Corrupting Amber Ch. 14

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An itchy nose greeted me as I awoke on Kevin’s couch again, my ‘home away from home’ this past week. As I began blinking my way slowly into consciousness amidst the dark, dank single story flophouse Kevin called his home, I noticed immediately that I was alone on his sagging couch and not accompanied by Amber. I glanced at my phone and noted that it was still much too early, 8:18am, for her to have gotten up yet, especially given her recent activities. I leaned back on the couch, accepting that she must be using the bathroom.

Closing my eyes and getting in a good stretch I suddenly paused, possibly hearing something coming from behind me on the couch. I waited a moment and when no one entered the room I sat up and looked over the back of the couch, down the hall, and tried to make out any movement. Despite it being nearly 8:30 in the morning, the whole house was still very dark, all the windows having been covered up and no lights yet switched on.

I couldn’t see anything or anyone but could definitely detect some movement and noises down the hall, possibly coming from Kevin’s room. I hesitated just charging down the hall and peering into his room, as even being a drug dealer’s flophouse, I couldn’t abandon all my good manners. Instead I quietly stood up and crept down the hall a few steps to determine what exactly I was hearing.

Holding my breath momentarily I focused all my energy on listening and could make out a few rustling noises and light breathing. What I was almost sure of, however, was that at least some of those sounds were feminine. I doubted Kevin had another woman in the house and decided, because it was likely Amber, that I had at least some right to investigate. I crept a few more paces towards Kevin’s room on the left side at the end of the hall and noticed it was ajar about 6-7inches. It was a shade or two darker in the room but I peered in and let my eyes adjust to the darkness and tried to make out what I was seeing.

What I saw both surprised and delighted me, but also raised a few questions that I would have to address at some point. Kevin was seated on the edge of his bed with his legs on the floor, spread open wide enough for Amber, who was seated on the floor at his feet. His back was arched and his hands placed on the bed, holding himself up with his head tilted up towards the ceiling and eyes closed. Amber meanwhile was bobbing her head up and down between his legs, making soft slurping and sucking sounds, obviously sucking him off.

Given the situation my senses were heightened to an almost superhuman level and the tiny details of the spectacle began to stick out. I could make out a small pipe on the bed, next to Kevin’s right hand. Kevin’s shirt was still on but his pants and boxers had been hastily discarded and lay crumpled in a heap a few feet from Amber. From all indications it looked as though Amber had ambushed him while he was smoking something and this little meeting was both impromptu and of Amber’s making. Both of which filled me with nervous sexual energy that prompted both questions and fantasies to bubble up in my mind.

Amber was really taking her time sucking Kevin’s dick, taking him deep in her throat with a slow deliberate pace and keeping him there until she choked softly. Then she would catch her breath while licking and kissing the head and despite not being able to see it well, I could hear her smiling through a good portion. My view was from behind Amber but angled enough that I could still see bit of her face and occasionally Kevin’s cock disappear into her mouth when she leaned back a bit. My approach had been quiet enough that I seriously doubted anyone had heard me and my spot mostly behind the door ensured I was basically invisible to them from my vantage point.

I knelt down on one knee slowly and carefully, trying to avoid cracking a joint or breathing too hastily and settled into watching the events unfold with a conflicted anticipation. As if on queue, Kevin grabbed the small glass pipe and accompanying lighter and sat up a bit while lighting it. The pipe was different to the one Amber had been using to smoke crack and had a little circular bowl at the end of it, where Kevin was placing the flame of the lighter below. He twisted the pipe between his fingers while holding the flame under it, which caused the bowl to rotate back and forth about a quarter turn. After a few seconds a small stream of smoke began to rise from the bowl out of a hole that I couldn’t see in the low light.

