College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Allison’s Rock Star Uncle. The BIGGEST of the BIGGEST!

My Uncle Jimmy is a member of a very famous rock band from the late 70’s. Although he is 62 now, he is still extremely sexy, and I do mean very HOT! He stands 5’11” tall and has a slim, tight body, weighing just 150 pounds. He still has his rock style long hair and has tattoos all over his arms. Uncle Jimmy is my mothers oldest brother, they are 22 years apart. He is extremely rich from all of the bands music and tours, and has always been very generous to me, sending me money at college, and even buying me a BMW for my 18th birthday this year. I had always had a crush on my Uncle Jimmy, because he was very famous and very sexy. I was always real jealous when I saw him, because he was always in the company of sexy girls, who weren’t much older than me.

Whenever he came to visit my parents he always had a very sexy girl, or two on his arm, sometimes three. All the girls were a lot younger than him by at least 30 years, always 18 or 19, and were always dressed sexy too, in ultra short mini skirts or mini dresses and always with high heel pumps on. The teens were all mixed races too, Black, White Middle Eastern, Russian and Hispanic, but he always seemed to lean towards the Asian teens, having a lot more of them by his side.

As I grew older and developed sexually I began to fantasize about Uncle Jimmy, and when I turned 18 I began to think about him and I as lovers, kissing and fucking like wild animals, pleasing every inch of each other. I knew he fucked all the time, and I was sure he was real good at it too, because of all the sexy girls he always had flocking all over him. He was a rock star and every girl wanted to fuck him, even my girlfriends. I remember all of my girlfriends wanting to be at my house when they heard he was coming for a visit. They all knew his band from their parents and went wild knowing he was my uncle.

When they came over my house, they always dressed casually, in jeans and sneakers and loose fitting tops, but when they came over knowing my uncle Jimmy was there, they dressed especially sexy, wearing tight, short frayed shorts that showed the bottoms of their ass cheeks, or tight mini dresses, sheer blouses that always showed their lacy bras and wore high heels, hoping to catch his attention. They always got his attention, but he only took pictures with them, because of their ages. My uncle knew they were flirting with him, and knew they wanted to fuck, but wouldn’t go beyond that point because of their ages.

When they asked him in a flirting way if he thought they were sexy and if he’d like them as a girlfriend, he’s always flirt back and say,” You’re real sexy baby, come by when your 18 and we’ll talk about it.” They all used to say how hot he was and that they’d love to be with him. Although I’d get annoyed at them when they said it, I knew just how they felt, because I thought he was the hottest guy in the world too.

My suspicions about my uncle being a great fuck were confirmed one day he was at my house visiting before he went on the road with his band, and he had gone out on a date with a good friend of my mothers named Susan. I also learned a real a few real shocking things about my uncle that day, that had a lasting impression on me. Susan is the same age as my mother, which at the time was 35 and my uncle was 55. She was a very sexy slender Asian woman, who my mother knew my uncle would really like, because of his preference in women. I could not believe the things I heard coming from my mother and her friend Susan, as they talked about her night with my Uncle Jimmy. I nearly died when I heard my mothers friend say my Uncle Jimmy had the biggest cock she had ever seen or fucked. She told my mother that he was so huge, she couldn’t get her fingers a quarter-way around it and that her mouth barely fit over his huge cockhead.

She then told my mother that he was so huge, she couldn’t take more than a few inches of him inside her pussy. She went on and excitedly told my mother that she came like crazy, harder than she ever had in her life and that my uncle was wild and fucked her all night long, in and out of bed. She even went on to describe the massive amounts of cum that he produced and said his loads were huge, cumming over 20 bursts each time he shot a load, and that even after he came, he stayed hard and fucked her again and again. She said he fucked her all night and exhausted her more than any guy she ever fucked.

The shock of my life came when my mother told her she knew her brother was really hung, and told her about the time she and 5 of her bridesmaids measured him after her bridal shower as a joke and found out he was almost 14 inches long and 11 inches around. It happened, because he had fucked two of her best friends who bridesmaids the night before the bridal shower and that they bragged to all the girls about his huge cock and how hard he came.

