College Life 101 Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Every Rose Has Its Porn

It was nearing Christmas and except for my adventure with Carlie and a couple of one night stands here and there, my sex life was all but over. I hadn’t been home in since I left, Rose had visited my parents twice and brought whatever money my parents could spare. (She always was Daddy’s little girl.)

The day before the beginning of exams, Rose called me over to help her study for a huge Political Science exam. Since I was the political nut of the family I had no problem helping her. I through on my jogging suit and decided to get a good jog in on the trip across campus to her apartment across the street. I also figured I could stay the night there and ride home with her for the holidays because I had exempted my exams.

Even though it was nearing the end of December, temperatures were still in the high sixties, so it was easy to work up a sweat. Maybe Rose would let me borrow her shower. Her roommate had moved out a month earlier so I didn’t have to worry about that. Apparently they had some quarrel about her walking in on Rose having sex on the couch. That would have made my day.

When I arrived at Rose’s apartment, it was nearing dusk and turning cooler, I had managed to work up a good sweat though and was looking forward to a cold drink and a shower. Rose looked as sexy as ever, wearing tight jeans and a tight sweater. Rose always dressed provocatively and it drove all the guys crazy, including me. Rose had the sexiest body I’d ever seen. Forget models, all a guy needed to do was look at her and he’d have jacking material for years. She had the tightest ass and the only thing rounder on her was her tits, which were the perfect size. They never appeared to sag or droop like most girls of her size and with the cool night air her nipples were perking right up. The most sensuous part about her though, had to be those puffy lips. She had the lips that a guy could just kiss all night… or invite to other places.

“Geez, bro, would it kill you to wear deodorant on occasion?” she said.

“I did, perfume de kiss my ass, you don’t like it? I replied. I am just like all the other horny guys on campus, don’t they CUM running when Rose calls?”

“Fuck you, Alex you are such an ass, are you going to help me or not?”

“Yeah, if you let me take a shower first… and maybe pour me something to drink?

“Okay, but be quick, the exam is early and I want to get some sleep tonight.” I stripped down as I entered the bathroom and turned on the water…her shower had a lot more water pressure than mine and it felt great against my body. I could have stayed there and let that hot water run down my body all night. As I began to exit the shower I started getting an erection…I think from feeling on the towel rubbing on my dick, or maybe from the thought of getting home to my sweet younger sister Kayla. Either way I was horny and not sure when I could alleviate the growing problem. Then it hit me, I had forgotten my change of clothes. I didn’t want to put on my reeking jogging suit so I called out to Rose.

“Hey, you got anything I can wear, like some boxers, I forgot my change of clothes?

“Well you could always borrow some of my panties, but I think they’d be uncomfortable on you at the moment,” she snickered. I hadn’t heard her open the bathroom door and was standing there toweling off my chest. I quickly covered up my body and she threw me some boxers she had tucked in a closet.

“A little late for that, and it’s not like I’ve never seen it before, remember we did take Şişli Escort baths together when we were kids…and it’d not like I am the only one in the family to see it.” She smiled wickedly as she said that, did she know about Kayla and me or was she talking about mom and dad. “Don’t worry, they are clean and they are mine, I just never wear them anymore,” she said. “Let me throw those in the wash so you’ll have some clothes for the trip home.”

That was a relief, the thought of another guy’s ‘boys’ hanging around in there sickened me. But the thought of my older sister’s pussy and possibly her sweet cum made me go to the roof.

We spent the next three hours mulling over the importance of having 3 branches of government and why each was so important. It was beginning to bore the hell out of me, one because I was more into political scandals and conspiracies than the basics, and two because well it was the basics…The only thing that made it interesting was catching a glimpse of her tits when she bent over to pick up a book…and it was a good look, she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could almost see her nipples. I kept thinking about Kayla and how great it would be to fuck her right now. I didn’t entertain the idea of me and Rose because, well that would be hard to work out during the break, trying to have sex with both of them.

