Coupling – with Wife’s Friend

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(I am thankful to sweatyfeetlover31 who helped me crease out my problems so that I can now bring my story to you. He Sweaty Feet, hope you get all the sweaty feet you yearn for)


Vimi (my wife) had been away for 10 days alongwith her friend Neetu and well I had nothing to do. In my early 50’s my sexual activities with Vimi had become nonexistent. Neetu was a regular at our house and it was like her second home. She was in her late forties and always called me Brother

Sexy to look at, voluptuous, horny arse and more than often I ended masturbating myself to the thought of her sexy tits in my mouth. I must tell you all that I have always been a big tit and feet man since the age of 14 when I was first initiated into sex and that is a different story.

Neetu was also away and visited me the very day she came back and told me that Vimi would be away for another seven days at my in-laws house. We always conversed in Hindi and she said “Brother what difference does it make to you I am always there for any help, food, milk just give me a tinkle I will be there” The emphasis on the word milk was very obvious and she smiled as she went away.

Next morning was a Sunday and at about 11.00 AM I got a call from Neetu “Brother what are you doing had your milk and bread”.

“Aww Neetu milk is finished have to make do with bread only” I took a dig.

“Oh Brother don’t worry he (my Husband) is also away on tour and I am all alone I will just come just keep your gate open”. Neetu was there in five minutes wearing a blue saree and deep blue blouse. She knew these were my favourite colours. Sleeveless Blouse and her Sari covering just half her breast she plonked down on the bed in my room.

“Its very hot Brother start the AC” Neetu said. “Let me have a bath first Brother then I will feed you milk she said with a twinkle in her eyes. “Do you know where Vimi keeps her nightie” she asked? “Oh forget it Veeju I will find it both of us are the same size” she winked and her gaze dropped on my boxers which I was wearing without any undie. The bulge was prominent and growing bigger.

She opened the almirah and took out a negligee and threw it on her shoulder and she wiggled her butt and sang will come soon what is the hurry.

Instead of going towards the bathroom she went to the kitchen and from there called out Veeju come soon. I ran there and she was in front of the fridge. So much beer it will be very funful today.

Whenever Vimi was away I always stocked enough beer in my fridge.

Neetu have you taken beer before I asked?

Veeju, I have had it two or three times and today I want to drink beer to my heart content, you will get your milk don’t worry and she bent down and started fiddling with the beer bottles. Her boobs were showing through her cleavage there and I almost salivated on them.

Bhaiya one Cigarette please she said looking into my eyes and bent down a little more to show off her cleavage. 36 C I guessed. I had seen her smoke off and on. Come on sis-in law I told her.

What is this Sis-in law Veeju call me Neetu and she put her hand in my hands. Come on sit down my feet are killing me please give me a foot massage.

Your Cigarette Neetu I said passing her the packet and lighter. She lighted just one and after taking a pull handed it over to me. Come bahçelievler escort give me a foot massage she said with a twinkle in her eyes and lied down on the bed.

Neetu put her feet on my lap and rubbed her left toe on my bulge. Her twinkle and smile both became broader.

New way of smoking she said and inserted the cigarette between her toe and finger and extended her feet to my lips. My lips quivered as I took the ciggy in my lips and they touched her feet. Ooooh Veeju she said I am in heaven suck them and give the ciggy to me, today I will show you many ways of smoking.

She inserted her toe and finger into my mouth and said suck as if you are smoking, Simultaneously she took the cigarette in her lips and sucked lightly. Then taking her toe and finger outside from my mouth she put her lips on my lips and exhaled the smoke into my mouth. My whole body tingled with excitement and I closed my eyes with contentment. It was the best puff of smoke in my life. Our lips had already coupled and remained coupled as we exchanged the smoke. Slowly the smoke blew out of the sides of our lips as we gazed at each other.

Just don’t go on looking Veeju, do something as she put the ciggy back between her toe and finger. I took the cigarette out of her feet and put it to my lips and started massaging her toe. Slowly my hand crept up to the other feet also and up up and away they went as I looked into her eyes. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the moment.

Her feet were always moving around and they pulled my boxers down. Slowly my penis was exposed and keeping her eyes closed she ran her feet over my penis. Bhaiya very hard it is must be 7 inches atleast she said. I was also enjoying the stimulation her foot was giving to me as I felt as if her feet were masturbating me. She all of a sudden opened her eyes and shouted BY GOD so big and so big. Her eyes were fixed on my swollen cock and she said “I Salute You Veeju”. As she brought her hand to her forehead. I need to do your penis worship she said.

I must bathe you in milk cream she said talking to my Cock, her eyes all the time fixed to my cock.

Her hands were massaging her breasts and that was a big turn on for me. I slightly moaned. Shut Up Viju don’t say a word. Just keep sitting like this and please light another Ciggy she said.

Neetu walked away to the kitchen and I was wondering what she wanted. Beer perhaps I thought. I was correct, she was back with two bottles of beer and two mugs and a big flat deep plate. Give me me Ciggy she said eyeing my cock.

Soon you will be in my mouth you sexy bitch my big big Vijoooo she said looking straight at my Cock and talking to it.

She kept a bottle of milk cream on the floor alongwith the deep plate. Neetu put the ciggy between her lips and deeply inhaled, at the same time she opened a bottle of beer and winked at me. She soon exhaled her smoke straight at my lips and I sucked up her inhalation greedily. Now you have to drink this beer she said. She kept her both feet in the deep plate and poured out the beer from the bottle on to her feet, the beer flowed all over her feet and through the toe cracks into the deep plate.

Massage my feet Vijuu she said I slowly put my fingers inside the beer and massaged her feet. She sighed and big deep bakırköy escort sigh.

