Corey’s Christmas

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Cory watched the flakes drift somberly through the window of his first floor apartment, thinking to himself how cold and lonely each of them was. There was just three days until Christmas, the holiday he despised over all others. The season always reminded him of the painful fact that followed him around all his life: he was alone. His father had never been around, and since his mother passed four years ago, he’d spent his holidays alone, cooped up in his apartment, usually watching some ridiculous movie that was as far away from the notion of Christmas as he could get.

He turned from the window back to his studio apartment, is disarray, the way it usually was. His mattress sat on the ground against the far wall next to the kitchen, and in-between his toes and the sheets were a series of piles of clothes, some dirty, some clean. He hadn’t the chance to sort them. Or, rather, he hadn’t the drive.

The depression was so severe that it crept into every nook and cranny of his life. Where he stood, staring over his assorted mess, he was nude. His smooth, slender body glistened with a sheen of sweat from some rigorous activities. Moments before, he had been lying on his bed, with his eyes shut tightly and his mind focused on whatever thought might conjure erotic pleasure. He’d imagined a man, with a broad chest and meaty hands wrapping around his hips and pulling his ass into him. He moaned while he fantasized about being pinned to his mattress, the man grinding himself atop him. He pictured the way the man’s forearms would appear, thick and muscular where they were planted beside his head.

And yet, despite his best efforts, he couldn’t manage to raise his member. In the aftermath, he stared angrily down at it, drooping beneath him, still semi-erect, but nonetheless useless. All he’d wanted this Monday afternoon was to masturbate and fall asleep, letting the sad thoughts of his loneliness drift into some quiet recess of his mind while the hours slipped away. Instead, he was unable to finish.

“You bastard,” he said, staring down at it.

He could still feel it, the pulsating tingle of an impending erection. It was only a tease, however, and no amount of tugging, rubbing, or pillow humping managed to fully raise it.

“I’m twenty one years old, this is ridiculous,” he said to himself, collapsing onto his back with his palms covered over his eyes. He rolled to his side on the aged mattress, placing his hands beneath his head as a pillow. “It’s just not fair.”

He shut his eyes and remained there for a stretch of time. Sleep never came, but his consciousness did wane enough to find himself in a number of different half-dreams. In one, he found himself walking through a mall, naked, while all the customers stared at him like some freakshow. In another, he was back in high school, back in the city, hiding in the gym from the boys who called him names. He hid under the bleachers while he listened to them hunt, calling out to him, “Come here, queer Cory! Come out to play!” Instead, he crept further back into the shadows beneath the bleachers until his hands met with something fleshy. His breath caught in the back of his throat while he turned to find the man from his fantasy. The man grinned while his big hand wrapped beneath Cory’s jaw and caressed his soft cheek. While the bullies called out to him, the man guided his wet, red lips downward. On hands and knees, Cory bobbed his head while the man reached down to slip him out of his shorts, exposing his round ass. The man’s thick finger ventured between the warm cheeks and slithered inside.

Cory bolted upright in bed, fully awake. He rubbed sweat from his forehead, then caught a glimpse of his cock. His mouth opened in astonishment. He was hard.

He immediately seized himself, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking. He bit into his bottom lip while he used his hips to help his effort, pumping himself forward. When he felt his was close, he mouth opened and he gasped. Then…

Nothing. He couldn’t finish. And now he was left with a hardon so stiff he felt he could faint. He groaned, throwing himself back onto the bed. “This just isn’t fair,” he said.

His head turned to the side, watching the snow continue to drift through the midday sunlight. His window looked out to a small yard in the center of the apartment complex. Other units were visible across the way, and to the left and right. Probably vacant, he thought to himself, off to see their families and friends. The complex itself was at the edge of town, nearer the university, and therefore served a lot of the students. Cory was not a student, instead working nights at the gay bar on the outskirts of campus.

He looked down at his cock. Red, hard, and un-climaxable. It wasn’t going away. “Unbearable,” he muttered to himself. He peered out into the yard again, and a thought crossed his mind. The snow. He shook his head, dismissing it, but it crept back. He thought about stuffing his bare cock into the snow for just a moment, long Sakarya Escort enough to numb the damn thing and keep it from making him so horny.