Rose decided we should take a break and relax. She pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.

“Since when do you smoke, you know what those things do to you?” I said.

“If I needed advice on what to do with my body, I would ask a doctor, not you, twerp. But then again, I hear you do know what to do with a woman’s body.”

It was killing me now, what did she know? How did she know? Did she catch us in the act? Had Kayla told her on her trips home. I hadn’t heard anything from Kayla in a while so maybe so. I was a bundle of nerves. Should I ask?

“What the hell are you talking about, you must have sex on the brain?”

“Dear sweet brother, I guess since I know about your little secret, I can tell you mine, I know all about you and Kayla, all the time you two fucked and everything…so here is mine, the reason I am Tina moved out is not because she caught me screwing on the couch and we fought…it was because her parents walked in on us screwing on the couch.”

I was stunned. I didn’t even notice an erection had formed and popped out of the fly in the boxers. My sister was telling me she was a lesbian and that she knew I committed incest. “Do mom and dad know?” was all I could ask. “No and no, and if you keep your mouth shut they want know about either. Kayla wrote you a letter and being the nosey type I am I read it and decided to keep it for a rainy day. But Kayla intercepted the call from Tina’s mom on the machine and well, we have a deal. I gave her the letter back and she gave me the tape. So now we are all in this together.” I asked.

The new deal was as long as we all kept quite we were all safe, but if any of us mentioned anything to mom and dad all bets were off. I couldn’t help but be aroused thinking of Rose and Tina licking and sucking on the couch we were sitting on, especially since Tina was just barely 18 and looked much younger.

Rose and I went to sleep soon after and I kept thinking of those two beauties going at it.

I awoke in the middle of the night and heard soft moans from Rose’s room, I crept down the hall and peeped in on Rose. She was writhing in the bed with the distinct hum coming from under the sheets. On her television was Şişli Escort Bayan a homemade porno of Rose and Tina undressing each other and kissing. I watched as my perfect angel of a sister knelt down and kissed Tina’s protruding pussy lips, even on the screen you could see the cum glistening on Rose’s mouth. It was great, I was getting so turned on by the sight I was rock hard. Rose then turned Tina around and started licking her ass and cunt at the same time. My sister was feasting on this girl’s body the way I did on Kayla. The screen went snowy then when it came back on, there stood my sister Rose in the bathroom mirror, and she was setting up the camera in the bathroom. This was getting weird. They began kissing again, and touching each other’s pussies. Then the sickest and most erotic thing happened. They climbed into the shower and I saw my sister PEE on Tina and Tina gulp it down! It was at that moment that my sister had an orgasm both on and off screen. I had been jacking so hard that I almost did too. I crept back to the couch and tried to go to sleep, but I was soon roused from the bed by the urge to pee. I habit most guys have after an erection. I stumbled into the bathroom and almost into Rose who was occupying the toilet.

“Get out!!”

I couldn’t help myself so I cracked one of my usual smart-ass comments.

“Just ain’t the same as Tina, huh?”

“What, get back here asshole.”

I had to walk back in and see her…Her body was even sexier naked…and in person. She was still sitting there. But her legs were spread and her pussy was glistening with urine or something else. She also had a bit of something on her lips. Had she sucked the vibrator when she finished?

“I take it you saw my little ‘theatrical piece’, Well…”

‘Hey, I thought it was great, well if you weren’t my sister, I’d have love to be in it.”

“Well…how about just for tonight, pretend I am not. Alex I have had sex every night for months thinking about Tina…and tonight I want something else to think about. Besides…we both are in a tangled web of lies.”

I didn’t say a word. I knelt down and started licking her pussy, pee and all. Her pussy was still wet from urinating and from cumming, my tongue just slid right into her cunt. I loved the feeling of my tongue swirling inside that hot pussy, and the combination of her piss and cum made the taste all the more erotic. She loved it too, evidenced by the swelling of her clit, which I began to suck gently as I had sucked on Carlie’s dick. It was amazing, I thought sex with Carlie was erotic, sex with my older sister in the bathroom after she had pissed was even better. I slowly made my way up her body and licked the nipples I had lusted after earlier. Rose reached down to grab my dick but realized I was not fully hard. “What is wrong here?”

