Connecting with My Mom

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Chapter One

“There,” Jeff said. He was sitting at his desk in front of his laptop computer in his bedroom. He’d just finished the final editing of a very major paper for his history class at River City U. He took a deep breath and let it out, then sent it to his professor as an attachment to an email notifying his professor what he was receiving.

“Now for the fun part of my day,” Jeff said. He clicked out of his email site and clicked into his favorite open-sharing sex site where a person could post anything from text to photos, gifs, and short videos. The site was, as their splash page described it, “A place to blog your sexual fantasies and share with others. You could “like” what others posted or re-post to your own page. You could add captions and there was even a messaging “button” to “talk” to other site-users. Jeff’s was mostly a mother-son incest blog although he did delve into other incest scenarios too. And, every now and then, he even blogged or reblogged non-incest sex photos and gifs.

Jeff scanned the images-photos and gifs, and videos—that flooded his computer screen as he scrolled down through his page feed. He barely noted some, paid close attention to others, “liked” many, and re-blogged some, adding his own captions to them if they had none, or if he thought the caption already there were insufficient to what he thought or felt about the photo or gif, or if he thought it was poorly written.

He scrolled though his page feed with his mother in mind. Unashamedly in lust with his own mother, Jeff thought about and fantasized about making love to her on a daily and nightly basis. Not that he didn’t love her as his mother and a person, he did, but for some unknown reason to him, he didn’t have the usual incest aversion reaction. Whenever he looked at her all he could think about was how hot she was and how much he would love to make love with her every way a man and woman could make love.

Jeff wasn’t obsessed with his mother to the exclusion of other girls or women. He dated some and had sex with some. It was just that he lived with his mother and had daily contact with her and she was, in his opinion, a damned attractive older woman. He had no scruples about mother-son incest, or any consensual adult incest for that matter and he thought it would be great fun if he could kiss her, caress her naked body, lick her pussy, have her suck his cock and, of course, fuck her. And it would be so convenient too, right here at home. If only she could feel the same way about him. But he knew that was an impossibility.

Jeff had been checking out all the sex blogs on his favorite sex site a couple of years ago and was surprised at how many incest blogs there were. At that time he already knew that, if given the chance, he would gladly fuck his mother. Besides having a very pretty face, she worked out hard to keep her body fit, trim, and toned. She had a killer body and looked great in her tiny bikinis. Now, at age forty-three, she was no less attractive to him. Of course, he wondered about his guiltless desire to fuck her. She was his mother after all. A son wasn’t supposed to have thoughts like that about his mother. Or was he? It seemed that there was one hell of a lot of people in the sex blog-o-sphere who thought differently about incest. It didn’t matter whether it was mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, aunt-nephew, uncle-niece, or even grandparents-grandchildren incest, it was all there.

Jeff delved into the stacks at the university library, researching incest. He found that it was universally condemned and, evidently, universally practiced. Most of that, unfortunately, was child molesting by adult men or near adult men: fathers, step-fathers, uncles, brothers, and step brothers with underaged girls. True consensual adult incest was rare, but not unheard of, even between a mother and her son. It also seemed that most people who were raised together, whether biologically related or not, had little to no sexual desires for those they had been raised by or with. But, and this seemed to fit Jeff, some people for reasons unknown didn’t feel that revulsion about sex with a close relative.

Jeff knew he didn’t feel any revulsion thinking about sex with his mother. She was a very good looking woman. Not drop dead gorgeous but definitely a head-turner as he had noticed whenever he had gone somewhere with her, like the grocery store or the mall. She was almost petite at five feet, five inches tall and 112 trim and fit pounds. She had long, wavy black hair, and big, warm brown eyes, a generous mouth and a beautiful “high beam” smile.

After researching all he could about incest, Jeff started his own incest blog. He found it to be almost addictive, looking at what others posted and their captions and posting photos and gifs that he found online and giving them captions, all dealing with incest, and especially mother-son incest. Now, two years later, he nişantaşı escort had several thousand followers, although he hadn’t started out to have followers, and he was following many, many incest blogs himself.

