Coming Home

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She boarded the train and moved towards the rear of the carriage. Her commute was a long one, as she was going to her parents place for the weekend, so she wanted to be comfortable. There weren’t many seats at this time of day, but she found a one facing the rear of the train in a booth with 3 other people.

If they had looked at her they would have seen an ordinary looking woman dressed in a loose flowing skirt and white blouse. They would have seen dark eyes hidden by large spectacle frames and wild brown hair that seemed to try and escape the ribbon that bound it..

If they had looked more closely they would have seen the sensuality in her walk. They would have been transfixed by the way her clothing flowed around her body, just hinting at the curves that lay beneath. They would have seen the heat in her smoldering eyes and been tempted to release her bound hair to it’s full glory..

But they didn’t look, and she sat alone in her seat. Reaching into her bag she pulled out a paperback book. ‘Passions Pride’ it said on the cover, accompanied by a picture of a half naked man. Flicking through until she found her turned over page, she began to read. The train drove on through the night and people got on and off. Soon there were only two other people at the front of her carriage.

A shadow fell over her and she looked up. The man standing there was tall and would have been handsome except for the slightly crooked nose, obviously broken at some time. His dark hair fell over his face in a way that made her want to brush it back and his blue eyes twinkled with silent laughter. He tapped the cover of her book and smiled.

” You shouldn’t need to read this rubbish” he said. “A beautiful woman like you should be able to find all the romance you want in the real world.”

She gave him a sardonic look and returned to reading her book. He sat down beside her and she grunted with impatience.

“You have a whole train to choose from” she said glaring at him.

“Ahhh” he replied with a cheeky grin, “But I like the view from here.”

They ataköy escort sat in silence for a while, she reading, he watching her. She had reached a love scene in her book and her breathing had quickened as she read it. He watched the change in her as desire took over, and he gently placed his hand on her thigh and began to move it up and down in a soothing motion. She lifted her head and their eyes met, but this time she didn’t ask him to leave, she licked her lips and smiled softly.

Slowly he bunched the fabric of her skirt in his fist and pulled it up so he could slide his hand underneath. Her breath quickened even more as his hand touched bare flesh.

“Stop, you can’t do that here” she whispered.

He smiled, ” No one will see, look around, they don’t care about us”

She looked at the other passengers and saw it was true. One was reading the newspaper, the other snoring gently, his head resting on the window..

Sliding his hand up her thigh, he pressed it against the front of her white cotton panties, cupping her heat. Instead of protesting as he thought she might, she moved down in her seat to give him better access. He slid his hand into her panties, feeling the downy hair against his palm and the moisture against his fingers. He moaned and moved his fingers to part her pussy lips and find her clit, stroking gently as she became wetter.

Before she realised what he was doing, he was on his knees in front of her. Thankfully the seating arrangement left plenty of room, and no one could see him. He reached up and grasped the waistband of her panties, urging her to lift up so he could remove them. He slid them over her hips and down her legs till she was free, then held them to his nose and inhaled deeply, taking in the musky scent of her arousal, before putting the panties in his pocket. Spreading her legs he looked at her pussy and smiled.

“You’re beautiful”, he murmured, before leaning in and kissing her mound.

Lifting her legs over his shoulders, he parted her with his fingers. His thumb flicked her clitoris and ran along bakırköy escort the length of her slit, making her moan. He smiled up at her licking his lips before bending to her. Two fingers teased her clit, sliding wetly along her slit into her pussy, then his mouth was on her, and her hips began to raise off the seat forcing his fingers deeper and increasing the pressure of his lips. His tongue flicked her over and over, then his mouth fastened on her clit, sucking it gently into his mouth. Her hands gripped the sides of the seat as she forced her pussy to his mouth, her release coming hard and fast.

His hands came up to calm her. They ran softly along her thighs as they quivered over his shoulders, and he helped her to regain her seat.

“Wow” was all she said, as she smiled and leaned to kiss him. She tasted her juice on his lips.

He stood and urged her to her feet, turning her to kneel on the seat of the train, and spreading her knees. Holding onto the back of the seat, she looked at him over her shoulder.

“Oh no you don’t ” she said with a shocked look.

“Oh, yes I do” he laughed, as he unzipped his pants and freed his erect cock. It was thick and purple, and she could see the veins pulsing along it’s length. She licked her lips.

“Admit it,” he said as he stroked his cock, making it harder. “You want me.”

Her hips moved back towards him, and her thighs parted even more.

“I want you,” she replied ” Fuck me, I need you inside me now”

Grabbing her hips he pulled her even closer as his cock searched between her legs for her pussy. She reached between her thighs to grasp him and run the head of his cock along her slit and over her clitoris, wetting him with her juices and making him moan. She placed him at her opening and he surged into her with a grunt.

He paused, giving her time to become accustomed to his size, then began to move slowly in and out of her. He was trying to take it slow and the strain was showing, he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned down to lay his forehead against her back, his breathe hot through the thin fabric of her shirt, as he moved in her gently.

Her hips began to move in time with his thrusts, circling and moving back against him. He raised his head and moved one hand down her stomach to her clit, stroking it as he thrust into her harder and faster.

If anyone had looked now they would have seen a beautiful woman, dressed in a loose flowing skirt which was thrown up over her hips as her lover fucked her from behind. They would have seen the nipples on her large breasts straining against the thin fabric of her shirt and the dark eyes glowing with lust. Her hair, so recently bound, had now come free and was being tossed wildly as she threw back her head and arched her back to get closer to him.

But no one looked.

“Oh God” she groaned “Faster, I need to cum now”

“You will”, he said with a smile, “Soon”

“No, you don’t understand” she said frantically, “The next stop is mine”

He laughed and grabbed her hips with his hands. He pounded into her harder and faster. She threw back her head and turned towards him as he leaned to kiss her passionately. One large hand cupped a breast and pinched the nipple through her shirt. As the train drew closer to the station, he reached again for her clit and flicked it. Harder and faster they fucked. She started to scream as she came, but his hand moved up to gently cover her mouth. Her teeth sank into it and she moaned, her hips thrusting back onto him.

The clenching of her pussy and was enough to send him over the edge. He thrust hard and spurted into her. Holding her close he shuddered and his softening cock slipped from her still pulsing pussy.

Slumping on the seat beside her he smiled. She was trying to straighten her hair and clothes and looking around to see if anyone had seen them.

“Can I have my panties back now?” she asked, as the train pulled into the station.

He smiled.

“I think I’ll keep them” he replied, pulling the panties from his pocket and sniffing them deeply.

Together they exited the train and headed up the stairs and out of the station.

“Oh, I almost forget” she said ” My mother wants us to have dinner with some friends of hers tonight, is that okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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