Cougar On The Prowl in the 70’s

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Long before I ever heard of the term, a very horny cougar prowled around me…and pounced!

We were both working in a senior citizens resource center, a non-profit doing so much good in the community. I was a right out of college, going to grad school, a fresh and energetic hot young buck out to save the world in the 1970’s,,,.she was a hot and horny middle aged mom-on-the-make. Her hubby ignored her, and her teenaged kids didn’t need her…or want her…to bother them. She took this job helping old folks, but found she was more interested in helping herself to an exciting behind the scenes affair with whatever young cock she could attract.

Attract she did! A busty 40 D cup, with an nice round ass, this late-thirties cute babe had a body to show off, and a mind to invent interesting adventures. We worked in the same agency, but in different departments. So, our contact was in off moments and “around the water cooler” times. It all began very innocently, I guess. She just asked the usual where I was from and what had I been doing with my life up in my 21 years on earth. We chatted and laughed. She began to tell stories of high school life in the late 1950’s, and this inevitably lead to dating and all the sexual excitement and fears of the time. I grew up in the post “pill” era, and before AIDS was a reality. Free love meant readily available pussy for most energetic guys, me included.

She talked about her chest becoming a really observable commodity by the time she was twelve, and the boys who loved to make her feel good out behind the football field after dark. “They fumbled with the highly constructed bra my mother made me wear…but eventually we got is off, and their hands were all over my sensitive boobies,” she said. Her pussy got wet, but the fear of sex of the 50’s didn’t let her allow them into here panties. “A bit of rubbing on the outside of my skirt, was all, and I learning what a cock felt like covered in his denim.” She was quite open with her stories and her language. I always came away with a hard-on in the making, and nice images to jerk-off to later on at my apartment.

She got around to telling me the first time her pants came off, and her pussy “came” too! A steady fella for a few months, football jock and all, just wouldn’t wait in her senior year. Just past eighteen, and heading to nursing school, she was helping him steam-up the windows of his hotrod by playing with his other hot ROD.

“I had jerked him off with my hands a few times, but this night he wanted pussy! He sucked my big ole titties till I nearly cam in my panties, and then he got up under my poodle skirt onto my horny ass before I realized what was happening. Well, I just couldn’t stop him…didn’t want to! I hadn’t decided to fuck him…it just happened. But, Oh, how I loved it! My cherry was gone long before when I was testing out interesting penis substitutes in my horny early teenage years Güngören escort – you know, fingers and carrots and even a small cucumber!! God I needed to have my pussy filled!”

“So Jack got me naked in the back of his Chevy, and while I was feeling fine he slipped his pants down and before I could say No…his hard cock was pounding away in my needy puss.”

Did she say that to me? Right there in the lunch room? Sexual harassment wasn’t a reality in the mid-70’s yet, and I was too young and innocent to think differently. I just listen, and go hard, and stared at those lovely orbs underneath her very tight sweater.

“So, did you keep on screwing him,” I asked? “Him? Yes…and the rest of the football team too! I loved sex! And I was knocked-up by graduation, and showing a lot of preggy belly by the summer, and nursing school was out, and Jack and I were married by September, with a loose wedding gown. I still can’t say that Lucy is his child…maybe, maybe not. But Jack thinks so, and I guess that’s fine.”

“We screwed like rabbits all that summer and fall, right there with my growing midriff. He joined the Army, and came home when she was born that next January. We lived in Army housing for the next year and a half, and life was good. Billy was born just after Jack got out of the military, and came back here to work in his dad’s hardware store. And here we are!”

Except she’s telling me all this for a reason, I begin to figure out.

“You think I’d still turn the heads of some horny football players?” she asked one day. “Oh, sure, Joyce. Your’re a very attractive woman. Jack is a lucky guy.”

“Then why does he spend so much time at the store with that new little tart they hired to do bookkeeping?” and I guessed what was going on. “I don’t know if he’s banging her or not…but he’s not much interested in these 40D beauties anymore. He rolls me on my back, jabs my puss with his dick, and lets loose a load into me every week, whether he needs to or not. That’s married life for you, after a couple of decades.

She began to tear up, I guess. I still don’t know if it was real or a show, but I was the understanding social worker-to-be, and I reached over to hug her there on the staff lounge sofa. We were there after working hours that day, and everyone had left the center. I imagine Joyce knew that from the start.

She snuggled up to me, and laid her bleach blond head on my shoulder, and I couldn’t help but be aroused by those big soft knockers jammed against me. I had just had this job for a couple of months, and being new to town wasn’t in any relationship. My trusty right had was taking car of business nightly, but that’s no substitute for real, soft, female flesh up next to you.

And she lifted her face to me and of course I kissed her. WOW, what a kiss. Her tongue rammed into my mouth and half-way down my throat, I thought. İnnovia escort bayan She sucked my breath away, and was moving her hands all over my chest.