After several minutes of seeing naked pussies, or mouths and assholes, being stuffed by bigger than average cocks, Jeff’s cock was primed and ready. He got up from his desk and went over to his bed. His mother had sent him a text at noon telling him the she had to go into the city on business and that she would be home late.

Jeff undressed completely, reveling in the feeling of being alone in the house, lying naked on his bed, not worrying if his mother might knock on his bedroom door or even, Heaven forbid, open the door and catch him jerking off, on his bed or in front of his computer with his sex blog on. Today he could lie back comfortably and begin fantasizing once again about how he would fuck his mother—as if that could ever happen.

Jeff turned off the shower and stepped out onto the bath mat, water was beaded up on his body, some of it running in rivulets down onto the mat. His cock was half hard. He had masturbated in the shower, thinking of his mother, and even though he had come, quite hard actually, he was still sexually aroused. He reached for his towel when the bathroom door opened suddenly.

“Oh, Jeff, I’m so sorry,” his mother said, but then she didn’t move. She just stared at her naked son and his partially tumescent penis. The head of his cock was just barely peeking out of his foreskin. She looked up at him and gave him a wicked little smile. “I haven’t seen you totally naked since you were quite a bit younger, Jeff. You were cute then. Now, well now you are a man I can see.”

Jeff wasn’t sure what to do but his cock sure did. With his mother standing in the bathroom doorway giving him what he could only describe as a cool sexual appraisal, his cock began to re-inflate. The fact that he’d just been fantasizing about her sexually added to his cock’s independent behavior. Still, she wasn’t budging, or blinking, so Jeff straightened up and turned to face his mother full-on and decided to speak to her boldly.

“Hi, Mom, see anything you like?” he said.

His mother’s wicked little smile became a big, wicked grin. She raised her eyebrows. “Oh yeah,” she said then walked up to him took hold of his cock with her hand and looked her son directly in his eyes as she stroked it, now nearly full erect again.

“I’m all wet, Mom. Maybe I should dry off.”

“No, that’s fine, darling. I don’t mind,” she said and then lowered herself to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with her warm brown eyes. “My little boy is a big boy now,” she said. She studied her son’s hard cock up close and slid the foreskin back before sliding her mouth onto his cock. She kept going down on it until she had three-quarters of her son’s cock in her mouth, at which point she reversed directions, keeping her lips tightly sealed around his hard shaft until they were almost off his cock head. After that, she began a smooth deep cock sucking, head-bobbing motion. Her hand was grasping his cock firmly and following her mouth as it went back and forth.

Jeff gasped with surprise and groaned from the pleasure that his mother’s mouth—hot, wet, slick, and oh so soft and smooth—was giving him.

“Oh fuck, Mom,” Jeff sighed, “that feels so good.”

“Mm-hmm,” his mother replied as she kept sucking his cock.

Jeff looked down on top of his mother head, her thick, black hair swinging forward and back with her cock sucking motion. From this angle he couldn’t tell that she was forty-three, not that her age mattered to him. He thought she was a beautiful woman-mother and now, here she was sucking his cock as he had fantasized about so many times before.

Jeff’s mother looked up and him and winked as she kept sucking his cock.

“Oh, fuck, Mom,” Jeff gasped out, “I’m going to come. I’m going to come.”

“Mm-hmm,” was her response as she kept sucking and stroking her son’s cock.

“Oh Mom! Mom! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Jeff grunted and groaned as his cock began to pulse with that delightful and intense pleasure that ejaculation brought and then he was shooting a big load of cum into his mother’s mouth, one wonderful spasm after another until, finally, he was finished.

Jeff’s mother pulled her mouth off of his cock and tilted her face up to him. She smiled, then parted her lips and pushed his semen up and almost out of her mouth. She did that three or four times before she pulled it all back into her mouth and made a show of swallowing it.

“Damn, that was good,” she said, smiling brightly. “I haven’t had a big mouthful of tasty cum in a long, long time.”

At that point, lying on his bed, Jeff’s cock began to ejaculate in the real world, the first pulse shooting up out of his cock about twelve inches before falling back onto his belly. kağıthane escort Every succeeding ejaculatory spasm shot his semen up a little bit less than the previous one until, after about seven pulses, only a little cum dribbled out.

