Conversations with Manny Ch. 06

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The water felt very pleasant on Manny’s skin as it cascaded out of the showerhead. The warm breeze wafting through the bathroom window carried the scent of new mown hay. He hummed to himself as he washed himself.

He was aware that the past twenty-four hours had started him off on a journey. He wasn’t sure where it would take him yet, but he knew it would be an interesting ride. He knew only that he couldn’t stop thinking about Avril, she inhabited his every thought.

“Manny is that you”?

Startled, Manny peered around the shower curtain in the direction of the familiar voice.

“Avril”? Manny was perplexed.

“I thought you were heading up to”?

“I was” She cut him off as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

Through the curtain he could vaguely see her removing her clothes and dropping them in a heap on the floor.

“I had to come back though” The shower curtain opened and she stepped in to the shower beside him.

“C’mere” She whispered hoarsely as she crushed his naked body to hers. Her lips sought his and soon they were kissing passionately, tongue earnestly seeking tongue.

Manny’s cock started to harden against her thigh. Avril smiled as opening her legs slightly she reached down and took hold of it firmly. Gently she moved the head back and forward along her warm moist slit. Finally trapping it between her legs where it nestled snuggly between her labia.

The heat emanating from her vagina was almost more than he could take.

“I had to come back,” Avril gasped between kisses “I brought you something”. Her hips started to undulate, sliding her labia back and forth along the length of his penis.

“Yes, I can see that, two of them” Manny whispered as he bent his head and licked her right nipple.

Avril shivered as he traced his tongue around the areola. “Aah”! She gasped. “That feels so delicious”

Manny sucked the nipple into his mouth, feeling it harden against his tongue.

She shivered again as he reached around and caressed her ass cheeks, pulling her tighter against him. Slowly he allowed his hands to drift down over the backs of her thighs then he lifted her, turning at the same time so that her back was flat against the shower wall.

Avril smiled as she reached down and placed the head of his cock firmly at the entrance of her vagina. She shuddered as his cock slipped slowly inside. Her long legs wrapped around him, locking her ankles against the bottom of his back. Capturing him in their sweet embrace.

It was Manny’s turn to shiver now as the delicious warmth of Avril’s pussy enveloped his penis. He held still for a few moments savoring the feel of his cock head pressing against her cervix. They kissed deeply as hips undulating he started to slowly move within her warm depths.

“Oh my …” Avril’s eyes suddenly flew open “I can’t believe I’m going to, I, I’m coming”

Manny started thrusting more urgently as Avril’s body shook violently from the force of her orgasm as it crashed through her.

“My God” Avril groaned as she grabbed for his ass pulling him in tighter, almost crushing him.

Avril’s legs tightened around his waist in a vise like grip as spasm after spasm swept over her. He could feel his own orgasm building, as legs straining, he kept her pinned to the shower wall. His hips went into overdrive as his peak rapidly approached.

“Oh fuck”, He groaned as his cock erupted, bathing Avril’s insides in his hot semen. Pulse after pulse of semen washed over the mouth of his lover’s cervix, as his orgasm seemed to spur another one for Avril.

Groaning into each other’s mouths their orgasms carried them both off on wave after delicious wave. They slowly sank to the shower floor where they both lay twitching and shuddering in each other’s arms. Her legs still clamped around him.

“Oh Lord” Avril whispered then she kissed him tenderly.

“Wow” Manny chuckled “That was short; I don’t think I’ve ever been that quick”.

“Mmn, but very, very sweet” Avril purred.

His penis softened and plopped out of Avril as Manny reached up and turned the water off.

“No” She whimpered in his ear. “I want it back in me” She sighed.

“Shit it’s gonna need crutches to do that” Manny kissed her nose.

Slowly they rose and dried each other off.

“I’m glad you turned back”, Manny spoke quietly. “When you left, I felt like a part of me was missing”.

Avril smiled at him, a smile that lit up his world.

“I bought you something”, She almost sang.

“What did you get”? He was mystified.

“You’ll see in a minute” Avril was enjoying keeping him in suspense.

As they walked into the kitchen she picked up a plastic bag.

“Here” She extended her arm to Manny.

“What”? He opened the bag “A cell phone”?

“I was wondering how I would hear you voice as often as I want to” Avril smiled thoughtfully.

“I popped into the Mall and got this” She looked at him seriously.

“I hope you don’t mind, it’s got all the bells and whistles” She smiled.

“Holy shit, this is too much” Manny looked Maltepe Escort at her seriously “You didn’t need to do this”.