Sister fucker she said. I said no Neetu fucker. She took both her feet out of the beer and placed the beer wet feet on my cock.

Pick up the plate and pour the beer into the mug she ordered. Yes mam I said and did as she ordered. Now drink it at one go, yes mam I said.

Wait she said. Give it to me as she took it from my hand. Smell it. I smelled deeply and could get het scent in the beer. I will put more fire in it she said. All the while she was sitting wearing the blue sleeveless blouse and blue petticoat. The top two buttons of her blouse had popped open.

She took the mug to her lips and spit her saliva into it and all the while she was looking at me. Do you want more fire. I smiled and said yes. She drank some beer, swirled it in her mouth and let it flow back into the mug. In the end she spitted her saliva more and then with her shapely fingers gave the beer a whirl. The wet fingers she kept on the blouse over her nipples and her nipples started swelling as I saw.

Drink it at one go she said. I took the mug from her and said fine Neetu but by the time I finish I want your blouse out and your breasts nipples touching my nipples. Shut up you Neetu Fucker she said. You will play as per my rules. Today you are the wife and I am your husband so drink the beer she said.

Please Neetu I said please please please

You Fucking Bitch Neetu said, you wanna see my tittoo (tits). Neetu’s tittoos, You bitch. My Tittoos. Drink she said.

Now drinking a full bottle of beer (650 ml) at one go is very tough. I was also trying to heat her up. I was already heated up a lot. In fact both of us had broken up into small sweat inspite of The AC and that sweaty smell was making the whole atmosphere sexier. I brought the mug of beer to my lips and smelled it before drinking it.

If you don’t drink it at one go Neetu Fucker you don’t get to fiuck me till 1.00 PM Neetu said. My eyes turned to the Wall clock as did hers. It was already 12:45 and I said fine and continued too stare on the third button of her blouse.

I took a big swallow and another and third and a fourth all the time watching her. As the beer went down my throat she opened her third blouse button and her fourth blouse button and then she stopped. I stopped drinking the salivated beer myself. What did you do you bitch, I said why did you stop I asked Neetu.

Now I will see that you drink it she said fully and not leave something in the mug. She picked up the second bottle and opened that up also and poured the beer into another mug and taking some beer in her hands she put it on my cock. The top skin she had already folded over the top of my cock and she then rubbed it with the other hand.

All the while one of her breasts dropped out of her blouse as only one button was holding the blue blouse together. Neetu was all pumped up and did not notice it. I slowly took the last slug of beer from the mug and all the excitement, sweat and atmosphere with the beer and slightly made me feel woozy.

Keeping the top of my cock covered with the skin she poured the beer into the same deep plate from over my cock. She let about half a bottle pass over my huge swollen cock and then she stopped. balgat escort All the while she took care that the top of my cock was still covered. Continuously staring at my cock she passed half the beer in the bottle to me and still holding the top of my cock in my hand slowly bent over to IT and I said WOW Vijooo WOW.

A drop of the beer passed through the fold on top of my cock and it started burning and I sighed by God Neetu its burning.

Neetu filled her mouth with her saliva and let the saliva flow out of her lips and it dropped on the cock. Next she opened her hands and took only the top of my cock in her mouth and sucked slowly.

Where is it burning dear she asked me and as I pointed it out Nittoo licked the very spot, left her saliva on it, sucked the saliva up, again licked the spot, left lots of saliva and again sucked the saliva up.

Better now Vijoo she asked. Yes Nitooo I said.

All the time she was massaging my cock and she was unaware that one of her breast had popped out.

With her left hand she picked up the mug full of beer which she had poured over my cock and said put your fire in it as she bought the mug towards my lips. I took a big swallow of beer in my mouth and swirled it in my mouth and dropped the beer back into the mug.

Some spit Neetu Fucker she said. I dropped some saliva into it.

Hmmm sexy bitch she said. She raised the mug to her lips and in three slugs drank three fourth of the beer. Then she spit into it and said this is from your Neetoo drink it.

Nitoo took out a ciggy and lighted it and passed it to me. I drew on the ciggy and lay down on the bed as the beer had loosened me up.

Neetu’s fingers were working on my cock and as I smoked the ciggy she took my toe in her mouth and sucked deeply. My Ciggy she said pointing to my erect Cock.

Soon she had my whole foot in her mouth and was sucking like mad. That is your ciggy Darling I said pointing to my cock. That is your cock for whole life.

Meanwhile Neetu was working on my cock with her fingers I slowly put my free foot on her last button of the blouse and pushed hard. BY GOD I said as jumped up because at the same time she had pressed my cock with her thumb and finger hands and stroked it up.

Her breasts jiggled. Take it off Vijoo she said pointing to her dress as she removed her hand from my cock. She lay down as I removed her blouse. Her hands went down to her petticoat but I was faster than her, I pulled her strings and pulled her petticoat down. Her deep navel well was visible. I went down as stuck my tongue into her navel and with both my hands took her breasts in my hand in such a way that the nipples were on the centre on my palm. I sucked on her navel.

Get up you mother fucker said Nitoo. As I raised my head she picked up the bottle of beer and poured a stream of it in her navel. Now my Vijoo will lick it clean come on Vijoo come on she said.

My head went down again and my hands had not left her breasts started pumping and massaging her breasts. I slowly sucked away all the beer and increasing her pressure on her breasts I slowly went towards her lips and put my lips on her lips and let the beer flow out of my mouth to her mouth.

Meanwhile my pressure on her breasts increased and as I lowered myself on to her she raise her hips and pulled her petticoat down and with a toss flicked it over from her legs and brought up her hips so that my cock rested on wetty pussy.

Fuck me Neetu Fucker Bang bang she said. I slowly pushed it in and then with a final thrust my whole cock was in.


… To be continued

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