Collection of Depravity

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I can’t resist you.

I want to tear you apart.

I want to make your body scream.

I can almost feel your tightness, the shape of your petite body, your small breasts, your long black hair. Your awkwardness.

I want to tear you limb from limb, show you how good you can feel. Change you. Enter you. I want you to destroy me. Take me all the way, engulf me, swallow me whole.

I can’t resist you.

That skirt was too tempting.

Those black tights, painting the elusive nakedness of your delectable legs. It all makes me think… Want to… Trace my hands up your inner thighs, to find what the skirt so openly locks away from the world. Like an unlocked gate, open just a crack, leading to a beautiful garden.

I could almost touch you. Put my hand under that skirt and find what those tights don’t hide. That soft, squishy, warmth.

Those black tights hiding your white skin, but so perfectly adding to your curves, your cheeks… Oh if I could… I’d shatter you. Into a million pieces. Find that delicious flower under those paper thin tights, and devour your squirming, wriggling body.

I can almost hear you coming.

Are you aware that these eyes are on you? Studying you, watching you… Undressing you.

Do you know about the thoughts I have of taking you? Do you want to be taken? I bet you don’t know what it’s like, but deep down, you do want to be taken, stripped, tied down, and have your world rocked and split in two.

Do you know about the thong I imagine you in? Do you have one? I don’t think so. Do you want one?

Do you think about being bent over your desk and ridden like a race horse? Or do you think about putting on a show?

Oh you tease. You are oblivious to the temptations, the needs, the wants, but you have your own. I know you do. I can do it for you.

I saw you looking at me.

You know I saw you.

When I looked up, you held your gaze, then looked away when I saw you.

What you didn’t see was me smiling.

I can’t help but wonder what it was you were thinking about.

If you want it. You can have it. If you need it, you can make it all yours.

If you give in to me, you won’t regret it.

Unbutton your shirt.

Slowly reveal the moonlight white of your chest, your brown eyes penetrating me like… Bullets. Your hair tied back as always.

Last button, the parting shirt frames your pale midsection with two black doors, now open to invite me in. The crease of your breasts, the way your navel dives into you.

Peel the shirt from your shoulders, unveil your upper chest, let it fall from the summit of your small breasts… Black tape covering your nipples, like censor marks, though i can see the pink of your areola not completely covered.

They could fit in each of my hands, but I won’t touch, I will watch as the shirt falls down your bare arms and away from your finger tips.

Your black trousers now the only thing to go. But they won’t go. You remain topless, yet covered in front of me, your white skin shining. Your petite body, so firm.


It is palpable.

The tension. The… Lust. If only you knew what I want from you. Your soul. Your body, broken. If only you could feel it, what I feel. What I want to make you feel. If you knew, would you want it?

It is palpable. The pulsating, the heart beats, the dizziness. This is what you do to me. This is how you break me. The raw power I want to inject into you, the flame that swells.

I want to light you up, set your body ablaze. Burn you alive.

And you have no idea.

Give in to me.

Quench the desire shared between us. Your awkwardness says it all. How flustered you get. Trying not to look but looking, trying not to be seen till the last second. You don’t like to be seen. Noticed.

Oh, but I see you. I notice you. I look at you, watching canlı bahis you unaware. You are hiding something, but showing it like a polished mirror.

I can almost touch those lips. Run my finger tips along them. Blitz you with electric pulses. My hand on your throat as I touch.

Give in.

You are delicious.

The desire to… annihilate your body, eat it, savage it…

Is too much.

I enter my dark, moonlit room to find your face looking at me. Your white body, naked and shining in the moonlight that bursts in through the windows. Your petite, firm frame, perfectly aglow in the blackness. I take you in. Inhale you. The image in front of me.

The black hair cascading from your head, down to your shoulder blades, frames your face and leads down your shoulders, down your chest. Your dark brown eyes deeper than the blackest shadow in the room, gazing at me. Wanting me. Your hair stops above your small, sallow nipples, nearly dark enough to add to the blackness of your hair. Those high, pointing nipples atop your two exquisite, grapefruit sized breasts, hanging just right, full and firm, white globes catching the moonlight that swirls around and licks at your nipples. Next I take in your mid section, below your breasts, how perfectly firm and flat your moon lit stomach is. Your plumetting navel, like a keyhole into you. A black dot on the pale canvas, akin to the other dark parts of you that shatter the flawless white images.

