Cockfight for Sally

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Yes, I was thinking with my dick. And it has quiet an ego.

It was so loud at the club that the only real communication going on was body language. And I liked what Sally had to say with her body. Even so, I wasn’t sure that Sally was interested in me. We flirted all evening, and I hoped she might want to hook up for the night.

But her eyes were wandering, and she danced with lots of other guys. I really had the hots for her, but I knew better than the press the matter, and have her think that I was desperate. Mostly, she danced with this guy named Jack, who I had seen at the club a few times before. When I got her alone on the dance floor, I made some stupid comment implying that Jack had a little dick, and Sally would be happier with me. Sally kissed me on the cheek and winked at me. But when the song was over she didn’t want to dance with me again. She gave me a cold smile and walked over to Jack. I watched for a moment as she kissed him on the lips, then start to dance with him. What was that? I thought to myself. Since it felt like she was more interested in him than me, I decided to call it a night to go to bed all by myself.

But her kiss was still hot on my cheek as I prepared to leave, so I tried to find her before I left, just for once last look. I took a lap around the club. I found her kissing Jack in a booth in the back, so I put my tail between my legs and went to the coat check. As I put on my jacket, I felt a matchbook in my pocket. There was a hotel room number. I looked back to where Sally was sitting, and she was gone. I scanned the far edges of the club, and was surprised to find that she was walking right in front of me on her way to the bar. She looked back at me, blew a kiss at me and winked. Maybe I had it wrong. Was I in?

She mouthed, “See you there.” I was in.

Clearly she was a flirt, and while a lot of danger signals were ringing in my head, it did nothing to stop my libido. Plus, some competitive libido drove me to win the attention of this girl that all the other guys wanted. So what if she was a flirt, and kissed other men, she was mine for tonight. The image of her in that little dress, wiggling her hips on the dance floor was burned in my head. I wanted her.

I shot home to shower and change and, in a flash, headed over to the hotel written in the matchbook. I knocked on the door of the room and waited.

The door slowly opened, and my eyes almost popped out of my head as Sally stood there in a red silk teddy. She wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a kiss that just about knocked me out.

“Don’t move,” she commanded.

Like a tiger she attacked my clothes, ripping them off. My cock shot up, as her hands slid down my thighs bringing my boxers down with them. She licked my hard-on, and then rose up to look at me eye to eye.

“I want to see how tough you are,” she purred. “Are you game?”

“Sure, I can be tough for you.” I replied. I wasn’t going to say no to anything she wanted.


Sally produced a blindfold from nowhere, and put it over my eyes. I felt her tie my hands behind my back with what must have been some soft rope or a scarf. I was a little nervous, but after she took my cock into her mouth again, I was game. I felt Sally grab and bind my arms. This was going to be something kinky.

I was shocked to hear a man’s voice call out. “Sally, where are you? Come on back!”

“What’s this?” I asked nervously as I tried to shake off the blindfold, but my hands were secured behind my back.

“Come here,” Sally led me along by my dick, like a dog by the leash.

“Who’s that?” the man’s voice called out. “What’s going on here?”

Then Sally snapped the blindfold off. Right in front of me was Jack, with hands behind his back like me, and hard-on pointing out proudly. The site of this guy scared the heck out me, and started my heart racing. I could see Jack looked nervous and shocked too. I averted my eyes from looking at this other naked man, but I could tell that Jack, like me, was slowly losing his erection.

I was seriously concerned. Was Sally some kind of crazy freak? I tried to stand, but found that my hands were lashed to a bedpost of this small four-post bed. Jack was obviously tied down likewise.

Sally was clearly disappointed by our reaction. “Going limp boys? I thought you were harder than that.”

“What the hell is going on?” Jack asked.

“I want you two to fight for me.” Sally said in a serious but sexy voice. “All night you two have been vying for my attention. You’re both so cute, I just can’t decide. But then you two gave me a great idea. You both said you had a better cock than the other man. You got me thinking about how to pick the best man. So I want a real cockfight.” She moved behind me and reached around my hips massaging my balls. My dick shot to attention. I couldn’t help it. “Looks like my man here is ready.”

“You want us to fight for you?” I asked.

Stepping around me, Sally licked my hard-on as she stroked. I hardly heard myself say, ardahan escort “Let me out and I’ll beat his ass.”