Amber noticed this and stopped sucking, sitting up on her knees and leaning towards Kevin and the smoking pipe between his fingers. Kevin turned the pipe around and placed taksim esc the end in Amber’s mouth, continuing to intermittently twist the pipe and hold the flame under the bowl. After a few moments of this he removed the flame from the bowl and motioned to Amber to breath in. She took the hint and visibly arched her back, breathing in as deeply as she could while Kevin continued to twirl the pipe that was still at Amber’s lips.

Finally, Amber leaned away from the pipe, clearly having no more space in her little lungs and tilted her head up. What came out was the biggest, thickest cloud of smoke I had ever seen get exhaled from her delicious lips. At first it cascaded from her mouth and nose, an almost uncontrollable release of dense white smoke that slowly thinned out into an even stream slowly released from Amber’s mouth over the course of 3-4 seconds. I wasn’t entirely sure, but I hazarded a guess that Amber was in fact smoking meth. I was a bit hurt that she would get tweeked for her first time without me, but I was having difficulty focusing on that disappointment with how hard my cock had gotten.

I watched in awe as Kevin lit a few more bowls for Amber, each cloud coming out bigger and thicker than the last, turning me on to the point where I was stroking myself through my jeans just to achieve a measure of release. After Amber’s fourth hit off the meth pipe Kevin placed the pipe and lighter back down on his dirty comforter and beckoned Amber to the bed. She wasted no time and climbed on top of him, placing her hands on his shoulders and kissing him with a feverish intensity. Kevin reached his hands out and gripped her hips, guiding Amber’s glistening, meaty pussy lips over his surging penis.

As the tip reached the opening of her cunt he adjusted his grip so both hands were cupping her ample ass and began teasing her by pressing his cock in just a little and then denying Amber full penetration. All the while Amber was fighting against him, trying to force her meager bodyweight down onto his rigid member with no success. She was actually begging to be fucked by another man, right in front of me, while she thought I lie asleep down the hall. I pushed the less appealing aspects of that reality aside for the moment and tried focusing on how sexy it was. Gauging from the discomfort of my painful erection, I’d say I was more than a little bit conflicted.

“Give me your cock. Please.. give it to me..,” whispered Amber through labored breath.

“What do you want? What do you want me to do?” Came Kevin’s taunting reply.

“I want you to give me your baby. I want you to breed me,” answered Amber unexpectedly.

Amidst all the action in front of me only now had the unanswered questions about it actually caused a stir of panic and confusion that took me out of the moment. I desperately searched my mind to try to piece together some meaning or reasoning behind Amber’s words that added up to more than the simple truth of what she had just said. A baby? She wanted a child? I was utterly dumbfounded at this revelation. But while I remained confounded out in the hall, the action hadn’t ceased to progress inside Kevin’s room.

Amber was now riding Kevin’s cock with a torrid pace, rocking her hips with an expert fluidity and rhythm that again clouded my ability to keep my arousal at bay. I continued watching as Kevin’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of Amber’s milky white ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading them as they crashed against him and rippled with each thrust. Amber was taking any opportunity she could to kiss Kevin and whisper to him, but I was unable to make out the words. I would occasionally catch the words ‘baby’ and ‘breed’ and had little doubt she was continuing to beg for Kevin to impregnate her.

It didn’t take much encouragement, though, as Kevin seemed to have given in to her demands and grabbed her around the waist and stood up with her still impaled on his dick. He slammed her down on the bed and began pounding her with reckless ferocity, clearly focusing on reaching climax sooner rather than later. Amber had her arms wrapped around the inside of her thighs and was holding her legs out as wide as she could manage. Her entire body was continually being rocked by Kevin’s forceful thrusts and her legs would shake and bounce off the bed each time he pounded her. I could see her looking up at Kevin, wordlessly mouthing things to him, obviously begging for his seed.