How can I turn from what I see next? Your lower region, topped and introduced excellently by your black pubic hair, a triangle of dark curls, guiding the way to but concealing your elusive pussy. Your pubic hair seemd to have been recently trimmed but allowed to grow a bit again. I can see the faint outline of your naked lips under that sparse matt, their darker, sallow colour. I linger, holding back all of my urges to take you. I almost do take you when I see the little flourette of your delicate, soft, sallow labia bursting through your garden gates, your small pussy lips teasing me, beckoning me.

Down further between those sweet, soft, illuminated thighs, your thigh gap inviting me in, making my mouth water like a hungry predator. The faint hint of your ass cheeks behind your sallow pussy lips. Your legs stand slightly apart, and the naked shape of them finally revealed void of the black tights that painted them invisible. Such a scrumptious pair of legs, white like the rest of you and thin, strong. All the way down to your perfect little feet, the tips of your toes, naked as the rest of you. Your hands by your hips, wrists in line with the black matt of curls that tops your sweet vulva.

My pants is straining to release the growing animal below it. I finally have you. In your bare beauty. Perfection.

I want so much to make you filthy.

I have been waiting. I have found the place to meet you alone.

I have waited to make a move, allowed it to settle, the tension, the desire. Patiently. Until now. Now is the time to appear to you.

Now is the time to find you alone. You are safe around me, I will not hurt you. I will make you beg. I will make you howl like an animal for more.

When I arrive, you will come, and you will know what I want to do to you. What you want.

You delude my reality, I want to turn real your delusions. Your most devious wishes.

You shall wait no longer.

And so we meet.

At first dodging each others eyes, as if feeling the air, the tension, checking if it is safe. You greet me with your same hurried, rushed awkwardness. It’s so tasty. You greet with a red lipsticked smile, your long black hair cascading over your shoulders and – Oh I am nearly drooling. You move out of sight behind a wall.

I am left with that image, that feeling. I carry on getting ready. Purposely staying long enough to see you come back. Teasing me you are. You are a tease. I am forced bahis siteleri to wonder what you are thinking, feeling… Doing, behind that wall. Touching yourself? Fixing how you look? Oh you don’t need to do that.

You come out. We do the same, dodge. We are playing a game I think. Teasing each other. You are purposely not looking. I am purposely looking. You are trying to hide yet you stand before me, like a blindfold with eye holes.

I look away, feeling your tension caressing me, touching you without touching you, my hand traveling down feeling the thicket of coarse hair…

“Ben” you suddenly appear beside me. I revert into a tentative state. You.. Oh it is only now that I truly see you. You stand as tall as my shoulder, smaller, I could throw you about like a doll… Your black hair cascading over your shoulders, the black going down your chest, down your arms, your legs, all the way to your toes. You are dressed in black. But I see your body so clearly, like a blind man touching.

My tentativeness becomes hunger. I become more daring. Standing in front of me you have on this black, tight, thin top, that wraps around your shape perfectly. Your hips turn into a black waterfall as a teasing skirt plummets from your pelvis. Oh that small pelvis… I could hold onto it, grab it, guide it… That same skirt. Those same dark tights cover your legs. You are covered but I see your body clear as day, your shape.

Not only can I see it. I feel it. As if I am running my hands all over it. I can taste it. Smell your aroused core shocking you, the thick must of your desire, the stickiness flooding your elusive vulva. I can hear your voice echoing in the throes of orgasm. Your body is delicious. Petite. So fucking sexy, I just want to rip into you like a hurricane, blow you against the wall and tear you apart until all you are is a raw, primal, carnal beast, bent on being fucked till you explode.

Oh allow me. I have you alone I can touch you. Allow me to sink into your hot, wet, depths.

You are so awkward, so flustered, and I am stiffening by the second, taken with burning hunger, desire, need, to devour that body. To make you burn, spasm, scream… Howl… Wail… Come, and come, and come again until your body breaks and a river of pleasure flows from you.

So tasty. Tasty, tasty, beautiful –

“Anyway, I have to go now Ben, it was nice talking to you”

Oh god he is here. Here to see me. Me. Alone. I’m so nervous.

Why are you here? What do you want? Are you checking in? I get so shy when you are around. It is like you are purposely trying to find an excuse to see me. The way you look at me. You caught me looking at you before. I am so nervous of how you make me react, and you seem so at home with how I make you react.