“Nah, not like that.” Sally cooed as she reached over to Jack and yanked him towards me by his cock. His dick shot to attention. “Cock-to-cock. Balls-to-balls. I don’t want the better fighter. I want the man with the hardest, best cock.”

Sally climbed on the bed sitting on her knees between us. In her left hand she gripped my shaft, and in her right hand Jack’s. Jack and I stood our uncomfortably to facing each other while Sally stroked our dicks aggressively.

When I looked down at Sally’s cleavage, it was not difficult to stay rock hard. But when I caught sight of Jack in front of me, it was a bit of turn off. The sight of a naked man is not exactly a turn-on for a straight guy. I’ve always liked my sex simple and straight-forward. And when I do watch any porn, the fewer the men in it the better. So when I saw Jack’s dick pointing at me, I started to go limp again.

“You go limp on me and you lose, tough guy!” Sally said to me looking down at my fading erection.

“This is pretty gay,” I said. “I can’t say I’m into this. I don’t want to share you with another guy.”

“Don’t you want me?”

“Send him packing Sally,” Jack said. “Look at his limp dick, it’s an embarrassment. My dick is a thousand times better than his. Untie me!” Then to me, he said, “I’m going to fuck you up.”

I looked at Sally. She was nuts, but she was totally hot. She wasn’t wearing any panties under that teddy! I wanted to fuck her more than anything.

“That’s my man.” Sally said noticing my erection returning to full strength. “A girl wants her man who can stay hard, a guy with some endurance. Show me what you can do.”

It seemed to me that Sally was going to try to jerk us off. The guy who came first was going to get kicked out on his ass. Or worse, lashed to the bedpost here, the loser would have to watch Sally fuck the winner.

Jack and I were still standing on either side of the bed, just close enough for Sally to grab both our cocks. Sally took a firm grip and tugged hard making us fall forward. I lost my balance and managed to land on the bed. I righted myself awkwardly sitting on my knees. Jack also managed, with some difficulty, to sit on his knees on his edge of the bed.

Now Jack and I were uncomfortably kneeling before each other, hard-on pointing at hard-on as Sally resumed her double hand job. As she did so, she pulled, slowly bringing our cock heads to a point where no straight man wants to be. When they were just an inch apart, Sally bent over and started to lick them. She moved from my dick to Jack’s, and back again. Her tongue was amazing.

“Humm.” Sally moaned as she drained the pre-cum from me. “Which one of you is sweeter? Who has the better tasting cum? Let’s see,” she looked left and right and in a slow sexy voice said, “which of you had a bigger dick?”

Almost involuntarily, driven a need to prove our masculinity, we both thrust out our erections out as far as possible. Our cock heads touched. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. I can’t even think of another time I’ve seen another man’s erection and now, for the first time in my life, my dick came into contact with other man’s, and it did not feel good. Something primal bubbled deep in my gut.

As bizarre as this situation was, I did not want out. I wanted to fuck Sally so much that I thought I would explode. And clearly Jack did too. But only one of us would have her. When our erections collided some barrier was dropped, and we became like rams competing to become the alpha male. It seemed quiet appropriate that the way I would win this woman was to literally use my sex to defeat his sex. Jack must have felt that too as he did not back down. We both thrust forward again, this time determined to slam our sexual battering rams into the other’s, meatus into meatus, helmet to helmet, in order to physically challenge the sexuality of the other man.

For the second time, my cock came into contact with his, but Sally, who still was holding our shafts, lifted them up, keeping me from spearing Jack’s dick. When our erections impacted, it was at an upward pointing angle so that they rolled up into Sally’s awaiting mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet. And the suction was tremendous. I felt her soft face and hair against my stomach slide down to take in more of me, and him.

She sucked hard and flicked her tongue over my cock, and his. This felling, this feminine attention, this was worth fighting for. That his dick was in her mouth too raised my competitive juices even more. Jack and I pushed to get more in. The undersides of our erections were in direct contact, clamped together inside Sally’s kiss.

