Control Ch. 05

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He stopped just outside the restaurant entrance, stood under the lights that illuminated the name, taking his time finding his car keys, checking his wallet. I nearly asked if he’d lost something, before I realised what he was doing. There was a large group of people coming toward the door from the car park. About 15 people, all around my age, walking towards us. I started to panic. This was too much. People in the restaurant were at a distance from me at least. This group were going to be right next to us. I turned my body towards Sir, hoping to hide from them.

He looked up from his ‘task’ and shook his head at me, “back to the wall and look out at the cars, little sub. And put your arms down, don’t cover your body.”

I stopped myself just before I sighed. I’m his to do whatever he wants with, I reminded myself. I turned back to my original position, my arms hanging down by my sides this time. I had been holding my arms over myself trying to hide the bite marks and the collar from anyone. Now I had no chance of hiding either.

The group were almost right next to us and I could hear them chatting. They were still waiting on another carload of people and were discussing whether to wait outside or inside for them. I was silently hoping they’d choose to go inside but one of the bright sparks of the group pointed out there were too many of them to stand around in the foyer, so outside it was. I dropped my head immediately, trying to think of ways to make myself invisible.

“Did you enjoy your meal, little sub?”

I hadn’t banked on Sir figuring out what I was trying to do. He made no attempt to carry out a private conversation, instead speaking to me as though there was no one else around. I nodded meekly.

His eyes told me just how big a mistake I had made. I quickly tried to speak, to answer him verbally, but as soon as I opened my mouth he had his hand over it.

“Be quiet sub. If you didn’t want to be able to talk any more you should have just asked.”

I kept my arms by my side, trying to plead with him with my eyes only. I was pressed up against him, unaware I had taken a step towards him as soon as he covered my mouth. I was so aroused, I wanted to feel him against me.

The group behind us was mostly speaking in hushed tones now. This made me nervous. They must be talking about us I thought. I closed my eyes, tried to calm myself down. They were probably just talking amongst themselves. They probably weren’t watching us. It was working until new voices joined the group. As they all hugged and greeted one another, Sir took his hand from my mouth. I risked looking over my shoulder and was relieved to see that none of them were paying us any attention.

I wanted to hate him for doing this, but I couldn’t. All I felt was my desire building and building for him. My pussy getting so wet, I was worried about my juices literally running down my legs. All the blood in my body seemed to be split between colouring my cheeks, displaying my embarrassment clearly and my engorged clit. My pussy was tingling with need, a deep pulling feeling in the pit of my tummy accompanied it and I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering with lust.

The entire time my mind was running through these thoughts, Sir was watching me. I had my eyes cast down, still under the illusion that if I can’t see them, they can’t see me. I could see the bulge in his trousers, that delicious bulge that indicated just how much he was enjoying this. Enjoying my predicament.

“Come on sub, follow me.”

I quickly walked behind him as he strode to the car, trying frantically to keep up with him. To hide myself behind him

When we reached the car, the momentary relief I felt soon disappeared though. He was holding a gag in his hand. I shook my head, started to beg him not to gag me there. To please wait til we were in the car, please don’t do this where people could see. But my pleas were ignored and brushed aside.

Eventually I relented, I opened my mouth and he wasn’t too gentle when he pushed the ball in. He turned me around to face the restaurant with a hard push on my shoulders, telling me to hold my hair up out of the way, fastening the gag securely behind my head. As I let my hair fall back down, the restaurant door opened and the couple from the table across from us walked out. My eyes were wide with fear and I quickly turned back to Sir.

They were walking towards us. The woman held her keys in her hand and i heard the beep of central locking. Their car was parked directly in front of us. As they were closing their doors, I heard the woman mutter something to her partner, “slut” was the only word I picked out of her sentence. This only sent me further into my extreme arousal. My cunt spasming at hearing the word from the mouth of another. Deep shame at my reactions to such a judgement. But she was right. I was acting like a slut.

After they had pulled away, Sir allowed me to get in the car. I sat in the passenger seat, with my legs apart Maltepe escort bayan as far as I could. I couldn’t bring myself to pull my dress up, to expose myself. When Sir was settled in the driving seat he turned to me, frowning at my dress. He reached over and pulled it back, tucking it under the waist of the seatbelt.