He groaned. “I can’t,” he said aloud, as if convincing himself not to go through with it. Then, he thought, what else could he do? Keep trying to sleep, then wank, then sleep, never really doing either? “Fine,” he said to himself.

He walked up to his sliding door, looking out onto the fresh, white powder growing by the minute from the collecting snowfall. “Just a moment, no one will see,” he said.

His thumb found the lock behind the handle and flipped it up, unlocking the door. He gently eased it back and felt the cool winter air rush over his sweaty body. He shivered instantly, but could still feel the intense heat in his cock.

He poked his head out and stared around the edge of the yard, to each of the units. He didn’t find a single one that appeared lit inside. That was a good sign. He took his first step out into the snow. His bare foot sunk into its cold wetness, but it wasn’t as shocking as he anticipated. He found the second step much easier, and then he was outside.

Suddenly, he felt extraordinarily self-conscious. He was completely naked with a raging hard on outside in the middle of winter. It felt crazy. “Fuck it,” he said, and continued walking. Once he was a few feet from his sliding glass door, he dropped to his knees and felt the cold rush of the snow surge up into his body. “Shit,” he cursed. But he was determined to do what he set out to do. He dropped down onto his hands, all fours, in the snow. For a moment he felt rather sexual, like he were presenting himself, but the thought was quickly dashed by the purpose of the moment. He had to get rid of his erection.

He slowly lowered himself into the snow and felt the cold surface as his tip pierced it. He immediately pulled back, instinctively protecting his member. “Damnit, Cory.”

Then a noise distracted himself from behind. His eyes widened and his breath paused. He twisted his head back over his shoulder to see if his worst fears came true. His vision scanned over the doors, finding all of them vacant. All, except for one.

To the right of his open door, two down, was a second open door. In it stood a man, leaned against the frame, with a festive sweater, jeans, and a mug of something hot that gave steam rolling off into the air beneath his pointed nose. He was a large man, but not fat, burly might have been the word that came to Cory’s mind had it not been reeling in fear. The deep brown eyes of the man stared directly into Cory’s blues, then panned along his bare back to his prominently featured plump, white ass as it rose behind him.

“Oh, god,” Cory muttered as his hand slipped and his body fell into the snow. He struggled against the slippery ground to get back to his feet. When he finally did, he assumed his legs would start a sprint towards his open door. He believed his body would seek shelter and privacy and a stiff drink in the wake of the embarrassing encounter. He thought that he would want to forget this ever happened. Instead, his body froze.

His blonde hair laid wet and tousled atop his head. His legs parted beneath him and his cock remained stiff. Like a deer in headlights, all he could manage was to stare into the entrancing brown stare of the man with his coffee staring back. He felt a tingle race across his flesh, like tiny pricks stabbing him, but his cock continued to surge. He felt his member stiffen even more than it had before he tried stuffing it into the snow. As his mind spun, he realized he was turned on.

“Oh, no,” he whispered breathily as he felt something sweep over him. It was the familiar moments just prior to coming, when the pit of his stomach fell deeper, and blood rushed to his lower body, where he could feel his cock and his ass acutely. He clenched his butthole and felt the tenseness at the base of his penis. “No, no, no,” he said to himself, though the approaching ecstasy was screaming yes.

He bit into his lower lip as the tense feeling moved up his shaft to his tip, which began to clench, then release. It burst forth, first in one, thick spurt, shooting white cream into the white snow, then in several more spurts, followed by a prolonged, steady trickle that dripped along the length of his cock. The mere presence of the man watching him had sent him over the edge.

When at last he felt it empty, he cupped the head of his cock with both hands and rushed back to his apartment, throwing the door shut behind him and dropping down against it.

“Holy shit, what did I just do?” he asked himself.

Then came the knock at the door.


Cory could still feel his cock spasming as he peered through the spyhole of his door to see who knocked. To no surprise, it was the man, with his handsome eyes and his steaming cup. What did he want? Cory thought. He was still naked, standing behind the door, wanting to throw it open and be stared at again, Adapazarı Escort an impulse he desperately suppressed. “What’s happening to me?” he wondered aloud.

“Hey, kid, I know you’re in there,” came his deep, baritone voice through the thick wood. “It’s alright, I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

Okay? Not at all, thought Cory, who assumed he was losing his mind. He unlocked the door and slightly eased it back to reveal his face to the man. “Yeah,” he replied bashfully. “I’m okay.”