Jeff was totally relaxed now. His hand was still on his cock which was rapidly deflating. He closed his eyes and heaved a big satisfied sigh. If only, he thought. If only.

He sighed again then roused himself. Shower time then off to the kitchen to see what he could fix himself to eat. As he sat up, the cum on his stomach started dripping down his belly. He ran his fingers up his stomach to catch some of it and then stuck his fingers in his mouth. His theory of sex was that if he wanted his mother—or any woman for that matter—to let him come in her mouth and swallow it, then he shouldn’t be afraid to taste it himself.

You’re a naughty boy, Jeffery, for wanting to have sex with your mother, he told himself, but you really love it, don’t you? With a rueful smile he got up and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

Chapter Two

It had started sprinkling by the time Jeff got out of the shower and by seven p.m. it had become a full-on rain storm, typical of a winter in River City. The bare-naked sycamores and oaks tree that lined the street that Jeff and his mother lived on groaned and sighed as the wind torn through their tops and rain came down in sheets. Then the wind would die down and the rain would just fall steadily for awhile before another wave of heavy wind and rain passed over.

It was terrible weather to be driving in and Jeff was concerned for his mother, so when he saw her headlights swing into the driveway around nine p.m. he heaved a sigh of relief. He was in the front room watching TV but quickly got up to meet his mother in the kitchen as she came in through the door from the garage.

“I was worried,” Jeff said.

Stella smiled at her son. Having him here, at home waiting for her, worried about her, provided a shaft of warm sunshine in what had otherwise been an ugly day. “Thank you, dear. I appreciate that,” she said, and then was taken aback when her son stepped up close to her and wrapped his arms around her, coat and all, and pulled her tightly to his body and hugged her strongly.

“I love you, Mom,” he said, nearly whispering it. If she only knew the truth, he thought.

“I love you, too, Jeff,” Stella said. She was a bit bemused by her son’s sign of affection. Was it her imagination that made it seem that his “love” for her was just slightly more than a son for his mother should be? No, she told herself, I’m just tired, that’s all.

“Are you hungry,” Jeff asked. I made extra mac-and-cheese for my supper. I can warm some up for you.”

“I’m starving, sweetie, that would be wonderful. We broke for lunch at one and I only had a bagel with cream cheese.

Mac-and-cheese was comfort food for Jeff and Stella. It was strange, though, after she divorced her husband and was struggling to get her law degree, she and Jeff had practically survived on mac-and-cheese. It was cheap, easy to fix, and filling. And yet, now that they could afford to eat whatever they wanted, they still liked mac-and-cheese on occasion.

Stella went upstairs right after eating and right to bed without bothering to take a shower. She was tired after several hours of negotiating a settlement for her client with an obstinate business owner and his attorney, and the long drive home in a rain storm hadn’t helped.

She awoke to a beautiful morning. The storm had passed, leaving a few puffy clouds in the sky for the sun to peek around. It was Saturday and she could work from home. She’d filled her briefcase at work with the most important case files she was working on before she’d left for the city. But first, she told herself, a quick peek at my sex blog.

Stella, inadvertently, had discovered the same open-sharing sex site that her son had some time ago. She wasn’t what she would call kinky, but seeing what those who admitted to being women were blogging, piqued her curiosity. Of course, what the men were blogging was understandable to her—mostly getting blowjobs or fucking women in the ass or having threesomes with two women. She started her own sex blog as a way to let her inner sexual fantasy world have a place to express itself. In many ways it was quite satisfying to her. She would post photos and gifs about things she had never done and probably would never do if given the chance.

After her divorce she had enough on her plate with going to law school and raising Jeff that she really didn’t want to date. She was an emotionally strong woman and didn’t need a man in her life to make her feel whole. Of course, she liked sex well enough and, if she liked the guy, she didn’t mind giving him blow jobs, as long as he was equally willing to go down on her. She would even swallow. And, on a few osmanbey escort occasions in her life she’d had enjoyable anal sex too.

