Confessions of Virginity Ch. 01

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Sorry for the long absence and the bit of tease that this story is. I do plan on continuing this one as I find time between school and work. Feedback and voting are appreciated, please think before you post comments, though.


Everyone has a skill in life, and even in those gifts some seem more talented than others. One might appreciate the beauty of a soprano’s voice, but if offered to be saved by a man who was known for his surgical skill and a woman who could sing an aria in perfect pitch, no one would question the choice of the surgeon. Not to belittle the gifts that we are given, just that merely many are more appreciated than others. Perhaps that is how I came into my gift; appreciation for a person and their body. Oh certainly anyone can appreciate a person but I appreciate them in many ways. That is how I got into my little hobby, I suppose you could say. How I came to be such a figure, well, your guess is as good as mine, but I thought that, in my appreciation of people, I could give you something to appreciate too.

To forgo the use of real name’s we’ll make this simple. We can call me Eve, since many would consider that I am the leader into this sinful plot. My normal daytime job isn’t anything spectacular. I’m a peon in a medical billing department. It’s not my dream, but then I’m only twenty-six and my dream has yet to discover me. So, I sit there, in my cubicle, making decent money for the liberal degree I sweated for, and enjoy my evenings as something more exciting… a deflower of virginity.

Okay! I admit it’s not as glamorous as I might have made it out to be, but really, listen to my story and then tell me if I’m as crazy as you might think.

Originally, it all started back in college. I had lost my virginity long ago to a high school sweetheart when things progressed past hot and heavy in the back of his car. I know; its cliché and more of a pain than I care to remember, but everything past that had been pretty fun. Fresh faced with toffee brown skin and soft waves of thick hair dyed a permanent blondish red, I arrived at college just days after turning eighteen, the big one-eight, ready for all the misadventures that everyone always speaks about. Rave parties, failed classes, toga parties, and sexual dares you’d never dream of in regular society. My roomie, Stephanie, was just as eager and ready for the world. Where I was a lithe, petite five foot four, she was a five foot eleven girl of Swedish stock. She was every man’s dream in a very classic Marilyn Monroe sense, with her blonde curls and her blue eyes. Sure, she giggled and bounced like many blondes do but one look in her eyes and you knew she wasn’t some airhead whose thoughts were on herself rather than the world around her.

Instant friends, we stuck with each other side by side for many of the adventures. The drinking, the flirting, the nearly missed classes, and parties galore. But it wasn’t until one evening when, in some drunken stupor, we were playing spin the bottle did it become more. The agreed upon rules were that the first time you landed on a person, you merely kissed. It was to be sweet and simple. The second time with tongue. The third time there was to be groping. The fourth time you were supposed to either go down on the person or do a sixty-nine, however it was desired. A fifth time and… well, if you can’t figure that out, maybe this story isn’t for you.

So, as it happened, Stephanie and I continued to land on each other. The alcohol freed us enough that the kissing and fondling only made us hot, and by the time we went home we were horny enough to free ourselves from our inhibitions and continue where we had left off at the party. We enjoyed each other for hours, on and off teasing and screwing each other with the collection of toys we had. When morning came, it was awkward but soon we were continuing on in that vein. Stephanie was delicious, but we both knew it was college antics. She went on to date some guy in her psych class and she moved in with him our sophomore year.

In her attempt to find me bliss, Stephanie set me up with her boyfriend’s best friend Ryan. Ryan was pretty cute bursa yabancı escort in his own right, but introverted, geeky, and self-conscious rather made him a last pick. So girding my loins, I decided to accept Stephanie’s request of a double date and ended up watching as the happy couple got drunk and wandered off to hump like bunnies while Ryan and I sat beside one another awkwardly.

The poorly disguised tent of Ryan’s pants told me just how much it had turned him on to see my beautiful friend get felt up at the table. She had squealed ill-muffled moans while being fingered under our very table. I had had enough alcohol in me right then not to think about my actions. Leaning into Ryan, I let my barely glad breasts rub against his arm as I teased my nails up the leg of his pants. Drawing my tongue against the rim of his ear then gently blowing, I couldn’t help the smile as he groaned and I watched as the tent jumped before he tried to adjust himself.

Ryan merely watched me as I pulled his hand towards the hem of my short dress, thankful that the style had left me with enough room to spread my legs. Panty-less, as any good college girl is, I urged his fingers up against the damp lips of my pussy. Really, all it took was someone being aroused to arouse me, and this was no exception. I shivered as he stroked me with light touches, my lips moving to meet his so I could be ready to hide my own sounds. Spreading my legs wider I tried to urge him further, wanting to feel him stroke my clit or glide his fingers nice in deep into me. One dark thought even urged him to rub my puckered little asshole if he so desired, so long as he did MORE!