I was watching his face so was caught off guard by the six rapid spanks he delivered right over my clit. The first two caused me to shout out behind the gag but the following four had me panting with need. His hand was wet from my pussy and he reached up, wiping it over my face then gripped my chin in his fingers and turned me to face him.

“Since you didn’t answer me back there I assumed you didn’t want to talk. Behave and I’ll think about taking the gag out. But then you do look good gagged like that…” He trailed off.

I squirmed in my seat, trying to get some sort of friction against my pussy, to no avail.

“Feeling like you need something in that slut pussy of yours?” He asked.

All I could so was nod frantically.

“Go into your handbag. Take out what you find in there and use it. But do not cum. I mean that last bit sub, do not cum.”

I’m confused, I don’t understand what could be in my handbag. It hadn’t moved since we arrived at the hotel. Opening it, I was shocked to see my purple vibrator. The one that hits my g-spot just right. I look at him, surprised at him bringing it out with us. Then it sinks in that he wants me to fuck myself while sat next to him. I’ve performed for him before, but with him watching me intently, watching every movement, every thrust, every moan, every tilt of my pelvis. This is different. This feels less intimate, less of a show and more a display of control.

“What are you waiting for? I’m not going to start the car until you’ve got that as deep inside you as it’ll go. Although judging by how wet your slutty little cunt is, that should be possible with one thrust.”

I moaned behind the gag, as I took a form grip of the base. I rubbed the tip over my clit a few times, surprised at how easily it glided between my lips. It was slick with wetness when he spoke again.

“Slide it in my little sub slut, let me hear you.”

I followed his command, sliding it straight into my pussy, feeling it filling me up and rubbing over my gspot as I pushed it deep inside me. I couldn’t help but groan. Saliva was starting to build up behind the gag and I felt it start to run from my mouth. I’ve never felt so slutty. My legs apart, gagged and collared with a vibrator in my pussy. Spit spilling down onto my tits. My pretty dress pulled up to expose my naked pussy. My tits covered in visible bite marks. My eyes were glazed over, my heart racing.

As I groaned, he started the car. “Good sub. Now fuck yourself. Hard. As though you’re trying to make yourself cum. Don’t go easy on yourself. Do not cum. You are forbidden to cum. Do you understand?”

I nodded slowly, too lost in the pleasure I was gaining from the slow, steady thrusting of the vibe. We were driving through a small village, streetlights lighting up the car every so often.

We stopped at traffic lights and two young guys crossed in front of us. The car was illuminated by so many sources, I felt like I was being put on display. One of them noticed me, my mind was hazy with arousal but I was keeping an eye on my surroundings, unable to completely let go. I saw when one of them spotted me. He just patted his mate’s arm and pointed. I stopped moving the vibe then. Frozen in fear.

“Keep going. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the show.”

At the sound of his voice I immediately obeyed him. I kept my eyes on the pair as they slowed down walking, trying to get a better look at what I was doing. I started to speed up slightly, faster and harder strokes. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, tipping my head back against the headrest I started to really fuck myself. Slipping my shoe off, I lifted one leg, resting my foot on the dashboard, sliding down slightly lower in my seat, crying out at the pleasure the new angle gave. Sir glanced at me as we drove away from the lights, enjoying the new view.

We left that village and I knew it wouldn’t be long til we arrived back at the hotel. I continued to fuck myself hard, just how I do when I want to cum. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, slowing every so often to catch my breath and to deny it that little bit longer.

Turning in to the hotel drive, I started to slow down my movements. Sir noticed, and quickly spanked my inner thigh, right across a welt. My pussy tightened around the vibe, and I felt my clit throb as the sting started. I increased the pace again, and was rewarded with a soothing caress along the spanked area.

My tits were soaked with spit, my jaw was starting to ache, my pussy was feeling abused and I was desperate to cum. We pulled into a parking space and once again I started slowing down but received another spank for that. Escort Maltepe This time he didn’t stop at one. He turned to face me, and spanked me over and over again across my thighs and my tits.