The man chuckled. “Takes a lot to run naked into the snow. The rush of it, I guess it can be pretty exciting, huh?” He chuckled again.

The sound of his voice was arousing and Cory could feel his cock remaining stiff. His body reeled and the door crept open without his knowing. The man peered down at his naked form, raising an eyebrow. “Sorry,” said Cory, but he left the door where it was.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, kid,” replied the man. “We all have our fetishes, right?”

Cory thought it was a forward thing to say, but nodded all the same. “Sure.”

“I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, either,” the man said, his voice dropping lower.

“You liked watching me…”

“Shoot?” The man nodded. “I like cute boys like you. Especially the wild ones. I think you’re a wild one.”

Cory could feel another surge filling his body. “You think so?”

The man reached forward, wrapping a large, warm hand around Cory’s hip, feeling the hot, wet flesh there. He squeezed his fingers and pulled Cory closer so that his body rubbed against the man’s clothes. Cory then felt the hand reach back, grabbing a handful of his ass. Cory had always been told he had an amazing ass on the occasions he’d shown it to men. They were few and far between, however, on account of Cory’s shyness. Now, however, it seemed miles away, drifting off on the winter wind blowing in from outside.

He bit into his lower lip while the man fondled him. “Absolutely,” the man replied. “But I think you’ve kept it hidden. I think you need to release that wild side.” His hand wrapped completely around Cory’s left ass cheek and pulled it to the side. Cory felt his asshole squeeze, then release. The man’s finger teased it, stuffing his index finger inside to the first knuckle. “So warm,” said the man, stuffing it further, to the second knuckle. “And tight.” Then he added, “You’re such a good boy.” He pulled the finger out then and raised it to Cory’s lips, which obediently suckled. “But that’s the problem.” He stuffed the finger deeper into Cory’s mouth for him to taste. “You need to be a bad boy.”

The man pulled his finger from Cory’s mouth then placed the hand open palmed against the small of his back, pushing his body into the door. He was now naked, pressed against the door, with the cold outside air rushing over him. Still, he sweat. The man lowered his hand to his ass, squeezed once, then spanked him, hard. It was so hard Cory feared the neighbors would hear. Then he didn’t care. He wanted it again. He could sense the man saw it in his eyes, the wanting. The man gave it to him. It was so hard his cock pressed against the wood of the door. It hurt, but in such a good way that Cory moaned desperately.

“Again, please!” he begged.

“Again, please, what?” the man said.

Cory bit his plump, red lip. He could intuit what the man wanted to hear. “Again, please, daddy.”

The man smiled. “That’s the bad boy I want.”

He struck Cory’s round ass again, leaving a massive red hand print across both cheeks. “Oh my god…” Cory uttered between pants.

“I know,” said the man. “That’s the naughty boy coming out. I want to see him take over like I did just a minute ago in the back. Let’s see that naughty thought take over your body, kid. Let’s see that hot little cock spurt another load for daddy.”

Cory couldn’t believe what was happening. He also couldn’t bear to think of coming back to his senses and stopping it all. The man was a stranger, and Cory was nude with his door open to the winter outside. Anyone could see them.

The man spanked him again. He spanked him so hard the fear was beaten out of him. He reached back towards the man’s crotch and felt against it. With his fingers he made out the outline of a massive, hard cock. It was twice as thick as his own, and an inch longer, he could tell. He wanted it. He wanted to feel it in his mouth and in his ass.

The man let him unzip and pull it out. It was warm and thick, hard and the skin wet with sweat. “You want this?” asked the man.

Cory nodded. “Yes, daddy.”

“You need to beg for it, bad boy.” He swiped his hand across Cory’s ass once more. Cory dropped to his knees, naked, before the man. He stared up with puppy dog eyes. “Please, daddy, can I taste it?”

The man stared down. Then he nodded. Cory stared into the eye of the massive cock, watching precum drip. He wrapped his tongue around it, tasting the salty flavor. He could barely fit it, but then the man grabbed Serdivan Escort the back of his head and forced it in. He wrapped both hands around Cory’s blonde hair and pumped his cock in and out of Cory’s mouth.