My urge to pee had grown so much I couldn’t manage a full erection…I was beginning to get embarrassed by my lack of manliness, when Rose stood up.

“Maybe it would help if you did what you came in here to do. But not to ruin the mood, I hope you should try something new. I think it is time I had a shower. “

I knew what she meant and without another word she lay down in the tub and motioned for me to step in. I did, and with some effort I began to pee on her but it stopped.. I had thoughts of writing my name on her but that seemed crude. Like the whole thing wasn’t sorta freaky…So with my dick in hand I tried…Rose, seeing my difficulty knelt up and took it in her hand, and like a shower head or hose Escort Şişli began to ‘wash’ her self off…it was great because I was getting harder and she was getting hornier.

As the last bit came out, she took my dick into her mouth and began to suck on it. Those lips were everything I had hoped for. For a lesbian she knew her way around a dick. She slid it out of her mouth and began to tongue my head making swirls around it. Then she would put it all the way in her mouth and suck up and down. She could tell when I was getting close to orgasm and would take it out to lick my head or my shaft. And then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, she gently took my balls into her mouth and began to caress them with her tongue and gently suck and bite them. She took them out and started blowing it again. I could see her full lips on my dick and it thrilled me. Those perfect lips were about to make me cum, and as soon as I did she stood up and forced some in my mouth.

“I knew you’d enjoy that.”

I picked up my sister and carried her to her bed. I sled between her legs and began to slide my dick in her. She jolted in excitement and before I knew it she had wrapped those long sexy legs around me and was pulling me in for more. She moaned with enjoyment and I rocked back and forth inside that steamy pussy. I kept looking at my dick slide in and out of that perfect pink heaven. Then Rose began tossing side to side in the bed, and screaming my name. That was the first orgasm she had had with a guy and the second of the night for me. I wanted to keep things going so I slid down and started teasing her ass with my tongue and kissing those well-tanned thighs. She loved it and as I started tonguing her pussy again she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me further in…this time I concentrated on her ass. I had the idea that if I got her hot enough maybe she’d let me put my dick in that tight thing. Her cum had dripped down there and it was just as tasty as her pussy. She started squirming again so I knew my tongue was doing the job. I licked slowly up to her clit, it was supersensitive now and I knew she’d cum too quickly if I went in for the kill. So I teased her ass some more with my tongue and my finger. She loved it, so I continued until it was fully in her. The moisture from my mouth and her cum made it slip easily in and out of her so I used my tongue and mouth now on her pussy and clit…She began squirming again and I was sure she’d cum soon. She began bucking me off and trying to get me to stop but I couldn’t. I was too turned on…three orgasms later she managed to push me away. By then my cock was rock hard and I was ready to use it. She told me that she had never had anyone put a finger in her ass and she loved it. But she couldn’t imagine putting something as wide as a dick or dildo in there. After assuring her it would go, and telling her that she could be in control she agreed to try.

If you have never had anal sex, you should. It is great, and having a woman or man on top of you doing it is even better. Rose slowly climbed on me and carefully put my cock against her well-lubed ass. I slowly and gently pushed against her. The anticipation was building. I looked in the mirror across from her bed and saw my dick slip further and further into her… Soon she sunk all the way down on it. Her legs squeezing on my sides. She began working her way slowly up and down on my dick as I played with her nipples…soon she in a frenzy. She was totally FUCKING my dick…she was banging up and down so hard on me that we are actually making a clacking noise as our bodies collided…it wasn’t long before either of us came, and collapsed on the bed. I slowly moved from under her and licked the cum dripping from her pussy and ass…and I finished my job, Rose quivered with ecstasy and we both drifted off to sleep.

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