Ryan did more all right. He broke the kiss and with a stuttering apology, whispered the most agonizing and torturing words I have ever known. “I’m a virgin.” Now, anyone, man or woman, knows that when it comes to wanting and needing a good hard fuck, that phrase is a bucket of arctic water on Greek fire. I don’t care who you are, you know it’s true. But, unwilling to give up what had, up until this point, promised to be a whole lot of fun, I merely smiled and replied with my own little smug words. “I can fix that.”

And I did. I taught Ryan all that I could in pleasing me and enjoyed myself as I showed him what could please him. Our relationship continued on past that night, Ryan coming to me to learn and practice more and more. He was a curious boy, which was hotter than hell, and often would eagerly snatch me up from my studies to try something new he had heard about. Our time together didn’t last more than a semester, but even before it ended I met my new pupil, Edward who was Ryan’s friend. After Ryan had confined in Edward, he too wanted to lose the ugly stigma of his male virginity and learn how to enjoy a woman.

From there, the rest is history. Even now, my apartment is only a block from campus, and my name is whispered in the hallow halls of my university. As the years passed and my partners continued to show up at my doorstep, I became more selective, more demanding. Perhaps that’s jaded or cynical of me but I could care less. Sex is a hot commodity to these untried youths, and having what they want makes it all the sweeter still. Now, I like to find partners who are willing to go the limits to make me satisfied. These are the stories you want to hear, and, if you ask prettily enough, I just might tell them.

After all, to truly appreciate my stories, you must appreciate me.

Chapter 1

The people who come to me aren’t always looking to lose their cherry. Some are looking for love, which has somehow been acquainted with physical love in their minds and have come to believe that they go hand in hand. I don’t believe this to be true and often send these people away. Some are looking to merely become associated with my name, having no want or will to offer me anything more than perhaps a round of sex. These I too usually send away. Chloe is one of those who comes to me for reasons not their own.

A redhead only an inch or so beneath me, she has the strawberries and cream skin, which looks whiter still with the dark flames bursa sınırsız escort of her hair. The strands are smooth and silky, gliding around her shoulders and down her back. Unlike most redheads, her freckles are a light gold dusting on her skin, so few and far between you have to search them out. With round breasts that are largely taken by big puffy nipples, a round belly, and a cropped thatch of fire between her legs, she was certainly someone I was willing to take without explanation of why she had called me one day stammering out an invitation to drinks.

In the years that I had moved from college freshman to today, my body had become more toned, due to gym and dieting, my hair actually shorn close to my head, which I either spiked or slicked back, depending on how I felt. My breasts, small in general size, looked appropriate for my willow shape, standing proud and filling out my shirts nicely. My ass was my best asset and always set off to perfection. And since I was often accompanied by some younger being, I dressed as stylishly as I could. For drinks with Chloe it was fitted jeans, black boots that propped me up three extra inches, and a fitted cotton top that was black and sleeveless. Spiking my hair, adding some makeup and a gold loop belt finished the outfit for me, something easily worn to work or out, since I scheduled this during one of my few breaks.

I was already seated when Chloe came in, dressed likewise in jeans, but with black flip flops, a white button down polo shirt, and her hair drawn back from her face in clips. She reminded me of a china doll with the makeup she wore, her lips glossy and her blue eyes outlined with black so they shown brighter on her face. There was a nervous flick of her tongue along the plump bottom tier of her lips, her eyes darting around the bar until falling on me. Instantly I felt myself grow wet watching her lick her lips, imagining her on her knees before me, her glossy lips and pink tongue working on my pussy as I drank idly. I had perfected masking my desire until I was ready to show it, and could hold myself back from orgasm like any pro could. Right now all I wanted to do was cum on her pretty face until her cheeks and chin glistened with my juices before I liked them away as I worked on making her just as wet with my fingers.

It was probably because of these fantasies that I don’t remember much of our beginning conversation. I’m sure it was small talk as she ordered her drink. It was only when Chloe confessed her reason for being there that I snapped to attention.

“I’m surprised you agreed to meet me. You’re not what I was expecting.” She said, her voice quivering slightly with her nerves, a shy smile touching the sweet mouth.

I wasn’t too surprised at the comment, it was something I got a lot, but it made me curious as to why she might think I wouldn’t come. “What were you expecting?”