While Jack and I struggled to get more of our dick into her mouth than the other man, I felt Sally’s hand go behind my back, between my legs, and cradle my balls. She lifted them up and fondled them with her fingers. With her forearm against my thigh, she pushed my groin into Jacks. artvin escort As she had me literally by the balls, I complied and bucked my hips forward. Sally sucked out cocks hard as she retracted her head from between us. She must have had Jack’s balls in hand too, as we both thrust our hips in hard as Sally spit out our cocks.

Whap! Our balls collided. The pain was excruciating. Sally sat back, bringing her hands to her knees. Jack and I fell back against opposite bedposts, and stared down at our challenged genitals. Our testicles had slammed into together with full force. We both took an equal shot of pain as both out balls impacted with their opposite number.

We were both going limp. Knowing that victory only came with a stiff dick, we desperately tried to pump ourselves up; something that’s not easy to do with your hands behind your back and a naked man in front of you.

This was the most primal kind of male competition. We would rather fight it out with our fists. No man wants to know his rival has a better cock.

Sally knew this, and clearly got off on it. She wiggled off her teddy revealing the most amazing breasts. Her nipples were hard and pointed out and up. That was inspiration. Like her nipples, our dicks now climbed back up to attention. All night I had fantasized about those breasts. They were perfect: natural, not too small, and not too big. She fondled them and looked up at us. “The winner gets to play with these.”

For the next minute we all were motionless. Knees touching knees, Jack and I strained to sit up with our genitals not quiet touching. I was nervous, but I wanted her so much, there was no way I was going to back down. And I was sure that Sally could see, just by looking, that my cock was better than his.

Sally relaxed, falling on her back, so we could look down into her inviting pussy. Then she kicked her legs out wide wrapping one leg behind Jack and one leg behind me. I looked down to see two erections waiting just above a clearly very wet pussy below. Sally smiled at the scene she had created: two cocks dueling over her pussy, the prize.

She pulled herself up by putting an arm around my waist and an arm around Jack’s. Her breasts softly brushed into our dicks, as she wrapped legs and arms around us both, giving us an embrace that forced us together.

“This is it.” She whispered looking down at our two spears. “Use your cock to defeat your rival. Cock to cock. Bust his balls. Joust and thrust. I want a man who can stay hard. Use your dick to win; I want to feel the winning dick inside me.”

“My cock is going to destroy yours.” Jack growled.

Sally grinned, and leaned back again, propping herself up by her elbows. Her legs were still wrapped around us, and her inviting pussy was again exposed below our erections. I felt her inner thigh on my ass. She looked up at us with a devilish smile.

“Let’s go boys.” She pursed her lips, and using her thighs behind our butts, pushed us together.

The tips of our erections slowly met and compressed. I could see both our dicks shake and bend slightly under the tremendous pressure.

“Fucker.” Jack grumbled. His cock was slipping up.

My cock slid rapidly underneath his shaft, and slammed into his sack.

Jack squealed and recoiled.

I got him! The feeling was exhilarating.

But Jack recovered quickly and shot back, slamming into my dick with his. He was aiming for my balls I’m sure, but instead hit the lower part of my cock, pushing us both up. As our hard-ons came into contact, each forced the other up as they rolled from tip to base. Shaft came into full contact with the other shaft, until again our balls came into contact. But this time it was less of a shock.

Even with our genitals in full contact, we made an effort to lean back to be able to keep a good view, and frankly, I wanted to keep my face as far from his as possible. There was a clear irony here, as we two men were engaging in genital contact with absolutely the opposite of homosexual motivations: taking no pleasure in this experience with the same sex, no desire to satisfy the other man, but rather an intense desire to take away the sexual drive of the other man.

For a moment, Jack ground his balls into mine as the underside our dicks pressed full length against each other. With our cocks pressed together, we strained our necks to look and measure who had the longer erection. With no clear winner evident in that contest, we arched our backs to try to bring our hips up higher than the other man, and so raise the end of our prick up, in a useless effort to make our cock seem longest.

Sally moaned, “Ooooh!”

That sound from her was like a call to battle. We drew back letting our lances fall horizontal to point menacingly at the other.

My heart was racing. I took measure of my competition, quite literally. With his prick pointing at mine, I had my first good look to see if I was longer. From my perspective, with my ego clouding my vision, I knew I was ataköy escort the better, longer man.