But what really piqued her curiosity were women who posted photos and gifs of women being bound and gagged and made to have orgasm after orgasm with a dildo machine or a vibrator. Did some women really like that, she wondered? She couldn’t see doing it herself. She couldn’t see trusting someone enough to let them tie her up and do sexual things to her.

And then one fine day she realized that she was seeing incest themed blogs being put into her page feed occasionally. At first she was disgusted. Incest? Really? Incest was the rape of little girls, right? However, on the site that sort of thing wasn’t allow and anyone who posted images suggesting underaged sex, incest or not, soon got shut down. It had to be consensual adult behavior, although many of the blogs pushed the limits of that rule with very young looking women and intimations that they were still underaged girls. Some of the captions, not all by any means, had the females suggesting and wanting sex with a son or a father or a brother. And, if the intro-page information of each blog could be believed, a lot of those incest blogs were by women; some young women, some older women, some married women, some single women. They fantasized about their sons or fathers or brothers or sisters or daughters. Stella didn’t have a problem with the concept of woman-on-woman sex in general and was even a little curious about it herself but a mother fantasizing about having sex with her daughter was even more bizarre to her than a mother fantasizing about having sex with her son.

Slowly, over several weeks, Stella found herself gravitating more and more to the incest blogs, especially the mother-son ones. When she realized what she was doing, she tried to analyze it. Surely, she wasn’t sexually attracted to her own son, that would be ridiculous, although he was a physically attractive young man and quite intelligent, too, which she really liked in a man.

One day she came across a mother-son incest post and had to laugh at the caption. It acknowledged the unlikeliness of incest as a mundane behavior. While the gif was a hard-core anal sex gif with a rather large cock fucking a very tightly stretched anus, the caption had the mother speaking as she was butt-high, face down on a bed with the cock pumping in and out of her ass, “After we’re done here, sweetie,” the woman was supposedly saying to her son, “do you want to go out for some sushi?”

Stella laughed out loud. The probability of such a statement in such a situation was so improbable as to be hilarious. Obviously, whoever posted it had a sense of humor. Stella immediately clicked on the icon to go to the blogger’s page to find out more about him and see what else he might have posted. It turned out that he claimed to be a twenty-something male with a strong desire to fuck his mother who, according to him, was a total hottie. However, he had never suggested it to her and she was unaware of his feelings so he lived out his fantasy on his sex blog. The rest of his info was boiler plate: fantasy only, found photos and gifs on internet, if yours and want them taken down let me know and they will be, and the ubiquitous NSFW.

Stella had spent a half-hour going through his postings. Not all of them were funny. Not all of them were mother-son. All of the ones she saw were definitely incest-related. And they were definitely consensual behavior in nature, no force, humiliation, or degradation, as she had found that many of the father-daughter or mother-son incest sites tended to be; hell even non-incest sites had a lot of that, calling women whores and sluts and cunts and cum-dumps, and wanting to fuck them raw. But not whoever this person was; his captions treated women with respect and celebrated the joy of sex between two (or more) people, even if it was incest. And that wasn’t to say that he didn’t have passion in many of his posts, he did. Some of them were even truly loving and tender, especially between mother and son.

So, on this bright, sunny morning, after a good night’s sleep and before going down for breakfast, Stella settled herself against her pillows, kicked the covers off and reached for her pussy with one hand—she slept nude so that was easy enough—and manipulated her laptop next to her with the other hand. She went to her favorite incest blog.

It didn’t take long before her pussy was wet from what her hand was doing and what her eyes were seeing. Now she relaxed more and closed her eyes to imagine actually doing some of the things she had seen. Stella tried to imagine one of Jeff’s friends. She found more than one of them to be handsome boys, especially his best friend, Tim. But it didn’t work. She couldn’t concentrate on a story line and she kept imagining her son.

After several minutes of this, Stella was frustrated. She wanted to masturbate. She wanted to bring herself to orgasm. She heaved a big sigh and thought about it. Okay, she told herself, this time and this time only, I’ll pretend to have sex with Jeff. After all, it’s only a fantasy, not reality, so where’s the harm?

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