“That’s right, I didn’t need to do that” Avril grabbed him by the shirt collar and kissed him. “I did it because I wanted to; I want us to be able to talk whenever we want”.

Manny studied the tiny phone for a few moments. “It has all the bells and whistles?”

“All of them” She nodded.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked at him. “It’s all set up ready to go” Avril walked over and patted his ass. “I even set my cell number as number one on the speed dial”

Manny smiled “Really”?

Avril nodded her head slowly. “My home number is number two”.

“Got all the bases covered haven’t you”? Manny grinned.

“I’ve put you as number one on my cell” She beamed “So yes, I guess we do have the bases covered”.

“Does it have vibrate”? Manny examined the phone intently.

“Sure, look” Avril stepped forward and quickly showed him how to scroll through the menu.

“There, if someone calls it will vibrate”. She handed him the phone.

“Call me” Manny smiled.

Avril flipped up her phone cover and hit the two keystrokes. As she lifted the phone to her ear, Manny stepped forward and placed his phone between her legs, tight against her pussy.

“You ass”! Avril laughed as she felt the first vibration.

“C’mere my sweet pervert”. They kissed deeply.

“I’m gonna have to run” She whispered sadly.

“Do you have to really”? Manny groaned “No time to even just sit outside and enjoy the lake”?

Avril smiled as she flipped her phone open, quickly hitting the keys.

“Hi Dad, listen I’ll be a few hours late, but I will be up to help” She smiled into the phone.

“No, no problems I just want to spend a little more time here that’s all”. She looked at Manny and winked.

“No, no need to disturb them. I’ll be there at about supper time, and I’ll work all night if I have to”. She was now listening intently.

“There is someone I have to talk to here for a while” She rolled her eyes at Manny.

“No they’re fine. Honestly Dad I have to run”. She shook her head and grinned. “OK, see you this evening, give Mom a kiss”.

Avril put the phone away. “Well, I’m all yours for an hour or so, want to go and sit on the dock”?
They walked out to the dock slowly, hand in hand. No words were spoken; they were content just to be with each other.

Flies were dive-bombing the placid water as they sat down. Legs dangling over the edge of the dock, he put his arm around her shoulder. She laid her head against his. “Oh” She sighed heavily “I don’t want this moment to ever end”.

Manny kissed her hairline. “There will be many more like this I hope”.

Avril seemed lost in thought.

“Manny” She said quietly “Did Susan or Maria tell you much about me”?

“Not really” He nuzzled her hair again.

Avril seemed to be bracing herself. Staring off into the distance, she inhaled deeply.

“This is so hard” She whispered in a shaky voice.

“I’m gay Manny” She blurted the words out.

Manny looked at her silently, waiting for her to continue.

Avril looked at him misty eyed, mistaking his silence for incredulity.

“Gay, you know as in lesbian”, she continued expecting Manny to get up and walk away.

“Lesbian”? Manny asked quietly terrified that this wonderful woman was about to walk out of his life. ‘God don’t let me fuck this up’ He quietly prayed.

“How much of a lesbian”? As soon as the words left his mouth Manny’s heart sank. ‘Fuck, that was a stupid question’ He admonished himself.

“Remember last night in the restaurant, that waitress”? Avril looked at him evenly.

Manny nodded his head, remembering the pretty blonde.

“Well, I wanted to lay her on the table and kiss her all over. I could have glued my mouth to her breasts. I wanted to lick and suck her pussy so badly”, Avril confessed.

Manny smiled at her kindly then reached for her. The trembling girl enfolded in his arms, he stoked her hair gently. “Then I guess that makes me a lesbian too”

Avril slapped him on the shoulder. “I’m being serious Manny; I don’t know what is happening to me”.

“This morning was wonderful”, He whispered “In fact it was earth shattering ear popping perfect” he caressed her hair with his fingertips. “Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe you are bisexual”?

“Of course I realized that, silly. I realized that yesterday when I saw you lying in the sun”, Avril whispered. “It took me by surprise to say the least”.

Manny looked at her seriously. “You know it doesn’t matter a fuck don’t you”?

“What doesn’t” She looked deep into his eyes, trying to read him.

“I don’t care if you’re bisexual, hexasexual, octosexual or even if you fucked the whole Marine Corps. I’m not loosing you”. He stated emphatically. “You’re stuck with me”.

He looked at her evenly “That is if you want me of course”.

“I want” She smiled as she kissed him tenderly. “What happens if I meet a woman that I just Anadolu Yakası Escort have to have though”?

Manny thought for a moment, the question taking him by surprise. “You could do us both a favor you know”.

“How”? Avril looked at him questioningly.