“Oh, Justin, I need this…I need you,” she whispered as she nuzzled my neck. “You need this too, don’t you?” Well, duh…like I needed to breath! “Ah, yeah, Ah, but, er…well…Joyce, you’re a married woman with kids!” I stammered.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m dead from the waist down, silly! I have needs, and that asshole husband of mine just doesn’t do it for me. He doesn’t care…You care, don’t you, Justin?” she murmured with big blue puppy eyes looking up at me.

Oh, yeah, I cared. I cared to have those boobs in my hands and mouth, and my dick in her willing pussy! So, without another word, and with not too much sense as to where we were at work…I lifted here sweater off and un-clasped that big white bra. Her massive mammaries leapt out into my hands and I was all over them.

“Oh, you do want me, Justin…you do think I’m sexy. Suck my tits, you horny stud….lick those nipples, and Oh, I’m getting so wet! OH, touch, me, baby, touch my waiting twat…I need you, I need a real man!! OHHHHH….” and she was off to the races. Orgasm one for the evening.

I rubbed her cunt through her polyester slacks, and undid that silly side zipper they made at the time. She slipped them down, with her silky panties too. And I beheld a pretty shaved pussy, wet and ready for action. Joyce just leaned back on the sofa, spreading her horny legs and rubbing that swampy cunt, cooing and moaning, and saying things like, “Get over here, big boy, and fill this gal’s hole. I want you to fuck me silly, right here, right now…I don’t care. I need your cock, boy…give it to me!!”

My pants were off as I kicked my shoes across the room. My tighty-whity underpants that I still wore, followed right behind. And there I stood with a nicely hardened seven inch dick, ready to drill this older horny woman, who could almost be my mother! I guess I just looked a bit too long at here luscious mature body, for she nearly shouted, “What are you waiting for, kid…FUCK ME…NOW…”

I almost jumped on her, landing between those sexy legs, as she grabbed my cock and guided it into her now volcanic vulva. “MY GOD, that’s good…Oh, fuck me, baby, fuck my pussy. Your cock is so big and hard and I haven’t felt this good in years! Harder, harder…ram your man meat into my cunt…Oh, yes…Yes…YESSSSS.” And I think that was orgasm two.

I didn’t last long, that first time of the day. I was so worked up, and being a young not experienced study, led me to gunt and groan and yell., “I’m cumming!!!” into her ear. “Yes, baby, fill me up…fill my puss with your sticky stuff. Oh, I kinda wish I hadn’t had my tubes tied after Billy was born…I want to have your baby!! Fuck my needy cunt; fill me with your juice. Escort Kağıthane I know there will be lots more where that came from in those big balls of yours!”

I collapsed on top of her, all out of breath, as she continued to hump her cunt up at me and feel my still hard cock inside of her. I just lay there for awhile…I don’t know how long. But pretty soon, Joyce wiggles her ass out from under me, rolled me over on the sofa, and began to suck my dick back to that rock-hard state of Fuck Ready.

Her mouth felt incredible. She tongued my pee hole, and licked up and down the length of my dick…I had had a few blow jobs in college, but nothing like this! This babe was fanfuckingtastic!!

When she was satisfied1 that I was raring to go again, she swung her legs over me, and impaled here now very sloppy box onto my aching dick. And then this middle-age beauty began to ride! OH, how she rode my manhood. Up and down, and wiggled her ass on me, and her enormous boobies bounced and jiggled in my face. It was the most wonderful feeling to just lay there while she out and out fucked me the way she wanted me.

This time she said very little, but exclaimed over and over, “Uhhhgggh, Uhhggh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh,” and other such grunts and groans. The woman knew what she wanted and she was darned sure her clit was going to explode in womanly pleasure. And that it did. She screamed so loud when she came, that I thought they’d hear her out on the street. That yell just put me over and I shot another load of sperm into her already drenched fuck hole.

So, that was it. We laid there in the afterglow for awhile, until we realized how vulnerable this situation was at work! We never fucked again there, but I did shove her willingly into the supply room now and again, and feel up that tits I loved so much, and masturbated her cunt to a nice little orgasm a few times there. We mostly fucked like bunnies at my apartment, whenever she could sneak away from home. Odd hours…like just before work, after her hubby went to the store and the kids were at school. Joyce would often be at the senior center, all friendly and perky for the old folks, with a load or two of my cum leaking out into her panties. She would make me feel her there, just to be rude!

I fucked this horny bitch on top and underneath and from behind and standing up and upside down, even. We screwed in my bed and on my kitchen table. We went skinny dipping in a secluded park one day, and fucked four times one afternoon – in water and in the woods. She was insatiable.

I tried to talk her into leaving that idiot husband, and move in with me, but you know the routine…no, because of the kids and the scandal. So, when I finished grad school a year and half later, and moved to a decent job in New York, that pretty much ended things. I kept in touch with Joyce secretly, but after a couple of years out of the picture, that dropped off. I learned later that jerky Jack did run off with the little bookkeeper, and Joyce got a pretty good settlement from the sale of the business.

The last I heard was that she was still around town, retired now, and seducing every young horny buck that would tumble in her bed. God, that woman could fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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