While he was at the pool they all started begging him to see his cock and when he took it out they all went crazy as they watched it hang way down his leg and curve to the Fatih escort bayan side as it seemed to breath like a snake. My mother said they all were speechless at the sight of it then went wild and started jerking him off, and that even she got into it with them going crazy over how huge her brother was. She said they had five pairs of hands on it at one time and there was still a lot of exposed cock flesh exposed. She said they jerked his huge cock off twice that day, each taking turns, as he came for over a minute and covered their hair and faces, totally drenching them all.

When Susan asked my mother if she ever fucked him, I nearly passed out when she told her that she did one night after one of his concerts. She told her friend that my uncle flew her to London as an engagement gift. She said after the bridal shower her and her brother didn’t talk about what happened, but a week later when he called her from Europe and said he wanted to fly her to London for a week to see his concert and to have some fun before she got married she immediately jumped at the invitation. The plan was that he would fly her over in the bands private jet and than he would fly back with her to go to the wedding. She said she had a real good idea that they were going to fuck, because of the way she jerked him off with her four other bridesmaids.

She said she brought all her sexy honeymoon lingerie with her, and that the night of the concert she dressed in a real short mini skirt with black thigh high boots, black thigh high stockings and a white blouse without a bra on. My mothers tits are tiny with an almost flat chest,32AA, almost boyish, but with huge nipples that are always sticking out. My mother stands 5’6″ tall and weighs 104 pounds and measures 32AA-21-32. She has a body like the porn star Ann Howe. Skinny with huge nipples. I have to admit that her best feature are her eye catching legs, which guys are always starring at, especially my boyfriend Bobby and all his friends. She also has darker skin than I do. Being blond I am more fair skinned, where my mother is darker, because of her black hair.

She said that she was so turned on during the show and that even though girls were literarily throwing themselves at the stage and at him, her and my Uncle had sexy eye contact with each other during the whole performance. She said it was a packed arena and that she could see her brothers eyes all over her body as he played on stage and that it made her hotter than hell and crazy to fuck him. She said as soon as they got into the cab to go to the hotel they were all over each other, kissing like sex-starved lovers instead of brother and sister, as they ran their hands all over each other.

She said from the moment they got into his hotel room they fucked for seven days straight, taking breaks to get room service and so she could talk to my father (her fiancé at the time), to tell him how much she missed and loved him. She said that even when she was talking to my father, her and my uncle were kissing or she was licking his enormous cock, or pumping it with a sly grin as she talked to my father telling him how much she missed him, and how much she loved him, and how she couldn’t wait to marry him. She said it was so hot and naughty to tell him how much she missed and loved him and couldn’t wait to marry him while she was kissing her brothers giant cock.

She said she even told my father that she was making those kissing sounds for him while she slyly looked up at her brother and they both grinned. That caused Susan and my mother to laugh slyly. My mother then said that she never fucked a bigger cock in her life and that her brother’s huge cock stretched her pussy wider than when she gave birth to me. She said during their seven day fuck-a-thon his huge cock never went down, even after fucking her for hours at a time and cumming hard, in the most powerful bursts that coated every inch of her body, again and again. She went on to say that although she could barely take his entire 14 inch cock, her pussy never came so hard in her life, not by her husband or by any other guy she fucked. They fucked that whole week and on the private jet they continued fucking right until the plane landed, and in the limo ride home she blew him the entire way, until he filled her mouth one more time.

A little about myself. When I was young, I was really flat chested and had a lot of acne, but as I grew older my body developed from flat chested geeky pimple faced teen, into a smoking hot bikini model shape. By the time I turned 15, I had a body that drove men crazy. I stood 5’7″ tall and weighed 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that were exactly like they are now, 34D-21-33.

I’ve been told that I look exactly like the nude glamour model Raylene Richards, with thick blond hair, big suckable round tits with tiny nipples, a narrow waist, and perfectly toned calves and legs, and an absolutely perfect ass. Without being egotistical, I know I am the ultimate male fantasy.

Although I have had a steady boyfriend for 5 years, since Escort Fındıkzade I was 14,I really blossomed sexually during this past summer, especially when I fucked my boyfriend’s father Mr. Travers ( see College Bound: Summer to Remember. Allison’s last Summer before leaving for College) Mr. Traver’s confidence and the fact that he had an enormous cock that could cum and fuck for hours and hours opened me up sexually, and really prepared me for college in more ways than I could count.