You continually hear women state that men obsess about the length of their dicks, that it does not matter how long a man is, but how good the man is with it. “It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion,” the cliché goes. Jack and I were keenly aware right now that length was vitally important; it was a deadly serious matter. And the motion was critically important too. In a cock-fight, the man with the longer dick is going to spear the balls of the man with the shorter dick. That’s why men worry about the length of their cock.

“Yes!” Sally cried.

We thrust forward again, each trying to spear the other man in the balls.

Now the action was fast and furious. It was a matter of getting my cock lower than his in order to stab his testicles. The problem was that he was trying to do the same. One good shot to the balls would cause him to go limp.

I missed, and hit his thigh. His cock slid over mine harmlessly tapping my flexed abs. The competition was exhilarating. Our shafts pressed and slid together. We were trying to angle our lance just right to stab the other’s most sensitive target. The more excited we grew, the harder our cocks grew, and the higher they wanted to rise. When your cock rises, your balls are exposed.

Jack hit my thigh as I shifted to dodge his strike. I could see his dick bend on impact. I envisioned my hard-on bending painfully back on missing his balls, if I mistakenly hit his flexed thigh. We both knew how dangerous a bad miss could be. As a result, even though we thrust forward quickly, we aborted if we thought we would miss. Knowing I could do some damage to his cock if he missed, I tried to position my hipbone to block and shatter Jack’s lance. Jack gave a grunt as his prick bent into my hip. I arrogantly lifted my cock up in pride as Sally cheered.

That gave Jack an opportunity to tag me in the balls. Fortunately, he was too tentative, and only just brushed my left testicle slightly with no ill effect. Very quickly I returned the assault. Swinging my dick, I whacked the side of his sack. I was sure I nailed him, but he didn’t seem to react.

Our cocks grew red with friction as they rubbed together. We angled for better aim, and tried to parry the other man’s sword out of the way. Then when I was sure I had the right aim on his right testicle, I rammed forward hard. But Jack had adjusted that very second and also pushed forward. Our hard-ons met head to head with all our strength. Ouch!

We both made a barely audible “Ahh” sound and fell back. I looked down to survey the damage. It was possible that we could both lose this fight. Sally recognized this, and clearly was alarmed. She got off the bed, and walked around us with a sexy strut. We watched her as she looked down at our dicks.

Jack sat up straight to present his erection for Sally’s inspection. I did the same.

Sally smiled and nodded.

Now Jack changed tactics and twisted his hips, swinging his penis around, hitting the side my penis with a fantastic stinging slap. He was trying to break my cock in two with his. I was in trouble. But there was no way I would back down. And that impact must have hurt him too. I twisted the opposite way, and we both swung around.

Whack! We slapped our woodies together again and again. I knew trading slaps would get me nowhere, or would more likely, would damage us both. I had to hit his balls. I lower my hips as best I could, twisted, swinging my dick.

Again, this is where length would have made a difference. If my cock was just a little longer than his, I could have nailed him without him getting me. But his stick slapped my left testicle, while mine tagged his left testicle.

A shock of electricity shot through us both. I could not help yelling out in surprise, but I took some satisfaction in hearing Jack cry out too.

I was beyond registering pain. Sally stepped up close looking down at the battle, giving me a perfect view of those breasts, that cleavage I lusted for. Sally was fingering herself, definitely ready to fuck.

While not standing so high and proud as they were moments ago, our dicks were still rock hard. Now they pointed slightly down. Slowly, with some resolve, I watched Jack sit up straight again. I matched his motion, slowly bringing the left side of my erection into contact with the middle of the left side his erection. Our swords crossed, we were now naturally angled down just enough to stab the other man’s balls. There was no thought of defense. We caught our breath, as we looked down to see our own lance posed to stab home a decisive blow to our rivals left testicle. My desire to get revenge blinded me to the threat of his weapon. I could feel his hatred and desire to get revenge for my attack on his balls. And in an in insane gesture to mutual assured destruction, we both thrust forward. We each hit home, trading blows to the other man’s sack.

“Yeahah.” Jack called out. But he quickly noticed that his cock penetrated between my balls. Alas, his sack was also sagging, so my assault just brushed one of his balls to the side. For a moment, we stayed in this peculiar position, two dicks, shaft to shaft penetrating the other’s soft scrotum to no effect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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