Finally it seemed as if Kevin had approached that time, and his thrusts became more labored and robotic. Amber, having sensed the same thing, grabbed Kevin and pulled him into her. She wrapped her soft, white thighs around Kevin’s kağıthane esc waist and trapped his phallus as deeply into her hungry womb as she could, while ensuring his commitment by grabbing his ass and urging him to remain within her for the duration of his ejaculation. Kevin visibly collapsed onto Amber and let himself be milked by a woman possessed. He grunted with each blast, his ass cheeks twitching and legs spasming, indicating a powerful orgasm that would surely satisfy my cum-hungry girlfriend.

After what seemed like a few minutes Kevin finally relaxed and rolled off Amber, immediately grabbing a cigarette off a nearby dresser. He lit one up and handed it to Amber who grabbed it without hesitation and lit another one for himself. Amber smoked with the usual ferocity that I had become accustomed to, taking multiple drags and trapping the smoke into her ever-blackening lungs until there was hardly any smoke to exhale. All the while she kept her knees up, in a manner similar to the fetal position. At first I thought she was trying to keep herself warm but her obvious effort to keep her freshly filled cunt undisturbed combined with what she’d said earlier convinced me she was trying to keep Kevin’s seed inside her for as long as she could.

I figured I had seen all I was going to see at this point and wasn’t totally sure I was ready to confront Amber with what I had just seen so I decided to creep back to the couch before I was caught. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before Amber crept back to my side, slipping herself under the blanket and wrapping her arms around me. I pretended to be asleep and not notice that she had been gone, instead I waited to see what she would do. She surprised me by kissing my face softly while stroking my cock through my jeans, trying brazenly to get my attention. I pretended to rouse from my sleep and turned towards her on the couch, both of us facing each other on our sides.

As my eyes fluttered open her gorgeous face so close immediately forced a smile and she smiled back lovingly, completely unaware that I had just witnessed her attempting to get pregnant with another man’s child.

“I love you baby,” she cooed softly, while kissing me wetly on the lips.

The same wet lips that were only minutes ago wrapped around another man’s cock.

“I love you, too,” I replied honestly.

“Make love to me, my love,” Amber asked in a delicate way that had become foreign to me recently.

I ignored all the strangeness of the moment and the questions begging to be answered and instead reached down and pulled off my jeans, kicking them off and onto the floor. Amber did the same to her panties and we embraced, my arms wrapping around her under the covers and pulling her close. We kissed deeply as every inch of our bodies pressed against the other and I caressed the impossibly soft skin of her ass and thighs and lower back. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and kissed her deep, letting my tongue dance and twirl with hers.

I realized that I was worried about losing her. I was worried about losing this. This other person with whom I’d taken this journey was now possibly going off and having a discovery of her own; one that I was not a part of. It scared me. But this feeling of holding her and being held by her was real. It was hard to imagine anything could endanger a love this real.

I had become so wrapped up in my thoughts and the incredible warmth and softness of our bodies touching that I was only now aware that Amber had reached her hand down between my legs and had begun stroking me. Immediately upon realizing this my cock sprang to life in her hands and Amber’s grip tightened and kisses intensified. She guided the head of my prick to the lips of her labia and rubbed them together, using her wetness to lube me up. I imagined a good portion of that wetness was Kevin’s cum and the dirtiness of it excited me.

After oozing all over my cock she placed it at the entrance and softly thrust her hips into me, allowing my length to slide into her with ease. Her pussy was radiating warmth and a wetness that I had begun to expect when she was already full of cum. It was an amazing and wonderful feeling to finally have all the pent up sexual tension that had been building while watching her fuck and suck Kevin, not to mention smoke meth, finally release while being gripped by my Amber’s cum filled hole. I wrapped my arms around Amber once more, pulling her into me and caressing her back and ass while she did the same to me.

She pulled back a touch in the middle of another deep tongue swirling kiss and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were glassy and pupils huge çapa esc and dilated, probably from the meth, and she looked as beautiful as she had ever looked in that moment. Her face was flushed and her skin, normally ivory white and flawless, had splotches of red on her cheeks and forehead. She looked like she was in complete ecstasy.