In college, I experienced the most amazing, life-changing sexual experiences. Being a popular cheerleader and in the most popular sorority, I had sex with a lot of the sports jocks on campus ranging from the football to the basketball players my age, 18,but the most memorable sexual experiences came from three older professors I had and an 80 year old African writer. READ: College Bound Ch. 2: 1st Semester. Allison experiences 4 older, and very endowed Professors.

A few months ago my Uncle Jimmy came up to my college before going out on a tour. Although he had a sexy 19 year old Asian teen on his arm, all of the girls and a lot of the guys on campus were flocking around him for an autograph. As he signed autographs and posed for pictures with a lot of them, a bunch of my friends were secretly writing down their cell phone numbers for him to call. They all wanted to fuck him, especially my Asian roommate Crissy who couldn’t stop talking about how sexy and how famous he was, and that she would love to fuck him. I didn’t say anything to her, but I was extremely jealous, because I wanted to fuck him too.

Knowing my Uncle was coming to visit me, I wanted to wear something real sexy, something he would remember, and hopefully something that would turn him on. I wore the shortest pair of frayed shorts that were cut real high on the sides to show my long, tapered legs, and sexy calf’s. The back of the shorts were cut off to show the bottoms of my ass cheeks. To further draw my sexy uncles attention to my, legs I wore a pair of classic black high heel pumps which added to the excitement of my amazing legs, and my naughty look. I tied my hair in a ponytail and had on a white sheer blouse that was tied in a halter, exposing my flat, tight stomach. In my belly button was a diamond stud.

Under my blouse I wore a lacy white bra that was so sheer my inch long pink nipples could easily seen popping off the ends of my big tits from a 100 feet away. During the autograph signing, I could see my Uncle checking me out from head to toe. We looked at each other slyly in a way that had,” Let’s fuck,” written all over it. All I could think about was my uncle’s huge 14 inch cock fucking me senseless, and me blowing him and pumping him off all over me, until every ounce of cum was drained out of his massive pussy pleaser that I knew he had.

He couldn’t stay long, because he had to catch the private jet, but gave me tickets to a show in New York City where his band was doing three shows at a famous arena the following week. He told me to bring my three roommates and that he would send a limo for us to go from our school in Boston to New York City. He was going to stay at his penthouse apartment and put us up in an exclusive hotel on 5th Avenue. It would be an all expense paid trip to New York City.

My roommates were all excited, especially Crissy who was snuggling up to him and whispered something in his ear, that caused him to smirk. I was sure she told him that she wanted to fuck him after the show, and by his look I could tell he liked what he heard. Even though Crissy is real skinny, she is very sexy, I’ll give her that and when she see’s something she wants she gets it too. She had been dating the college star quarter back player who was being recruited by the pros as a real prospect. Behind his back she was fucking his father, who was a wealthy banker, and the 78 year old black professor of African studies that I was fucking.

As my Uncle was getting ready to leave, I walked with him to his limo. The three of us got into the limo, even though I wanted a moment of privacy before he drove off. He said he was running really late, so I put my arms around him and thanked him for the tickets and the weekend in New York City. Even though the Asian teen was sitting right next to him I boldly told him that I’d rather go back to his penthouse with him after the show instead of going to the hotel with my roommates.

“Allison, when I go back to my penthouse after a show I go to fuck, and when I fuck, I fuck real hard,” he said with a hunger in his voice. After he said it he leaned and kissed the Asian teen hard and ran his hands between her stocking covered legs, right in front of me. She was moaning hard as he started finger fucking her right there in front of me. She groaned and said she was cumming, and in a second started pushing down on her high heel pumps as she tightened her legs. After she stopped he looked at me with a hunger in his eyes, and said,” This is how I fuck Allison. Hard and fast.”

“Oh fuck, that’s just how Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan I want it Uncle Jimmy,” I said in a hot-throaty voice that let him know I knew exactly what going to his place after the show meant. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for years Uncle Jimmy, especially since I heard you have a huge fucking cock,” I said in my deepest, sexy voice.

