shaking like a rag doll under his powerful fucking….but I was loving every excruciating second of it! He finally stopped and pulled his rigid cock from my gaping ass.

“C’mon over here, faggot,” he commanded as he got up off the bed and walked over to stand in front of my long low dresser with the TV at one end. As I got myself up on my shaking legs, I watched as he took his powerful arm and swept a pile of clothes I had stacked near the other end onto the floor.

“Up here, cocksucker,” he instructed as he grabbed me around the waist and lifted me onto the dresser. He pulled me forwards until my ass was right at the front edge. I let my legs drift apart as he stepped between them, his magnificent cock pointing straight up towards my face. I could see a web of precum glistening from the end. He took my legs in each hand and raised them until they went right up chest and my ankles went over his shoulders.

“Oh fuck,” I said breathlessly as he moved forward and positioned his dripping cockhead against my spread hole. I took a deep breath as he pushed forward and the wide head slid into me.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned with lust as I felt the head lock securely within me. I was resting with my arms on the dresser behind me and I wondered if this is what Claudia felt like when Frank had fucked her on the bathroom vanity in her store.

“You better hang on cocksucker, because here we go!” he warned as he pounded the full length into me in one vicious thrust. My arms flew up to lock behind his neck and I held on tight as he started to ram it back and forth into me.

“OH FUCK YEAH……GIVE IT TO ME!” I yelled as I felt his muscular groin slamming tightly against me with each powerful thrust. My rock-hard cock was throbbing and my body started twitching like crazy as he thrust that magnificent length of manhood all the way into my steaming guts. I felt like I was burning up as his flaming cockhead tore across my prostate again and again. I was bucking like crazy and felt myself drooling down my chin as I was totally overwhelmed with pleasure.

With my legs pushed back against me as my ankles draped over his shoulders, Mr. Wolfe had me splayed wide open. As he gripped my hips and hammered his full erection into me with each deep thrust, I had become nothing more than an eager receptacle for his lust-driven pleasure. For the next ten minutes he rammed his thick hard cock unmercifully back and forth within my ravaged chute as I whimpered and pleaded for him to keep fucking me. He suddenly paused with his virile manhood poised just inside my wide-stretched pussy lips.

“I think it’s time for you to cum, faggot. Just let me change the angle slightly,” he said as I felt him adjust his stance slightly and his cock pressed more on the underside of my distended rectum. “There, that should do it. Get ready to blow your load, cocksucker,” he warned as he once again drove the full 9 ¾” into me.

“Oooohhhh fuuuccckkkkkk!” I hissed as his broad flared head pressed incredibly firmly over my prostate. I wasn’t sure what he had done but waves of intense pleasure coursed thru me as he drew quickly back and then slammed it into me. On his third thrust I felt my orgasm begin and the semen started to speed up the shaft of my lurching cock.

“Oh……Oh…..Oh,” I moaned with each of his quick thrusts and I looked down to see the milky drop of precum at the end of my cock become a white jet as my cum burst forth to spray over both of us.

“That’s it. Cum for me you little cocksucker,” Mr. Wolfe said as he kept hammering away inside me. Gobs of my cum were flying everywhere and I flung back my head as my earth-shattering orgasm overwhelmed me.

“Oh fuck….of fuck…that’s so good….so fucking good,” I babbled as I twitched on the end of his throbbing rod.

“Reach down and get those beautiful fingernails working on the base of my cock,” he commanded as soon as my orgasm had finished and I was hanging like a rag doll impaled on his turgid monster. I reached down between us and felt the hard thickness of his mighty shaft with my fingertips. He continued to jack-hammer it into me and my fingers were pressed between his groin and my stretched ass. I extended my fingers and let the edges of my nails drag across the taut skin around the base of his pulsating cock.

“Oh yeah, just keep doin’ that, you dirty little cocksucker,” Mr.Wolfe said as he sped up his thrusting. I felt the slickness of the lubricant and our natural fluids under my fingernails as I held them still and let his rapid back and forth movement do the scratching for me.

“OH FUCK…….HERE IT COMES!” he bellowed as he continued to let out a low growl and he seemed to go rigid but kept slamming his magnificent cock in and out of me. I felt a powerful blast deep in my ass as his first shot sprayed forth and pasted itself against the smooth membranes within me. He kept thrusting and it seemed that he was timing his inward thrusts to coincide with the creamy ropes of hot semen that he was spewing into me. I kept my fingers working around the base of his thick shaft and looking down I could see some milky fluid where his massive load of cum was being forced back down his pistoning shaft and was being quickly turned into a frothy white cream. He just kept fucking and fucking his hard erection into me as he rode out his orgasm. Even in this awkward position, I used every muscle around the lining of my ass to try and massage and coax every bit of his sweet semen out of him.

He finally held still with his groin pressed tightly against me with my hand trapped between us. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock as best as I could and squeezed firmly, hoping to push a further drop up and out the end of his drooling cockhead. I pulled my hand out from between us and saw a few specks of white on my fingers. Mr. Wolfe watched as I brought my fingers to my mouth and with closed eyes, I extended my tongue and licked up every savory morsel for my hand.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I purred again as his cum warmed my insides.

Mr. Wolfe slid his hands right down my sides and with his cock still buried within me, picked me up and stepped over to the bed. He laid forward and set me down on my back. I released my hands from around his neck and fell back against the sheets, totally exhausted. He slid his slowly deflating cock out of my ass and I felt his massive load start to leak out of my stretched ring to slide down my ass onto the sheet. I was too worn out and tired to even care about clenching my sphincter and just let it continue to run out of me.

“Here you go, cocksucker. The last load for the night,” he said as he straddled my chest and dropped his heavy cockhead against my lips. Thru hooded eyes, I slid my full lips over the spongy membranes of his crown and slurped my tongue all around to lick up every drop of his precious cum. He pushed his cock further into my mouth and I bathed the rest of his shaft as I lapped up all the traces of his delicious seed that remained there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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