“That’s it, bad boy,” said the man. Cory could barely take it, he wanted the man’s cum to burst into his mouth and dribble down his chin. But he also wanted the man to take him against the door, stuff his hard manhood deep into his tight ass.

“Mmm, mmmm,” Cory sounded, with the girth filling from cheek to cheek. He wrapped his hands around the backs of the man’s legs. The man kept his large grip around the back of Cory’s head, thrusting himself to the back of Cory’s throat. He’d never been used like this before, and therefore never realized how amazing it felt.

The man pulled out of Cory’s mouth. Spit dribbled down Cory’s red lips, along his chin, dripping onto his smooth thighs beneath him. “Get up, bad boy.”

On his command, Cory stood, legs shaky, but he was able to present himself before the man. His cock was rock hard, he could feel it. The man took Corey’s shoulders and turned him. He thrust the boy into the door, which rattled against the wall behind it. Unconsciously, Corey pushed his ass out towards the man in presentation. Then he felt the length of the fat cock press itself between his ass cheeks and force his body into the wood. His cock slammed against the door, pressed hard between it and his belly. He felt precum ooze onto his belly, smeared across beneath his belly button.

The man slowly humped Corey’s ass while wrapping one hand around his hip and another around his throat. “You ready to please daddy, bad boy?”

“Yes,” Corey throatily exhaled. The cold was washing over him, but the heat from his core kept him sweating. He felt beads of perspiration slip along his back and his chest, dripping along his smooth skin and around the curvature of his ass.

The cock lifted and for a moment Corey wanted to grab it to keep it from leaving. But then it returned, parallel to the ground and pointed towards his puckered asshole. The wet tip pressed against it, pushing. At first, the pain sent ripples through him, but then he relaxed and felt the shaft start to slip inside. The man pressed his face against Corey’s cheek, stubble rubbed up against him. “That’s it, bad boy, let daddy use you.”

Corey moaned, squeezed his butthole around the massive intruder and listened to the man moan with pleasure. Then he relaxed again and felt it force itself deeper. Corey was filled and his tight hole stretched to swallow the massive cock. He felt it slip back, and inch or two sliding out, then three pumping back in. The base of his cock met with Corey’s ass, and he felt the man’s sack tickle the bottom of his cheeks. “It feels so good, daddy.”

“Mmm, you’re so naughty,” whispered the man, then slammed the full length of his cock inside. Corey burst into a scream of pleasure, which the man stifled by tightening his grip around Corey’s throat and pulling it back. “Shut your mouth or you’ll get it harder.”

Corey bit his bottom lip, but moaned behind it so the man slammed his cock inside again, ass cheeks clapping against the hard, muscular lower body of the man. He didn’t even know his neighbor’s name, but now he was completely given over.

“Oh my…” came a voice from some yards away. Both heads turned to the left to see an elderly woman staring on, two bags of groceries in her hands, which promptly dropped at the sight of one brawny man with his cock shoved into a smaller, nude boy just outside his apartment.


The man threw Corey inside, stepped in himself, then slammed the door shut. Soon as it rattled into the frame, Corey looked up from the floor he fell onto deep into the man’s brown gaze. As they exchanged glances, they attempted to catch their breaths.

Then they both burst into laughter.

Corey blushed, and covered his face with his hands. The man’s body heaved with each guffaw, then leaned back into the door.

“I can’t believe we did that,” said Corey. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Matt,” said the man, winding down his laughter, but keeping a handsome grin that became infectious upon Corey’s lips.


“Nice to formally meet you,” said Matt. “I can’t believe it either.” He crossed his arms staring down at Corey’s naked body curled beneath him. “Seeing you outside, you awoke something inside of me that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

Corey raised a brow. “Lust?”

Matt shrugged. “Something more powerful than that.”

Corey understood. It was like a spark ignited the instant their eyes locked, and set off a fire inside both of them that could only be put out by the other. He didn’t know how to explain it in the moment though, instead just smiled seductively up at his neighbor.

“You make me feel amazing, kid,” Matt continued. “I knew when I watched you come that I had to have you. So I knocked on your door. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but when you answered, it just came to me.”

“Yeah,” Corey replied. “Your words drove me crazy. I still can’t believe what you made me do. I’ve never done that before. Would you believe I rarely have sex? And the crazier thing is that I can’t stop thinking about doing it again!”

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