It was a rather open question, towards both statements, but she chose to point it towards the first statement. Glancing down, she nervously toyed with the straw of her coke, Chloe having only reached the age of eighteen and unable to drink. “Well, it’s been said you rarely take someone who calls you on a dare.”

That angered me, it always had. The more popular I became the more ‘prank’ calls I received. For whatever reason, some thought of me and my… fetish, I guess you could call it, as a novelty. It irked me to no end and it was one of the many reasons I had started screening my partners. Even still, few pranksters usually came this far so I continued to keep my outward cool though inwardly I seethed since I figured my lust wouldn’t be appeased. “And who exactly dared you?”

“Oh.” She said with some surprise, as if expecting more of an insult or dismissal than a question. She looked up at me with wide eyes before her cheeks began to color. “One of the sorority girls I met in my Bio class. She said if I went to you then she would get me into the house.”

“Is she gay?” I let myself sneer the question, wanting to put Chloe in her place, the color in her cheeks, her embarrassment, just egging me on.

As she colored görükle escort more, she shook her head, stuttering again. “N-No. I don’t think so.”

I sat forward a bit, leaning against the table that we sat at. “Then why would she want you to know how to properly eat a cunt?”

The color rose more in Chloe’s face until it fused all of her features, tears springing up to her eyes but not falling. “Do you want me to go?” She asked with a ragged whisper.

I had thought, while offering my jeers, that I did but when put on the spot, watching her prepare to go, I sat back and cooled myself down, letting my expression turn thoughtful. “You can, if you want. Or… you can agree to my terms and learn whatever it is I’m willing to teach you.”

That stopped Chloe and I watched as she stared at me with wide eyes, the tears slowly drying away. I could see how she weighed her options. She clearly realized that she wouldn’t be in a favored position because of her confession, but even I knew the treat a sorority house would be. I didn’t realize I had tensed up in anticipation of her answer until I was relaxing in my seat after seeing her nod.

Pushing back my chair a bit from the table, I gave her a lopsided grin and then patted one of my thighs. “Why don’t you come over here and give me a kiss to seal the deal.”

I watched with some pleasure as her jaw dropped a bit. That was one of the fun perks about girls. Usually they were the type that wanted to play at being gay, curious enough to want to know without exposing it to the light of day. Unfortunately, I was not so kind as to let that happen. I wasn’t a dirty little secret and I made sure every one of my lovers knew that.

It took a bit of courage and embarrassment if the twin flags of color in her cheeks meant anything, on Chloe’s part to stand up and walk over to me, but she did. Awkwardly she perched on one of my thighs, her hands clasped in her lap before she moved to press a chaste kiss on my lips.

I accepted none of that but caught hold of the back of her neck, my arm curling against her back, holding her in place as my tongue forced its way into her mouth. My right hand moved to cup her outer thigh, dragging her closer to me. I refused to relent in my assault as she struggled briefly to accept the kiss then felt her melt against me in surrender, her hands moving to my shoulders.

Gentling the kiss then, I continued to make out with her there in the bar, my hand on her neck kneading the soft flesh beneath her hair, my hand on her thigh stroking gently. It was Chloe who broke the kiss, though only to kiss down against my neck, much to my surprise. I enjoyed it nonetheless, tilting my head slightly in offering. The caresses were like her first kiss, shy and chaste, but it certainly showed willingness on her part and it made me think of her one her knees once more.

After a time, I had to urge Chloe back, giving her one final kiss before setting her away with a pat on her thigh. “Finish your coke; I have to get back to work soon.”

My hand had dropped from her neck to her hips, curling around them to hold her in place. It took her a minute of trying to get up to realize that I wasn’t going to allow it even to follow my order, and I watched over the rim of my martini glass as she stretched across the table to collect her drink.

Yes, I thought to myself, watching her lips purse around the drink, her cheeks coloring again as she sat on my knee, I am going to have fun with this one.

The drinks were finished quickly, mine giving me a slight buzz. When I finally allowed her to stand it was with a note-scribbled napkin clutched in one fist, giving her my address and a time to be at my house for dinner. I warned her as I stood to leave a tip on the table, Chloe standing beside me as she gathered her thinks, to dress nicely. If Chloe was going to use me, then I was going to make it my mission to use her. I hoped, by the end of it, she would be forever changed. But then, I knew things changed, plans were altered as time passed, and just maybe Chloe would shock me. Maybe… but I doubted it.

With that we parted ways, the plans to met at seven fixed firmly in my mind, the after dinner seduction constructing into fantasies even as I walked the block and a half back to my office building, the off thought of Chloe and the question as to whether her jeans were as damp as mine at the crotch filtering in the back of my head.

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