I don’t know what to say. I want you, it frightens me, I’ve never done this. You are tall. Rugged. Dark. Your blue eyes on me. They look away, I have to compose myself. I quickly walk past you trying to seem nice and mannerly, greeting you with a smile. Do you like the red lipstick I am wearing? I saw you were nervous too just then.

He can’t see me behind this wall. How long is he… How long will he stay there? My hair, is it ok? I pat at it to tidy it up a bit. The way you look at me, makes me… I shouldn’t think about this. I can’t believe you make me, me, think like this. I never did before you came. I’ve always tried to be a good girl. Your eyes on me, make me want to be bad.


It felt good last night when I thought about it though. My hand moving on my breasts, my nipples hard. I have to stop this. I’m starting to burn down there. I look up at the ceiling to try and will myself to stay cool. I have to do something, I have to either calm down, or go with it; but his eyes on me. Fuck it, I’m going with it. What though?

I know.

I reach down and take off my shoes, my black hair hanging. I put them to the side neatly and bahis şirketleri straighten up, reaching under my skirt and putting my hands into the waist band of my black tights, peeling them down my legs. My pale, smooth legs. So smooth. I wonder does he like them. I kick my tights off each foot, over my red painted toes. The cold air on my naked legs and feet, feels so nice.

I straighten up, my panties rub me down there and an electric shock surges through me from down below. I catch my breath and put a hand down to stop it but it made it stronger. Oh I can’t be doing this now.

I bend forward and pull my grey cotton panties down my legs, over my feet and red painted toes, now standing naked from the hips down. Only to be covered by my black skirt. I wonder does this make him hard, this skirt.

He is a stranger, came out of nowhere a few months ago. Mysterious. Quiet. I wonder how I caught his attention. I look down to see your eyes looking up at me from between my legs, my skirt pushed up by your hands, your mouth so close. I can feel the warmth of your breath engulfing me and it feels so good. A monstrous grin and those eyes so hungry. So… Devious. Devour me please.

I pull my hand away from my bush and toss my panties into my skirt pocket. Bending forward I bunch up one leg of the tights and fit it over my red painted toes, pull it over my foot and up my smooth naked leg. Now covering it in a rising shadow. The same for the other leg, not naked anymore. I look down and see the faint outline of my bush and naked lips through the thin fabric. I put my hand down to feel how it feels, the fabric on my pussy, so soft. Both hands reach around the back to squeeze my ass cheeks. This feels good. Bad. Naughty. Time to go out to him.

I round the corner, you are occupied with getting things ready. I move past and ignore you. Trying to seem indifferent, distracted, busy. Trying to tease you. I can’t help but feel your eyes on me. My face. He doesn’t know, how can he know I took them off. I bet he is thinking about whether I am wearing them. I feel you wanting me. I feel the want for you. The tension, your strong body. I bet you look good topless. This tension is making me so wet.

I move beside you. So tall. Towering over me. I am barely up to your shoulder. I want to touch you. Your arm. Your chest. Your cock…

“Ben” I suddenly say because I had been standing there so long. You haven’t said anything and I want you to notice me. You do. You seem careful though. As if wondering what you should do.

I feel my pussy quivering. We are making idle conversation and all I can concentrate on is how you are looking at me. That look you always have. I don’t see other guys look like that. They don’t notice me. You do. You seem to notice quite a lot. What I notice, is how your eyes have changed, now you are looking at my body. Looking at me like I’m a piece of meat you are about to chow down on. So intensely I can feel you all over me. I need to keep my hand from cupping my breast. My tights are soaked through and sticking to my folds. I wonder if you want a taste.

I am so flustered. Oh my god. Is that? He is hard. I can’t believe it. I see it, your dick in your pants. Oh you are long, and thick. Oh I can’t take this. Should I resist? I have to stop this before something happens. I know what you want from me. I want it in my mouth. I want to get it in my mouth as deep as I can. I want to feel it stretching my jaw, my cheek, hitting my throat. I want to make it sloppy.

My pussy is trembling for it, for you to enter me and split me open, plough deep into me and fill me up before ripping back out of me. Thrust back in hard, hurt me, oh god yes hurt me right there. I am finding it hard to stand. Did I seriously just repeat the question I asked him? I need to stop this.

I am dripping, I can smell it. My cheeks and ears are burning. I want your hands on me, all over me. I want to be turned from this awkward, shy girl into a sex hungry nymphomaniac, I want to be transformed into a fire breathing beast, thrust, make me come, make me come, make me scream, make me-

“Anyway, I have to go now Ben, it was nice talking to you”.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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