I tried to ask if I could cum through the gag, but couldn’t form any words. I was just mumbling and sputtering. I was so close, I was desperate to cum. I was trying to think, to make myself stop but it wasn’t working. I tried to stop fucking myself but he took over, taking it from me. Gripping it tightly in his hand, he thrust it in to me, over and over. I was shaking my head, screaming for permission to cum.

“No. Do not cum little sub. Do not cum.”

But he didn’t stop. He was unrelenting in his movement. I felt my orgasm building and building and building, my entire body was tense with it, coiled tightly, wanting to let go.

Then he stopped. Completely. He pulled the vibe out of my pussy in such a swift movement that my hips were still moving. I squealed out in protest behind the gag, my eyes wide with annoyance. He just grinned at me as I stared at him in disbelief. I frowned at his apparent joy at my irritation.

He leaned over and whispered into my ear, “your orgasms belong to me little sub. You belong to me. Everything you do or say in my presence is because I have allowed you to. Never forget that.”

His words cause my frown to disappear as I lean into him, using my body language to show him my submission to him. Pressing my face into his chest, silently giving myself to him.

He pulls me back with a fistful of my hair. I hate to think how much of a mess I must look. My hair in disarray from sliding down the seat, my dress crumpled beneath me, my face flushed and wet with spit, my eyes wild from my denied release.

“You look beautiful like this my little sub.” It felt like he was reading my mind at times. I closed my eyes, suddenly shy.

He released my hair and got out of the car. I opened my door, struggled to adjust my dress as I stepped out. He was beside me quickly, the leash in his hand. I grabbed my handbag from the floor, the vibrator tucked safely away before I opened the door. As I bent down to duck into the car, he gave me two quick, sharp spanks to my ass. I should have expected them, he always spanked me whenever I bent over in front of him, but they surprised me because of where we were.

I closed the door behind me and stood facing him, awaiting instruction. I felt his fingers at my neck attaching the lead and I moaned as I felt my pussy quiver.

He led me into the hotel, this time into a thankfully empty reception area. I followed behind him up the stairs, hoping beyond anything I’ve ever hoped for before that I was going to get fucked and fucked hard.

We reached the top of the stairs and I heard the word from his mouth I had come to expect, to anticipate behind closed doors. “Strip.”

My hand moved immediately to the zip in the side of my dress. I had pulled it down about an inch when I remembered where I was and stopped. I looked at him. The look on his face said it all. I didn’t even bother trying to speak, just continued unzipping my dress, hoping he wouldn’t actually make me take it off if I showed to be obedient. My hopes were silly really. As the zip was fully undone, he motioned for me to take it off, releasing his grip on the lead. I shake my head slowly.

He simply nods at me and motions upwards again. I take a deep breath, more unsure of myself than I’ve ever been. Gripping the hem of my dress I lift my arms above my head, reassuring myself there’s no one around, I’ll be fine. The dress is off and I’m holding it in front of me, covering my body as much as I can, unsure what to do, dressed now only in hold ups and a bra.

“Put it in your handbag and follow me.”

I quickly obey him, as he starts walking quickly to our room. I barely manage to keep up as he pulls me along behind him. We reach the room door and he stops. I’m directly behind him and willing him to open the door.

“On your knees sub, knees spread. Hands up behind your head. I’ll be back.”

With that he takes my handbag from me and opens the room door as I’m getting into position. He props open the door and I watch him as much as I can without moving from my position. He dumps my bag to the side, bending down to take the vibrator out. I can see it’s sticky from its earlier use. He takes it into the bathroom and I hear the taps running. He brings it back out and sits it with the rest of the toys.

Standing at the desk with his back to me, he hasn’t looked at me to check my position once. He’s ignoring me. I’m desperate for his attention. I want him to look at me. I want his eyes on me. He continues to move around the room, taking various toys and placing them on the bed. I don’t see what he chooses and my mind is racing through the possibilities…cane, paddle, whip, flogger, ruler…clamps, pinwheel, hair clips, dildo, vibe, wand…there’s too many possibilities to imagine.

I Maltepe Rus Escort hear a noise to my right, and risk a glance. I see a door opening. Before I can even think, I’ve crawled into the room and hidden myself into the side. I am shaking, sitting with my back against the wall, listening for anyone coming close. I hear the door closing and after a while when no one comes near our door I relax. My shoulders loosen, I rest my head back against the wall. My breathing is rapid and I can’t think for the blood rushing in my ears.