“I’m gonna cum baby… don’t stop..,” she breathed.

I reached down and grabbed her ass, making each thrust of my prick into her cum-filled cunt a deep and purposeful one. She lifted her top leg and wrapped it around my waist as I guided her hips into me, pounding her little slit with a healthy pace.

“Oh.. I’m cummingggg,” she relented, twitching in my arms and burying her head into my shoulder.

I finally relaxed myself and allowed the orgasm that I’d been holding back to rip through me, grabbing Amber tight with both arms and hugging her as close as I could as I painted the walls of her womb with yet another load of semen. I surprised myself with the amount of cum that seemed to blast out of me, as having to hold back for as long as I did must have built up quite a bit. I let my prick sputter every last drop before relaxing and allowing it to slide out of Amber’s spent hole.

As I lied there with Amber, covered in sweat and panting, I felt the questions start to creep back into the foreground of my consciousness. Amber raised her eyebrows and nodded towards the table behind me, beckoning silently for a cigarette. I reached behind me uncomfortably and fetched her Newport 100’s and yellow lighter and handed them to her. She expertly lit one up by craning her neck up off the small pillow and then once it was lit, lying her head back down next to me and lazily exhaling the smoke into my face while smiling.

I smiled back, giving in to her temptations and kissing her delicious, smokey lips. Already I could feel my cock start to raise from the dead. I tried to ignore it.

“You were really wet,” I said in a slightly surprised tone, hoping to urge an explanation out of her.

“It was Kevin’s cum, I just fucked him,” she explained, in a manner that indicated the information was barely worth mentioning.

“Did you like it?” She asked, this time smiling deviously at me, already knowing the answer.

I tried not to smile back, but couldn’t. This caused Amber to laugh softly, smoke escaping her lips with each breath in the cutest and sexiest way.

“Anything else you got up to while I was asleep?” I asked, trying to match her nonchalant attitude.

“Asleep?” She queried, again flashing a devilish smile and taking another drag off her cigarette.

I looked at her, puzzled. I was sure they didn’t notice me. What was she getting at?

“Who do you think tickled your nose?”

I struggled to recall how or why I woke up when I did but slowly began to remember my nose being itchy as my first thought that day. As I pieced together the series of events I furrowed my brow and looked questioningly at Amber.

“I’m my most fertile today, so if I want to get pregnant, today is my best shot,” She explained, clearly coming to a conclusion that I had not yet reached myself.

“Why would you want-” I began asking, but was met with a finger on my lips.

“The idea of getting knocked up, right out of high school, is really fucking hot to me babe. Also, the idea of me getting high and smoking while pregnant, turns me on. Even if I don’t have a miscarriage, which is unlikely, I’ll just give it up for adoption. Then we can do it again. It will be so hot, don’t you think?” She asked, finally divulging her entire depraved plan to me.

“Wait.. so you want to get pregnant just to lose the pregnancy from doing too many drugs and then.. repeat the process?” I asked, trying to be completely sure I understood the depths of her degeneracy.

“Yes. Are you… mad?” She asked, now for the first time coming to terms with the possibility that I would not be on board with this particular brand of perversion.

And with that I had to think about it. This idea was so repulsive, so obscene, that I doubt I could have ever conjured it up on my own. The fact that Amber, the girl who at one point did not even believe in abortion on the grounds that it was killing a sacred life and one of God’s children, had come up with it was mind-blowing. As I mulled it over in my mind, I felt a familiar soreness between my legs and realized that I was painfully erect. Whatever issues of morality I might want to struggle with, that was proof of how I really felt about it. It turned me on. My cock jutting into Amber’s thigh had already tipped her off to which way I was swaying and she was suggestively rubbing herself against it, hoping I would verbally align myself with the decision my dick had already made.

“Well?” She asked, finally unable to keep her curiosity at bay.

“Well… let’s get you pregnant then.”

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