“Well you’re just going to have to find out if the rumors are true about my big cock next week aren’t we baby,” he said as he pulled me to him and grabbed my ass and kissed me hard.

As I was kissing him the Asian teen began rubbing his cock, as he slipped his talented, fingers into my frayed shorts, pulling my wet thong to the side and slipping two fingers into my burning fuck hole.

“Oh fuuuuuck,” I groaned in a throaty voice as I crossed my high heel pumps over each other and tightened my spasming pussy as it came all over his fingers.

He then took his fingers out of my pussy and made the Asian teen suck them.

“Taste this sexy cunt he demanded,” as she moaned saying, “Ummm.” He then had me suck his fingers which drove me wild, as I sucked on them intimately for a few seconds. Just as I was about to reach for the cock I had been fantasizing about, the driver called back on the phone saying they had to leave, instantly braking our sexy mood.

“Next week baby,” he said as I walked out of the limo frustrated.

For the next hour he fucked the sexy 19 year old Asian hip-hop model into the next month, pounding his mammoth 14 inch cock into her as she wrapped her high heels around his back, screaming in an ear-piercing voice about how huge he was, and how hard she was cumming. He ended his violent fuck by cumming all over her tits and face, in a flood that was fueled by the thought of his fucking his incredible 18 year old niece next week: A fuck he had wanted for years, as she deliberately teased him with that amazing body. As he came he shouted ‘ALLISON,’ at the top of his lungs, excited that he was finally going to fuck his niece’s incredible pussy.

That week I shopped for the perfect dress, a dress that would have my uncle lusting for me while he was on stage and in the limo on the way back to his penthouse. I found the perfect club dress. It was a skin-tight, sheer white mini dress, so sheer that you could make out my flesh tone. The dress barely covered my wild ass, and showed every delicious inch of my long, tapered legs, and toned calves. I bought a sinful white thong and a white, sheer, lace half bra that was designed purposely for arousal and teasing. I complimented my incredible legs with a pair of tan thigh high stockings that had a very naughty 6 inch lace trim along the tops. I wore a pair of black open toed high heel pumps that I knew made my legs look even more sinful, which was what I wanted to look like for my huge cocked rock star uncle.

As soon as my uncle came out on stage his eyes instantly went to his sexy niece. He felt his huge cock instantly expand and fill the seems of his tight leather pants from the sight of her incredible body in the ultra short white mini dress, white stockings and black high heel pumps. As he performed, her eyes were all over her body, and she was so turned knowing they were going back to his penthouse after the concert, to fuck all weekend. She grinned up at him slyly, knowing he was thinking the same thing.

All she could think about were the hundreds of different ways they were going to fuck this weekend, plus what his 14 inch cock was going to feel like in her hands, her lips and especially deep in her aching pussy. She was used to fucking big cocks now that she fucked her boyfriends father, Mr. Travers during the summer, and two of her well hung white professors and her black professor who had a huge 12 inch cock, and the 80 year old African who had a 13 inch cock. During the energized set, his eyes drifted to her sexy friends who were all dressed similarly, in a way that kept his cock rock hard as he imagined fucking each of them, which he would at different times.

One in particular was the thin Asian teen Crissy who was wearing a daring black mesh mini dress, with a sexy black lace strapless bra, black thigh high stockings, black thong, and black garter belt and garter straps that could be easily seen through the mesh material. She was already on his fuck list from meeting her a week before when he came up to his niece’s college. After this weekend she would be next on his fuck-list. As he scanned over her quickly he saw that she couldn’t keep her eyes off him too, as she slyly made eyes contact with him as she licked her upper lip teasingly and ran her fingers across her flat tits under her bra.

The set couldn’t end fast enough for him, and after the first encore he told the band “no more.” Even though the star-studded singer was pissed as was the rest of the band, they didn’t protest, because they all saw the smoking hot blond teenager in the front of the stage and would have done the same thing if they were going to fuck her. They all knew it was his niece which made them understand even more. Each of the band had fucked some family member at one point during their star-studded career. Either a sister, or a cousin and the singer who had fucked his own mother after a hot set in London where she came dressed in a micro mini dress with high heels and black thigh high socks. The singer couldn’t get off the stage fast enough that night.

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