I open my eyes to find Sir standing over me. The look of anger in his eyes makes me realise what I’ve done. Shit.

He reaches behind my head and undoes the gag. Prising it from my mouth, I stretch my jaw a bit, trying to relax it from being held open like that for so long.

“Did I give you permission to move?”

“No sir, I’m sorry sir, but…”

He cuts me off mid sentence, “be quiet. I don’t accept excuses. And present yourself to me properly bitch instead of just sitting there with you legs splayed open like that.”

I scramble up on my knees again, with them spread apart and my hands on the back of my head. He reaches out with his foot, pushing my knees further apart with it. I’m spread open uncomfortably now. I keep my eyes down, not wanting to anger him any further.

“So why did you think you were allowed in the room again bitch?”

“I thought someone was coming out of a room sir. They would have seen me if I hadn’t moved sir. I’m sorry sir,” I answer him, glancing up at him. He’s over by the bed now, looking at everything on it.

“So what if they had seen you? What, are you scared they’d have judged you?”

“Yes sir. I was scared they would judge me sir. I didn’t want them to see me practically naked sir,” I manage to get out, watching him as he picks up the cane before setting it back down. “I’m truly sorry sir.”

“I don’t care whether you want to be seen or not. It pleases me for you to be put in these situations and that’s what’s important. You are mine to use for my pleasure are you not?”

“Yes I am sir.”

“Say it sub.”

“I’m yours to use for your pleasure sir.”

“So you do understand that. So why did you think that your fear of being discovered as a slut, your fear of being seen naked, on your knees, by another person would concern me? It doesn’t. If I tell you to do something, you do it until I say otherwise.”

I’m shaking, watching him. He keeps picking up toys and turning to me with them.

“I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry for disobeying you sir. Your pleasure is important to me sir. Please forgive me sir,” I am talking so fast, trying to get all the words out. I feel so guilty, I disappointed him. I’m hanging my head in a new form of shame now.

“Your apology seems genuine. For that, I will let you choose how you are punished. Would you like 12 strokes of the cane…12 strokes of the paddle…or perhaps you would prefer to be put over my knee and spanked hard? Which would you prefer sub?” He walks over to me as he’s speaking, closing the room door and walking to the middle of the room.

His voice is tender, I start to feel hopeful. Maybe he realises how sorry I am. “Over your knee please sir,” I reply, keeping my head down.

“Very well. Crawl to me bitch. Understand this is a punishment. I expect you to thank me at the end. Now ask me to punish you for your disobedience,” he says as he sits down on a chair.

I crawl across the room to him, slowly, every movement deliberate. I kneel before him and look up, “please punish your sub for disobeying you sir. Please sir.”

He nods and pats his leg. I scramble up, position myself across his leg, my arms stretched out, supporting my body, my legs out behind me. I start to feel more aroused than scared. Over his knee is such a familiar place for me, I’m raising my ass to him in anticipation.

The first spank is hard. So hard I cry out. Each one is the same, if not worse. I manage to keep quiet at first, but it’s not long before I’m writhing on his lap, screaming out, begging him to stop. But he shows no mercy, every spank delivered with meaning, with intensity. I’m beyond begging now, gasping, panting. Trying to breathe evenly. Finally he stops and pushes me to the floor.

I rest a second, “thank you sir. Thank you for punishing me sir. I will not disobey you again sir.”

He simply nods at me. Standing up he steps over my body and makes his way to the bed. He picks up a coil of rope. My pussy comes back to life then. He comes over to me, ordering me up onto my knees. I comply, quickly, trying to keep upright as my ass is stinging so much. I can feel it burning and tingling, right to the edge of every inch he made contact with. I could only imagine how it must look.

He unhooks my bra, sliding it off me. I’m now naked save for the hold ups. He starts to tie me…with my arms in the box position behind my back, he wraps rope around my tits, framing them while keeping my arms secure. I can’t move my upper body. He comes round in front of me then. I see his eyes are dark and furious. He is holding a roll of tape in his hand. The strong silver stuff. I start shaking my head. Try to speak, but he lifts his finger to my lips, telling me to shh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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