“Well, find someone we both like. Someone who wants to enjoy both of us” He smiled, half expecting her to get up and walk away.

Avril studied him for a few moments silently.

“Let’s be honest. I could probably compete with another man. Not that I would ever dream that you would go looking for one. Or even feel the need to do that”. Manny spoke quietly. “I couldn’t compete with a woman though. That is of course, if you found it necessary to go and find one”.

She took both of his hands in hers as he continued. “So if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Who knows? It might even be fun”. He smiled at her “For both of us”.

Avril thought for a few moments.

“You sound like you are talking about us being together over the long haul?” Avril asked seriously.

“Yes I am actually” He whispered.

They sat in silence watching the gentle swell of the lake. A lone Mallard drifted lazily by. They watched the flies circling and bobbing on the water. Suddenly there was a ‘plop’ as one of the insects became fish food.

“Marry me?” Avril asked quietly, not even looking in his direction.

“OK” Manny whispered.

“Really?”…. Avril was beaming; her smile even more radiant than he thought was possible.

“Really” He smiled, pulling her to him.

“I love you Avril Rennie” He whispered.

“Oh Manny, I love you too” She almost sang.

They kissed tenderly, and then their kisses became more urgent, more passionate. Suddenly water engulfed both of them. They had over balanced, falling head first into the lake.

“Fuck” Manny spluttered. “How to ruin a romantic moment”!

Their laughter filled the air as they splashed each other.

“Listen Manny” Avril snuggled into him, water lapping around their chins. “I guess our lives just changed”?

Manny chuckled, “Forever I hope”.

“I’m going to have to sit down and talk to my parents tonight” Avril said thoughtfully.

“Why”? Manny smiled. “We’re going to wait a while aren’t we? I mean I have to find a job, and there are your studies to think about. I’ll want to move closer to where you live and everything”.

“Whoa, slow down. You’re making me dizzy” Avril laughed.

“The reason I have to talk to Mom and Dad is quite simple” Avril looked a little sad.” They only just got used to the idea of me being gay”.

“Ouch” Manny sympathized.

“Yea, really” Avril whispered.

They climbed out onto the dock as Avril continued. “On a scale of one to ten Mum and Dad are twelve’s”

Slowly the walked back to the cottage, arms around each other’s waists. “Mum and Dad are super, they truly are, but this ought to floor them” Avril chuckled. “Could you wait until tomorrow morning to come to the cabin”?

“OK, but If you need me there when you break the news to them just call me” Manny said seriously.

They walked into Manny’s bedroom and started to change their clothes in silence.

“When did you know you were gay”? Manny suddenly asked.

Avril looked at him quietly for a moment. “Well”, she said sitting on the corner of his bed. The sunlight streamed in illuminating her as she sat in her bra and panties. A smile slowly appeared as she remembered the moment in time.

‘Fuck, she is so beautiful’ Manny mused.

Her ice blue eyes flashed in the sunlight as she patted the bed next to where she was sitting. Manny obediently sat beside her. Clad only in his underpants, he settled in to listen.

“It was my senior year” She started. Her incredible smile lit up her face as she continued. “God, I think I had only just turned eighteen”.

“We were at the country club one day. My Grandpa and I had a standing date to play golf twice a week. Anyway, we had just turned the corner of the clubhouse when I ran smack into someone”.

Avril leaned back on her elbows as she recalled the events. “I knocked some poor lady flat on her ass” She chuckled as she continued. “She got me right on the chin. I actually saw stars spinning around my head. When I looked down she was lying flat on her back staring at the sky”.

Manny lay on his back as she told her story.

“Anyway, Grandpa was very apologetic as we helped her to her feet. She just laughed though. Her laughter was so infectious that the three of us stood there howling”. Avril lay down beside Manny as she continued.

“I’m fine truly I am” The young lady smiled. “I think my head is considerably harder than your chin”.

“So it would seem” Avril smiled as she rubbed her chin.

“Jacqueline Appleton” The young woman introduced herself as she grasped Avril’s hand.

“Avril Rennie” Avril shook Jacqueline’s hand. “This is my Grandpa Jim Blandford”

Avril’s Grandpa extended his hand. “I certainly hope you’re OK, my granddaughter here is a pretty tough nut” He chuckled.

İstanbul Escort “I can see that” Jacqueline reached up and rubbed Avril’s chin very gently. Avril blushed.

“Well young lady, May we buy you a drink”? Jim smiled. “By way of apology, I mean”.

“Jackie, everyone calls me Jackie” She smiled. “You just got yourself a customer Mister Blandford. A drink would be lovely”.

