Concerning Suzi Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

Dear Mary Grace

Forgive me for not writing for so long. It’s been a busy few months.

As I write Suzi is bound in her white fur collar and cuff set, gagged and strapped to her little chair across the room from me.

Big news! I’m retired. Yes. Out of the blue an offer came for the business and the buildings, so I’m no longer of the ‘working class’ as Mother used to say. I’ll no longer be an embarrassment to her. May she rest in peace.

You remember Gail? The tall black haired one I brought to your birthday a few years ago as a ‘treat to share’. She ate both of us, then blew your little Teddy (or I should say your BIG Teddy), then you buggered her with your new strap on. Anyway, she invited Suzi and I to their place in the mountains for a long week end. Her husband Edward flew us in his jet. Well, the idea was I’d help her break the news to him about Gail’s need.

The first morning I woke Suzi early, dressed her in leather cuffs and collar and that cute butt plug with the furry tail you gave her for Christmas and sent her to make coffee.

You should have seen the look of delight on Edward’s face when he came into the kitchen!

When Gail came down I snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor. She got right down on her knees in the middle of the room. To say Edward (never Eddie) was excited when I told him what Gail needed would be a monumental understatement.

We spent the rest of the weekend with Gail and Suzi bound, coaching Edward how to look after Gail.

A few weeks ago at ‘La Rivera’ when I was looking at the winter shoes who should come in but Sharon Binford. That’s right Sharon Share Alike, Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort as we called her when we passed her around to all the girls who wanted her that last year. Remember when Didi and Angela almost came to blows over who’s turn it was to have her that night?

She’s been married and successfully divorced a couple of times. Big payout because ex didn’t want his reputation tarnished. She said the last one caught her in bed with the gardener and the maid, at the same time.

Now she has a girl of her own. We went to “Top of 49” for dinner, and she told me she was having a hard time breaking the girl. In jest I said for a price I’d break her. Well, Sharon thought I was serious, and made me a very generous offer.

Well, as you know, my Suzi is so well trained, but still I do enjoy training new ones so I told Sharon not to say anything to the girl and I’d be around for her in the morning.

Next morning I dressed Suzi in skin tight black leather jeans and a cuddly angora sweater, low heel ankle boots and her racoon jacket. She drove.

At Sharon’s her girl didn’t even know to take our coats! We went into the parlour and I sat on the love seat, but when Sharon sat on the couch the little bitch plunked down beside her without permission. “Oh” I thought, “This one will be fun.”

Of course my pet stood until I patted my knee, then got down on the floor and leaned against my leg so I could stroke her hair.

Sharon’s girl is a cute little thing. Short straight blond hair, sweet little mouth and a trim figure.

“Ellen, this nice lady is going to take you for training.”

“No! Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort I want to stay here with you Sharon.”

I went over and stroked her pretty cheek, then gave her a hard open palm smack on her face. “Shut up Bitch and listen. From now on you will be Kitty. You will learn manners and to obey. You are a bad Kitty. Now, stand up.”

She hesitated, then did.

I sent Suzi to the car for the coat and bag of goodies we’d brought.

“Strip. Now.” She gave me a defiant look.

“I don’t ask twice.” In my softest threatening voice.

She did. Cute little tits, a bit smaller than Suzi’s

“Panties too.”

The bag contained the wide hard leather collar and cuffs. Suzi put them on Kitty, then joined the ankle ones with a short chain. The coat was Suzi’s full length fur. Kitty was gagged and blindfolded. We put on our coats, kissed Sharon, then led Kitty out bare footed. I pushed her into the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car.

At home I selected the highest heeled, most uncomfortable pair of shoes for Kitty.

We spent the rest of the morning teaching her to walk gracefully in the heels with the short chain hobbling her, how to stand, and of course not to fidget and to keep her eyes straight ahead and look at me when I spoke. Her pale skin was soon well marked with pink riding crop stings, but she eventually learned.

After Suzi and I had lunch I sent her to town with a list of things I’d need, then taught Kitty to walk without dropping her butt plug. This was new to her. Sharon had so much to learn about ownership.

When Suzi returned I had Kitty help carry Kadıköy Vip Escort the big dog crate she’d bought into my bedroom and assemble it. There was also a thick foam pad that fit the crate. Now Kitty knew where she would sleep.

I took out Kitty’s gag just before supper and fed her from a bowl on the kitchen floor. It only took a few smacks with the riding crop to convince her that using her fingers was a ‘Bad Kitty’.

After my supper I put a ball gag into that pretty little mouth and had her stand facing the restraint wall as Suzi and I showered and changed.

I let Suzi choose our nighties. She picked that powder blue pajama top with the big white buttons for me and her pink baby doll for herself.

I explained to Kitty as I removed her gag, about counting the ten she’d earned, then shackled her to the wall.

I sat back and watched my pet wield the three foot whip. Kitty had a beautiful scream. By the time she choked out “Five” I was getting all tingly. By the time she was sobbing, crying and screaming “tennnnn’ my puss was so wet I almost slid off my couch.

Well, a week of no tenderness except her after discipline kiss, then sleeping in her crate while Suzi gave me my bedtime treat made her very compliant. Then a week of discipline followed by an hour or so of sex and loving made her the most obedient little cuddle pet you’d ever want.

And what a kisser! When I let her out of her crate in the morning, or just before putting her back into it at night I’d kiss her and she’s kiss back so desperately. Yum!

Her last night with me Suzi and I took her to bed with us and played with that trim, tight little body until dawn.

Sharon was very happy with the results.

Well, must close it off here. Suzi’s waiting for her spanking.

Maybe now I’m retired we can get together more often

All my love…A

P.S. Suzi still talks about that thing you did with the blanket last time you took her.

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