Avril and Jackie found a table while Jim signaled a waiter.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before” Avril looked at the pretty young woman, instantly liking her.

“Just moved into the area,” Jackie replied smiling. “How is your chin”?

“Fine” Avril ran a finger along the outline of her jaw, “Just fine”.

“My dad has just taken a position at a local school” Jackie smiled. “I wasn’t sure about moving here, but this Golf club. Well, it’s great”.

“So you play”? Avril smiled.

“I hack” Jackie laughed, “I’m so damned addicted to it though”.

“So, what’s your handicap”? Avril was curious.

Jackie leaned forward conspiratorially “I just go out and bash the ball around, I don’t even count the strokes half of the time. I just give myself a four for every hole whether it takes me four or forty four”.

They were both laughing when Jim came to the table.

“Sammy will be along in a moment” He sat down.

“Jackie just moved into the area Grandpa” Avril smiled.

“How long”? Jim asked.

“Just a few days” Jackie replied “Didn’t take us long to find this place though” She beamed.

“Ah, so you like”? Jim smiled.

“I like” She replied “Very much”

She looked at her hands. “We’ve even applied for membership”.

The waitress arrived and they ordered their drinks.

“So do you know anyone in the area”? Avril smiled.

“No, no one. Well I guess I know you”? Jackie replied cheerfully.

“Why don’t you show this young lady around the area”? Jim asked. “It may even get that nose of yours out of those books”. He looked at Avril kindly. “Well, for a while anyway”.

“How about Saturday morning”? Jim smiled “Avril will pick you up bright and early, and you are both invited to Briarwood for Dinner”.

“Grandpa”! Avril was incredulous.

“What were you planning on doing”? Jim smiled. “Reading”?

“She’ll pick you up at. Shall we say nine a.m.”? Jim was enjoying Avril’s discomfort.

“Nine it is then” Jackie winked at Jim conspiratorially.

“I’ll give you my address” She smiled at Avril who was sitting looking from one to the other.

Jim threw his scorecard and pencil on the table. “Just write it on the back of there”

Avril burst out laughing, “OK, OK you got me. I’m all yours on Saturday”. She sat back and studied Jackie for a few moments. The girl was considerably smaller than herself. She was an extremely pretty girl, and her short blond hair framed her face exquisitely. Sapphire eyes sparkled as she chatted to Avril and Jim. ‘Oh Jackie, you are beautiful’ Avril thought, and was immediately shocked at her attraction to the other girl.

Saturday morning found Avril driving slowly along the street. Pleasant spacious Cape Cod’s graced each side of the tree-lined road. She spotted Jackie standing at the bottom of her driveway.

‘Wow’, she thought as she saw Jackie. ‘She sure knows how to wear shorts and a blouse’. Steering the car to the side of the road ‘Avril, what the hell is wrong with you’? She chastised herself.

“Ready”? Avril asked cheerfully.

“Ready” Jackie replied as she opened the door and slid into the comfortable leather seat. “STS, huh”? She looked at Avril.

“Grandpa’s old one” Avril grinned “He gave it to me this spring”.

“This is old”? Jackie looked around.

“To him it is”. Avril grinned, “He changes cars as often as most people change their socks”. Avril snapped off a salute. “Where to ma’am”?

Jackie smiled slyly “The mall of course”.

“Well we have two we have the Galleria and Twin Pines”, Avril smiled.

“Well, which one’s the best”? Jackie’s blue eyes sparkled.

“They’re both good actually” Avril replied, “It depends what you’re looking for”.

“Clothes of course” Jackie replied incredulously.

Avril eased the Cadillac away from the curb. “Why don’t we go to both? Thanks to Grandpa Mom and Dad were only too pleased to kick me out of the door this morning. So this is my whole schedule for today”. Avril glanced at Jackie “So we may as well take the day and shop ‘till we drop”.

“Lunch is on me then” Jackie beamed.

Avril took Jackie to her favorite clothing store in the Galleria. Avril smiled to herself as Jackie chatted excitedly about this dress or those pants.

“This would look great on you” Jackie was holding up a Royal Blue dress. “C’mon try it; I’m trying this one, and this, and this”. She grabbed for a couple of different colored dresses.

“You go first” Avril smiled indicating the only empty fitting room.

“Oh c’mon, tell me what you think”. Jackie bubbled, “C’mon get in here”.

Avril shyly followed Jackie into the fitting room.

“OK you first” Jackie whispered.

Avril slowly removed her Golf shirt and dropped her shorts to her ankles. She caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror. Liking the way her white lace bra and panties made her tan look darker. ‘Those hours reading by the pool are paying off’

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